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Is Tradacc a Scam or Legitimate Trading Education, Training & Mentorship Platform?

Tradacc is a trading education platform co-founded by Aaron Korbs and Ruben Davoli.

Is Tradacc a Scam or Legit - My Perspective as a Student

There are several other members of the Tradacc team, but the “face” of the company is Aaron Korbs. He’s the one teaching all of the lessons within Tradacc’s 3 main courses: Volume Profile Formula, Funding Accelerator, and Profile Method.

As someone who has been through all of these Tradacc courses – as well as dozens of others unrelated to Tradacc – I have a comprehensive perspective on what Tradacc has to offer and how it compares to other firms within the industry as a whole.

There’s no doubt that the trading education industry is an extremely difficult one to traverse. It’s a landscape full of gimmicks, deception, and downright scams. So I understand exactly why you’re doing this research: to find the truth about Tradacc.

My goal here is to share an in-depth perspective on Aaron Korbs and Tradacc (which includes both positives and negatives) so that you can thoroughly understand how they operate before blindly pursuing any of their courses/programs.

Keep in mind that these are my personal opinions, but ones that are rooted in extensive personal experience.

3 Primary Reasons Why I Believe Tradacc is Legit:

1. Korbs YouTube → Free Education

If you’re unfamiliar with Aaron Korbs and Tradacc, I would immediately direct you to Aaron Korbs’ YouTube channel.

In my opinion, this is one of the best trader YouTube channels available – especially in regard to futures, auction market theory, and volume profile. This is an obvious place to start for 100% free education. There’s a ton of great content offered there.

Is Tradacc a Scam - What is Korbs YouTube

He has hundreds of videos to choose from, but I would specifically recommend his Daily Profile Show. This is an opportunity for anybody (whether you’re a student or not) to join Aaron Korbs live, discuss the trading session, and ask him questions.

If you’re trying to decide for yourself whether Aaron Korbs and Tradacc are a scam/legit, then you need to be taking advantage of this livestream. It’s free access to Aaron Korbs himself almost every day of the week (Monday through Thursday).

The channel also includes podcast interviews, trading challenges, and various other resources that I suggest checking out.

2. Profile Method → Top-Level Training & Mentorship

Unlike Korbs YouTube, the Profile Method program isn’t something that’s available to the public for free.

But this is really what solidifies the legitimacy of Aaron Korbs and Tradacc in my mind. It’s not your typical basic/surface-level trading course. Profile Method is an advanced training & mentorship program for serious/committed developing traders.

What is Aaron Korbs Trading With His Volume Profile Method

The lessons within the Profile Method course are top-notch – no question about it. But where the most value is provided, in my opinion, is through the daily live trading sessions (known as Trading Live Experience) and bi-weekly Q&A’s.

It’s an opportunity to truly synthesize everything that Aaron Korbs teaches and put it into practice. He’s doing it himself every single day and putting it on display for his most dedicated students to see. The level of transparency is second to none.

This program costs several thousand dollars and covers the details/nuances of Aaron Korbs’ complete trading methodology.

3. Focus on Specialization → Futures & Volume Profile

One last thing I want to point out is Aaron Korbs’ focus on specialization, which I think is incredibly important.

What I’ve realized over the years is that most trading courses/programs are far too general; they all teach the same basic technical analysis (like cookie-cutter candlestick patterns) that don’t really produce any meaningful edge.

Specialist vs. Generalist Quote From Aaron Korbs at Tradacc

So most aspiring traders – thanks to lousy trading courses – really have no idea what it means to have deep market competence. I literally thought I had the “technical edge” component in place for 5+ years – only to realize that I did not.

I learned all the classic technical analysis patterns out there – the triangles, wedges, double tops/bottoms, head and shoulders, etc. But it wasn’t until I came across auction market theory and profiling tools when things finally clicked.

How Aaron Korbs views markets (mainly through volume profile) is one of the best ways to organize and analyze them.

The Only Reason I See For Any Type of Scam Allegations:

1. Tradacc Course Pages Tend to Be “Sales-y”

If you check out the course pages for Volume Profile Formula and Funding Accelerator, for example – which are a couple of beginner-level Tradacc courses – I think you’ll see what I mean. These pages have a bit of a “sales-y” feel to them.

Honestly, I almost never went through any of Aaron Korbs’ courses because when I initially came across the Volume Profile Formula page it just screamed “scam” to me. But I was so impressed by his YouTube channel that I had to do it.

Is Tradacc a Scam - What is Volume Profile Formula

It also helps that the Volume Profile Formula course is cost-friendly (less than $50) – so there’s not much to lose. But I definitely had plenty of initial doubts. After going through it (and other Tradacc courses), however, my doubts were silenced.

Now I’m not saying that the VPF course alone is a top-level, out-of-this-world piece of trading education – because it’s not. It’s merely an introduction to Aaron Korbs’ volume profile methodology. But it’s well worth the less than $50 price tag.

Overall, I don’t see any valid reason to call Tradacc a scam (especially having experienced all of their courses firsthand). But keep in mind that the best education, training, and mentorship is offered through the Profile Method program.

In my opinion, every other Tradacc course is simply a foundational buildup to to the top-tier Profile Method program.

Bottom Line – Is Tradacc Worth Pursuing (Legit) or Should it be Avoided (Scam)?

If you’re looking for a transparent mentor and robust market methodology, then I certainly think Tradacc courses/programs are worth pursuing. I view Aaron Korbs as one of the most legitimate trading coaches/educators in the space.

|Get Started Learning Aaron Korbs’ Methodology With Volume Profile Formula|

The Volume Profile Method With Aaron Korbs - #1 Rated Advanced Mentorship Program

|Take Your Market Competence and Trading Skill to the Next Level With Profile Method|

His focus on auction market theory & profiling as a superior framework for acquiring real market competence, skill, and edge is something that I 100% agree with. So I think he’s leading developing traders down the right path in that regard.

Please keep in mind that these courses aren’t get-rich-quick programs. But for individuals who are committed to learning the material and building legitimate trading skills, it’s possible to generate a significant portion of income from markets.

I’m not making any guarantees of success because merely purchasing a course – even something as high-quality as Profile Method – isn’t an automatic ticket to becoming a great trader. It still requires hard work and dedication on a daily basis.

But I know the positive impact that Aaron Korbs and Tradacc have had on me and my approach to markets (especially through the Profile Method program) – and I think every developing trader can benefit immensely from what he has offer.

If you have personal experiences with Aaron Korbs or any Tradacc-related courses, please feel free to share them below.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Cal says:

    I’ve honestly never had any experience with trading before. 
    But I’m considering starting to do some and searching for a program/ platform where I could learn how to trade properly. After reading this and a handful of your other posts/reviews, I would definitely consider Tradacc. From your very honest reviews of their program, I can tell that they aren’t a scam and that the Profile Method is high-quality. 
    But, like anything else, you have to put in the work to learn how to trade properly and yield results. Their Volume Profile Formula course is an introduction and gives you the basics, but, it’s up to you after that. It doesn’t look like though, from what you mentioned in your article, that there is a lot of free content on Youtube from this particular trading program.
    I think that would be really great if someone who is debating joining Tradacc if they could get a bit of a preview of how trading is done, information about trading, etc, for free, before joining and putting their money on the line.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Cal – thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      In regard to what you said about free YouTube content and how there doesn’t seem to be much of it – maybe you missed something in the article, because I think Korbs YouTube is one of the best overall trader YouTube channels out there (but definitely one of the best in relation to futures, auction market theory, and volume profile). He offers hundreds of great free videos and I think his Daily Profile Show is incredible from a transparency perspective. He typically does the show 4 days a week in which he discusses the trading day, openly shares his results, and answers questions from viewers. So it’s an opportunity for literally anyone to get in contact and learn from him almost every single week day for free. It’s rare to find this sort of thing out of anyone in the space.

  • Jeffrey says:

    I agree with you that Tradacc is a legitimate trading education company that offers valuable education. The company’s founder, Aaron Korbs, is a successful trader who shares his trading methodology with students. Tradacc also offers a free YouTube channel with educational videos, which is a great way to learn about Korbs and his approach to trading.
    Overall, I think Tradacc is a good option for people who are serious about learning how to trade. The company offers a variety of courses that cover a wide range of topics from beginner-level up to the top Profile Method mentorship program, and above all, Korbs is an experienced trader who can teach you valuable skills if you’re committed.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Jeffrey – I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on Aaron Korbs & Tradacc as a whole.

      There are always going to be at least a few naysayers in the trading education space no matter what. So that’s to be expected to some degree. Tradacc offers intro/beginner-level courses (like Volume Profile Formula) that build up to higher forms of training & mentorship (like Funding Accelerator & Profile Method). Because of this – some people are going to cry about “upsells”. But you can’t have it both ways. Because without the intro/beginner-level courses, most just starting out are undoubtedly going to be lost. They need that intro-level foundation. And in addition to that, if all that was offered were the higher level courses, some people would be complaining about how there’s no intro-level, cost-friendly way to get started. So there’s no pleasing everybody. But generally speaking, I think Tradacc offers extremely solid training & mentorship – especially through the Profile Method program. It’s a program that has had a huge impact on my own trading methodology and personal development into a full-time trader. And I don’t have much bad/negative to say about it at all. It requires work on the student’s end (of course), so don’t assume it’s some sort of free ride to automatic trading profits. But the education, training, and mentorship offered is extremely strong.

  • Joseph says:

    Thank you Matt for this exceptionally informational article covering Tradacc. The research and effort that went into it are evident and will result in helping many folks who are wondering about the legitimacy of this program and learning more about trading in general. The resources you provide here are great, and I mean your entire site not just this article. I appreciate the inclusion of Aaron Korbs’ YouTube channel where I can get started receiving free training not only in gaining the information needed to employ a volume profiling strategy but also practical steps on how to implement that info.

  • Liam Tremblay says:

    Hey, I appreciate your hard work. I don’t think Traddac is a scam either. It is so useful that people like you share their point of view on trading education with others. It can help others easily make better decisions in regard to legitimate training and mentorship. I highly recommend reading your post to other developing traders.

  • Owoeye says:

    Finding good trading courses can be a lot challenging. There are lots of crab, and unbaked mentors claiming to be professionals.Thank you for pointing to the expertise of Aaron Korbs. Such authorities are not common. I have listen to his YouTube broadcast, he is always willing to teach. I will signup for Tradacc

  • Al Leong says:

    Do you think the edge of a more successful methods like Volume Profile would be reduced as more come to know about it and apply it?
    With so much trading literature out there, it’s really difficult for rookie traders to sift thru all of them and find something useful to apply
    One could see more marketing wizards than market wizards out there…
    Meanwhile rookie traders attend trading seminars only to be upsell by gurus who make more money in selling courses than trading..
    the majority of newbies simply doesn’t have the blessing to be mentored by real successful traders and got slaughtered by the market:(
    Makes me wonder if the only successful ones are the gifted self taught ones who are the rare breed:)

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Al – these are some really great comments & questions. I appreciate you sharing them.

      I completely understand where you’re coming from on how difficult is to find useful information in the trading education space to apply because it’s filled with so much hype/gimmicks/nonsense. I dislike a lot of the marketing/advertising out there. In many cases, it’s way over the top. But I do understand it because (sadly) it’s what the masses are attracted to. People are drawn to shiny objects. They want the easy way that will reward them without any/much effort. But the easy way that everyone desires is ineffective. Shortcuts like guru alert services and surface-level indicator systems just don’t work sustainably. What’s actually required is deep market competence and legitimate trading skill, but most people don’t want to put in the time, effort, and focus to actually acquire these things (especially when they’re constantly being bombarded with advertisements featuring stacks of cash, mansions, yachts, etc). I find it to be one of the most unfortunate aspects of the industry that almost all of the best trading mentors (that I’ve come across anyway) are all relatively unpopular because they don’t want to take part in the circus of social media and similar noise. Josh Schuler, for example, is by far one of the most underrated traders and trading educators out there, in my opinion. He doesn’t have anywhere near the following that he deserves, but it’s because he does virtually zero marketing – so 99.99% of new traders looking for real trading education will probably never come across him. I deeply respect his no-nonsense approach when it comes to advertising/marketing, but the downside of this is that he also can’t help traders who have no idea who he is and what he has to offer. So there’s a bit of a balance at play here, but I commend him for leaning heavily toward the real/legitimate/actual substance end of the spectrum.

      To directly answer your question about the edge of profiling being drastically reduced or going away completely, I just don’t see that as a realistic scenario. I’m certainly not going to act like I know everything about markets/trading (and I never will). But based on my experiences, auction market theory very clearly offers the best foundational understanding for how markets move/behave – and as an extension of that, profiling (volume & market profile) are the absolute best tools for organizing & analyzing that behavior. Even if I and many others shouted this sentiment from the rooftops, the reality is that most market participants would still go down a different (seemingly less complex, more exciting) path. And even if they did pursue the AMT/profiling route, there’s a lot of variation to it. It’s not meant to be used as a basic “buy here, sell here” type of system. It requires nuance, critical thinking, and synthesis of multiple time frames. So trying to systematize it into an algorithm or something like that would be next to impossible. But that nuance, critical thinking, and discretionary aspect is where the edge/power is. It would be great if extremely basic/surface-level price patterns actually worked sustainably, but it’s a misguided thought. There’s no skill involved with that type of thing – and simply put, no basic/generic/surface-level price pattern or indicator aligns with how markets actually behave. Overall, viewing markets through the lens of profiling helps reveal market structure/posture/context in a way that no other tools or indicators can match, but the level of nuance and perceived complexity scares people away from it and it’s not something that can be easily quantified into an algorithm. Traders like Jim Dalton, Morad Askar, Merritt Black, Aaron Korbs, and Josh Schuler all use profiling as a primary discernment tool for the market auction, but they’re not all trading the same exact way. Of course there’s overlap in the concepts they teach and the way in which they trade, but they absolutely have varying styles. For example: Jim Dalton only uses market profile, Aaron Korbs only uses volume profile, and the others use a mix of the two. Some only trade intraday, others multi-session, and others a mix. The point is: there are so many different ways to express risk based on individual personality and preferences (across markets, instruments, setups/strategies, etc.) once deep market competence and real trading skill are acquired.

      I hope this helped answer your question and thanks again for sharing your thoughts – take care!

  • Alice says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Tradacc. Aaron Korbs is well-known for his trading courses and programs, and I have actually watched some of his videos on YouTube. Honestly, that’s one of the things I like about the creator of Tradacc; he gives out valuable tips on trading for free. Of course; it’s always better to have somebody as a mentor and this is why I am considering Korbs’ paid programs.I am just wondering if it’s really worth it, especially since I am a beginner. What do you think?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      For individuals who actually want to take trading seriously (to build real competence/skill and generate a meaningful income from the market), I absolutely think Tradacc is worth pursuing – especially the Profile Method program. Trading isn’t an easy endeavor, so I don’t want anyone to think that this is some sort of magic potion that will automatically print money without effort. That’s not what Tradacc offers at all. But in my opinion, they point developing traders down a powerful path in terms of market methodology (rooted in futures, auction market theory, and profiling) – and there aren’t many other training & mentorship programs that I would recommend over it. There are only 1 or 2 that are even in the same league as Profile Method. So definitely take advantage of Korbs YouTube (because it’s free) and even some of the lower-priced courses if you want (since you’re a beginner). But it’s all about the Profile Method. This is the type of program that serious developing traders should be building up toward to really take things to the next level.

  • Barrett L. says:

    Aaron Korbs and Tradacc are legitimate and have a lot to offer for serious traders. I personally went through the Profile Method program and was really impressed with the level of transparency and detail Aaron provides in his courses. He really breaks down the entire process of trading and helps you understand how the markets work. Highly recommend for any aspiring trader.

  • PageJean says:

    I really valued this post about Tradacc. I have often pondered on the idea of diving into learning the concepts of trading and how to be successful with it. There are so many different trading education resources online it’s hard to comb through them all. After reading this post I’m confident that when I’m ready to dive in that I will use Tradacc training with confidence knowing it’s a good place to start. Thank you very much!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Happy to help. There’s definitely a ton of trading resources available out there on the internet, but it’s hard to filter/differentiate between what’s good and what’s bad (especially as a beginner when there’s so much you don’t even realize that you don’t know). I’ve been through dozens of trading courses, programs, and services throughout the past decade and I’m a big fan of the education, training, and mentorship that Aaron Korbs and Tradacc have to offer – especially through the Profile Method course. The beginner-level Tradacc courses are solid, don’t get me wrong, but they’re just building a foundation for the next-level Profile Method program. That’s where the deep training and mentorship takes place for serious/committed individuals looking to generate a meaningful income from markets and possibly even trade full-time.

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