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Best Free Resources For Active Traders (Day Traders, Swing Traders, etc.):

The free resources listed below can help you get started developing foundational knowledge, habits, and skills at no cost. These are all high-quality trading podcasts, channels, courses, programs, and services that I’ve personally used throughout the past ten years.

Free Resources For Active Traders (Day Traders and Swing Traders)

I’ve also compiled trial opportunities and exclusive discounts for many of my top-rated courses/programs/services down below.


  1. BTheTrader
  2. Chat With Traders
  3. Futures Radio Show
  4. AlphaMind


  1. Korbs
  2. Apteros Trading
  3. Trade With Profile
  4. SMB Capital


  1. Trading Composure
  2. Trade With Profile
  3. FuturesTrader71
  4. Anthony Crudele
  5. Mike Bellafiore/SMB Capital
  6. Merritt Black/Apteros Trading
  7. Jared Tendler
  8. Brett Steenbarger


  1. Investopedia
  2. Trade With Profile Glossary


#1 Rated Free Foundational Course – ENROLL NOW
→ Trading Paradigm School – Trading Success Framework

  • Internalize the Essential Values, Qualities, Principles, Habits, and Skills For Long-Lasting Market Success

Trading Success Framework Course Masonry Logo

#1 Rated Advanced Training Program
→ Trade With Profile – Profile Trading Development Pathway

  1. 3 Free Ways to Learn From Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile
  2. Start Your 1-Week Free Trial in the Profile Trading Development Pathway
  3. Redeem Exclusive Trade With Profile Video-on-Demand Pathway Discount

Trade With Profile - Top Rated Active Trader Training Program

#1 Rated Next-Level Mentorship Program
Tradacc – Profile Method With Aaron Korbs

  1. Check Out Korbs YouTube For High-Quality Educational Videos and Live Case Studies
  2. Save 76% on the Introductory Course to Profile Method → Volume Profile Formula
  3. Redeem Exclusive Profile Method Discount (Silver, Gold, or Platinum)

What is - Tradacc Reviews - How is Tradacc For Beginners

#1 Rated Trading Mindset/Psychology Blog
Trading Composure With Yvan Byeajee – Trading Psychology Mastery

  1. 3 Ways to Get Started Learning From Yvan Byeajee For Free
  2. Check Out Yvan’s Trading Composure School – Use Code TP10 For 10% Discount on Courses

Trading Composure With Yvan Byeajee - #1 Rated Trading Mindset:Psychology Blog

#1 Rated Trading Psychology Course – Advanced Traders Mindset
2ndSkies Trading With Chris Capre – Change the Way You Think, Trade, and Perform

  1. Free Stock Trading Beginners Course
  2. Free Options Trading Beginners Course
  3. Exclusive 15% Discount on The Trading Masterclass: TRADINGPARADIGMTTM15
  4. Exclusive 15% Discount on The Advanced Traders Mindset Course: TRADINGPARADIGMATM15

2ndSkies Trading With Chris Capre

#1 Rated Funded Trader Program
→ Topstep Futures – Providing Discipline and Funding For Long-Term Success

  1. 14-Day Topstep Futures Free Trial
  2. 20% Discount on Topstep Futures Combine
  3. 5 Ways to Get Started Learning With Topstep For Free

Topstep Trader - Top Funded Futures Trading Program

Additional Resources For Active Traders to Learn, Train, and Grow:

Here are some links to a handful of post categories/tags for additional help:

Build a strong foundation of effective habits and skills and then put them to work in the markets!