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Who is Josh Schuler and What is Trade With Profile?

Josh Schuler is an active intraday futures trader and the founder of Trade With Profile – a high-quality trading education/training firm supremely focused on instilling students with legitimate skills and edge for long-lasting, sustainable market success.

3 Free Ways to Learn From Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile

For individuals who want to become real traders – and not just copy-cat followers who blindly chase guru alerts/signals/hot picks – Trade With Profile is the real deal. Their 4-month training program is vastly underappreciated in an industry saturated with nonsense.

It’s sad to see, but most new traders fall for the flashy advertising they see on social media – and end up purchasing/subscribing to all sorts of low-quality trading courses/programs/services as a result. But going down this route is extremely ineffective.

This is such a hard message to get across because showcasing lifestyle components (like fancy cars, mansions, boats, and stacks of cash) and making get-rich-quick promises is so captivating to the masses. But it’s just a ruse to get you to buy something.

That’s not how most legitimate traders and trading educators operate. You simply won’t see Josh Schuler taking part in any of these typical gimmicks. Instead, he focuses on what matters – real training (edge and skill development) for durable, consistent profits.

Programs like Trade With Profile are where hopeful traders should be looking if they’re actually committed to their own success.

3 Ways to Get Started Learning From Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile For Free:

What I like most about Trade With Profile is that it teaches a robust market framework with playbook setups/strategies that offer legitimate edge. It’s not just vague, surface-level information – it’s detailed, practical training that actually works.

It also helps that Josh Schuler is exceptionally good at explaining critical concepts and the nuances of trading. See for yourself:


The best place to get started understanding Josh Schuler’s personal trading style and how he and the Trade With Profile community approach markets (through the lens of auction market theory and volume profile/market profile) is through YouTube.

Trade With Profile on YouTube - What is Trade With Profile

There you can find over a hundred videos that explain exactly what his education and training is all about. The videos are broken down into 4 main categories/playlists – Profiling Principles, Q&A Sessions, Weekly Market Outlook, and Market Review.

Even before going through any of these videos, I highly suggest checking out his explanation of the 4 questions every trader should ask/answer for themselves before placing/executing a trade. This is a foundational piece to the Trade With Profile approach.

From there, you can start digging into the instructional webinars and Q&A sessions on various profiling principles. The premium Profile Trading Development Pathway program is obviously much more in-depth, but these videos are a great starting point.

His weekly market outlook videos (which are about 30mins long) are a must-watch for me every Sunday afternoon/evening.


In addition to the Trade With Profile YouTube channel, I would highly recommend checking out Anthony Crudele’s interview with Josh Schuler on Futures Radio Show. This provides his background story and the details of his own path into trading.

Josh stumbled upon the markets as a retail trader back in 2009 (with no clue what he was doing at first), then transitioned to the institutional side with RJO’Brien for several years, and eventually went on to launch Trade With Profile in 2017.

Other Podcast Interviews Featuring Josh Schuler:

His personal experiences with various trading gurus/mentors are similar to my own. He found that most of them didn’t really teach him how to be a skilled, self-sufficient trader; they just sent out their trade calls/picks/signals for him to copy.

But this approach just doesn’t work long-term. It’s insufficient because it undercuts trader development. With the launch of Trade With Profile, Josh wanted to do something drastically different – so he created a “skill development firm” instead.

Most people don’t treat it like one, but trading is a skill-based activity that requires deep knowledge, practice, and experience.


After forming an initial idea of what Josh Schuler and Trade With Profile are all about, the best way to really grasp the training material being offered and start interacting with the TWP community is through a 1-week trial of the Group Development Pathway.

What is Trade With Profile - Profile Trading Development Pathway

There are 16 main modules of the development program, so the Group Pathway is designed to take about 4 months to complete (covering 1 module per week). They’re all interconnected, so they don’t need to be taken in any specific order – you can join at any time.

Trade With Profile also offers a Video on Demand Pathway that provides access to all 16 modules at once for you to consume the material at your own pace. But there’s no free trial available for it (at least not currently) – only the Group Pathway.

I also highly recommend everyone take advantage of a complimentary 1-on-1 review session with Josh Schuler. He offers a handful of 30-minute sessions on a weekly basis (first come, first serve) to discuss individual progress and actions for improvement.

This level of personal contact/communication is rare within an industry where most tend to hide behind their customer service teams.

Overall Thoughts on Josh Schuler and the Trade With Profile Training Program:

There’s no doubt that Josh Schuler and Trade With Profile fly under the radar within the trading education industry. But what he offers is the real deal – it’s legitimate training for individuals who are serious about building the skills required to succeed.

|Start Developing Real Skills and a Robust Methodology With Legitimate Edge|

#1 Rated Trader Training Program For Developing Real Market Edge - Trade With Profile

|Learn More About the Profile Trading Development Pathway in My Full Trade With Profile Review|

From high-level framework (based on auction theory and profiling) all the way down to specific playbook trade setups/strategies with edge, Trade With Profile is one of the most methodical and immersive training programs I’ve ever come across.

From my personal perspective, Trade With Profile doesn’t receive anywhere near the respect it deserves. Sure, it has a decent following on Twitter (over 7,000 followers) and YouTube (over 1,000 subscribers) – but these numbers should be at least 10X larger.

Trade With Profile With Josh Schuler - Profile Trading Development Pathway

There are so many inferior gurus/courses/programs/services out there with ridiculous followings in the tens/hundreds of thousands. But their popularity is substantially linked to their use of flashy marketing/advertising and other gimmicks.

Overall, Trade With Profile is one of the select few no-nonsense trader training programs currently available online.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Hawumba says:

    Thank you so much for an honest review about Trade With Profile and these 3-free ways to learn from Josh Schuler. Indeed there are many training courses over the internet that sell “hot air” without any benefits to those who buy into their gimmicks. Times have gone where one can trade in futures, stocks, or currencies by simply following signals and trends predicted by the so-called gurus. Indeed one should learn to trade from a know-how point of view. That is why I think Trade With Profile training course is a game changer. Originally, I had started currency trading and had to terminate it because of the losses I made. However, I will go through these 3-free ways and see if I can resurrect it and come back once more, this time, stronger. Thank you, once again.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Hawumba – thanks for sharing your thoughts on TWP & Josh Schuler.

      There’s certainly no shortage of gimmicks out there in the trading education space. But what Josh has to offer at Trade With Profile is real training & mentorship for individuals who want to build legitimate market competence/skill/edge. In my opinion/experience, this is the only way to achieve long-lasting, sustainable market success. Self-sufficiency is paramount. There are no shortcuts, or I should say – there are no shortcuts that actually work (such as blindly following guru calls/alerts/signals); these things are ineffective and downright dangerous. Overall, I deeply respect Josh Schuler’s no-gimmicks approach to trading education. It’s something you don’t often see in a space saturated with stacks of cash, fancy cars, and all sorts of lifestyle marketing. But Josh flies under the radar (which in a way is a bit unfortunate because what he has to offer is so valuable) because he doesn’t take part in any of that nonsense. It took some digging, but he’s by far the best, most underrated trading mentor I’ve come across to date.

  • FredEim88 says:

    I’m glad that I stumbled across this website. I’m surely tired of loosing money while trading. I have reading charts and I haven’t cracked the code to be a successful trader yet. .So this looks pretty promising. But I’m skeptical about futures trading tough. Isn’t safer to buy and hold for a period of time? 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Fred – thanks for sharing your experiences and great question.

      I think buy-and-hold investing is often deemed as the “safer” path by society in general. But I personally think that thought is flawed. I wouldn’t say that one style of trading or investing is any “safer” than another because, in my opinion, it all comes down to competence/skill. It would be dangerous to blindly throw your money into some buy-and-hold investment just the same as it would be dangerous to actively trade futures without proper education/training. I’m not against buy-and-hold investing (I have long-term stock, bond, and index fund investments of my own), but to make a substantial annual income doing it is no easy task. It requires quite a bit of capital in order to generate a meaningful income (at least a $500K to $1M portfolio) – and then it takes time for that money to compound with annual returns around 5-20% per year. But I think the biggest issue with long-term investing is that most people approach it without any real risk parameters. They’re not making plans for where they’ll stop out or take profits – they’re just getting on the buy-and-hold train until retirement. Historically, buying and holding the market has “worked” over long timeframes (decades), but the average percentage gains per year aren’t all that impressive – and there’s no guarantee that markets will continue to act the same way in the future. I think it’s easy on people’s minds to implement a passive buy-and-hold approach, but it’s not necessarily “safer”. The risk is still present and the potential reward is limited.

      As far as actively trading futures on an intraday basis – it’s not for everybody. But for those who choose to pursue it at a serious/committed level, the potential rewards are far greater than a long-term approach. It’s not unheard of for competent/skilled short-term traders to make consistent 50-100%+ annual returns on their capital. And as far as the risk goes, there are numerous avenues to potentially go down for limited to no risk (like trading micro contracts or pursuing funded trader programs). So this idea that buy-and-hold is “safer” just doesn’t make much sense to me. What makes sense to me is having the competence/skill to appropriately manage risk as markets evolve and conditions change – and the sad reality is that most market participants have no real clue what they’re doing. That’s why short-term trading often gets a bad rap – because most people treat it like a get-rich-quick thing instead of a skill-based, peak performance endeavor. But there’s a lot of opportunity there for individuals who actually take the training/skill-building component seriously. There are numerous advantages to trading futures and I won’t dive into all of them in this comment, but they’re by far the most “professional” markets/trading products for serious traders (they’re well regulated, transparent, etc.).

      I hope this comment helped in some way and if you have any follow-up comments/questions, certainly let me know.

  • Abbas says:

    Hi, Matt thanks for your excellent review of Trade with Profile, this is very opportune for me.  I am currently registered with a number of platforms and learning slowly about the trading space.  I like the one-week free option as this will give me an opportunity to see if this platform is suitable for me.  A quick question: How long have you been using the platform and what has been your success rate with TWP?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Abbas – I came across Josh Schuler and Trade With Profile probably about a year ago now. I’m not exactly sure how to answer the success rate question, but my personal success rate with the program is 100%. This doesn’t mean that I never have any losing trades. I was modestly profitable before coming across Trade With Profile with about a 35% win rate. And now, with what I’ve learned from it (in addition to what I’ve learned from Aaron Korbs at Tradacc), my win rate has definitely been better (fluctuating between 40-50%). But I also feel like I’m seeing the markets more clearly and have a lot more confidence in the decisions that I make – so I’m able to hold trades longer and maximize my risk-reward.

      Building competence and skill around profiling (market profile and volume profile) is truly like having x-ray vision of the market. You see meaningful market-generated information that others don’t bother to look at (or don’t even realize exists). But the clues that it provides in regard to market structure/posture/context are incredibly important. Based on that context, it’s much easier to analyze how the market is behaving, what scenarios are likely to happen next, and generate solid plans for executing on those probabilistic opportunities. You can choose to view the market any way that you want, but in my personal opinion, there’s no better way to organize/analyze market info for legitimate edge than this. I couldn’t imagine trading any other way at this point – I’d feel completely lost.

  • Toplink says:

    It is great that you have such a high regard for Josh Schuler and Trade With Profile. By your testimony, they have much to offer. Obtaining real skills needed to succeed is so critical with investment. It is great to know that different ways are given to help people to become wise traders. Developing real skills and the ability to use strategies should be the goal of any trader. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Yes, I absolutely agree.

      Most people who claim that they want to be traders aren’t actually interested in building the competencies/skills for sustainable, self-sufficient success. They just want to be spoon-fed alerts/signals/hot picks. But I can tell you right now that this “shortcut” approach will only make your trading journey harder, longer, and more expensive. I wish I knew better when I first started trading and actually searched for legitimate training/mentorship programs like Trade With Profile, but I just didn’t understand the importance of it back then (and it ended up costing me years of time and tens of thousands of dollars before getting on the right track). The best I can do now is try to point people in the right direction, but it’s a hard message to get across because people aren’t generally attracted to hard work/effort (which is what’s required for building new habits/skills). As a result, programs like this offered by mentors like Josh Schuler aren’t nearly as popular as I think they should be. Unfortunately, they fly under the radar in an industry full of hype, scams, and all kinds of other nonsense.

  • Dana says:

    Trading is a risky business and with the markets in their current condition, wisdom is key. 

    Josh Schuler and his robust market framework with playbook setups and strategies sound like a good deal. You are correct trading is a skill-based activity and not a get-rich-quick scheme. I like the option of the 1-week free trial with the Group Pathway is a great way of determining if this course is the right fit for me.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Dana – I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on Josh Schuler and his Profile Trading Development Pathway.

      I definitely recommend the 1-week Group Pathway free trial for individuals who feel like something is missing from their approach. For the past several years (with the exception of this year), we’ve essentially been in a massive bull market – which often makes the masses (regardless of competence or skill-level) feel like they’re great “traders” from “buying the dip” and having “diamond hands”. And this approach worked – until it didn’t – and now these people have no idea how to navigate a sideways/downtrending market. With a robust market framework like Josh Schuler teaches at Trade With Profile, it doesn’t really matter if the market is going up or down. It’s a strong contextual approach that adapts to ever-changing markets. It’s not a “buy and hope” strategy like most novices deploy. It’s about analyzing the posture of the market and capitalizing on probabilistic, asymmetric risk-reward opportunities based on that posture. It’s an approach that actually makes sense based on critical market-generated information.

  • Jessie says:

    Thank you for this great post over some ways to learn from Josh Schuler for FREE. To be honest I don’t know much about the guy, but it seems like he really knows what he is talking about. I like how he has YouTube videos that I can watch to better understand his concepts and to show that he is legit. Would you recommend him for someone who has already become a trader?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Jessie – great question.

      It really depends on the individual trader and their current market view/approach (and if it’s actually working well enough for them or not). I personally believe that there are a ton of people who have already been trading for years that can highly benefit from Josh Schuler’s Trade With Profile programs because their current strategies, systems, or overall methodologies are extremely weak or entirely ineffective (trying to copy guru alerts/signals/calls, trusting lagging indicators to give them entry & exit signals, etc.).

      For me personally, it took me about 4 or 5 years to “turn the corner” in my trading and stop losing money on a consistent basis (and I believe much of that had to do with the mindset/psychology component). Then for 3 or 4 years after that, I actually made money, but the profits were fairly modest from a percentage standpoint. I kept feeling like there was still something I was missing. Even though I was making some money, market movements (as well as my results) felt far too chaotic and random. So it wasn’t until a couple years ago now when I came across auction market theory, volume profile & market profile, and all the top-level mentors in the futures trading space when things really clicked. The methodologies that Josh Schuler, Aaron Korbs, and Merritt Black teach brought so much more clarity and consistency to my own approach.

      So I firmly believe that Josh Schuler and his Trade With Profile program can help a far larger group than just new/beginner traders. There are hundreds of thousands of traders out there (possibly even millions) who have been trading for a handful of years and are still struggling to find a strong, dependable edge (like I was) – and it’s usually because they’re looking in the wrong places. They’re not looking behind the bars/candles at real-time market-generated information in order to generate high-quality trade ideas/plans for themselves based on probabilistic behavior and asymmetric risk-reward. Instead, most are just making decisions based on someone else (a guru) or something else (a lagging indicator) telling them exactly what to do. But these things neglect the actual skill required to be a real trader – the creativity and adaptability necessary to implement the right strategies at the right times based on meaningful market structure/context/posture.

      In my particular experience, I had already been trading for eight or nine years prior to coming across auction theory, profiling, and Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile – and I can’t imagine going back to trading any other way. It simply makes the most sense. It was like removing a fog from my market vision and now I actually understand what’s going on behind price movement. I don’t necessarily want to push any particular market methodology on anybody, but I don’t think I’d be doing people any favors by not sharing it. To me – whether it’s with Josh Schuler at Trade With profile or some other mentor/training program that focuses on building auction competency through profiling – this is very clearly the path that traders should be going down in order to build legitimate skills and generate robust market edge.

  • Anusuya says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for adding this post about Josh Schuler and Trade With Profile. This freely offered quality information for intraday trading is valuable to anyone interested to be a successful trader. I believe the Sunday evening/afternoon YouTube weekly outlook session will benefit a lot of the people.

    I am interested and have been monitoring your site reading your posts so that I have a good understanding of what it means to trade with volume and market profile. While there are an enormous amount of gurus in the trading world, there is not much high-quality training around to educate them with the most meaningful knowledge and skills.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I completely agree. Most of the “trading education” that currently exists online is basic/lousy. But if people actually want to develop a robust market framework, then I firmly believe that it has to be rooted in auction market theory and profiling tools (volume profile and market profile).

      It’s what I’ve found to make the most sense and be most effective for me, but I’ve also come to find that the vast majority of the best traders and trading mentors out there operate with a similar market view. They don’t just rely on price-based indicators (like a moving average crossover, for example) to tell them when to buy & sell – they’re looking at where “value” has developed/is currently developing and how they can potentially capitalize on discrepancies between price and value. The best way to put it is that most market participants are viewing the market from one dimension (and that approach is weak), but auction market theory and profiling offer a three dimensional market view (which is much stronger).

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