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Internalize the Habits & Skills Required to Become a Consistently Profitable Trader:

Matt Thomas

Summary of My Journey to Consistent Profitability:

  • Stumbled Across Active Trading in 2013 While Searching For “Ways to Make Money Online”
  • Got Caught Up in an Ineffective, Copy-Cat Approach For the Next 2-3 Years (Blindly Following Guru Alerts/Signals)
  • Made the Decision to Be More Accountable and Actually Acquire Some Competence & Skill Around Technical Analysis (Which Helped)
  • Then I Dove Headfirst Into the Mindset/Psychology Component of Trading (Which Led to a String of Semi-Profitable Years)
  • After That, I Circled Back to the “Technical” Component Because I Still Wasn’t Getting the Results I Wanted
  • Discovered Auction Market Theory & Profiling – and Things Finally “Clicked” From a Market Analysis/Methodology Standpoint
  • Quit My Corporate Career at the Beginning of 2021 to Pursue My Dream of Trading For a Living


5 Ways I Can Help You Acquire Real Market Competence & Trading Skill:

1. Follow Matt Thomas/Trading Paradigm on Social Media

  • Join 6K+ Followers/Subscribers on Twitter & YouTube

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2. Enroll in My Free Trading Success Framework Course & Interactive Skool Community

  • No Hype. No Gimmicks. No Lifestyle Marketing. Just Real Education

  • Lay a Strong Foundation For Consistent, Sustainable Market Success

  • Discover What Becoming a CPT (Consistently Profitable Trader) Truly Entails

  • Overcome Your Trading Struggles in a Safe, Relaxing, and Enjoyable Environment

Framework Course

Interactive Community

3. Pursue Next-Level Training & Mentorship (Top-Rated Development Programs)

  • Ditch Lagging Indicators For Trading Tools That Actually Work

  • Make Better Decisions and Increase Profits With Robust Market Vision

  • Develop Exceptional Personal Habits & Routines to Achieve Peak Performance

  • Stop Blindly Following Guru Alerts and Become a Legitimately Skilled Market Participant

Trade With Profile


Trading Composure

2ndSkies Trading

4. Earn Funding Through an Online Prop Firm and/or Open a Brokerage Account (Reputable Platforms)

  • Put Yourself in a Position to Risk Firm Capital Instead of Your Own

  • Turn Your Market Competence and Trading Skill Into a Large 5, 6, or 7-Figure Account



5. Additional Resources (Articles, Videos, Guides, Guest Posts, and More)