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Free Futures Trading Education From the Best Coaches/Mentors in the Industry:

Futures markets are some of the most liquid, well-regulated, capital-efficient, and tax-friendly markets in the world.

Free Futures Trading Education - Top 5 Educational Resources

So if you’re a developing trader with dreams of trading for a living – or at least turning trading into a significant portion of your income – then you’re headed in the right direction. The benefits of trading futures products/instruments are unmatched.

When the average person thinks of trading, they automatically think “stocks” – that tends to be the default. Then from stocks, people venture into options. But for some reason – despite all the advantages – futures seem to be the last place people look.

It’s probably due to a shortage of online futures trading education (in comparison to stocks, options, forex, etc.) – because the same thing happened to me. I initially got sucked into trading stocks – then options – and now I almost exclusively trade futures.

After nearly a decade of experience going through courses, programs, and services within the “trading education” arena, I have to say that the best and most legitimate trading educators operate within the futures space – and I don’t think this is a mere coincidence.

For any serious short-term trader (especially intraday), it’s an easy choice. Futures markets offer superior trading products.

Top 5 Educational Resources For Aspiring Futures Traders:

These are my top 5 free resources – based on personal experience – that I would recommend to aspiring futures traders.

The first 2 resources are great for building a solid general understanding/foundation – and the last 3 are geared more toward developing real skill and robust market edge. So take full advantage of all the free resources these mentors/platforms have to offer.

CME Group
Introduction to Futures Course

CME Group

CME Group – Introduction to Futures Course Curriculum:

  • Contract Specifications
  • Contract Trading Codes
  • Expiration and Settlement Processes
  • Tick Movements
  • Futures Price Limits
  • Notional Value
  • Futures Market Transparency
  • Margin
  • Roles of Speculators and Hedgers

|Check Out the Free Introduction to Futures Course Now|

Anthony Crudele
Futures Radio Show

Futures Radio Show With Anthony Crudele


Top Futures Radio Show Trader Interviews:

Additional Free Resources From Anthony Crudele:

Josh Schuler
Trade With Profile

Trade With Profile - Top Rated Active Trader Training Program

Free Trade With Profile Resources:

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Aaron Korbs
Tradacc (TradingAccelerator)

What is - Tradacc Reviews - How is Tradacc For Beginners

Free Tradacc (Trading Accelerator) Resources:

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Merritt Black
Apteros Trading

Apteros Trading Reviews - NADRO Methodology - Merritt Black


|What is Apteros Trading and Who is Merritt Black?|

The Wrap Up on These 5 Free Futures Trading Educational Platforms:

I only listed 5 main educational platforms, but each one offers quite a few free resources. I understand that this can feel like an overwhelming amount of content/information to digest. So just take things slow and steady. Trading is a marathon – not a sprint.

The first 2 resources – the CME Group’s Introduction to Futures Trading course and Anthony Crudele’s Futures Radio Show – are there to help you build a solid foundational understanding (like how futures markets work, the benefits of trading futures, etc.).

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Best Futures Trading Method - The Volume Profile Method

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This information is important – of course – because you need to fully understand the products that you’re trading. But the subsequent 3 resources are where the real education and training takes place: Trade With Profile, Tradacc, and Apteros Trading.

The coaches/mentors who run these educational services are some of the best in the trading industry – Josh Schuler, Aaron Korbs, and Merritt Black, respectively. In my opinion, the strategies, systems, and overall methodologies they teach are the strongest.

They’re all rooted in auction market theory and profiling. Again, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all the best futures trading mentors view the markets through the lens of volume/market profile. It’s simply the best way to observe/analyze markets.

Please share your thoughts, experiences, and overall feedback on any of the mentors/platforms/free resources listed above.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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