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What is Korbs YouTube and Who is Aaron Korbs (Trader/Volume Profile Expert)?

Aaron Korbs is a full-time futures trader and trading coach who specializes in volume profile and order flow analysis.

What is Korbs YouTube - Who is Aaron Korbs?

His Korbs YouTube channel currently has over 22,000 subscribers – and it’s one that I highly recommend for individuals who want to make intraday futures trading a significant portion of their income or have ambitions of trading for a living.

As someone who has personally experienced almost every form of “trading education” over the past ten years (from lousy alert/signal services all the way up to full-blown training programs), I have to say that what Aaron Korbs teaches is the real deal.

Tradacc - Profile Method With Aaron Korbs

His perspective on futures being superior trading products (as opposed to stocks, options, forex, etc.) and volume profile being an extremely powerful tool for reading market context (as opposed to traditional lagging indicators) very closely aligns with my own.

I honestly wish the Korbs YouTube channel existed back when I first started trading because it could’ve saved me thousands of dollars and years of time in building a strong foundation based in auction market theory and profiling tools (volume profile & market profile).

The typical retail trader simply doesn’t know what they don’t know – and they end up going down inferior/ineffective paths.

Benefits of Korbs YouTube – Not Just Education, But Practical Application as Well:

The information that Aaron Korbs shares on his YouTube channel in regard to auction market theory, volume profile, and futures trading is great – don’t get me wrong – but solid information is merely a starting point for becoming a successful trader.

Trading is a Skill - Knowledge Will Only Get You So Far

Consuming all kinds of theoretical information might make you feel smart, but what really matters (especially while operating within the market environment) is execution. In other words, you have to develop skills to apply the information the right way.

Of course, this is what Aaron Korbs’ training courses/programs are for – helping you build a high degree of competence and skill around volume profiling. So that’s where you can experience real-life application of his methodology through live trading sessions.

But he often shares these sessions on his YouTube channel as well. In fact, he’s put multiple account challenges and case studies on display over the past few years for all to see. This level of transparency isn’t easy to find within the trading education industry.

Check Out a Few of His Case Studies/Challenges For Yourself:

There’s just so much nonsense on social media these days, especially in relation to trading and investing, that it’s extremely difficult to locate gurus/educators/coaches/mentors that aren’t spewing toxic garbage just for clicks, likes, and shares.

Korbs YouTube, in my opinion, offers a ton of educational content without getting too carried away with entertainment/distraction.

What is, The Volume Profile Formula, and The Profile Method?

Aaron Korbs is also the Founder of Tradacc/ (short for “Trading Accelerator”) – which houses his 2 main education/training products – Volume Profile Formula (basic introductory course) & Profile Method (advanced training program).

If you find value in the Korbs YouTube channel and feel like his trading approach resonates with you, then I suggest the Volume Profile Formula as a next step. It’s only $47 and offers a 30-day money back guarantee – so there’s virtually zero risk in checking it out.

|Discover Aaron Korbs’ Volume Profile Methodology in His Introductory VPF Course|

Volume Profile Formula - What is Volume Profile Formula?

|What is Volume Profile Formula? Check Out My Full Volume Profile Review to Find Out|

But keep in mind that this is only an introductory course that covers the basics of Aaron Korbs’ volume profile methodology. If you’re looking for advanced training with daily live trading sessions covering all the nuances – that’s what the Profile Method is for.

As solid as the Korbs YouTube channel is, please don’t expect the information shared in those videos alone to automatically make you a consistently profitable, six-figure trader. There’s a lot of complexities missing that can only be acquired through the courses.

Far too many traders make the mistake of thinking that learning the basics is enough. But just like any other craft, you have to develop a high degree of competence and skill around profiling through practice and experience. There’s no avoiding the work/effort.

Overall, everything Aaron Korbs teaches revolves around his students becoming real/skilled/self-sufficient traders.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Anoth says:

    It’s refreshing to hear about a trader and educator who offers valuable content without resorting to gimmicks or distractions.

    Your personal experience with various forms of trading education over the years gives weight to your endorsement of Aaron Korbs and his expertise in volume profile and order flow analysis. It’s evident that his teachings have had a significant impact on your trading journey, and you appreciate the real-world application he emphasizes.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Anoth – thanks for the comment.

      Aaron Korbs and his Profile Method program have absolutely had a significant impact on me and my own growth as a trader. Profile Method is where he offers his top-tier training & mentorship through live trading sessions 3 times per week, Q&A calls 2 times per week, and more. But he’s also incredibly transparent with individuals who aren’t even paying students of his courses/programs – which I deeply respect. His Daily Profile Show – and YouTube channel in general – is a high-quality resource that I think a lot more developing traders should be taking advantage of, especially to build a strong understanding of futures, auction market theory, and profiling. I consider Aaron Korbs one of my top mentors in regard to market methodology/edge, along with Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile, Merritt Black at Apteros Trading, and a couple others.

  • Alice A. says:

    I must admit, I stopped getting involved with the stock market when the global pandemic hit because the market was mostly down. One thing more, I was a newbie in trading and needed more training. Now that everything seems to be back to normal, I would like to start again.
    But I do not really know much about trading and I am afraid to lose my hard-earned money. I often hear it said that many people became millionaires as a result of trading. Yup;  people who used to be billionaires, lol. 
    I know about Aaron Korbs and I have read some positive reviews about him and what he does. I just wasn’t sure if it’s worth checking out his courses such as the Volume Profile Formula and the Profile Method. Well, I guess I have nothing to lose if I watch some of his YouTube videos. The fact that he has a considerable number of subscribers tells me that he might just be the one trading expert that could help me become a professional trader.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Alice – thanks for sharing your thoughts specifically on Aaron Korbs, as well as trading in general.

      Sadly, most people approach markets entirely the wrong way – essentially just using them as a platform for compulsive gambling. But trading doesn’t have to be anywhere near as “risky” as most people make it if they actually choose to focus on building legitimate competence/skill. This is what a program like Profile Method is all about – which is why I like it so much. It’s not some sort of get-rich-quick program or strategy that only works in bull markets. Aaron Korbs’ methodology is applicable to all market conditions because it’s about analyzing context and coming up with high-quality trade ideas based on that context. I definitely recommend his YouTube channel in order to get a feel for how he approaches markets – there’s a lot of valuable free content there.

  • A Jaynes says:

    I had never heard about Aaron Korbs before, so thanks for sharing! It does sound like 20k+ people have decided he is legit! Nice! Can I ask what methods of his that you have used so far? That $400/day challenge sounds totally fun…I’m tempted! Thanks again for sharing and giving us some info on this and his courses and methods.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      No problem – happy to share!

      To answer your question, the way that I personally trade aligns almost exactly with Aaron’s Volume Profile Method. I focus almost exclusively on futures (e-mini S&P 500 futures to be exact) – and so does Aaron. And the main tools that I use to make trading decisions are volume profile and VWAP. So it’s safe to say that his methods are a huge part of my own approach.

      I’m currently in the middle of a trading challenge of my own (a $150K Topstep Futures Funded Account Challenge) in which I’m implementing a simplified volume profile methodology so that people can see how incredibly powerful it is without getting too fancy/complicated. His YouTube channel is a great place to start learning from him and I’ve personally learned quite a bit from his free content alone. But his top-level Profile Method training & mentorship program is far and away better than any other course he has to offer. Not to say that his other courses are bad/lousy, but they’re no match for the Profile Method.

  • Anusuya says:

    Hi Matt,

    This is a very helpful post on futures trading. 

    The discipline, knowledge, and expertise of a skilled trader is required for entering the trading market. If done right, it could be a lucrative money option to make money for living and more.

    It is unfortunate when it is the question of money making online, many scams or inexperienced players show up as trading gurus, luring you on the internet. Any beginner could end up being a victim of fraud.

    I would thank you for bringing up this genuine and legit education you can truly learn from to make money online trading. I am an investor and at times I try intra-day trading having no formal education.

    I need more training and I read your blog posts. They are really helpful. At some point, I plan to take advantage of these courses which look affordable. Taking free youTube lessons can help before one spends money.

    Thank you for your help.

  • LineCowley says:

    This is a very helpful post on Aaron Korbs and his Korbs YouTube channel. It certainly seems that Aaron Korbs can help anybody that wants to learn about futures trading. Being able to get real life experience with trading through his live trading sessions, is what any potential trader needs. I am fairly new to trading and current haven’t tried futures trading yet. But, it is an area that I want to learn more about, so will join the Korbs YouTube channel as a start, and then look at Volume Profile Formula. Thank you for sharing this great resource. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      You’re welcome – Korbs YouTube is definitely a great resource for anybody who is considering active intraday trading for a living or at least wants to make it a significant portion of their income. With the focus on futures as superior markets/products and auction market theory and volume profile as superior methodologies – I think Aaron Korbs and the Tradacc community’s focus is in the right place. It took me far too many years to finally come across auction market theory and profiling tools (volume profile & market profile) and finally be able to develop a robust market framework for myself that actually makes sense (which removed a ton of mysticism/confusion around market behavior) – so I feel obligated to share this type of information and recommend the best training/mentorship programs in the space. Most other learning/training resources online are far too general and lack substance. But Aaron Korbs is the real deal (especially his advanced Profile Method training). Korbs YouTube is a great place to start.

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