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The Daily Profile Show Hosted By Aaron Korbs on YouTube → @KorbsTrading:

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The Daily Profile Show is hosted by professional futures trader, Aaron Korbs. It’s an after-trading livestream that takes place almost every single day (Monday – Thursday) where Korbs recaps/reviews the session and answers questions from viewers. There are currently 250+ Daily Profile Show episodes and growing – each one typically about 15-30 minutes in length.

Other Ways to Learn From Aaron Korbs:

Who is Aaron Korbs and What is The Daily Profile Show?

Aaron Korbs is a full-time intraday futures trader who specializes in the use of volume profile and order flow tools.

He’s also the founder of Tradacc – which is a trading education, training, and mentorship platform that currently offers 2 main courses/programs: Volume Profile Formula (intro course) & Profile Method (next-level training & mentorship).

Aaron Korbs Reviews & Testimonials - What is Korbs Trading?

These courses/programs (especially the advanced Profile Method development program) are designed to instill students with the deep market competence and pro-level trading skill required to generate a consistent, sustainable trading income.

Aaron Korbs himself generates about $10-15K/month with his volume profile methodology. And the reason I like him and his YouTube channel so much is because he consistently produces a recap of the trading session (including his PnL) every day.

This daily recap/review followed by an open Q&A with live participants is his Daily Profile Show. It’s typically a live-streamed event held each Monday-Thursday (unless travel plans, holidays, internet issues, or something like that gets in the way).

Overall, it’s a valuable free resource that I think all serious/committed developing traders should take advantage of.

More Details on Aaron Korbs, Tradacc, and His Volume Profile Methodology:

Since Aaron Korbs is one of my top trading mentors, I’ve written extensively on my blog about what he has to offer.

There are only a small handful of others that I would put in the same echelon as him. His transparency (not just with his paid students, but the public as well) is refreshing. And his methodology (which highlights volume profiling) is extremely strong.

Profile Method With Aaron Korbs at Tradacc - Top Rated Training & Mentorship Program

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