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How is Tradacc Trading For Beginners – Is Tradacc Good or Bad?

Tradacc – short for Trading Accelerator – is a trading education, training, and mentorship platform founded by Aaron Korbs.

How is Tradacc Trading For Beginners - My Personal Take

Aaron Korbs is an intraday futures trader that specializes in volume profile and order flow – and his educational courses and training programs are focused on helping students build six-figure trading businesses using his proven methodology.

His methodology isn’t just some nonsense approach based on lagging indicators or some rigid mathematical system that can’t properly adjust to current market conditions. Instead, it’s based on contextual analysis using real-time market generated information.

There are essentially 2 main products that fall under the Tradacc umbrella – Volume Profile Formula and Profile Method. Volume Profile Formula is a low-cost introductory course and Profile Method is a full-blown training/mentorship program.

For beginners, I think what Tradacc has to offer is ideal for a number of reasons – but the main one being an emphasis on specialization. Most retail traders fall into an ineffective generalist approach. But you have to be a specialist in order to succeed.

And what Tradacc teaches in regard to futures, auction market theory, and volume profile is the right way to go in my opinion.

Steady Student Progression From Volume Profile Formula to Profile Method:

When it comes to trading education (or really any form on online education for that matter), most beginners are often extremely skeptical of courses – and rightfully so. There’s no shortage of scams, gimmicks, and other nonsense on the internet.

Volume Profile Formula - What is Volume Profile Formula?

So what I really like about Tradacc and their course/program structure is the existence of the entry-level Volume Profile Formula course – which is an extremely low-cost starting point for gaining a broad understanding of Aaron Korbs’ methodology.

In addition to Volume Profile Formula, Tradacc offers a handful of supplemental beginner-level courses/resources, including: Live Trading Showcase, Rapid Setups Pack, Futures Masterclass, S&P 500 Secrets, and Next Level Risk Management.

Tradacc Beginner Courses and Resources

So while these courses/resources do cost money – they’re relatively inexpensive, provide a ton of value, and allow you to steadily progress up to the advanced Profile Method training/mentorship program. This path builds trust and actually makes sense.

I’ve seen many $1K, $5K, and sometimes even $10K+ trading courses/programs out there essentially require you to make a rather expensive blind commitment – without any trial/test period of any kind. But that’s not how Tradacc operates.

Tradacc’s low-cost introductory courses reduce risk, build trust, and put you on the path toward legitimate trading success.

Start Risk-Free With Korbs YouTube to Learn More About His Volume Profile Methodology:

We just spent a lot of time talking about the premium courses/programs that Tradacc has to offer. But if you’re not ready to commit to those yet – and just want to learn more about auction theory and volume profile – then Korbs YouTube is an outstanding resource.

Tradacc - Profile Method With Aaron Korbs

If for some reason his approach to markets doesn’t resonate with you, you can just move on to something else. But if it does (and I have a good feeling that it will because the methodology actually works), then this is a great free way to start learning about it.

Through his Daily Profile Show and various trading challenges: $400/Day Challenge & Apex Funded Account Challenge – it’s clear that Aaron Korbs actually practices what he preaches. If nothing else, I highly suggest checking out some of his YouTube content.

As someone who has been through his Profile Method program and has access to his Trading Live Experience (which is a daily stream Mon-Thurs of live trading/teaching) – it’s very clear to me that he’s the real deal. But it’s not always that clear for outsiders to see.

Overall, Tradacc is a trading education/training/mentorship platform that I wish existed when I first started trading. If it was available then – and I was smart enough to pursue it – it honestly could’ve saved me 5-10 years of time and $20,000-$30,000.

Did I eventually reach consistent profitability? Yes. But my path was far longer, harder, and more expensive than it truly had to be.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • LineCowley says:

    I have been investing money in ETF’s and essentially just leaving them to grow. But I have been looking at buying stocks and shares, but have very little knowledge of trading. With so many low quality and scam training program being touted around, it is good to find this review of Aaron Korbs and his training programs. 

    You mention the 2 main parts as being the Volume Profile Formula and Profile Method. But what is being taught in Volume Profile Formula? Does Profile Method build on Volume Profile Formula but is more in-depth? Can a beginner start making money by only doing the one course? Or is it essential for success to also buy Live Trading Showcase, Rapid Setups Pack, Futures Masterclass, S&P 500 Secrets, and Next Level Risk Management? With a limited budget, which course would you recommend to start with as a beginner?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Great questions.

      Yes, the 2 main Tradacc offerings are Volume Profile Formula and Profile Method.

      Volume Profile Formula is a low-cost introductory course that broadly covers Aaron Korbs’ methodology. It’s a 3-hour masterclass that covers 5 main topics: 1) The 6-Figure Volume Profile Strategy, 2) View the Market in Matrix Mode, 3) Volume Profile Formula, 4) Next level Trade Management, and 5) The 6-Figure Trader Mindset. There are also a handful of supplemental videos that come with it that cover specific intraday volume profile structures and real trade reviews. Additional resources include a TradingView tutorial, Plan of Attack template, and an exclusive Facebook community. Overall, I think it’s well worth the price because it points people in the right direction in regard to organizing/analyzing market-generated information in an extremely powerful way. But again, it’s simply an introductory course. Nobody should expect to become a millionaire trader overnight from a basic course like this alone.

      Profile Method, on the other hand, is Aaron Korbs’ full-blown training and mentorship program that includes a lot more video lessons, but even more importantly – live trading sessions and bi-weekly Q&A’s for direct feedback/mentorship from Aaron Korbs himself. It builds on everything mentioned within the Volume Profile Formula masterclass and helps students apply their newfound competence/skill in real-time. It’s not just about information, models, or theories – it’s about practical application. Anybody can throw together a lousy trading course that talks about this or that pattern/setup/indicator, but what I like most about the Profile Method program is that Aaron Korbs goes out and applies exactly what he teaches every single day in live markets – proving without a doubt that his methodology works.

      For beginners, I highly recommend checking out Aaron Korbs’ YouTube channel first. Between his Daily Profile Show, Speculators Podcast, various trading challenges that he’s done, and numerous videos on auction market theory, volume profile, and futures markets – there’s quite a bit of high-quality free content to consume there. From there – if his methodology resonates with you – I would suggest progressing from Volume Profile Formula all the way up to Profile Method. Is the Volume Profile Formula masterclass and all the supplemental courses (Live Trading Showcase, Rapid Setups Pack, Futures Masterclass, S&P 500 Secrets, and Next Level Risk Management) required before joining the Profile Method program? Not necessarily. But I do think they help lay a strong, low-cost foundation for individuals who might not be ready to commit to an advanced training/mentorship program just yet.

  • Parameter says:

    I am one of those beginners you described as being sceptical of courses. Honestly, there are a lot of scams and fake courses out there. They overpromise and deliver next to nothing. But with Aaron Korb’s track record and also the course is affordable. I will give Tradacc a trial, while I have also subscribed to his YouTube channel

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Let me know what you think about his YouTube channel and Volume Profile Formula course once you’ve had some time to go through it. I’m always interested in hearing feedback from others who are in different stages in their trading journeys.

      Korbs YouTube is one of my favorite channels in regard to futures, auction market theory, volume profile, etc. – and I think his introductory Volume Profile Formula course is a great starting point for developing traders because I believe this is the right path to go down for generating robust market edge and building a legitimate six-figure trading business. His additional beginner-level courses/resources (Live Trading Showcase, Rapid Setups Pack, Futures Masterclass, S&P 500 Secrets, etc.) also supplement the Volume Profile Formula course nicely – and I especially like the Next-Level Risk Management course.

      But all of this pales in comparison to the advanced Profile Method training/mentorship program. There are some great video lessons that go along with this program, but the real value is in being part of a dedicated community, experiencing live market immersion, and receiving expert feedback from Aaron Korbs himself. He trades via livestream Mon-Thurs, holds Q&A sessions twice per week, holds a pre-market prep workshop at least once per week, and more. This type of experience/interaction/immersion is how real learning and development takes place.

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