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Free Foundational Course – Plus My Top 5 Training/Mentorship Programs:

Free Foundational Course – ENROLL NOW
 Trading Paradigm School – Trading Success Framework

  • Internalize the Essential Values, Qualities, Principles, Habits, and Skills For Long-Lasting Market Success

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#1 Rated General Learning Program For Beginners
 Thomas Kralow Trading Academy – University Grade Trading Education

#1 Rated Training & Mentorship Program (Best Overall Value)
 Trade With Profile – Profile Trading Development Pathway

Trade With Profile - Top Rated Active Trader Training Program

#1 Rated Training & Mentorship Program (4.9/5 Stars Just Like Trade With Profile)
Tradacc – Profile Method With Aaron Korbs

What is - Tradacc Reviews - How is Tradacc For Beginners

#1 Rated Funded Trader Program
 Topstep Futures – Providing Discipline and Funding For Long-Term Success

Topstep Trader - Top Funded Futures Trading Program

#1 Rated Trading Mindset/Psychology Blog
Trading Composure With Yvan Byeajee – Trading Psychology Mastery

Trading Composure With Yvan Byeajee - #1 Rated Trading Mindset:Psychology Blog


  • Jessie says:

    Thank you so much for this post about the different trading training programs.  I don’t know much about the rest of the trainings, but I do know that Thomas Kralow Trading Academy is good.  I have read so much on this program.  So many people love it, and I suggest it to everyone reading this.  You’re not the only one who has good things to say about the training.

  • Jannette says:

    You have provided some great insight into some of the best programs for trading. I especially like the one mentioned about Thomas Kralow, as the program offers beginners training who have little knowledge of trading or online money-making mentorships. I will be sharing your website with my social media followers, and maybe your insights can help others like you helped me. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Jannette – I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on these programs and thanks for the kind words.

      Thomas Kralow has become a polarizing figure within the trading education space because of his personal transition into business/course sales (as opposed to active trading) and some of his advertisements/lifestyle marketing. But I do think his University Grade Trading Education program is extremely valuable for beginners. I covers a lot of important topics, but most of all – I like the process that it puts students through with numerous interactive tasks, homework assignments, quizzes/tests, and rounds of demo trading over the course of 5+ months. And the end goal is for each student to develop and refine their own approach (or “personal trading algorithm” as Thomas Kralow calls it). In my opinion, it’s the best initial learning program for beginners.

      But when it comes to specializing and developing robust market edge, I think programs like Trade With Profile and Tradacc are the clear way to go. These are programs that teach methodologies rooted in auction market theory and profiling (volume profile and market profile) – which is by far the best way to observe and analyze markets, in my opinion. I’m not saying that the strategies/methods that Thomas Kralow teaches don’t work, but building competence and skill around profiling is extremely powerful. Far more powerful than the technical analysis that most trading courses teach – which tends to just be a bunch of basic patterns/setups that don’t actually work. Every candlestick pattern on its own is virtually meaningless without context – and in my opinion – volume profile and market profile offer the best, most significant contextual clues. Learning about auction theory and profiling completely changed the way I view/analyze markets for the better.

  • Artur Mak says:

    Thanks for reviewing some top materials on beginning trading. I have looked forward on starting some slight investments in crypto aand s&p 500 for start. Btw, maybe you can review on s&p 500 is it a good way of start trading? And what are the odds you count on to bypass some risks?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Artur – I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, but I’m not sure I entirely understand the questions. I’ll try to answer them as best as possible, but if I miss the mark on what you’re asking, just let me know.

      The S&P 500 is an index (essentially a basket of roughly 500 major stocks) – and there are various trading/investing instruments related to it. For example, there are many low-cost index funds that can be purchased as long-term investments – which offer diversification without having to buy hundreds of individual stocks on their own. Then there are also S&P 500 futures contracts (ES) – which is the main product that I personally trade on an intraday basis. I personally prefer trading an index like ES over individual stocks because there’s a lot less daily “research” involved with futures as opposed to trying to find “in play” stocks. The majority of the time, I already know that ES will provide me with the range/volatility I need to capture profits. I personally think futures markets are the clear way to go for anybody seriously considering being an active trader for a number of reasons (liquidity, regulation, tax advantages, funding programs, and more).

      And to answer your second question, I recommend checking out this article:
      Top 3 Reasons Why Traders Fail at Such a High Rate (~90%)

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