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Who is Aaron Korbs and What is His Volume Profile Trading Formula/Method?

Aaron Korbs is the founder of Tradacc – a trading education platform that houses 2 main courses/programs: Volume Profile Formula & Profile Method. The former is a low-cost introductory course and the latter is a full-blown training & mentorship program.

What is Aaron Korbs Trading With His Volume Profile Method

Aaron Korbs’ personal trading methodology centers around the volume profile – which is an extremely powerful, yet highly underutilized tool amongst retail traders for organizing and analyzing critical market-generated information.

Most traders tend to go down the popular path of basic candlestick patterns (like morning/evening stars, bullish/bearish engulfing, double tops/bottoms, etc.) in combination with lagging indicators (like moving averages, Bollinger bands, etc.).

But these surface-level patterns and indicators are often misleading and ineffective – and don’t do a great job displaying the “quality” of price. Volume profile, on the other hand, is an “under the hood” perspective that displays meaningful market structure.

Volume profile is the backbone of Aaron Korbs’ entire methodology. He also uses volume-weighted average price (VWAP) and some order flow tools (like heat map and footprint charts). But everything centers around auction market theory and profiling.

He’s a specialist that makes a consistent $500+ per day (on average) trading just 1 market/product/timeframe/method.

What is Aaron Korbs Trading – Breakdown of Aaron Korbs’ Personal Trading Methodology:

4 Questions & Answers to Detail What, Where, When, and How Aaron Korbs Trades:

Q: What Market is Aaron Korbs Trading?
A: Futures

Aaron Korbs trades futures because they’re superior to stocks, options, forex, cryptocurrencies, etc. – especially in terms of intraday trading. The mix of liquidity, regulation, leverage, ease of shorting, and tax-friendliness is unmatched by any other market.

I think most developing traders shy away from futures due to a lack of familiarity, but it’s often a huge mistake. Personally, I ignored futures for years assuming my focus should be on stocks and options, but now I almost exclusively trade futures.

I know a lot of people don’t have the same experiences and perspectives that I have when it comes to trading and the landscape of trading education. But to me it’s clear: futures markets are where all the best opportunities are for serious intraday traders.

Q: What Product is Aaron Korbs Trading?
A: E-Mini S&P 500 (ES)

Within the futures market, Aaron Korbs concentrates on one single product: e-mini S&P 500 (ES). From time-to-time, he’ll venture into other markets like e-mini Nasdaq 100 (NQ) or Crude Oil (CL) – but the primary focus is e-mini S&P 500.

Specialist vs. Generalist Quote From Aaron Korbs at Tradacc

One of the biggest problems most beginner traders have is dabbling in all sorts of different markets, products, and trading styles. They learn a little bit about stocks, options, forex, cryptocurrencies, day trading, swing trading, position trading, etc.

But they never become great at any one thing – they just keep jumping from one thing to the next. Aaron Korbs, on the other hand, trades the same product every single day, building a deep relationship with it, because markets reward specialists – not generalists.

Q: What Time Frame is Aaron Korbs Trading?
A: Intraday

Aaron Korbs trades on an intraday time frame – entering and exiting his positions within the same trading session. He doesn’t take on the risk of holding overnight. All of his trades take place within normal trading hours and he’s flat by the close.

Free Futures Trading Education - Top 5 Educational Resources

But just because he’s placing his trades on an intraday basis, it doesn’t mean that he ignores higher time frame context. In fact, multi-day, weekly, monthly, and sometimes even yearly reference levels play a part in how he approaches each intraday session.

He’s not just analyzing each day in a vacuum and scalping based on short-term order flow signals/triggers. Instead, he’s considering the full contextual picture – and I believe this is a major reason why his particular approach is so strong/effective.

Q: What Methodology is Aaron Korbs Trading?
A: His Profile Method

Within futures markets, Aaron Korbs is trading e-mini S&P 500 (ES) contracts on an intraday basis using his Profile Method – which as we’ve already touched upon, centers around the volume profile. It’s an extremely specialized, robust approach.

The Volume Profile Method With Aaron Korbs - What is the Volume Profile Method

It’s not just a fixed/systematic set of “buy here, sell here” rules. There are models/frameworks for structure, of course, but there’s a good amount of discretion involved. Good trading is a skill that requires individual analysis and adaption/refinement.

So the best part about Aaron Korbs’ full-blown Profile Method training and mentorship program are the regularly scheduled premarket prep, live trading, and Q&A sessions for personalized immersion and feedback.

The Wrap Up – Is Aaron Korbs’ Volume Profile Formula/Method Worth Pursuing?

In my opinion, the key to Aaron Korbs’ personal trading success, as well as the success of his students, is specialization.

And not just specialization in random, low-quality things. But specialization in the best market for intraday trading (futures/ES) with the best possible tools/indicators for viewing and interpreting market behavior (volume profile & VWAP).

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Profile Method With Aaron Korbs at Tradacc - Top Rated Training & Mentorship Program

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This is precisely where most beginners get it wrong. It’s definitely OK to check out your options and look into various markets, products, timeframes, and strategies/systems in order to see what resonates most with you – so don’t get what I’m saying twisted.

But the dabbling phase shouldn’t last forever. There’s simply no money to be made trying to be a jack-of-all-trades. It pays to choose one specific method and become an expert at it. Because once you develop consistency, there’s plenty of room to scale.

Tradacc - Profile Method With Aaron Korbs

So the sooner you choose a specific approach and build a high level of competence/skill around it, the sooner you can start scaling up your operations to produce life-changing profits. The specialist approach makes Profile Method well worth pursuing.

Most people get it backwards. They take a generalist approach and never build a high-degree of skill/consistency around anything in particular, resulting in an inability to successfully scale their operations into something worthwhile. Don’t be like the masses.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Ashley says:

    I appreciate this detailed overview of Aaron Korbs and his trading methodology, particularly focusing on his Volume Profile Trading Formula/Method. My understanding is that Korbs is the founder of Tradacc, offering courses in volume profile trading. His methodology revolves around volume profile, which he considers a powerful yet underutilized tool in organizing and analyzing market-generated information. Here’s a quick breakdown of his approach: markets he trades (futures), products (e-mini S&P 500), the intraday time frame he operates in, and the methodology itself (focused on volume profile). Korbs’ specialization and deep understanding of the volume profile, along with his personalized approach, set him apart. Specialization is critical for long-term success. I like Korbs’ philosophy and approach.

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