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Best Futures Trading Mentors to Help You Acquire Legitimate Competence & Skill:

With nearly a decade of personal experience going through various trading courses/programs within the “trading education” industry, there’s certainly no shortage of trading products/services out there. But high-quality mentors are hard to come by.

Best Futures Trading Mentors - 3 of the Best in the Industry

This is because it’s relatively easy to share information online (regardless of quality). But it’s not so easy to coach, train, and develop hopeful traders into consistent, six-figure earners. The reality is that not all trading courses/programs are created equal.

One major problem is that the bulk of the industry essentially promotes dependency – through guru alert/call/signal services, for example – where people think they can merely subscribe and copy-cat trade their way to multi-millionaire status.

But this surface-level approach simply doesn’t work. It sounds great in theory, but it’s entirely ineffective in real life. In order to become a consistently profitable trader, you have to become self-sufficient through the acquisition of legitimate competence/skill.

And what I’ve found over the years is that the futures trading space offers the most legitimate education, training, and mentorship (in comparison to stocks, options, and especially forex and cryptocurrencies) – and it’s really not even close.

There’s just so much nonsense floating around out there – but generally speaking, futures mentors have far more integrity.

Top 3 Futures Trading Mentors With High-Quality Training/Mentorship Programs:

Here are my top 3 favorite futures trading mentors based on personal experience:

Trade With Profile

Best Futures Trading Mentor - Josh Schuler at Trade With ProfileTrade With Profile - Top Rated Active Trader Training Program

Short Description:

Josh Schuler is the founder of Trade With Profile – which is a skill-development firm for intraday futures traders. In my opinion, Josh Schuler as a mentor and his Profile Trading Development Pathway program as a course are drastically underrated. This is a training/mentorship program that should honestly be selling for at least 2-3X the current price. The value provided is unmatched.

Free Ways to Learn From Josh Schuler:

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Tradacc (Trading Accelerator)

Best Futures Trading Mentor - Aaron Korbs at TradaccWhat is - Tradacc Reviews - How is Tradacc For Beginners

Short Description:

Aaron Korbs is the founder of Tradacc (short for Trading Accelerator) – which is a trading education platform that offers 2 main courses: Volume Profile Formula & Profile Method. Volume Profile Formula is a low-cost introductory course that broadly covers Aaron Korbs’ trading methodology and Profile Method is his next-level training & mentorship program that digs into the finer details.

Free Ways to Learn From Aaron Korbs:

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Apteros Trading

Best Futures Trading Mentor - Merritt Black at Apteros Trading

Apteros Trading Reviews - NADRO Methodology - Merritt Black

Short Description:

Merritt Black is the founder of Apteros Trading – which offers professional-level training on Merritt’s NADRO methodology, as well as an opportunity to earn a spot on his proprietary trading desk. Through the combination of his training and prop desk, his priorities are clear: he wants to cultivate a community of exceptional traders and scale them up with as much capital as they can handle.

Free Ways to Learn From Merritt Black:

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The Wrap Up – What the Best Futures Trading Mentors in the Industry Have in Common:

I’ve been trading – as well as studying the landscape of the “trading education” industry – for a relatively long time. And based on my experiences, I would have a hard time pointing aspiring traders in any direction other than these 3 futures trading mentors.

Futures markets are some of the most liquid, well-regulated, capital-efficient, and tax-friendly markets in the world – so it’s no surprise that this is the ideal environment for serious/legitimate/professional intraday traders. The benefits are unparalleled.

|1 Powerful Trading Tool That Will Completely Change the Way You View Markets|

Best Futures Trading Indicators - The Top 2 on My Charts

|5 Ways I Can Help Accelerate Your Path to Becoming a Consistently Profitable Trader|

And amongst the top futures trading mentors mentioned above, they all analyze markets with an auction market framework through the lens of profiling tools like volume profile and market profile  – and I don’t believe this to be a mere coincidence.

They teach auction market theory and profiling principles (and how to develop high-quality trade ideas/”playbook” trades based on these principles) because it’s the best way to view/interpret markets. It simply makes sense and actually works.

I used to exclusively trade stocks and options (which is kind of the default for most people) – until I came across futures markets, auction market theory, and profiling tools. And now I almost exclusively trade futures for the reasons mentioned above.

I’m not saying that other trading methodologies don’t work, but I’ve yet to come across anything that rivals the power of profiling.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Jeffrey says:

    You make some great points about the importance of finding a mentor who can teach you a legitimate and effective trading methodology. I agree that the futures trading space offers some of the most legitimate education, training, and mentorship in the industry. This is because futures markets are some of the most liquid, well-regulated, and capital-efficient markets in the world. As a result, there should be a lot of demand for high-quality trading education and mentorship in this space.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Jeffrey – thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      I think that last sentence of your comment is critical: there “should” be a lot of demand for high-quality education, training, and mentorship in the futures space. But, sadly, I think the mentors in this space are drastically under-appreciated. With the growth of online prop firms/funded trader programs that offer futures (like Topstep), I think the demand has grown a bit over the past several years. But generally speaking, it seems like most beginners still gravitate toward the small cap/penny stock and forex worlds instead. I’m not saying that there aren’t any legitimate educators in those spaces, but on the whole there’s so much more flashy marketing, unethical practices, and other nonsense going on. In my opinion/experience, the futures space is much more honest, transparent, and professional. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that almost all of the best traders and trading educators I’ve ever come across mainly operate within the futures space (and I didn’t even know/learn much of anything about futures until 5+ years into my trading journey).

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