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How is Trade With Profile For Beginners – The Profile Trading Development Pathway:

Trade With Profile is a top-rated trader development firm founded by Josh Schuler in 2017.

Josh Schuler is an active, full-time trader (primarily futures and options) with well over a decade of retail and institutional experience. He created his Profile Pathway to help aspiring traders acquire legitimate market competence and trading skill.

How is Trade With Profile For Beginners - The Profile Trading Development Pathway

Typically, this course/program tends to attract traders who have been in the markets for a while and still feel like they’re missing something in regard to their overall market understanding and methodology (that’s exactly how it was for me).

But, unfortunately, I think a lot of new/beginner-level traders are dangerously unaware of how little they know about trading and markets – and highly distracted by all sorts of basic, surface-level nonsense floating around out there on the internet.

As a result, it’s common for The Profile Trading Development Pathway to get written-off as too “advanced” or “complicated”. But in my opinion/experience, it’s a huge mistake to think this way – because it’s exactly what new traders need to succeed.

So if you’re serious about the craft of trading and want to be consistently profitable (not just get lucky for a short period of time, but actually generate sustained profits month-after-month), then it requires deep market competence and trading skill.

How is The Profile Trading Development Pathway Beneficial For Beginner-Level Traders?

Beginner-level traders simply don’t know what they don’t know. They have a high level of incompetence and often don’t even realize it (aka unconscious incompetence). They tend to believe that trading is all about finding some holy-grail setup.

Molding Your Market Framework - How Do You View Markets?

First of all, no holy-grail exists (being wrong and losing sometimes is an unavoidable aspect of trading). And second of all, their idea of what constitutes a setup/strategy/system with real, meaningful edge is often flawed/inadequate.

The typical experience of a new trader is to learn some basic technical analysis concepts (like what candlesticks are and various patterns/structures associated with them: doji, hammer, double top/bottom, cup and handle, etc.) and think they have edge.

But this is nowhere close to real edge – it’s all just surface-level knowledge. I’m not saying this stuff isn’t good to know, but it’s not anywhere near as meaningful as most people think. By itself, this knowledge just produces crowds of ill-equipped market participants.

Armed with a shallow/superficial market understanding, these “traders” dive into live markets and make little to no profit. And believing that they already have the technical/edge component in place, they start barking up the mindset/psychology tree.

Granted – they probably do have major mindset issues. But the core issue is not having deep market competence to build upon.

Trade With Profile is Designed For You to Build & Refine a Robust “Playbook” of Trades:

I keep mentioning market competence – and what this means is truly understanding market behavior.

It doesn’t mean blindly copying some guru’s trade via text/email alert. Nor does it mean arbitrarily buying & selling based on some moving average cross or MACD reading. These are dangerous, mostly ineffective ways to trade.

Volume Profile Trading - What Does Volume Profile Tell You

When most beginners share their approach, it becomes quite clear why they’re struggling. They’re almost always trading based solely on “triggers” and not a comprehensive methodology. Entry triggers are just one small part of a robust strategy/system.

What they’re missing is a strong contextual approach (with the help of volume profile & market profile to discern key levels and structure) and a robust playbook of 4-question trades. Luckily, the training at Trade With Profile helps fill these massive gaps.

Knowing what I know now (thanks to high-quality mentors like Josh Schuler, Aaron Korbs, Merritt Black, and Morad Askar), most of what I learned over-and-over again in regard to setups/strategies through countless basic courses was essentially useless.

So going through a course/program like Profile Pathway right from the start is actually one of the best routes you can go down, in my opinion. You’ll save a ton of time, money, psychological capital, and not have to unlearn the nonsense you’ve been taught elsewhere.

Tip – Start With the Build2Profile Modules as a Beginner and Progress From There:

If you’re an absolute beginner trying to figure out what trading truly entails from a core foundational perspective, I highly recommend my free Trading Success Framework course. This is 25+ lessons of extremely powerful insight/wisdom.

Profile Trading Development Pathway With Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile - Top Rated Training & Mentorship Program

Once you go through that course and decide that trading is a pursuit you’re 100% serious about, then the training and mentorship that Josh Schuler provides at Trade With Profile is an excellent next step for development.

I understand for beginner-level traders that the 16 core modules of the Profile Pathway might seem like “The Matrix” at first (confusing/overwhelming). So I would suggest going through the 12 Build2Profile modules first to help lay the groundwork.

How is Trade With Profile - Build2Profile

These modules cover a lot of market/trading basics – like the difference between trading and investing, what a strong trade plan requires, why profiling is so powerful, the benefits and risks of stocks, options, futures, and forex, and more.

So keep in mind that you don’t have to jump straight into the Profile Pathway and feel lost. Build2Profile can help ease you into it. These beginner-level modules are included within the Profile Pathway program (or can be purchased on their own for $76).

Overall, any serious/committed trader (beginner or not) can greatly benefit from Josh Schuler’s training & mentorship at TWP.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Steve says:

    I know enough about Futures and Options to know that I certainly do not know enough. This is one area of my trading and investment portfolio that I am unsure about. I see that Josh Schuler offers some lessons that would help, but could I follow that up with personal 1-on-1 training & mentorship?


    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts – and great question.

      Josh offers various Profile Pathway versions (Group, Video on Demand, 1-on-1, etc.). Every version centers around the same 16 core training modules, but the level of support varies for each. So the answer to your question is yes, he certainly offers 1-on-1 training & mentorship for those interested in it. But the more common and cost-friendly options are Group & Video-on-Demand. 1-on-1 will definitely accelerate the learning curve – and I highly recommend it; it just costs more. So which Pathway version to pursue is a choice each student has to make for themselves. I linked to a post that breaks down what each one offers in more detail, so feel free to check that out. Hope it helps!

  • Jason Brody says:

    It’s refreshing that Trade With Profile emphasizes the importance of deep market competence and trading skill for beginner-level traders, just like you mentioned. Many new traders often underestimate the complexity of trading and focus on surface-level knowledge. I agree that having a comprehensive methodology, contextual approach, and a robust playbook of trades is essential for sustained profitability. The Profile Trading Development Pathway seems like a valuable resource to bridge the knowledge gap and build a strong foundation. Starting with the Build2Profile modules is a wise suggestion to ease into the program. Overall, Josh Schuler’s training and mentorship at Trade With Profile can benefit both beginners and experienced traders alike.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I appreciate your input, Jason – Thank you!

      I completely agree with everything you said. Josh Schuler and his Profile Pathway program are incredibly underrated, underpriced, and undervalued in an industry packed with nonsense. What he teaches is the real deal and nowhere near enough people know about it. He deserves far more attention and recognition than he deserves for being one of the best, most genuine mentors out there.

  • Ashley says:

    This is a great article (and site) and I can not tell you how much I respect your honesty.  I feel so many people want to enter the trading and options programs, but I find most of them have all the wrong motivation for doing so. I looked at learning options trading as a pretty serious endeavor. I do believe many of the top traders actually went to school to learn about trading and the idea that someone could gain the same knowledge and be successful in a short period of time by taking a 2 week internet course (just an example) from one of the self proclaimed internet ‘trading gurus’ is simply nonsensical. 
    Also, a potential trader should actually enjoy working with the markets and trading stocks, options, futures etc. before deciding to dedicate the serious amount of time it takes to be successful at trading.  Too many think it is easy and a get rich quick scheme, which it obviously is not, and these people WILL give up, or burn out if they actually make it far enough to do so.  I love that you recommend going through the free framework course first then deciding whether trading is a viable option for you or not.  You could have just said, “Want to make a million dollars in 2 weeks trading online, working only 2 minutes a day?”, like most online gurus claim.  Instead, you are humble and honest and, as a result, I trust your recommendation and will be giving it to anyone I know interested in learning and implementing these skills. 

    Seriously, thank you. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Ashley – I appreciate the kind words!

      I completely agree with everything you said. I created the Trading Success Framework course because it’s really important to me that anyone who takes my recommendations in regard to education, training, and mentorship goes into it with proper expectations of what becoming/being a skilled, competent, and consistently profitable trader truly entails. Some people, believe it or not, view it as me being “negative” when I talk about the realities of trading and how most people who pursue it do so without any real knowledge/competence/skill. They take it as me talking down at them or something – I’m honestly not sure. But that’s truly not my intention at all. I’m just trying to be open about what it takes to sustainably succeed at this game. I’m not interested in spewing hype and flash just to sell things; there’s plenty of that nonsense already out there. I want anyone who interacts with my site and everything associated with it to focus on the right things: deliberate practice/training/skill & habit-building for long-term, sustainable success. That’s what I know actually works. From experience, following so-called “shortcuts” (like guru alert/signal services) only made my trading journey harder, longer, and more expensive than it had to be.

      It’s upsetting/frustrating, but I completely understand why so much nonsense “trading education” exists out there and why there’s very little high-quality training & mentorship to be found (or at least it’s hard to find because it’s buried underneath all the nonsense). From being involved with this industry for nearly a decade now, I know firsthand that the masses really don’t want the actually work required to become/be a real trader (the daily tracking & journaling, regular periods of review, adapting/evolving over time to different market environments, etc.); the work doesn’t just stop after some 2-week or even 2-month learning/training phase (like you mentioned). They just immediately want the results that “gurus” love to show off (the money, material possessions, lifestyle, etc.). Great results are absolutely possible, but not without the work. It can be quite a difficult landscape for people (especially newcomers) to traverse because popularity and quality are not always connected. A lot of low-quality courses, programs, and services (simply due to get-rich-quick style marketing) are extremely popular. And on the flip side, a lot of high-quality courses, programs, and services don’t get anywhere near the respect they deserve because they don’t want to partake in that kind of trickery. That’s where Josh Schuler and his Trade With Profile Pathway program stand for me. He offers top-notch training & mentorship, but doesn’t get anywhere near the recognition he deserves. Integrity is hard to come by in this space and he actually has it.

      Thanks again for the kind words. Take care!

  • Terence says:

    Day trading can be very risky, especially if one doesn’t properly do their homework. I have always been searching for the best trading platforms that are beginner friendly and found out that very few of them show up. Trading can sound intriguing when one has the mindset of earning passive income on a day-to-day basis which in reality can be tough to pull off. Trading is hard and having programs that can teach beginners how to trade makes it reassuring that it can be achievable along with the skill that is built and the patience that is needed to become successful.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Without real market competence and trading skill, day trading can certainly be risky. Unfortunately, most people approach it with huge financial goals/dreams, but lack the desire to actually do the work required to achieve it (deliberate practice, training, daily prep & review, etc.).

      Markets offer incredible opportunities for income/wealth generation – there’s no doubt about that. But trading is a skill-based, peak-performance endeavor – much like becoming a pilot, surgeon, musician, professional athlete, etc. This often gets ignored because there are virtually no barriers to entry (so pretty much anybody can get involved regardless of competence/skill-level) and there’s a large element of short-term luck at play (you can experience winning trades by mere chance without having any real clue what you’re doing). But over the long-term, real market competence and individual, self-sufficient trading skills/habits are what produce consistent, sustainable success. This is why I don’t really support trading programs/services that endorse dependency (like guru alert/signal services that essentially promote blind, copy-cat trading). I only support real education, training, and mentorship – like the TWP Profile Pathway with Josh Schuler – because that’s what actually produces skilled, competent, self-sufficient, and overall effective traders.

      Active trading isn’t passive at all – it requires constant hard work – and high rewards are available for individuals who are willing to do that work (as opposed to taking ineffective shortcuts that undercut personal development). Overall, consistent trading success is certainly achievable, but it’s a challenging journey that involves continuous learning, practice/training, and self-discovery.

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