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Expert Training & Mentorship For You to Earn a Seat on a Professional Prop Desk:

2 of the top futures trading mentors in the industry have teamed up to offer Pathway Pro.

Pathway Pro takes Josh Schuler’s 16-week training & mentorship program (Profile Trading Development Pathway) – and combines it with 2 months of Merritt Black’s proprietary trading desk tryout at Apteros – for a streamlined path to professional trading.

Pathway Pro - Trade With Profile Training Combined With Apteros Trading Funding Opportunity

New traders often enter the trading space with big dreams of trading for a living and making millions of dollars. And while these dreams aren’t necessarily bad things to have, they’re not often backed by effective methods for actually getting there.

So this “pathway” is exactly what most developing traders need in order to build legitimate market competence/skill/consistency – and ultimately succeed long-term. I truly wish this program was around back when I first started trading.

Trade With Profile With Josh Schuler - Profile Trading Development Pathway

If it was – and if I was smart enough to actually pursue it (instead of getting distracted by all sorts of nonsense alert/signal services, newsletters, and chat rooms) – then I would’ve saved myself numerous years of frustration and financial pain.

I quite literally wasted tens of thousands of dollars trading blindly over the course of several years – when I should have been pursuing legitimate training instead. I made my path a lot harder, longer, and more expensive than it had to be. Learn from my mistakes.

Combining Trade With Profile and Apteros For a Comprehensive Path to Professional Trading:

To gain a better understanding of what Pathway Pro is all about, I think it would be helpful to break it down into its 2 main components: Trade With Profile (the training & mentorship component) and Apteros Trading (the funding opportunity component).

Trade With Profile

Best Futures Trading Mentor - Josh Schuler at Trade With ProfileTrade With Profile - Top Rated Active Trader Training Program

Short Trade With Profile Description:

Trade With Profile is a top-rated trader development firm directed toward active intraday futures traders. It was founded in 2017 by Josh Schuler – a former institutional trader – who specializes in observing and analyzing markets through the lens of profiling tools (volume profile & market profile). His flagship course – Profile Trading Development Pathway – is a comprehensive 16-week program that includes video lessons, homework assignments, live trading sessions, monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls, and more. It covers everything from basic auction concepts all the way to specific “playbook” trade setups. Overall, this program offers an incredible amount of education, training, and mentorship which should honestly be offered at 2-3X the current cost. In my opinion, it’s highly underrated and an absolute steal for any serious developing trader.

Free Ways to Learn From Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile:

Apteros Trading

Best Futures Trading Mentor - Merritt Black at Apteros Trading

Apteros Trading Reviews - NADRO Methodology - Merritt Black

Short Apteros Trading Description:

Apteros Trading is a top-rated global proprietary trading firm for futures traders. It was founded in 2020 by Merritt Black – who was previously a prop trader and the Head of Futures & Commodities at SMB Capital for about a decade before venturing out on his own to start Apteros.  So it’s safe to say that Merritt Black knows what he’s talking about when it comes to developing traders into elite performers. Just like Josh Schuler, Merritt Black has a training program of his own based on his NADRO methodology. But he also supplements that training with a real opportunity to get funded (and continue to scale) through his proprietary trading desk. There are no scaling limits like there are with most online funded trader programs. His goal is to cultivate talent and provide traders on his desk with as much capital as they can handle.

Free Ways to Learn From Merritt Black at Apteros Trading:

Why Pathway Pro Is Such an Incredible Opportunity For Committed Developing Traders:

There’s no doubt that most beginner traders take an amateurish approach to their personal development.

It’s extremely easy for any random person to open up a brokerage account and start “trading”. But understand that there’s a major difference between impulsively entering/exiting positions and having a methodology with legitimate edge.

|1 Tool That Will Completely Change the Way You View Markets|

Profile Trading Development Pathway With Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile - Top Rated Training & Mentorship Program

|Free Futures Trading Resources From the Top Mentors and Platforms in the Industry|

Just because markets are easy to access doesn’t mean you can get away with an incompetent/unskilled approach. Sometimes people can get away with bad trading for quite a long time out of pure luck, but luck doesn’t sustain long-term.

If you desire to trade for a living – or at least make it a substantial portion of your income – then you can’t outsource your own decision-making process. You have to develop real market competence/skill. Nobody else can do it for you.

So if you’re searching for some sort of “shortcut” to trading success because you’re trying to avoid personal development – understand that no shortcut like that exists. The only authentic shortcut is a program like Pathway Pro.

Expert training & mentorship paired with a professional funding opportunity offering unlimited scalability. What other route can honestly match this? In my opinion, this is THE best path to becoming (and thriving) as a professional-level trader.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).

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  • Hawumba says:

    Hi, Matt Thomas, thank you for directing aspiring traders to the resources that could change all the known perspectives of financial trading. I also, at one time started currency trading and it was not as easy to make a successful day. There were simply general guidelines and a requirement to follow the news in order to predict the bulls & the bears etc. Had I had good training at that time I think I should have become one of the gurus by now. I like your advice i.e., “if one desired to trade for a living – or at least make it a substantial portion of his/her income – then he/she has to develop real market competence/skills, and no shortcuts”.  If I were to go back to active trading, certainly, I will follow your advice and train with Pathway Pro of Schuler and Apteros Trading of Black. With these, I think anyone will learn trading from an informed point of view and not as a gambler.

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