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Trade With Profile Review – Who is Josh Schuler and What is Trade With Profile?

Trade With Profile is a skill development firm for active traders that was founded in 2017 by Josh Schuler.

Josh Schuler started out as a retail trader/investor in 2009, then transitioned to the institutional side in 2012, and then went on to launch Trade With Profile in 2017 to help coach/train/mentor traders in a methodical, immersive, and comprehensive way.

Trade With Profile Review - What is Trade With Profile

I can relate quite a bit to his own experiences with the trading education industry – in which he struggled to find guidance from skilled, competent traders who could actually train him to become self-sufficient with an effective, systematic approach.

Some of the mentors Josh came across were indeed skilled, proficient traders, but their education/training method was to merely let him watch them trade – and somehow he was supposed to absorb the required skills he needed through osmosis along the way.

Occasionally there would be some sort of course to go along with it, but they would often be confusing/incomplete/low-quality. Suffice to say that these forms of education/training were inadequate. Sadly, however, this is what the bulk of the industry tends to be.

To fill this void, Trade With Profile was created to focus on high-quality instruction paired with real-life immersion and feedback.

Trade With Profile Pros & Cons – Who is the Trade With Profile Training Program For?

Trade With Profile is specifically geared toward active traders (day and swing traders) operating within the futures markets. But the auction and profiling principles they teach can be applied to any market, instrument, or time frame you choose to trade.

When most people hear the term “trading”, they often assume stocks/stock market – that’s kind of the default product/market that comes to mind. But I’ve found my personal preference to be futures (after years of only trading stocks and options).


It’s not really the space where beginners tend to look first because they’re often attracted to things like penny stocks, small caps, and cryptocurrencies. But trading futures offers numerous benefits – access, liquidity, versatility, leverage, lower taxes, etc.

On top of that, I’ve also come to find that the best trading courses/programs/mentors exist within the futures space. This is just a personal observation based on years of scouring the trading education landscape, but I don’t believe it to be a mere coincidence.

Molding Your Market Framework - How Do You View Markets?

So the Trade With Profile training program – Profile Trading Development Pathway – is for individuals who are serious about developing professional-level trading skills and legitimate edge. It offers robust/comprehensive training for dedicated traders.

If You’re Currently Struggling in These Areas, Then Trade With Profile Might Be For You:

  • Framework For Market Behavior is Weak (Limited Understanding of the Auction Process)
  • Process For Building Trade Plans/Hypos Lacks Consistency, Clarity, and Meaningful Context
  • Don’t Know What Levels/Zones to Get Involved For Better Odds of Favorable Trade Outcomes
  • Methods For Interpreting Market-Generated Information Are Ineffective (Poor Application of Volume & Market Profile)
  • Been Exposed to Auction Theory and Profiling Tools, But Haven’t Been Able to Turn Them Into Something Actionable
  • Spent Too Much Time and Money Chasing Guru Alerts/Signals/Picks and Finally Ready For Real Training

If any of these struggles resonate with you, Trade With Profile can help you build confidence and consistency in your process through the development of legitimate skills and edge. The training is designed to deliver competent, self-sufficient traders to the marketplace.

What is in the Trade With Profile Training Program – Profile Trading Development Pathway?

As we’ve touched on a few times already, the Trade With Profile training program is rooted in the overarching concept/framework of auction market theory and the volume profile & market profile tools often used in conjunction with it.

But there’s much more to the Profile Trading Development Pathway than simply covering these topics on a conceptual level. It also offers daily trade plans, homework assignments, and live market immersion for turning that knowledge into skills.

What is Trade With Profile - Profile Trading Development Pathway

In fact, the program goes all the way down to the tactical aspect of building your own specific “playbook” of trade setups based on the markets/instruments/time frames you trade, along with your individual risk tolerance, cognitive strengths, and overall preferences.

The program doesn’t leave you hanging to develop your own trade setups from scratch. The current curriculum covers 18 playbook setups that you can implement/adapt to your own approach – all based on market posture and probable behavior.

Here’s What Each Module of the Profile Trading Development Pathway Covers:


Each module of the course includes a video lesson/lecture (about one hour long), trade examples to clearly demonstrate real-life application, and homework assignments to reinforce the critical concepts and skills being taught.

Understand that consistently profitable trading performance doesn’t come from luck/chance; it comes from skill/edge.

Profile Trading Development Pathway – Group Study, Self-Directed, or 1-on-1 Mentorship:

Depending on the learning format you prefer, there are 3 Profile Trading Development Pathway options to choose from. They differ slightly in regard to support/engagement, but all revolve around the same core curriculum (the 16 modules mentioned above).


The group study pathway focuses on just one module per week – unlocking the next module every 7 days. So it’s a controlled approach that allows ample time for the training material to sink in. Community support is also an added benefit.

Trade With Profile Review - What is in the Trade With Profile Training Program


The video on demand pathway provides immediate access to all 16 modules of the curriculum. This is for those who want to go at their own pace. But be careful not to consume too much of the material too fast – rushing through can hinder learning/retention.


The 1-on-1 pathway is a custom-designed mentorship opportunity directly with Josh Schuler. It’s based on the same 16-module curriculum as Video on Demand and Group Study, but includes tailored coaching to satisfy your unique development needs.

Trade With Profile/Profile Trading Development Pathway Student Reviews & Testimonials:

It’s one thing to just hear my take on Josh Schuler and Trade With Profile, but there are numerous others who have acquired the know-how and skills to make better trading decisions and capture more profits thanks to the Trade With Profile training program:

I am loving it, my confidence is at an all-time high! Thank you, thank you! – Sandeep, USA

Working with you was the tipping point for me to become profitable. I really think you are changing the “trading education industry” with what you are doing. – Rey, USA

Not to blow smoke up you A$$, I have been in A LOT of rooms over the years. This is without a doubt the best. The education is outstanding and there are no egos. I’ll be with you for a while…I have learned so much and most importantly is the patience I have developed through following you. – Rob, USA

I have only been around TWP for a short time but been around trading for 5 years and a little over a year in futures. I’ve taken a lot of educational courses online with futures trading (including Dalton’s intensive) and happy to say TWP has given me the clarity I needed that was cloudy for me in the past. – Dennis, USA

If you have any personal experiences with Trade With Profile, please share them down in the “comments” section below.

Best Trade With Profile Alternatives – Tradacc and Apteros Trading:

The two most similar training/mentorship programs to Trade With Profile are Tradacc and Apteros Trading.

All three of these programs focus on futures trading and teach methodologies rooted in auction market theory. They all utilize profiling tools (market profile & volume profile) to effectively organize and interpret critical market-generated information.

What is - Tradacc Reviews - How is Tradacc For Beginners WHAT IS TRADACC?
  • Tradacc was founded by Aaron Korbs
  • Tradacc is short for “Trading Accelerator”
  • Tradacc offers 2 Main Courses/Programs:


Apteros Trading Reviews - NADRO Methodology - Merritt Black WHAT IS APTEROS TRADING?


I honestly recommend any one of these training programs for individuals who want to turn their passion for trading into a profitable endeavor. But Trade With Profile offers the best overall value. Similar levels of training from the others is 2-3X the price.

All 3 of these trading mentors focus on legitimate skill and edge development so that their students can become self-sufficient.

Conclusion – Does Trade With Profile Offer the Best Futures Trading Training Program?

As self-directed, electronic traders – we have to rely entirely on sight in order to make high-quality trading decisions.

So what volume profile and market profile allow us to do is organize a massive amount of market-generated data/information into powerful distribution graphics – and these graphics reveal clues/nuances that standard bar and candlestick charts simply don’t.

|3 Free Ways to Get Started Learning From Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile|

#1 Rated Trader Training Program For Developing Real Market Edge - Trade With Profile

|Discover the 4 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself and Answer Before Placing a Trade|

Profiling provides insight into what’s going on beyond price – like how much time is being spent and how much volume is being done at certain prices. Duration (time) and participation (volume) are extremely telling in terms of what prices are being accepted/rejected.

Solely viewing price movement on its own isn’t nearly as potent as viewing the elements of price, time, and volume in relation to one another. These 3 components dictate “value” – and as a trader – opportunity exists in the discrepancy between price and value.

Most market participants have a surface-level/one-dimensional view and don’t understand the difference between price and value. But the context that understanding value provides is what leads to higher confidence, consistency, and profits for those that do.

From auction framework all the way down to trade execution/management – TWP provides the training for legitimate edge.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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  • Curriculum Quality
  • Mentorship & Support
  • Expectation-Setting/Honesty
  • Skill-Building/Practical Application
  • Program Cost

Trade With Profile Review

Trade With Profile stands out within the “trading education” industry because of the significant focus on legitimate skill and edge development. This isn’t just some basic education – Trade With Profile offers real training for individuals who want trading to be a significant portion of their income. Most trading courses/programs out there only cover the basics of technical analysis, risk management, trading psychology, etc. But all of this regurgitated information tends to lack depth. There’s no true market understanding. This is where Trade With Profile fills a gap for struggling/developing traders. From auction framework, to profiling tools, to playbook setups, all the way down to trade execution & management, Trade With Profile provides the missing piece of the puzzle that many market participants wrongly attribute to their own mindset/psychology → real, in-depth market understanding and edge.

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  • Liam Tremblay says:

    Hi, I’ve been thinking about getting into trading lately I read a book about it and I search a little but I wonder if can I use this strategy everywhere, like forex and others. if yes how can I learn it fast? how long does it take until I become an expert? Thanks.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Liam,

      Auction market theory principles and profiling tools can be applied to every market, instrument, and timeframe (stocks, forex, crypto, futures, etc.). But I personally believe that these principles and tools are best applied to futures markets/products because they’re the most well-regulated, liquid, transparent, capital-efficient, tax-friendly, and versatile. To learn about auction market theory principles and profiling tools – and how to use them to execute high-quality “playbook” trades – I highly recommend Josh Schuler’s Profile Trading Development Pathway. There are 16 interdependent core modules that teach deep market understanding – and the Group Pathway is designed to cover 1 module per week (so about 4 months total). But there’s also a Video-on-Demand Pathway where you receive all 16 modules immediately and can go through at your own pace. The motto at Trade With Profile is #GoSlowtoGoFast. This is not a pie-in-the-sky, get-rich-quick program like most other trading courses/services out there. This program is focused on building real trading skills and deep market understanding. Every new trader should count on the initial training process to take around three to six months at a minimum – and becoming an “expert” is a years-long process (although I’m not sure any legitimate trader would use that term to describe themself).

  • Diane says:

    Is this training only for professionnals to be or can it work for amateurs (someone looking to start a side-hustle for exemple). If not, would trading be a interesting side-hustle? or is it really (and only) a full-time job?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Diane – great questions.

      The training offered at Trade With Profile is designed for people who want active intraday futures trading to be a large portion of their income, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be their full-time job or what they do for a living. Trading can be – and is – a “side hustle” for many people. Keep in mind that the way trading works, where short-term results can be fairly random, you can’t expect a fixed paycheck every week like you can with a typical job/career. There will be days and sometimes even weeks/months when you lose money – and this can be emotionally/psychologically taxing if you need money to pay your bills, for example. So relying entirely on trading income can be stressful for a lot of people – and that pressure can negatively impact decision-making and overall performance.

      So if it’s something you’re considering diving into as a full-time job or main source of income, you have to make sure you have the skills, experience, and resources in place in order to do so. How different people approach trading (in terms of a side hustle or full-time job) can vary drastically depending on their time zone, schedule, age, competing life responsibilities, and other factors. So it’s really up to the individual how they want to approach it. My personal approach is to put trading at the forefront of what I do as a main source of income – and everything else (like any income generated from this website, for example) helps relieve potential financial pressure and “smooth out” short-term dips in the equity curve. That’s just how I approach it – with trading first and everything else acting as a peripheral income booster. But it really has to be custom-designed to the individual. I know traders who only trade as their sole source of income, as well as traders who trade around part-time or full-time jobs, in addition to traders who have 5+ income streams. There is no one-size-fits-all formula – it has to be figured out based on your individual situation and preferences.

  • Kayamba says:

    I will certainly make a follow up with Trade With Profile to learn more about the futures market. Like the founder of Trade With Profile, Josh Schuler, I have also discovered that some trade mentors I have followed in the forex and options market do not reveal all the truth. I had to follow several of them for me to connect the dots and discover the truth on my own.

    From your review, it seems like this is what motivated Josh Schuler to form this training program. And this is what has attracted me to explore this training program going forward. I have not looked into the futures market before but now I think it is worth checking out as I have high trust in you and the founder.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Kayamba – I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

      I’ve spent years going through dozens of trading courses, programs, and services – and if I had to pick just one to recommend in order for people to understand how markets truly move/work/behave (and also build specific strategies/systems/playbooks around that understanding) – then it would be Trade With Profile. I think this level of depth in terms of market understanding is what a lot of developing traders are missing in their approach. Sadly, Josh Schuler and Trade With Profile aren’t nearly as popular as many other nonsense trading courses/programs out there, but what he offers is real, authentic education and training. I wish more hopeful traders would take their development seriously and pursue mentorship/training like this, instead of being consumed by all the ridiculous services that offer alerts/signals/hot picks to blindly follow. It took me years to realize that the copy-cat path is ineffective. Legitimate traders aren’t followers, they’re independent thinkers who know how consistently make good decisions from a probabilistic/risk-reward perspective – and that’s exactly what the Trade With Profile program trains students to do.

      One of the best aspects of the Trade With Profile program is that you can actually get in touch with Josh Schuler and receive individual feedback. Even before signing up for his Profile Trading Development Pathway program, Josh offers free 30-minute review sessions for individuals interested in speaking to him one-on-one. You just don’t see this sort of thing from most other trading education programs out there. I’ve found over the years that most so-called “trading education” programs are quick to use terms like “mentorship”, but then it’s nearly impossible to get personalized feedback from the lead trader/guru – or even get in touch with them at all. All you typically get is basic support from their customer service teams. The “mentorship” they claim to offer is nothing more than recorded video lessons/webinars – and you’re left to connect the dots on your own. But Josh Schuler and Trade With Profile are completely different. If you want direct access to him as your trading mentor via phone, text, email, etc. – he’s there to help you succeed.

  • Anusuya says:

    Trade With profile seems to be a value-added training course from the reviews posted here.

    A knowledgeable intraday trader can make money in a down market when you are losing money in your long term portfolio. The power of intraday trading is I can potentially make money in the same equity even if it goes down. This knowledge as far as I understand helps me take advantage of any market condition. 

    Neither do I have any professional training nor a university education or degree in stock trading. I am mainly a long term investor as many. Now losing money in the portfolio hoping that it will come back up . But I am a strong believer in knowledge and wisdom. I am only scared of auction trading and profiling because I currently have no knowledge of it, not because short term trading is gambling as viewed by many.

    I plan to take the Trade With Profile Group Study free trial to see if it interests me. Thank you for bringing this opportunity.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Anusuya – I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

      The thing about short-term trading education/training is that there really is no college/university course that people can take that really covers what’s required to be a successful intraday trader. I personally went to school for business and took all kinds of finance and accounting classes, but pretty much none of it applies to short-term trading. This is why one of my main objectives for this site is to continuously search for the best possible trading education/training programs available online. Good courses/programs just aren’t as prevalent as you might think. There are a ton of low-quality alert/signal/trade call services, newsletters, and chat rooms available out there, but high-quality training and mentorship isn’t so easy to find. Many people treat trading like compulsive gambling, but good trading involves positive expected value, risk management, and the right mindset/psychology.

  • lou says:

    Hi Matt

    Your TWP review was very informative and answered many of my questions about it. I’ve been looking for a review for Trade With Profile for a long time – it doesn’t seem like there are many student reviews out there. So thank you for this. But one more question: do you have any suggestions for other programs that are maybe better and basically teach the same thing.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Lou – great question.

      I discussed the 2 most similar programs that I know of in the review – Jim Dalton Trading and Apteros Trading. But the matter of which one might be better is fairly subjective. Jim Dalton Trading, for example, I think is a completely legitimate high-quality program, but the main focus is on market profile. With Trade With Profile, however, both volume profile and market profile are used – and on top of that – playbook setups are shared. Jim Dalton doesn’t really share specific trade strategies/setups – he kind of leaves that for his students to figure out on their own. It’s a teaching style that I actually think can help a lot of traders develop without someone holding their hand every step of the way, but a lot of people need that extra boost of having more specific “templates” provided for what a good trade is comprised of. And as far as Apteros Trading goes, I think Merritt Black is an outstanding resource with his social media channels and all the podcast interviews he’s done. But I don’t actually have any firsthand experience with his NADRO course at this time. So while I have a really good feeling about what he has to offer, I can’t say with certainty that it’s “better” than Trade With Profile (but I hope to check it out in a lot more detail sometime soon).

      With all that being said, I think all 3 mentors/programs are worth checking out. Trade With Profile just seems to be the best overall value in my opinion based on the curriculum quality and support/guidance. It’s a program that kind of flies under the radar in terms of popularity, but deserves to be a lot more well-known and probably 2-3X the price. I highly recommend it for new and intermediate traders looking to develop legitimate skills and edge – and I even think it can benefit profitable traders who have never been exposed to auction theory and profiling tools. Hope that helps!

  • Caleb Utrera says:

    Is trading with profile like investing in the stockmarket? Would you say that trading can be gambling or no?

    I never knew anything about this type of trading or a program that helps traders. I want to get into trading or stocks because I know I can make a lot of money from it and gain skills and income. 

    I like how the program comes with a one-week free trial before actually accepting and paying for the program to continue my journey. This creates trust within the program and also helps me know what the training being offered is like for free.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Caleb – great questions.

      People often use the terms “trading” and “investing” synonymously, but short-term trading (like day and swing trading) and long-term investing (like buy-and-hold) are drastically different. The Trade With Profile training with Josh Schuler is built specifically for short-term traders, but that doesn’t mean tools like volume profile and market profile aren’t applicable to longer-term approaches as well. No matter the market or time frame, profiling is applicable; the Trade With Profile community just tends to apply it on an intraday basis in futures. And to answer your second question about whether or not trading is gambling – I share my specific thoughts on that topic in detail within this article.

      The 1-week free trail that Josh Schuler offers at Trade With Profile is also a rarity within the trading education/training space. Free trials are fairly common when it comes to trading software, platforms, and other tools – but not when it comes to education/training. So this is definitely an opportunity to take advantage of for those interested in generating legitimate skills and edge for themselves in the markets. What’s being taught here, in my opinion, is what a lot of other trading courses/programs are missing – a solid market understanding/framework.

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