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What is AlphaMind and The AlphaMind Podcast With Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall:

AlphaMind is a performance coaching business in the world of financial markets. Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall possess 60+ years of combined market experience that they’ve parlayed into performance coaching for traders and trading-related teams/firms.

Steven Goldstein is a former investment banker who has worked for companies like Credit Suisse, Commerzbank, American Express, and Standard Chartered Bank. He specializes in helping clients improve their risk processes and self-optimization skills.

What is The AlphaMind Podcast With Steven Goldstein

Mark Randall has experiences as a broker and trader working for companies like RBS and NatWest. He was even one of the first open-outcry traders on the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange. He specializes in mindfulness and NLP.

Together, Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall utilize their decades of experiences and the skills they’ve cultivated along the way to help investment banks, hedge funds, and even individual/retail traders achieve peak performance in global financial markets.

In essence, AlphaMind is a resource for effectively navigating the dynamic, uncertain, limitless, and impersonal market environment.

The AlphaMind Podcast – Insightful Conversations on Mindset and Behavior in Financial Markets:

In parallel to their AlphaMind performance coaching business, Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall also host a podcast in which they interview various professionals within the trading/investing space (analysts, portfolio/risk managers, prop firm owners, etc.).

These are fascinating conversations with industry experts that reveal the mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges that people face when engaging in risk-taking activities – while also providing wisdom and practical tips for overcoming these hurdles.

Guests on the podcast include market veterans like Mike Bellafiore – who is a successful short-term trader, trading coach, proprietary trading firm co-founder (SMB Capital), and author of two exceptional trading books: The Playbook and One Good Trade.

Other notable guests on the podcast include Merritt Black, Tom Canfield, Van Tharp, Jason Shapiro, Denise Shull, Brett Steenbarger, Annie Duke, Jared Tendler, Jack Schwager, and more. Here’s a handful of my personal favorite AlphaMind podcast episodes:

  1. Episode #68 Featuring Merritt Black
  2. Episode # 83 Featuring Mike Bellafiore
  3. Episode #10 Featuring Brett Steenbarger
  4. Episode #33 Featuring Anthony Crudele
  5. Episode # 76 Featuring Van K. Tharp

Listening to the stories, successes, failures, and lessons that these individuals have to share can drastically impact your perspective on loss, risk, change, growth, and uncertainty – and how to achieve consistent profitability despite challenges and setbacks.

It’s all about cultivating self-awareness in order to build an effective mindset and ultimately fulfill your potential as a market participant.

Best Ways to Follow Steven Goldstein, Mark Randall, and The AlphaMind Podcast:

Overall, The AlphaMind podcast is a show hosted by two highly-qualified coaches with decades of frontline market experience. And when you mix that with the unique experiences that each guest brings to the table, the resulting wisdom is incredibly valuable.

What is The AlphaMind Podcast

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Too many traders only focus outwardly on the markets – which is important, of course. But you also need to focus inwardly on yourself – your own fears, frustrations, thrills, and overall thoughts and emotions – because these ultimately dictate your behaviors.

Give this podcast a listen and see if it helps you better understand and handle the unique characteristics of the market environment.

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Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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