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What is Aaron Korbs Trading

What is Funding Accelerator With Aaron Korbs at Tradacc?

Funding Accelerator Course With Aaron Korbs – Get Funded Trading Futures:

Funding Accelerator is a relatively new Tradacc course launched in the backend of 2022 to help traders earn funded accounts of $50K+ through online prop firms (also known as funded trader programs) like Topstep, Earn2Trade, Apex, Uprofit, etc.

What is Funding Accelerator With Aaron Korbs at Tradacc

Funded trader programs have grown massively in popularity over the past few years and offer incredible opportunities, if approached correctly. But lacking proper guidance, most people waste precious time and money trying to pass evaluations.

This is the core problem that Funding Accelerator aims to solve by sharing the secrets of the industry (like how most of these programs are designed for you to fail) – and tactics to more effectively interact with them to actually achieve your trading goals.

What is Funding Accelerator

I don’t mean for this to sound derogatory – it’s simply the truth: most individuals who pursue funding evaluations approach them in a highly reckless, incompetent fashion. But passing an evaluation through sheer luck is virtually worthless/meaningless.

If your goal is to not only earn a funded account, but actually keep that funded account and consistently generate real trading profits to withdraw from it – then you have to approach it the right way: with a focus on skill-building and sustainability.

Biggest Strength of the Funding Accelerator Course:

→ Balance Detector Provides a Simple, Yet Powerful System With Edge

One of the main features of the Funding Accelerator course is the Balance Detector tool.

This is a simple, yet powerful plugin created by Aaron Korbs and the Tradacc team specifically for the NinjaTrader 8 platform because most funding companies offer a free NinjaTrader 8 license key with the purchase of a tryout/evaluation.

Funding Accelerator Balance Detector

Aaron Korbs uses Sierra Chart as his main charting package for his personal trading accounts, but NinjaTrader 8 is a much more popular platform available through almost every futures funding program. So that’s why the tool was built for NT8.

The Funding Accelerator course as a whole was inspired by Aaron Korbs’ personal experiences with various futures funding programs. His Apex Funded Account Challenge on YouTube received so much attention that he decided to build a course around it.

After receiving hundreds of requests from viewers/followers asking for help getting funded, he took action to create a course specifically designed to effectively traverse the landscape (how to pick the right prop firms, how to actually have edge, etc.).

There’s no doubt that funded trader programs have ushered in a new, extremely popular route to becoming a trader without having to risk your own capital – and Funding Accelerator offers valuable guidance/tools for this attractive path.

Biggest Weakness of the Funding Accelerator Course:

→ Not a Comprehensive Trader Education/Training/Mentorship Program 

By itself, I don’t believe Funding Accelerator to be a comprehensive education, training, and mentorship program.

It’s a valuable course (especially for newbies/beginners to the trading scene) – don’t get me wrong – but it only scratches the surface in terms of the habits, skills, and market competence required to achieve long-lasting, sustainable trading success.

Best Futures Trading Education - Top Training & Mentorship

The course highlights the Balance Detector Tool and how to use it in order to earn funding, but it’s not some sort of magical indicator that produces nothing but winning trades. It’s essentially just VWAP with standard deviation bands.

I’m not saying this to criticize the course because the tool was designed to be simple for a reason – to reduce overwhelm and provide a codified, simplified edge. But it’s an extremely stripped down version of Aaron Korbs’ full-blown Profile Method.

The Volume Profile Method With Aaron Korbs - What is the Volume Profile Method

It’s built to take advantage of a core concept of auction market theory (balance vs. imbalance) without students having to dig too deep into the weeds of his complete trading methodology. I just want you to have proper expectations going into it.

It’s basically an in-between course that helps bridge the gap from Volume Profile Formula (intro) to Profile Method (advanced).

Overall Thoughts on Aaron Korbs, Tradacc, and the Funding Accelerator Course:

There’s really no arguing that we’re currently in a “Golden Age” of online trading.

Commissions are lower than ever. Powerful, institutional-grade platforms and tools are more accessible than ever. And now – with so many funded trader programs sprouting up – you don’t even need your own capital to trade with.

|Follow Aaron Korbs’ Daily Profile Show For Free Insights Into His Methodology|

The Volume Profile Method With Aaron Korbs - #1 Rated Advanced Mentorship Program

|Take Your Market Competence and Trading Skill to the Next Level With Profile Method|

You can become an independent full-time trader without putting tens of thousands of your own hard-earned money at risk. It all sounds amazing in theory (and it can be in real life too), but things won’t turn out well if approached incorrectly.

The biggest mistake I see people make in this arena (and really the trading space in general) is going into it with a dabbler or gambler mentality. Basically just looking to take some random, impulsive actions – hoping to get lucky and earn a funded account.

Is Tradacc a Scam - Is Aaron Korbs a Scam

But without real market competence and trading skill, the likelihood of this happening is slim to none. And even if you do get lucky and earn funding, you’ll likely end up breaking rules, losing the funded account, and having to start all over again.

So overall, I think the Funding Accelerator program puts developing traders looking to get funded on the right track. But keep in mind that it’s not exhaustive. Profile Method is much more sophisticated with deeper levels of training & mentorship.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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  • Al leong says:

    Hi Matt,
    The Profile Course is around 3k…having been thru it yourself do you find it helps your trading and being funded?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Al – good to hear from you again!

      Yes, the Profile Method program is currently around $3K. Not sure if you’ve been through any other courses offered by Tradacc. But just to clarify, there are essentially 2 main ones: Volume Profile Formula & Profile Method. Volume Profile Formula is just a low-cost introductory course (and a handful of other relatively low-cost beginner-level courses can be purchased along with it as well – like Live Trading Showcase, Rapid Setups Pack, Futures Masterclass, S&P 500 Secrets, Next-Level Risk Management, etc.). I’m not saying that these are bad courses, but they’re certainly not ones that I would consider top-tier. I think they’re fine as a starting point because they lead developing traders down a powerful path in regard to futures (which I believe are superior markets) and volume profile (which I believe is a superior tool for organizing and interpreting market behavior). But in general, Volume Profile Formula – along with all of the supplemental courses I listed – are purely foundational. There’s nothing all that special about them besides preparing students for the Profile Method program.

      Profile Method is Aaron Korbs’ full-blown training & mentorship program with much more detailed video lessons, better resources, 3X live trading sessions per week, 2X Q&A sessions per week, and more. So it’s much more than just a “course”. It’s an opportunity to learn his entire methodology not just through recorded video lessons, but by watching him trade live and receiving personal feedback as well. This program is one that I consider top-tier and has absolutely had an enormous impact on my trading. I started trading about a decade ago now – struggled immensely the first few years and then finally started stringing some positive results together from digging deep into mindset/psychology and all sorts of “classic” technical analysis the next few years after that. But it wasn’t until I came across auction market theory & profiling and mentors like Aaron Korbs, Josh Schuler, and Merritt Black when things started to really “click”. So I have them to thank for the confidence, consistency, and market competence/skill I’ve been able to acquire to seriously pursue trading for a living.

      In regard to Aaron’s Funding Accelerator course, it’s a relatively new offering (launched late last year). I would consider it a beginner to intermediate-level course – and I think it has some good information in it. But again, it’s very basic/stripped down in comparison to the full-blown Profile Method program. What I’ve been hearing, however, is that Tradacc is going to stop offering Funding Accelerator as an individual course by itself and pair it with Profile Method as a 2-step packaged program. With the idea being that students could start with Funding Accelerator and then progress to Profile Method to further enhance their approach. Aaron is also currently updating the lessons and resources offered within both programs and once that’s done will come with a fairly substantial price increase (from $3K to $6K). My intention isn’t to add pressure to your decision about whether or not to pursue it – that’s completely up to you. But if you’re serious about it, just making you aware that a price increase is coming so that you can avoid paying double.

      I hope the information I’ve shared is helpful. Let me know if you have any additional questions/what you decide to do. Take care!

      • Al Leong says:

        Hi Matt,
        Thanks for the reply, hope there’s an instalment plan for those who are interested cause 3k-6k is not exactly affordable for most…

        • Matt Thomas says:

          Hi Al,

          I believe they do offer custom payment plans with monthly installments (like $500/mth over the course of 6 months or something for the $3K price that it is currently). But I think that’s decided on a case-by-case basis. It’s a top-tier program, so I don’t think the cost is unreasonable. But it’s definitely priced at a level where individuals going into it need to be deeply committed to their own long-term success. It’s not meant to attract the masses of dabblers/hobbyists; it’s meant to attract serious developing traders.

          2 programs that I would put in the same category in terms of quality are Merritt Black’s NADRO Training at Apteros Trading (which is also in that $3-$7K price range – $3K for the course itself and $7K for the course plus guided mentorship with Merritt), and Josh Schuler’s Profile Pathway at Trade With Profile (who offers several variations of the Pathway for less than $2k – Group, Video on Demand, *Pro, etc.). Maybe it’s a matter of Profile Pathway being subconsciously viewed as less valuable because of the price (or some other reason), but I’m not sure why more developing traders don’t jump on the opportunity. In comparison, it’s drastically underpriced. They’re all great programs, but Pathway is arguably the best out of the 3 for a fraction of the cost.

        • Matt Thomas says:

          Hi Al – I hope all is well!

          Just in case you haven’t seen my direct email messages regarding the Trade With Profile discount code you requested, I wanted to reach out one more time here. I was able to talk to Josh last week and talk him into offering a discount on the Video on Demand (VOD) Pathway if you want it. But need an answer as soon as possible. Either way, let me know what you decide. Cheers!

  • Liam Tremblay says:

    So you said this skill called funding accelerator can not be learned right? How are we going to do this then if it is not supposed to be learned? Is there any other course that might help an armature to get good at this specific skill or a course that might help the ones who already know some?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Liam – I appreciate your questions. But I’m a little confused by some of them (or at least confused by how they’re worded). So I’ll try to answer as best I can based on what I think you’re asking.

      To answer your questions: Funding Accelerator is the name of the course and it’s designed to help students understand how funded trader programs work and pass evaluations (in order to actually earn funded accounts from which profits can be withdrawn). So Funding Accelerator is not a skill. It’s a course that teaches some foundational concepts and skills, but as I stated in the article – it’s not exhaustive/comprehensive. It’s not a top-tier training & mentorship program like Profile Method or Profile Pathway. But for beginners, it’s a fairly cost-friendly stepping stone for getting started. I think it’s a good course for traders to get their feet wet in the trading space, but I wouldn’t put it in the same category as the best training & mentorship programs I’ve ever been through (and it’s not designed to be that). It’s designed for amateurs to get started without feeling too overwhelmed and then eventually “graduate” to a higher level training & mentorship program for deep market competence and elite-level trading skill.

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