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Aaron Korbs Review – What is Volume Profile Formula & Profile Method?

Aaron Korbs is a full-time intraday trader with a strong methodology rooted in futures, auction market theory, and profiling. Using his methodology, Korbs is able to generate a fairly consistent $10,000+ per month in trading profits.

Aaron Korbs Reviews & Testimonials - What is Korbs Trading?

He’s also the founder of Tradacc – which is an education, training, and mentorship platform created to help teach developing traders his methodology. Tradacc offers 2 main courses/programs: Volume Profile Formula & Profile Method.

To put it simply, Volume Profile Formula is merely an intro-level course that broadly covers Aaron’s methodology and the power of volume profile. Profile Method, on the other end of the spectrum, is his full-blown training & mentorship program.

How is Tradacc Trading For Beginners - My Personal Take

So comparing these two courses/programs is in no way an apples-to-apples comparison. One is just a low-cost “get your feet wet” type of course and the other provides next-level access and training covering all the nuances of his approach.

I have nothing against the Volume Profile Formula course, especially considering the cost (typically less than $50). But when I personally talk highly of Aaron Korbs and Tradacc, it’s mainly because of the advanced Profile Method program.

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I do my fair share of talking about Aaron Korbs and Tradacc because I’ve been through every Tradacc course (along with dozens of others unrelated to Tradacc) – and I truly believe the Profile Method program is one of the best available in the space.

Is Tradacc a Scam or Legit - My Perspective as a Student

But I wanted to create this page as an opportunity for others to openly share their opinions/experiences (whether good, bad, or indifferent) regarding Aaron Korbs, Tradacc, Volume Profile Formula, Funding Accelerator, Profile Method, etc.

This will serve as an incredible resource for developing traders and potential Tradacc students to decide whether or not Aaron Korbs is the right mentor and his Tradacc courses/programs are the right training & mentorship opportunities for them.

So if you have thoughts, opinions, or experiences of any kind related to Aaron Korbs and Tradacc – please share them below.

Here are some questions to help kick-start your thoughts:

  • What Do You Think About Aaron Korbs’ Trading and Teaching Styles?
  • Which Tradacc Courses/Programs Have You Been Through (Volume Profile Formula, Profile Method, etc.)?
  • Would You Say That Purchasing These Courses/Programs Has Been Worth it For You?
  • What Have You Learned and What Results Have You Been Able to Achieve Thanks to These Courses/Programs?
  • In What Ways Do You Think Tradacc Courses/Programs Can Be Improved to Better Suit Your Needs?
  • Do You Have Any Complaints to Share About Your Experiences With Aaron Korbs and Tradacc?
  • Do You Have Any Success Stories to Share Because of Your Experiences With Aaron Korbs and Tradacc?

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