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Weekly Market Outlook on YouTube From Josh Schuler → @TradeWithProfile:

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Josh Schuler’s Weekly Market Outlook video is (typically) published on YouTube each Sunday afternoon/evening to prepare for the trading week ahead. These videos are roughly 30-45 minutes in length covering macro-level news, market structure, and likely scenarios for the upcoming week. For me personally, this is a must-watch video in order to gain clarity on market phase/posture/context and be able to compare & contrast my own prep work to Josh’s (I do my own before watching his video). I compare & contrast my own work to all of my top trading mentors in order to solidify my understanding, see from their point of view what I might be missing, and ultimately strengthen my own process. It essentially allows me to accelerate my own development.

Other Ways to Learn From Josh Schuler:

Who Exactly is Josh Schuler and What is Trade With Profile?

Josh Schuler is the founder of Trade With Profile – a top-tier trader training firm for serious developing traders.

The flagship course provided by Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile is The Profile Trading Development Pathway. The bulk of the curriculum consists of 16 core lessons covering 16 interdependent auction/profiling principles.

What is Profile Pathway With Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile

As the name of the website and course suggest, the focus is on profiling (volume profile & market profile). Most market participants don’t even know what these tools are or how to properly use them – even though they’re the basis for deep market competence.

In my personal opinion, auction market theory is the foundation for understanding market movement/behavior. And as an extension of that, volume & market profile are the absolute best tools for organizing and interpreting that movement/behavior.

Trade With Profile With Josh Schuler - Profile Trading Development Pathway

I see so much talk online about price action (“follow price”, “price action is king”, etc.), but viewing and analyzing price by itself can be deceiving. That’s because price is merely an advertising mechanism. Not all prices are equally meaningful to the market.

Through profiling, traders can actually discern price “quality”. Price is important, but not as important as time & volume at price.

More Details on Josh Schuler, Trade With Profile, and His Profile Pathway:

Since Josh Schuler is one of my top trading mentors, I’ve written extensively on my blog about what he has to offer.

Not only does he teach an extremely powerful methodology rooted in auction market theory and profiling, but his Profile Pathway is an absolute steal in comparison to similar programs in the space. It should honestly cost 2-3X more than it does.

Profile Trading Development Pathway With Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile - Top Rated Training & Mentorship Program

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Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).

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    Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for this article on TradeWithProfile & Josh Schuler. As a beginner, his insights on the market and trading with a plan were really helpful. I appreciate the straightforward approach and easy-to-understand explanations. Looking forward to reading more of your articles and taking advantage of more resources offered here in the future!

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