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The Best Futures Trading Course Offers Specialized Training & 1-on-1 Mentorship:

There are numerous trading courses available online – most of which are completely ineffective at turning people into consistently profitable traders. So understanding what to look for in a high-quality course is paramount to your own success.

Best Futures Trading Course With Expert-Level Mentorship

The major problem with trading courses in general (not just ones related to futures, but stocks, options, forex, cryptocurrencies, etc.) is that they only tend to provide surface-level information – which doesn’t translate very well to live market situations.

As a result, I see hopeful traders working their way through low-quality trading courses all the time – expecting basic information like how a candlestick is drawn or what constitutes a trend to magically make them full-time, millionaire traders.

But trading success isn’t that simple. It requires more than learning basic knowledge/information. What’s required to succeed is a deep level of competence/skill – and that can only be acquired through personal experience, feedback, and refinement over time.

In other words, there’s a drastic difference between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Theory helps set a framework – which is certainly helpful. But real learning/training/skill-building takes place through application and iteration.

So keep this in mind – no course can be considered high-quality without offering personalized feedback and ongoing support.

Top 3 Futures Trading Courses For Acquiring the Competence/Skill For Sustainable Success:

There are two major commonalities amongst all three of these top futures trading courses.

The first is that they teach specialized knowledge in regard to auction market theory and profiling (not just general technical analysis) and the second is that they provide ongoing support/feedback through live trading, Q&A sessions, and more.

Specialized Knowledge + Live Market Immersion + Expert Feedback = Legitimate Competence & Skill


Trade With Profile - Top Rated Active Trader Training Program

The Profile Trading Development Pathway program is the flagship course provided by Josh Schuler at Trade With Profile. Josh Schuler is a former institutional trader who launched Trade With Profile back in 2017 to help retail traders acquire legitimate competence and skill around how the market actually works. By developing auction mastery through the lens of profiling tools (volume profile and market profile), students are able to build confidence and consistency in their approach. Rather than a technical or fundamental analyst, Josh Schuler considers himself a behaviorist. That’s all he cares about – market behavior around price and value. This is by far the most underrated/underpriced training and mentorship program I’ve ever come across.


What is - Tradacc Reviews - How is Tradacc For Beginners

The Profile Method program is the advanced training and mentorship course offered by Aaron Korbs at Tradacc. Aaron Korbs has a relatively large YouTube channel (over 25K subscribers) with quite a bit of helpful content (Daily Profile Show, Speculators Podcast, and more). And he also offers a low-cost introductory course that outlines his overall trading methodology from a 30,000 foot view called Volume Profile Formula. But the precise details of his methodology are only available through his Profile Method program. This is where the real training and mentorship takes place through daily live trading sessions, bi-weekly Q&A’s, and an interactive community of committed traders. Aaron Korbs is a prime example of how specialists (not generalists) get rewarded in markets.

Apteros Trading

Apteros Trading Reviews - NADRO Methodology - Merritt Black

The NADRO Training course is the educational component of Merritt Black’s Apteros Trading operation. But in addition to this education, Apteros is also a proprietary trading firm with unlimited scaling opportunity. Your success is ultimately Apteros’ success, so there’s a clear incentive to help you succeed. The goal is to train you, get you on the prop desk, and then scale you up with as much capital as you can reasonably handle. There are a bunch of funded trader programs out there these days, but none of them offer what Apteros has to offer in terms of training and mentorship. As a former prop trader and head of the futures desk at SMB Capital for nearly a decade, Merritt Black knows what it takes to succeed. He’s one of the best traders I’ve ever come across.

Conclusion – How to Choose the One Futures Trading Course That Best Suits You:

If you want an incredible futures trading education, then I highly suggest going through all three of these top-rated courses/programs. Josh Schuler, Aaron Korbs, and Merritt Black all teach powerful methodologies with robust market edge.

But I understand that most people aren’t in the position to do this – and want just one trading course to take them from amateur to professional-level trader. One mentor and methodology to take them from struggling to consistent profitability.

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So if you’re trying to choose only one out of the three – here are some thoughts. If I had to choose just one to recommend to the general population of aspiring traders, it would probably be Josh Schuler’s Profile Trading Development Pathway.

This is because I know most people are budget-conscious – and the training and mentorship Josh Schuler provides for the cost is truly insane. His course should honestly be offered at 2-3X the current price, so the value provided is an absolute steal.

Best Futures Trading Mentors - 3 of the Best in the Industry

But with that being said, Aaron Korbs’ trading journey resonates the most with me (no formal education prior to trading) – and his specific methodology most closely resembles my own. So I have a hard time picking one over the other to recommend.

Then on top of that is Apteros Trading with Merritt Black – which offers the full package from expert-level training and mentorship to unlimited scaling opportunities on his prop desk. But this is at the higher end of the spectrum in terms of cost.

So it’s up to you to decide based on personal situation/preference. But, in my opinion, you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Rohit says:

    The choice among the three is truly confusing. Josh Schuler’s Profile Trading Development Pathway resonates well with me though. I am of the believe that it is a person’s behavior which towers over any other skills. I have dabbles in stocks earlier and the only thing I learnt there was to control your own mind to win. This goes very well with Josh Schuler’s course. It is just not about being insanely priced. Thanks for sharing this information. For me, I am going to sign up for Josh Schuler’s program soon.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Rohit – thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      If you need to ask any clarifying questions, go right ahead. I don’t want you to be confused about any of the 3 course options listed here. Also, before signing up for anything, don’t forget to check out the exclusive discounts page. These are all valuable educational courses/training programs (and well worth the cost, in my opinion), but I don’t want you or anyone else to spend more than you have to. I’ve been able to work out discounts of 20-30%+ on some of these top-rated programs – and the savings can be put to good use elsewhere (more training & mentorship, high-quality platforms/tools, etc.). Take care!

  • Anastazja says:

    I appreciate the introduction and deeper reviews offered on these 3 courses.  I have learned a bit on my own by trial and error.  The most recent market endeavor for me was quite a few years ago with the the Game Stop scenario.  I did make some money, but believe that I went about it incorrectly.  I am going to look over all 3 of these courses.  I appreciate your suggestion that all three would be a superior education in futures trading.  This makes sense, but cost and time are factors.  Thanks for introducing these three programs.

  • Parameter says:

    I agree with you that succeeding in trading can be very difficult. It is not a business you learn from the books and think you have all that is required to succeed. One needs to be mentored not to lose cash. But a lot of training out there is scraps with few details and no mentorship. Thank you for highlighting these courses that emphasize skill acquisition

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