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What is 2ndSkies Forex/2ndSkies Trading?

2ndSkies Trading is a trading educational service run by Chris Capre. The domain for the website is, but don’t let the name fool you – Chris and the community of traders at 2ndSkies trade much more than just forex. When 2ndSkies launched back in 2007, the main focus was on forex. But over the course of the past fourteen years, that has changed drastically. Currently, the bulk of Chris’ trades are stocks and options (about 90%), with a few forex trades every now and then (about 10%).

What is Options Trading Bootcamp at 2ndSkies Trading

The major advantage of forex is that it’s a 24/7 market. But there are also a handful of disadvantages. One of them is that official volume data isn’t available in the foreign exchange market like it is in the stock market. And another one is that there are a lot less opportunities in the forex market compared to the stock market. There are only about 20 highly traded currency pairs in comparison to thousands of stocks. Overall, the lack of information and opportunities within forex has driven 2ndSkies more heavily into the stock market.

Within the past several years, Chris has also paired options trading with his incredible price action skills in order to improve his trading capabilities even further. At this point in time, he can’t imagine trading without the power of both stocks and options.

What is The Options Trading Bootcamp at 2ndSkies?

The Options Trading Bootcamp is one of the four main courses currently offered at 2ndSkies. Within it, Chris provides an introduction to options ebook, along with a handful of video lessons and webinars covering eight different options strategies that can be used to generate income. Be he doesn’t just provide vague information on these strategies and call it done.  He also shares specific price action patterns and contexts when each strategy should be used in order to neutralize risk and optimize results.

What is 2ndSkies Forex:2ndSkies Trading

Main Components of The Options Trading Bootcamp

  1. Intro to Options Ebook
  2. 8 Strategies to Generate Income
  3. Optimize With Specific Price Action Patterns

8 Strategies Taught Within The Options Trading Bootcamp

  1. Covered Call
  2. Cash Secured Put
  3. Bear Call Spread
  4. Bull Put Spread
  5. Iron Condor
  6. Long Straddle
  7. Call/Put Fly
  8. Ratio Spread

These are options strategies that Chris personally uses to optimize his own trading results. With stock trading, there are only two ways to make money (not including dividends). You can buy a security and sell it when it goes up, or you can sell a security and buy it back at a lower price (also known as shorting). But options can provide benefits of protection, leverage, and even market-neutral strategies. This means that there are ways to make money even if a stock or index trades within a tight range for a certain period of time.

Get a Sneak Peak of Options Trading With This Free Beginners Course:

In order to obtain a base level of knowledge about options trading, I highly recommend checking out this free options beginners course created by Chris and the team at 2ndSkies. It doesn’t go into detail about every single one of the strategies mentioned above, but it’s a great primer for anybody with an interest in potentially adding options to their trading arsenal.

This 2-part video series clearly explains in plain language what options are, the advantages and disadvantages of them, how options chains work, and the basic terminology and concepts (calls and puts, strike prices, expiration dates, Greeks, etc.).

The Best Options Trading Course For Beginners – Part 1 (42 minutes)

The Best Options Trading Course For Beginners – Part 2 (14 minutes)

Conclusion – Is The Options Trading Bootcamp at 2ndSkies Worth it?

2ndSkies Trading With Chris Capre

In my experience, the prices on all 2ndSkies courses are extremely generous in comparison to most other trading courses out there. There are so many courses of lesser value selling for 5X the price, so The Options Trading Bootcamp is definitely worth the one-time payment of $349 – especially if you’re already a consistently profitable stock trader looking to add options to the mix.

But if you’re a complete beginner to trading with a limited foundation, I think The Trading Masterclass would be an even better place to start. I say this because it provides a well-rounded education on price action and order flow analysis, which can drastically help with your options trading skills. And even before The Trading Masterclass, I strongly suggest going through The Advanced Traders Mindset course. I know how much more exciting and meaningful the tactical aspects of trading can seem be in the initial stages (indicators, patterns, strategies, systems, etc.), but trust me when I say that none of it matters without the proper mental framework.

Overall, I have to give 2ndSkies credit where credit is due. They legitimately care about the success of their students and it shows through their courses. The main theme within all of them is on building mental and tactical skills. Most other trading courses simply regurgitate the same basic information over-and-over again. But that approach doesn’t work because information alone doesn’t create great traders – the acquisition of skills does. This, in my opinion, is where 2ndSkies is unique. Chris and his team understand that intellectual comprehension is not the same as practical application – and have created effective courses with this in mind.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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