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The Trading Masterclass at 2ndSkies Trading With Chris Capre:

What is the Trading Masterclass at 2ndSkies Trading

The Trading Masterclass at 2ndSkies is designed for serious traders with a legitimate interest in their own long-term success. This isn’t for traders chasing shortcuts in the form of foolproof systems or stock alert systems. Lazy, copy-cat traders end up in the 90% that fail. It’s for those willing to learn and develop their core trading skills in order to be in the exclusive 10% of traders who are consistently profitable. Contrary to popular belief, trading is a skill-based endeavor that requires training to succeed.

Whether you are new or experienced, a part-time or full-time trader, this course is ideal as long as you are committed to growth. With Chris Capre as the head trader and teacher, you are receiving mentorship based on two decades of trading experience. He started off as a broker, then became a hedge fund trader, and now runs his very own trading and mentorship programs at 2ndSkies. In addition to The Advanced Traders Mindset Course, The Trading Masterclass is an incredible value for traders committed to long-lasting success.

I’ve seen far too many hopeful traders pay thousands of dollars per year for alert services that only set them up for failure. Chris Capre and the 2ndSkies community fly in the face of these ineffective services by actually providing real education and training on core tactical and mental trading skills.

What Exactly Does The Trading Masterclass With Chris Capre Have to Offer?

There are five core components of The Trading Masterclass: pre-market watch lists, live trading sessions, exclusive video lessons, day and swing trading channels, and ongoing analysis and mentorship.

Notice how there is no mention of hot stock alerts. Nor false promises of explosive profits. That’s because this is a trading service with integrity, focused on serving you – the student. Most other services out there simply brag about their own returns and gain popularity based on distorted profits. But 99% of subscribers can’t come close to achieving the same levels of success. In fact, most alert service subscribers lose money. At 2ndSkies, however, the focus is on building core skills and mindset. The difference is massive.

The Trading Masterclass at 2ndSkies Trading

1. Pre-Market Watch Lists

Daily watch lists offer students the opportunity to understand market trends, key support and resistance levels, upcoming earnings announcements, and other potential market-moving news. They also provide a short list of stocks that Chris is keeping his eyes on for potential trades. Keep in mind that these stocks are not automatic “buys”, just potential trade ideas.

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2. Live Trading Sessions

Live trading sessions with Chris provide an inside look into the operations of a consistently profitable trader. This is significant access for traders to completely understand what it takes to be successful. This provides you with the opportunity to see exactly what Chris does in real time: how he performs analysis, when he takes trades, and why he’s entering them.

3. Exclusive Video Lessons

Video lessons are available for you to educate yourself on price action, proper mindset, specific strategies, and how to analyze trades, among many other topics. The lessons form an educational foundation and should be consumed right at the start. The watch lists, live trading sessions, and ongoing mentorship can then be used to reinforce the lessons learned.

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4. Day and Swing Trading Channels

The day and swing trading channels are hosted on Discord. These are essentially chat rooms where you can get help, ask questions, and share trade ideas. This is also where Chris posts announcements, course updates, and other critical information – like the details for upcoming member webinars. The global 2ndSkies community comes together here with a focus on learning.

5. Ongoing Analysis and Mentorship

This is the most important aspect of the program and where Chris’ mentorship shines. There are plenty of services out there offering watch lists, video lessons, chat rooms, etc. But not many of them can effectively guide traders from losing money to becoming consistently profitable. There’s a huge difference between knowledge and practical application, and Chris can escort you over the gap.

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How Does The Trading Masterclass Compare to Other Mentorship Programs?

#1 Focusing on Mindset as a Foundational Element

This is where 2ndSkies knocks the ball out of the park, in my personal opinion. It’s funny how the typical trading journey goes. You start out thinking mindset doesn’t really matter much at all. Then as each year passes, you realize it’s more important than you thought. Until eventually you accept that at least 80% of your trading success depends on acquiring the proper mental framework. It took me three or four years of self-sabotage and inconsistent returns to recognize the true impact of mindset. The truth is that nobody is a natural at trading. Everybody who enters the market environment has to attain a special set of mental skills.

Advanced Traders Mindset Course With Chris Capre at 2ndSkies

#2 Teaching Price Action Context and Order Flow Analysis

So many trading programs simply share their technical indicators and trade setups with members, but what they fail to teach is price action context and order flow analysis. This is critical because individual indicators or candlesticks don’t mean much on their own. What matters is the context behind them. That’s what tells the story. The best part of all is that these price action context lessons apply to every instrument, time frame, and environment (stocks, options, day trading, swing trading, etc.). This is a major building block, along with the mental component, that Chris provides so that his students become competent and ultimately self-sufficient traders.

2ndSkies Trading With Chris Capre Testimonial

Conclusion – This is Not Your Typical Trading Service That Focuses on Sending Hot Alerts:

If you look at the 2ndSkies home page, or even the sales page for The Trading Masterclass, you won’t see any of the typical profit proclamations or marketing gimmicks that are so prevalent in the trading industry. It’s truly a breath of fresh air.

But I know many new traders to the scene won’t see it that way. I understand because I’ve been in your shoes before. When I first started out, that’s all I searched for. An alert service that would supply me with hot stock picks, thus generating easy, market-beating returns like clockwork. It’s safe to say that it’s just not that easy. Alert services certainly sound nice, but reality is a different story.

What is 2ndSkies Trading With Head Trader Chris Capre

There are two major forces that come together to hinder your ultimate trading success. The first force is your dreams to get-rich-quick, and this desire is emotionally-charged and strong. The second force is alert services that use false promises and distorted profits to prey on your desire to get-rich-quick. Before you know it, you’re headed down a destructive path that simply doesn’t work. It took me years to recognize the real path to trading success, but I hope that your realization comes much sooner in your journey.

Overall, The Trading Masterclass at 2ndSkies is a high-quality program. Chris Capre is humble and the 2ndSkies courses seem to fly under the radar, but it’s because he isn’t deceiving students into subscribing. His programs aren’t tricks or scams. They’re focused on the foundational elements of trading success – building core skills and mindset. That’s what it’s all about.

The path you choose is up to you. But if I were to turn back time on my own journey, I would choose 2ndSkies right from the start.

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Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Justin says:

    This is exactly the type of program that is needed for anyone wanting to succeed in trading.  Without the proper training, people are just throwing their hard earned money around hoping for a hit. This program will be a game changer for many. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a profitable great day.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Justin – I appreciate the comment. 2ndSkies is one of the few trading programs out there that actually focus on legitimate training (teaching students the necessary skills to become self-sufficient). Unfortunately, most people are attracted to alert and signal services where they can be spoon-fed “hot stock picks”. It seems like the easy route, but it’s ineffective. The only way to achieve durable trading success is developing the proper skills – not blindly copying somebody else’s trades. There’s so much to learn from a trader like Chris Capre. Take care!

  • Lily says:

    I used to option trade and found it so stressful that I quit after a big win. I guess that doesn’t make sense but I realized that I was winging it and that sooner or later I would crash and burn. So I can see that this course would add the stability in training that I would need to go back to trading but in a logical unemotional way. Chris sounds like a great guy who is interested in supporting new traders and helping them to make money long term. Time for me to get studying!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Lily – I appreciate you sharing your personal experiences. I don’t think anybody else has shared a similar trading experience like this with me before – quitting after a big win. Most people do the opposite, trading irresponsibly until big losses eventually blow up their accounts, which obviously causes financial pain, but also quite a bit of emotional pain as well. You showed great self-awareness and restraint by realizing you were winging it, and that your luck would eventually run out.

      Becoming a stable, consistent, and disciplined trader is the only path to long-lasting success as a trader. But it’s not necessarily about being completely devoid of emotions, because we can’t really stop thinking and feeling. What we can do, however, is change our relationship with our thoughts and feelings by shifting perspectives, reframing, and aligning our mindset with the market environment. Establishing an effective mental framework is truly the core of trading success. It’s not all about gurus, newsletters, alert services, and foolproof systems like the industry as a whole tries to make you think. It’s about building core skills and mindset.

      Take care!

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