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What is EdgeClear – Is EdgeClear the Best Broker to Trade Futures With?

EdgeClear is a futures brokerage firm led by award-winning industry experts who understand the complexities of trading (clearing, execution, data, software, tools, etc.). Their mix of customer service, technology, and cost is unmatched within the space.

What is EdgeClear - Is it the Best Broker to Trade Futures With?

It was founded in 2019 by Morad Askar (also known as FuturesTrader71 or FT71 within the online trading community) and has quickly earned a reputation for providing top-notch customer service and innovative technology, paired with low commission rates.

Typically, with other brokerage firms, excellent customer service and technology come at a cost (high, and sometimes hidden, commissions and fees). But with EdgeClear, you don’t have to sacrifice service or technology for cost (or vice versa) – you get it all.

What is EdgeClear - Is it the Best Futures Brokerage?

We’ll talk about some of the technology that EdgeClear has to offer shortly, but to me, the most impressive aspect is their customer service. Based on their responsive and transparent support, they genuinely care about building long-term client relationships.

Whether it’s Morad Askar himself (Founder), Max Timmins (Director of Brokerage Operations), Ian Blanke (Senior Broker), or Giancarlo Saraceno (Broker) – each EdgeClear customer is assigned a personal representative to assist them in any way they can.

The EdgeClear team has worked closely together for years. They’re friendly, honest, and obsessively focused on serving traders.

What is EdgeProX – Is it the Best Futures Trading Platform Available?

EdgeProX is EdgeClear’s in-house futures trading platform that connects to exceptionally fast and reliable data feeds (Rithmic, CQG, or IQFeed). It also runs on efficient Java code that is supported by Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

What is EdgeProX - Is it the Best Futures Trading Platform?

In addition to connectivity and speed, the platform boasts incredibly user-friendly charts that can be customized in a multitude of ways to fit your specific needs based on individual trading style (various chart templates, bar types, and 300+ built-in studies/indicators).

But my personal favorite features of EdgeProX are the order flow tools (which are ideal for individuals who trade based on auction market theory) – advanced depth of market, volume imprint, volume profile, market profile (TPO), order flow heat map, and more.

What is EdgeProX - Advanced Order Flow Tools

The platform also offers simulation and replay modes for getting comfortable with the platform, testing new strategies, and reviewing the action from previous sessions. These are critical components for developing your market edge and personal trading skills.

The EdgeWatch software is also worth mentioning, which allows you to track important trade data/statistics and measure/optimize your performance. It’s essentially a built-in trade log/trade tracking tool for EdgeClear and Rithmic users.

EdgeWatch is free and EdgeProX offers a free 14-day demo. The EdgeClear team also provides tutorials and personal walk-throughs.

The Wrap Up – My Overall Thoughts on EdgeWatch, EdgeProX, and Edge Clear as a Whole:

Overall, EdgeClear offers a personal touch that is unparalleled within the brokerage industry. But the benefits don’t stop at exceptional communication – their uncommon level of service extends into the data, technology, and commissions they offer as well.

EdgeClear and TradingParadigm

Whether you need help with platform setup, improving execution speed, resolving a clearing issue, implementing automatic daily loss limits, or anything else – the EdgeClear team has the integrity and expertise to assist. They’re truly raising the bar in the industry.

It’s honestly difficult to say anything bad about them. In my experience, they’ve been highly transparent with their answers/responses to my individual questions and needs. There’s no smoke and mirrors going on. All commissions and fees are clear and simple.

EdgeClear Reviews and Testimonials

But based on Morad Askar’s personal track record as a trader and trading coach/mentor that spans decades, I’m not surprised at all. He’s also the founder of Convergent Trading – a trader development community free from the usual gimmicks of the industry.

For more information on Morad’s background, his thoughts on trading and brokerage, and his own personal trading style – I highly recommend checking out the podcasts he’s been featured on: Futures Radio Show, Chat With Traders, and Behind the Screens.

In my opinion, EdgeClear is a brokerage firm that can greatly benefit any level of futures trader – from beginner to expert.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Ruth says:

    It is always good to hear about a “legit” and a a good trading platform that you can trust as you would want to have good tools and service and be able to come out tops. Askar’s good reputation in the business is good to hear and makes EdgeClear a platform that I’d be  more willing to have a look at and view / try the 14 demo. Thank you for providing the information and details of EdgeClear. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Ruth – I appreciate the kind words and look forward to any additional comments, questions, or feedback you might share in the future.

      Good tools and service are extremely important in trading. This is an area where most new traders often skimp, but they’re only putting themselves at an even bigger disadvantage by doing so. Even if you (and I mean “you” in a general sense, not singling you out specifically) have a high level of trading experience and skill, your performance will suffer if you’re being fed inaccurate/slow data – or have a platform that often shuts down unexpectedly or something unacceptable like that. To use a common analogy, most new/unprofitable traders show up to a gun fight with a butter knife – and in doing so, they hardly even give themselves a chance. But there’s no minor leagues in the markets – everything is the majors. So you have to put yourself in a position to succeed right off the bat. The 14-day demo is definitely a great place to start to figure out if the EdgeProX platform is a good fit.

  • LineCowley says:

    This is a very helpful post on Edgeclear and the software they offer on the platform for trading in futures. As a fairly young company, they seem to have gained the respect of those in the industry, especially with Morad Askar as the founder. 

    I am currently not trading in futures, but rather stocks and shares and some crypto currencies. So does Edgeclear only cater for future trading, or can it also be used for shares trading? If it is only futures, are there plans to expand the platform to include options or shares and crypto? Thank you.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Yes, Morad Askar has provided some incredible content to the trading community over the years (especially the futures trading community) – and in my experience, he’s one of the most (if not THE most) honest and ethical trading educators out there. There’s no gimmicks or nonsense involved with his FuturesTrader71 website or Convergent Trading community – and now it seems like that same no nonsense approach has been infused into his EdgeClear platform. The EdgeClear platform is still relatively new, and I’m even newer to it having just dug into it a handful of months ago, but I would trust what he says and offers in terms of trading products/services over 99.99% of the other so-called trading gurus out there.

      But to answer your questions, EdgeClear caters almost entirely to futures traders (no equities). But there are equity index and cryptocurrency futures markets out there – so that might be something to consider. Do keep in mind that futures are leveraged products, so risk management is extremely important (as it is with non-leveraged products as well). But futures are extremely versatile and offer a number of benefits (high liquidity, easy to short, tax advantages, etc.). And in my personal opinion, futures markets are where the absolute best trading educators/coaches/mentors operate in – like Morad Askar, Merritt Black, Josh Schuler, Anthony Crudele, and more. So personally, that’s the area I’m shifting toward after years of trading stocks and options. To me, it’s very clearly the space to be in for the best education/training and funding opportunities.

      I can’t really speak to what EdgeClear’s plans are for potentially expanding into equites, options, cryptocurrencies, and more since I’m not part of the company – but never hesitate to reach out to them if you have any questions (big or small). They provide the best customer service of any trading brokerage I’ve ever come into contact with, so I’m sure they’d be happy to assist you in any way possible – even if that means guiding you toward a different platform that fits your needs better. That’s one of the things I respect most about the EdgeClear team – they actually have your best interests at heart. You don’t often see this kind of customer care and support in the brokerage industry.

  • Lorenz Valdez says:

    Hey Matt, thank you for sharing your review on EdgeClear. For someone like me who used to trade futures, I always like to learn about new platforms that I can use to trade. I’ve traded futures primarily on Binance, but took a break. Maybe it’s time for me to get back to it! If I do, I’ll definitely look deeper into EdgeClear. Thank you.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Lorenz – I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

      The typical newcomer to trading goes directly into stocks – that’s kind of the default from my own experience and the experiences of many others I’ve talked to. And these days, crypto is also gaining a lot of steam amongst the younger generation as they enter the markets. So stocks and crypto are most people’s introduction to trading. I personally traded stocks for multiple years, then transitioned into options trading, and now I’m looking to transition almost entirely into futures (for active intraday trading).

      At first glance, futures seem a lot more complicated than stocks with margins and leverage and all that, but there are a ton of benefits to them. They’re not for everybody, and you have to properly manage your risk, but most futures markets are highly liquid, offer nearly 24/7 access, make shorting easy (no borrows or borrow fees), and advantageous from a tax perspective. In addition to this, I’m also coming to find that the best traders and trading educators/coaches/mentors mainly operate within the futures space – and I don’t think this is a coincidence. Most online funded trader programs (like Topstep, for example) also tend to concentrate mainly on futures.

      So in my personal opinion, futures markets are the place to be for all the best training, platforms, tools, and overall support.

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