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Best Trading Psychology Courses Available to Master Your Mind and the Market:

As critical as the mental component is in trading, top-notch trading psychology courses are rare. In fact, there are only a handful of great ones currently available online. It’s easy to find alert services, newsletters, and chat rooms that are exclusively focused on the tactical aspects of trading, but finding the best mindset courses requires a much deeper dive.

Best Trading Psychology Courses

In my opinion, the vast majority of services within the trading educational space have things mixed up. Most consistently successful traders would agree that trading is roughly 80% mental and 20% tactical. But the actual amount of courses available focused on each component would lead you to believe the opposite. In fact, the real world distribution is probably even more skewed than 80/20. Based on nearly 10 years of experience using and reviewing various stock trading courses, programs, and services, I would estimate that only about 5% actually focus substantially on mindset. Even though it’s the foundation for trading success, it gets routinely overlooked.

This lack of mindset training is a major reason why the failure rate is so high. By ignoring the mental component, most services are doing their subscribers a disservice. They handicap you from ever becoming a skilled, self-sufficient trader. Far too many programs focus on selling explosive alerts, holy grail indicators, and foolproof systems. These are the things new traders think they want, but they don’t actually exist. In order to cash in on this get-rich-quick mentality, many services are willing to sell pie-in-the-sky fantasies. But buying into these fantasy programs comes at the expense of your legitimate, consistent, and sustainable trading success.

Top 3 Trading Psychology Courses Currently Available Online:

1. Advanced Traders Mindset Course By Chris Capre at 2ndSkies Trading |Read Review| – #1 Recommendation

The Advanced Traders Mindset Course

The Advanced Traders Mindset Course was created by Chris Capre at 2ndSkies Trading. This is by far the best trading psychology course I’ve come across to date. 2ndSkies also offers other courses related to the tactical aspects of trading: Trading Masterclass, Options Bootcamp, and Advanced Ichimoku, which all have strong mindset modules tied into them.

Overall, 2ndSkies puts a supreme emphasis on the psychological aspect of trading, and it shows. This is a much different approach than most other trading services take – which is to teach about common concepts and indicators, and then sneak in a short video about “cutting losses quickly” or “being disciplined”. These rushed, vague, and ineffective pointers are laughable in comparison to what The Advanced Traders Mindset Course offers. It truly goes above and beyond.

2. Trading Psychology Mastery Course By Yvan Byeajee at Trading Composure |Read Review|

The Trading Psychology Mastery Course Logo

The Trading Psychology Mastery Course was created by Yvan Byeajee at Trading Composure. Yvan also offers a Trading For a Living course, which is also heavily mindset based. What I like most about Yvan is that he never shifts from what truly matters. While most other programs are constantly creating new shiny objects related to penny stocks, cryptocurrencies, or whatever else is trending right now, he remains steadfast in his commitment to trading psychology.

These two courses at Trading Composure were the first two trading mindset courses I had ever taken, and they helped me get off the dangerous path of trying to blindly mirror alerts, revenge trade, and overall act impulsively within the market. Without these two great courses, there’s no doubt that I would have been knocked out of the game for good by now.

3. Trader Compass 2.0 Course By Rich Friesen at Mind Muscles For Traders |Read Review|

Mind Muscles For Traders Compass

Trader Compass 2.0 was created by Rich Friesen at Mind Muscles For Traders. This course includes video lessons, guided visualizations, and a Mind Metrics application for tracking thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Typically, traders obsessively focus on profits and losses. But that doesn’t tell the full story. What matters much more is tracking and refining your internal process.

Rich has an incredible amount of experience in the market. So when someone with decades of experience as a broker, floor trader, and owner of his own trading firm perseverates on the importance of trading mindset – it would be foolish not to listen. He literally trained dozens of traders as employees to trade his own money. The wisdom he gleaned from these personal, first-hand experiences in the pits are second to none.

Taking a Top Rated Mindset Course Should Be Required Before Entering the Market:

The unique thing about trading is that it requires specific tactical and mental skills in order to be consistently successful, but since there are virtually no barriers to entry, an extensive number of people fail to acquire them. There’s a strong tendency to jump in uneducated and unprepared. Nobody wants to miss out on all of the potential money-making opportunities in the market taking place every second, minute, hour, day, week, etc. So instead of taking the smart path of working on their mindset, trading risk-free on a simulator, and pinpointing an edge before jumping in, they often dive right into random, undisciplined trading.

The way most new traders try to approach the market would be like a hopeful lawyer skipping law school, a doctor skipping medical school, or a pilot skipping flight school. But even without schooling, these people still decide to call themselves lawyers, doctors, and pilots – and proceed to operate within their respective fields. How do you think these individuals would perform? Wouldn’t it be dangerous for them to engage in these professions without the proper training and skills? Yet this is exactly what over 90% of traders do. With no one to hold them accountable but themselves, mindless and reckless behaviors are commonplace. They skip right over the mindset component thinking it doesn’t matter, and continuously suffer emotionally and financially in the market as a result.

An Elite Trading Psychology Course Can Potentially Save You Thousands of Dollars:

Let’s take a look at the typical journey of a trader. They usually start off with dollar signs in their eyes, along with huge dreams of fancy cars, mansions, vacations, etc. So they start their online search in order to figure out where to begin. Before you know it, they’re deep into the get-rich-quick abyss of trade alert services, newsletters, hot stock picks, and foolproof systems. These services can range anywhere from $50 per month to $10,000 per year. And in many instances, the psychological aspect of trading isn’t even mentioned within these courses, programs, and services. Add chat rooms, multiple monitors, scanning tools, newsfeeds, and trading platforms on top of all that and they’re looking at a hefty sum. Not to mention all of the trading losses that will ensue for lack of proper mindset.

Unfortunately, this is why most traders, successful or not, have all experienced tremendous amounts of emotional and financial pain in the past. The only difference is that those who ultimately become successful finally choose to take the psychological component seriously. So if you’re lucky enough to still be a completely new trader, you have the tremendous opportunity to avoid these agonizing mistakes. You can learn from millions of traders that have come before you and prioritize mindset instead of ignoring it. If you look into trading and decide that it’s something you seriously want to pursue, a mindset course should be your absolute first step – no question about it. Most of them are only a one-time fee of a few hundred dollars for lifetime access and can potentially save you from chasing get-rick-quick programs, trading mindlessly, and experiencing massive levels of pain.

Before I took the psychological component of trading seriously: bogus alert services, foolproof systems, and gigantic trading losses initially cost me at least 10X more than the price of all these mindset courses combined. Please don’t make the same mistakes.

Learn More in the Trading Success Framework Course

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Andy says:

    I agree with you that the psychological and emotional aspects of trading and investing are the most important aspect every trader and investor needs to master in order to be profitable and succeed. It is interesting how often we hear or read in this field statements like – don’t make the same mistakes I made, learn how to understand and master your emotions before you trade – or variants of the same. I have to say though, in my experience, it is very difficult to take trading or investing seriously if you do not have some, even a small amount of skin in the game. I think the honest fact is that we need to experience losses when we react emotionally or get spooked by the market before we take the decision to stop and learn how to develop a successful mindset. I think the best we can hope for is that the losses are not too dramatic and you don’t get wiped out. This is a great article and you have hit so many nails right on the head.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Andy – you’re completely right. It’s true that almost everybody ends up learning the hard way. I’d like to think that I can help at least a handful of people avoid the emotional and financial pain of impulsive/irrational trades and huge losses – by focusing on building the proper mindset right from the start. But in most cases, people don’t fully understand the consequences until they experience the pain of bad trading for themselves. Even though it hurts, every trader needs to keep in mind that the market is a constant feedback mechanism, so we need to learn from our mistakes and adapt. One of my favorite aspects of trading is how much it can help you grow emotionally and financially if you listen to the feedback it gives you.

      • Andy says:

        Hi Matt
        You could even say the same is true of life in general. Life constantly gives us feedback, the first question is whether we are listening or not and the second question is whether we take action on it or not!

  • terry says:

    I had never given any thought to developing the right mindset to trade securities. Like most people, I have enrolled in an investing training program and learned all the different techniques and investment strategies, which have been very helpful. However, the idea that having the correct mindset and disposition to trade is brand new to me.

    I checked out the three sites you suggested, and I agree with you, The Advanced Traders Mindset Course is the best. They have taken a very thorough and easy to understand approach in teaching you the mental discipline to be a successful trader and maintain a balanced life, which is important. I have to admit, I do let my emotions still take part in the trading process, but now it’s much more disciplined. Thanks again. I learned a lot.

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