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Best Trading Paradigm (@MattThomasTP) Tweets From February to December 2021:

When I created the @MattThomasTP Twitter handle back in February – I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. But my main intention for the account was simple – to share the best possible insights into the topic of trading mindset/psychology that I could.

I certainly don’t consider myself a guru on the subject – and there are plenty of traders and trading psychology coaches that are far superior to me. So I’m extremely grateful for and humbled by those who have liked, shared, and commented on my posts.

Trading Paradigm Twitter Account - Top Tweets of 2021

But it’s not the statistics alone that really matter (the number of likes, re-tweets, comments, followers, etc.), but rather the fact that people are actually taking their own trading mindset/psychology seriously. It’s truly the foundation for durable trading success.

Too many traders go on wild goose chases – searching for foolproof systems and holy-grail indicators to solve their problems. But what they’re actually missing is the proper mental framework, which can only be found by going within one’s own mind.

The tweets below have been my attempt to help traders understand and develop their inner game for long-term success in markets:

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Trading Paradigm Tweet 11:19

Trading Paradigm Tweet 12:6

Trading Paradigm Tweet 4:24

Trading Paradigm Tweet 7:21

Trading Paradigm Tweet 10:30

Trading Paradigm Tweet 4:29

Trading Paradigm Tweet 7:14

Trading Paradigm Tweet 5:5

Trading Paradigm Tweet 11:12

Trading Paradigm Tweet 12:7

Trading Paradigm Tweet 11:25

Trading Paradigm Tweet 10:25

Trading Paradigm Tweet 11:28

Trading Paradigm Tweet 12:4

Trading Paradigm Tweet 10:21

Trading Paradigm Tweet 12:2

Trading Paradigm Tweet 11:26

Trading Paradigm Tweet 9:28

Trading Paradigm Tweet 9:20


Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Muslimah says:

    Hi Matt
    I’m indeed motivated and inspired by your tweets. I like that you address mindset. So many people have negative beliefs about themselves, such that it’s affecting their personal development. 

    Developing a growth mindset will helps you  continue building your skills through training and learning new insight.
    Often, we don’t hold ourselves responsible for our failures or face the root of the problem. I learned new techniques to improve my growth in this tweets and will pass the message on.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      In short-term trading, mindset/psychology is routinely ignored. But in my opinion, it’s the most important component of success. Most people spend their time worrying about indicators, setups, and systems (which are enticing), but they fail to look within themselves to pinpoint fears, biases, and impulses. As a result – no matter what indicators, setups, and systems these people use, they continue to sabotage their own results with inconsistent and negative behaviors. Even if they have an edge, they don’t have the mental framework required to follow it with discipline.

      I’m glad my tweets resonated with you and I appreciate you passing the message on!

  • Paolo says:

    Thank you for sharing all these tweets. There are some very encouraging ones. I specifically like the one that addressed our old way of thinking that we mistakenly confuse with ourselves. We can always break bad habits. But they are hard to get away from because of the years we have spent with them. I will start following you on Twitter.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Paolo – many of our old habits are really hard to change because of how deeply ingrained they are. We’ve put years of repetition and emotion into them, so our mind is wired to follow through on them over-and-over again – regardless of whether or not these habits are actually helping us. They might make us feel better in the short-term, but don’t necessarily serve us in the long-term.

      The good news is that’s it’s certainly possible to change, but the beginning stages of change are the hardest because you have to deal with two drastically different selves – the old one that is strong from years of practice and weight, and the new one that you want to be but hasn’t had much time to establish itself yet. The more you think, feel, and act like the person/trader you want to be, the quicker you will become that person/trader.

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