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The Trading Psychology Mastery Course With Yvan Byeajee at Trading Composure:

The Trading Psychology Mastery Course created by Yvan Byeajee at Trading Composure is a program designed to help traders build the foundation for consistent success within the market environment. There’s no doubt that the majority of traders jump headfirst into the market completely unprepared. They have uninformed opinions about what will lead them to success and extremely high expectations for making money right from the get-go. As a result, the vast majority of traders fail within just a few months, and unfortunately, they’re left feeling financially and emotionally afflicted. Much of the time, they don’t even realize, or refuse to accept, the true reason why their results were so negative. So they go on blaming outside forces like message boards that gave them the “hot stock tips”, the “guru” that sent them the alerts, or even just the market itself for being too “volatile” or “irrational”. But whose fault is it really?

The Trading Psychology Mastery Course

If they keep shifting the blame for their trading woes to forces outside of themselves, how can they ever expect to be consistently profitable? The reality is that the current attitudes and perspectives they have in regard to the market are what’s rendering them ineffective as traders. Constantly fighting the market, thinking they’re always right, and refusing to take losses is a recipe for disaster. It usually takes traders quite a bit of time to realize and accept it, but trading is more of a mental discipline than anything else. Unfortunately, most traders don’t naturally have the proper focus, patience, and resilience necessary to produce consistent results in the market. So they inevitably fall back on impulsive and erratic behaviors that fulfill their need for short-term emotional gratification, but sabotage the long-term results that they so desperately desire. The good news is that those negative thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors are possible to change. Ultimately, achieving consistent profitability in the market starts with a mindset shift.

How Exactly Does the Trading Psychology Mastery Course Help Struggling Traders?

The Trading Psychology Mastery Course helps struggling traders improve their mental framework by focusing primarily on the concept of mindfulness. The main component of mindfulness is self-awareness. All too often, traders rely on their impulses to make trading decisions and aren’t consciously aware of the controlling forces behind their actions. Practicing mindfulness allows them to become more in tune with the thoughts and emotions that lead to their negative behaviors so that they can be replaced with positive ones. So many traders are constantly falling victim to their insecurities, defense mechanisms, and destructive habits. But the emotional and financial suffering can end with a change in attitudes, beliefs, and perspectives. Struggling traders just have to ask themselves a simple question: do they want to stay in the game and learn how to appropriately adjust their mindset for higher effectiveness within the market, or do they want to quit? If they choose to stay in the game, this course provides the resources for a powerful personal change.

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There’s often opposition to change, but the truth of the matter is that a mindset shift is required in order to achieve durable success in the market. So struggling traders need to ask themselves another question: what happens if they don’t change? And the honest answer to that question is that they’ll continue getting the same results they’ve been getting (inconsistent and negative results). Since they’re keeping themselves locked into the same old thought-patterns, emotions, perspectives, and behaviors that haven’t been working, they’ll never be able to leave the mental and financial states of suffering and struggling. On the bright side, self-development is certainly possible with practice and effort if they choose to take that path. Overall, The Trading Psychology Mastery Course provides the tools necessary to completely eliminate the internal struggle. And once the internal struggle ends, consistency and profits tend to increase dramatically. Instead of making trading an afflictive and painful experience, it’s actually possible for it to be a fluid and enjoyable one.

What is Trading Composure and Who is Yvan Byeajee? Check Out the Trading Composure Review

Trading Composure is a website run by Yvan Byeajee that offers blog posts, courses, and various information regarding the psychological aspect of trading. What’s most impressive about the content he offers is his core focus on mindfulness meditation, which comes from his own personal experiences. At the beginning of his trading journey, he admits to his mindset being a complete mess – he felt inadequate, frustrated, and overall had no emotional control. As a result, he lost nearly all of his initial $100,000 account over the course of a few years. Feeling emotionally and financially broken by his circumstances, he decided to go on a meditation retreat. And it was on this 6-month introspective journey where he was able to reflect on the nature of his inconsistency and suffering. When he decided to give trading another chance upon his return, his approach was completely different. Meditation provided him with a certain set of skills that allowed him to be a more composed, accepting, and overall effective trader.

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Trading Composure School Courses With Yvan Byeajee

|Learn How to Rewire Your Brain For Consistent Success in the Market|

The lessons Yvan Byeajee provides as a teacher, coach, and mentor within the trading psychology space allows his students to become more self-aware, balanced, and non-delusional. The focus of his material is obviously directed toward improving the way we think about trading specifically, but almost all of the skills he teaches can be carried over into life in general. There’s no doubt that mindfulness meditation is a foundational habit that everyone, especially traders, should be practicing on a daily basis. Just think about the impact it could have on society if we all cultivated qualities like patience, resilience, acceptance, and gratitude on a daily basis through mindfulness practices. Overall, durable market success is not found through some outside source like subscription services, message boards, newsletters, alerts, or hot stock tips. It’s found through perspective, emotional regulation, and self-discipline. So while everyone else is struggling in the market because their focus is solely on the outer noise, it’s time to fortify our inner game.

Break free from the emotional and financial pain and suffering caused by erratic, impulsive, irrational, and inconsistent trading.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Cynthia says:

    I would have never, ever put meditation and trading into the same sentence but this has completely changed my mind!  It makes perfect sense now that if we use meditation to achieve mindfulness and self-awareness, it would allow us to approach trading with calm intellect instead of emotion.  Thank you so much for the review of this course!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      No problem, Cynthia! Most people have the wrong idea about trading. They think it’s supposed to be a high-risk, high-emotion endeavor. Many people make it that way, sure, but it’s the wrong approach. Being an impulsive and irrational trader will only lead to inconsistent and overall negative results. This is why over 90% of traders fail. They think they can cheat cause-and-effect. But the only way to achieve the consistently successful results they seek is to think, feel, and act in a consistent manner. In other words, they need to develop a mindset that is in line with the realities of the market. There’s no doubt that the practical application of mindfulness can drastically help in achieving this necessary paradigm shift within traders.

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