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Please provide your honest feedback on the Trading Success Framework course. If you’d like to share your feedback privately, please do so using the contact form directly below. If you’d like to share your feedback publicly, please do so using the page comment section right underneath that. One of the main tenets here at TradingParadigm is continuous improvement, which is impossible without awareness of strengths and weaknesses. Student feedback is a critical component of the iteration process. I know the framework course shares values, qualities, concepts, principles, habits, and skills that make sense to me and have helped me immensely on my own trading journey. But I understand that I’m only one person with my own unique, individual perspective. So if anything feels unclear, confusing, or simply doesn’t make sense to you – please share. This isn’t meant for students to just share positive reviews/testimonials. Feedback of all kinds (good, bad, and everything in-between) is encouraged. Thanks in advance for sharing your feedback.

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