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Please provide your honest feedback as a Trade With Profile student. If you’d like to share your feedback privately, please do so using the contact form directly below. If you’d like to share your feedback publicly, please do so using the page comment section right underneath that. Trade With Profile, and more specifically – The Profile Trading Development Pathway – is a top-rated training & mentorship program created by Josh Schuler. This program is highly recommended for acquiring elite-level market competence and trading skills. But no endorsement here at TradingParadigm is made lightly. My goal is to recommend the best-of-the-best resources based on deep personal experience – and if students aren’t experiencing a positive impact from them, I want to understand why. This isn’t meant for Trade With Profile students to merely share positive reviews/testimonials (although you certainly can if your experience has been 100% positive). But feedback of all kinds (good, bad, and everything in-between) is encouraged. Thanks in advance for sharing your feedback.

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