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What is a Trading Guru

Entertainment vs. Training in the “Trading Education” Space

Entertainment vs. Training in Trading Education

Entertainment/Distraction vs. Legitimate Education/Training in the Trading Industry: There’s no doubt that the world of “trading education” can be an extremely difficult landscape to traverse. On one side, we have consumers who are typically looking for the fastest, easiest ways to accomplish their goals/dreams. And on the other side, we have product/service providers who understand these desires and want to provide consumers what they want. But what most hopeful traders “want” isn’t the same as…

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What is a Trading Mentor and Who is the Best One Online?

What is a Trading Mentor and Who is the Best One Online

What is a Trading Mentor – Learn How to Pinpoint the Best Ones Available Online: There are plenty of self-proclaimed trading gurus out there on the internet, but not all of these so-called gurus are actually good mentors. In many cases, fake gurus are merely masquerading as trading educators in order to sell you something expensive. I’m willing to bet that you’ve probably come across some “inner circle” or “mastermind” groups online within the trading space…

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Training For Day Trading – What is a Day Trading Mentor?

Training For Day Trading - What is a Day Trading Mentor

Best Training For Day Trading – What Makes a Great Day Trading Mentor? High-quality day trading mentorship isn’t easy to find. Between bogus chat rooms sending out trade signals and guru alert services built for copy-trading, most people think that blindly mirroring “hot picks” from some self-proclaimed expert is a viable strategy. But this kind of surface-level approach to day trading that relies upon some guru spoon-feeding you trades is ineffective. Blindly following guru alerts…

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What is a Trading Guru – Real Educators vs. Marketers

What is a Trading Guru - What is a Trading Teacher - What is a Trading Mentor

What is a Trading Guru, Expert, Master, Mentor, Teacher, or Authority? A real trading guru is someone with at least five to ten years of trading experience and an undistorted track record of consistent profitability. In my opinion, these are the two main requirements to be considered an authority within the trading space. When people hear the term “trading guru”, they typically assume teacher or educator. But I would argue that the vast majority of real…

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