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My Top 2 Favorite Stock Screening Platforms

Narrowing the Market With Stock Screeners: With close to 20,000 tickers available to trade on US stock exchanges each-and-every day, it's critical that traders have a platform they can use to narrow their focus. Even following 100 stocks at a time can be overwhelming. A more realistic number is in…
Matt Thomas
February 13, 2017
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Develop Your Own Stock Trading System at

The Best Trading System is Well Thought Out and Personalized: is an educational website for traders looking to establish their own personalized trading system characterized by consistent profits. There are five main components that are covered in detail as you work your way through the site: Trading Plans, Trading…
Matt Thomas
May 21, 2016
What is Finviz Logo
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What is Finviz Elite? Powerful Real Time Charting Software

What is Finviz? Finviz = Financial Visualizations: Finviz Elite is a dynamic platform that allows traders not only to scan for appealing chart patterns, but also secure real-time quotes, run backtests, discover correlations, find news, track insider transactions, receive portfolio notifications via email, and more. **LINK TO UPDATED FINVIZ/FINVIZ ELITE…
Matt Thomas
February 11, 2016