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Best Day Trading Subscription Services and Tools

Best Day Trading Subscription Services and Tools

What Are the Best Subscription Services and Tools For Active Traders? When it comes to active trading (mainly day trading and swing trading), there’s an overwhelming number of potential services and tools to subscribe to. And as a beginner, you often have no real idea what you might need and which ones will actually work. There are things like alert services, newsletters, and chat rooms – which I’ve had plenty of experiences with back when…

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Q&A With Co-Founder of BiopharmIQ – Dom Vacchiano

What is BiopharmIQ (

What is BiopharmIQ ( and Who is Dom Vacchiano? BiopharmIQ is a website launched in 2019 by father-son duo, Manny Vacchiano and Dom Vacchiano. The site is specifically geared toward biopharma/biotech traders and investors looking to perform due diligence on drug histories, catalyst events, and more. What BiopharmIQ does is track and sort a multitude of critical company and drug-related information from SEC filings, press releases, investor calls, and biomedical conferences so that you as…

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Broker Integration Now Available Within StocksToTrade

StocksToTrade Broker Integration

StocksToTrade Real-Time Platform For Active Traders Introduces Broker Integration: The much-anticipated feature within StocksToTrade is finally here – Broker Integration. The STT platform launched about two years ago now featuring all kinds of tools for active traders under one roof. These tools include strategy scanners, dynamic charts, price alerts, news streamers, SEC filings, watch lists, filterable Twitter feed, real-time paper trading, and more. The only thing missing was actually being able to trade real money…

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BioPharmCatalyst Review – A Database of Opportunities For Biotech Traders Review

What is is a tool for traders and investors to track various events within the biotechnology sector. In such a volatile space, it’s critical to understand each company’s drug pipeline and upcoming data releases, especially if you have a stake in them, but also if you’re looking to take a position in them in the near future. These events have the potential to more than double your investment within a trading session if…

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What is The Motley Fool – A Community of Fools or Genius Investors?

What is The Motley Fool - Motley Fool Review

The Motley Fool Review – Helping the World Invest Better: The Motley Fool is a multimedia financial services company founded in 1993 by two brothers, David and Tom Gardner. What started as a small-time monthly investment newsletter that David and Tom would send out to family & friends, eventually turned into a worldwide financial advisory services company that now reaches in excess of 30 million people each month. So, you say you want growth? It’s…

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My Top 2 Favorite Stock Screening Platforms

StocksToTrade Stock Screener

Narrowing the Market With Stock Screeners: With close to 20,000 tickers available to trade on US stock exchanges each-and-every day, it’s critical that traders have a platform they can use to narrow their focus. Even following 100 stocks at a time can be overwhelming. A more realistic number is in the 5-10 range. Screeners can help you narrow down high-potential opportunities based on various fundamental and technical criteria, such as price, sector, market cap, short float,…

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What is The Most Innovative Stock Trading Platform

What is

StocksToTrade Software Review – Created By Traders, For Traders: The StocksToTrade (STT) platform was created for better and more efficient trading, especially for active day and swing traders. In a nutshell, StocksToTrade is an advanced real-time scanning/screening tool, but it’s really so much more than just that. STT offers features that no other software is currently providing, such as paper trading, brokerage integration, filterable news, a proprietary algorithm that finds momentum stocks, and pre-built scans vetted by…

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What is – Legitimate Social Platform for Traders or a Scam?

What is Profitly

What is Become a Better Trader: is a platform for traders to optimize their trading results through statistical measurements and data. The idea came from multi-millionaire stock trader and teacher, Timothy Sykes, who wanted his students to be able to pinpoint what works best for them, and as a result of that analysis, make them more profitable in the stock market. Members have the ability to upload verified trades directly from their brokerage…

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Robinhood Can Be the Difference Between Profit and Loss in Your Portfolio


The Savings That Can Be Achieved With Robinhood’s $0 Commissions: As a part-time stock trader, I prefer to use Robinhood as my brokerage of choice. And there’s one major reason for this – there are no commission fees. With your typical brokerage firm, you’ll end up paying at least $5-10 per trade (every time you buy or sell a stock), and if you have a rather small portfolio, that can eat into profits much quicker…

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Action Alerts Plus: “Stocks to Buy Now” 6-Month Performance Review

Jim Cramer Headshot

Recommended Stocks to Buy Now From AAP – Performance Analysis 6 Months Later: Earlier this year, I reviewed Action Alerts Plus and took note of the thirteen securities listed on their “Stocks to Buy Now” report (dated 2/26/16). Being that Action Alerts Plus enacts more of a long-term, buy-and-hold approach, I figured it was a good idea to look back on what Jim Cramer was suggesting six months earlier. 8/26/16 just recently passed and here…

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What is The Candlestick Course? Master Technical Analysis With Steve Nison

The Candlestick Course by Steve Nison

The Candlestick Course Review – Understanding Market Psychology: The Candlestick Course was created by the “King of Candlesticks”, Steve Nison, as a phenomenal resource for both novice and expert traders alike. Beginners can build their foundation in candle charting, while stock market veterans can test and refresh their understanding. Overall, the concepts covered throughout the book allow you to harness the power the most efficient and effective tool in technical analysis, candlestick charts. You may be…

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Say Goodbye to Trading Commissions and Hello to the Future of Trading

Robinhood Brokerage

Robinhood Brokerage Review – What is Robinhood? Robinhood’s main purpose is to break down barriers to entry in the stock market. In other words, they believe the markets should be accessible to everyone. And the way they’re doing this is through the absence of minimum deposits and commission fees. This is a breath of fresh air not only for beginner stock traders and investors, but veterans on Wall Street seeking cost savings as well. Imagine…

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What is Finviz Elite? Powerful Real Time Charting Software

What is Finviz Logo

What is Finviz? Finviz = Financial Visualizations: Finviz Elite is a dynamic platform that allows traders not only to scan for appealing chart patterns, but also secure real-time quotes, run backtests, discover correlations, find news, track insider transactions, receive portfolio notifications via email, and more. **LINK TO UPDATED FINVIZ/FINVIZ ELITE REVIEW – 2022** The main objective is to provide traders and investors with superior financial analysis. Acting as a robust stock market portal, you can…

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