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What is the Concept of “The Mirror” and How Does it Apply to Trading?

By May 9, 2018February 26th, 2021No Comments

Trading Results Are a Reflection of the Way You Think, Feel, and the Actions You Take:

The concept of The Mirror can be applied to every single pursuit in life, but is especially critical to understand in regard to trading. In essence, The Mirror implies that your trading results will be a direct reflection of the way you think, feel, and the outward actions you take. It’s extremely hard to excel at trading when other aspects of your life are in disarray. Bringing those emotions into the markets and allowing them to dictate your decision-making can have an immensely negative impact on profits and losses. Overall, if you think negatively, feel lousy, and act irrationally, then your trading results will directly reflect all of those unfavorable terms (negative, lousy, irrational, etc.).

It all goes back to yourself and your mindset. People don’t necessarily have trading problems, they have personal problems that reflect in their trading. Inconsistency in your life equates to inconsistency in your trading results. In other words, if you choose not to take the time to educate yourself on various trading concepts, prepare a plan for each day, and stick to those plans with discipline, then your results will be inconsistent. Unhealthy personal habits can also lead to unhealthy trading habits. If you have a gambler’s mindset outside of trading, then you’ll most likely bring that same philosophy into the markets. Even the “little things” like eating healthy, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and exercising can have a distinct positive impact on your results – these are actually big things. In the end, becoming a consistently profitable trader demands unwavering mental clarity, commitment, and discipline.

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