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What is Benzinga Pro Squawk – Receive Stock Market News Updates in Audio Form:

The Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk feature is a live broadcast of key headlines and critical market updates in audio form.

It’s essentially like a radio station that feeds you economic data releases, earnings announcements, new analyst ratings, large volume spikes, company management updates, rumors, new highs in hot stocks, and other critical market-impacting information.

What is Benzinga Pro Squawk - What is the Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk Feature

It’s not a constant stream of talking because you never know exactly when breaking news will hit, so there can potentially be minutes of silence or minutes of rapid-fire news updates. It all depends on exactly what’s happening within that minute, hour, or day.

Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk updates are provided by Charles Gross (aka Benzinga Charlie) every day from 6am to 6pm.

Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk Advantages:

For active traders and investors, Benzinga Pro’s Audio Squawk feature can provide some serious benefits:

  1. Saves Research Time (Points You in the Direction of the Hottest Stocks/Sectors and Most Critical News)
  2. Saves Screen Space (Frees Up Room to Visually Focus on Other Things Like Looking at Charts, SEC Filings, etc.)
  3. Convenient For Times When You Need to Give Your Eyes a Break or Take a Few Moments Away From Trading Station

Overall, the Audio Squawk feature strikes a nice balance between personalization and convenience. It can’t be uniquely customized by each individual user like the text newsfeed can, but it offers a high level of convenience to make up for it.

Benzinga Charlie makes an effort to share only the news updates that he deems most important at the time. He refrains from sharing every little insignificant thing – otherwise the Squawk feature would be jumbled, confusing, and useless for everybody.

Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk Disadvantages:

As convenient as the Audio Squawk feature can be at certain times, there are also some disadvantages:

  1. Lack of Personal Customization (Only Things You Can Control Are Whether it’s On/Off and the Volume)
  2. Can Potentially Be Distracting (Don’t Know When There Will Be a Sustained Flow of News or Periods of Silence)

Unlike the text newsfeed that can be customized in numerous ways based on the specific types/categories of news, market sectors, and even specific watch lists you want to receive updates on, Audio Squawk is not something you can personally filter.

What is Benzinga Pro Squawk

It’s either muted or unmuted, and from there, all you really have control over is the volume. It does a solid job of keeping you posted on the most important pieces of news, but if fully relied upon, you run the risk of missing something pertaining to your specific approach.

Luckily, you can also use other features, like alerts, to make sounds when news or other updates occur based on specific parameters.

Benzinga Pro Squawk Reviews and Testimonials:

The following quotes are a couple Benzinga Pro reviews and testimonials related to the Squawk feature taken from TrustPilot:

Fantastic news on the market delivered uncluttered and in a timely fashion. If you are an active trader or day trader, this can make all the difference! I wasn’t sure at first if this would be worth it, but I am up over 20K in 1 week from just the info I got in the form of a Squawk from my membership with them. – Jim P.

The best tools to take on the markets in one place! Benzinga Pro has every tool that any kind of trader needs with its well structured interface. The news is fast and the Squawk radio feature is very helpful in making trading decisions on the fly. I would highly recommend this service to anyone that’s ready to tackle the markets. – Walter G.

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Use Audio Squawk in Conjunction With Other Benzinga Pro Features:

For maximum benefit, I believe that the Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk feature should be used in combination with other great features like Newsfeeds, Details, Calendars, Watch Lists, Scanners, Signals, Alerts, etc.

Just to give a basic example, if Benzinga Charlie reports news on a stock or sector that seems negative – it doesn’t automatically mean you should short the stock immediately. And the same goes for the opposite – seemingly positive news doesn’t automatically mean you should pile into a long position. In most cases, it would be prudent to do some additional research using the Details feature.

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What is Benzinga Pro - Top Rated Stock Market Newsfeed

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From there, you can understand key technical levels, company fundamentals, how the stock is reacting to the news, and make an informed decision/plan. The mix of features are offered for a reason: so that you can perform proper due diligence.

Overall, Benzinga Pro is the most robust and affordable real-time stock market news and due diligence platform for retail traders.

Please share your comments, questions, or experiences with Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk or any other features below.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • LineCowley says:

    This is the first time I came across the Benzinga Pro audio squawk feature. Being able to receive audio stock market news updates, can be extremely useful and save you time to read any alerts that you might have set up. The fact that it will point you in the direction of stocks that are in high demand or traded, can be very convenient. Saving time doing research makes this newsfeed platform worth investing in.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the audio squawk feature. I personally don’t use it all that much to be honest – I prefer to use the text newsfeed that can be customized based on my own watch lists (as well as many of the other tools the platform offers – scanners/screeners, calendars, etc.). But I can see why the squawk is such a popular feature. It has led me toward some solid trade ideas a few times, but generally speaking, I find it a bit distracting. There’s a lot of “noise” being shared that I don’t necessarily want/need to hear in regard to my own trading style/approach. So the potential benefit of it depends on personal trading/investing style and preferences. I know a handful of traders that leave it on all day and it works for them, but the text newsfeed and other features are much more valuable to me. Take care!

  • Alex says:

    This is great hearing about the stocks and the changes the market makes is way better than reading about them. I am okay with looking at a live graph to gauge the changes in the stocks I am interested in, but hearing about possible trends and bull markets is super great. I agree that not knowing when the information will come is a drag if you do not have the radio on at all times. but If the reporter is on at the same time every day that might help. Also how much would the membership and the radio access cost?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Alex – Audio Squawk is a feature of Benzinga Pro, which is a platform/tool mainly known for its fast stock market newsfeed, but BP also offers many other features as well (watch lists, scanners/screeners, calendars, signals, alerts, and more). So the Audio Squawk feature is really only one small aspect of the platform as a whole. But it’s certainly a popular one thanks to the hands-free (and eyes-free) nature of it. I personally like the newsfeed feature better because I can customize my newsfeeds to only feed me information regarding my specific watch lists and tickers I want to monitor closely. But sometimes the Audio Squawk feature will alert me to a potentially good trade idea that I wasn’t watching before. The Squawk doesn’t necessarily call out “trends” or “bull markets” – that’s for you as a trader/investor to decide, but it reports on earnings announcements, Fed decisions, mergers/acquisitions, trial results, and other company-specific news that will probably cause (or already is causing) the stock price to move drastically in one way or the other. So overall, Squawk is a solid tool to direct you toward stocks that are experiencing increased volume/attention if that sort of thing aligns with your personal trading strategy/style. Squawk is included in a Benzinga Pro Essential subscription which is $177 per month or $1,404 per year.

  • Jannette says:

    Stock markets I can never remember to read up on consistently and the Benzinga Pro sounds like something I need to try. I much prefer to listen to audio than reading, and with this Benzinga Pro feature I can get better understand my portfolio and overall stock market changes.

  • Page says:

    Although I am not yet into trading stocks myself I found this very informative and it taught me a lot. I have always searched for more clarity in the area of stock news and fundamentals and now with understanding it more, it may be something I look into diving into myself in the near future.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Page – keep in mind that Benzinga Pro is a great tool, but it doesn’t replace proper trading education and skill-building. In my opinion, all prospective traders should train first and then layer helpful tools on top of that strong foundation of skills. Otherwise, the tools won’t be of much use in the wrong hands. Of course you can test out the free trial and even pay for premium access to the Benzinga Pro platform whenever you want, but understand that the effectiveness of it will be limited by the specific user’s own trading skills. My top recommendations for training are Thomas Kralow and 2ndSkies Trading.

  • Limo says:

    Benzinga Pro’s Audio Squawk is a good feature for updates as it gives you real time news. Oh it’s amazing how it works – the video made me have to check it out. As a trader, this can be one of the most essential tools to have for stock updates.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I’m glad the video helped you understand the Audio Squawk feature. Benzinga Pro is an outstanding tool for traders and Audio Squawk is just one of many great features of the platform. Keep me posted on how everything goes with your trading journey – take care!

  • Augustine says:

    I enjoyed reading your article on Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk. Personally I think it’s one of the best Benzinga Pro apps that you can use because only the news that matter the most gets broadcasted and you don’t have to actively keep monitoring but just be attentive to the news while doing some other research. I checked out the Benzinga Pro Audio Squawk myself starting with a free trial and really liked it. Thanks again for sharing!

  • Lily says:

    This sounds like a great tool if you need daily updates on the stock market. It’s just a shame that you can’t tailor it more but then again it will save you a lot of time trying to search for information on your own. My only concern is that with so many people hearing the same news will it skew the results of the trade. Also, I think it would be easy to tune it out and feel that I missed vital information.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Lily – I appreciate your comments and questions.

      The audio squawk feature specifically is great for receiving general market updates as well as some specific news pertaining to individual stocks. But it doesn’t cover absolutely everything. Everybody has their own trading and investing approach, so if it was catered specifically to me or you, then it wouldn’t be useful for many other people. As powerful as a feature like the squawk can be, it can only take you so far. The simplicity and convenience comes at a cost – lack of customization. This is why I think it’s best used in conjunction with other features like scanners/screeners, signals, details, watch lists and text newsfeeds that can actually be filtered to your individual approach. Relying solely on the squawk would be a mistake in my opinion. It has to be combined with other great features.

      For example, every morning prior to market open (or even during the session) you might run a particular scan in order to find stocks that fit your trading parameters. A few stocks that you like from the scans might be added to your watch lists. Then you might dig into some technical and fundamental analysis on those stocks using the details tool. Then link one of your watch lists to a filtered newsfeed that only shows information related to stocks within that watch list. And your signals tool can be set up to alert you on block trades and unusual options activity. These are all ways you can customize your workspace(s) to fit your particular strategies and preferences. The squawk is more of a general tool, but there are multiple other features available within Benzinga Pro for deep individual customization.

      For me personally, the squawk feature is more of a tool that fills the gaps around market open and close in order to receive broad market news. I also turn it on occasionally during short breaks throughout the session when I step away from my desk. But I don’t keep it playing throughout the entire day. My focus is on my own specific approach with custom scans, watch lists, newsfeeds, signals, and alerts. The squawk has certainly led me toward some great trades in the past, but at a certain level of use it becomes a distraction. Receiving an important piece of news or information from the squawk isn’t the only ingredient required for a winning trade or overall winning strategy for that matter. Theres much more to it (proper entries and exits, position sizing, risk/reward ratio, technical analysis, risk and money management, fundamental analysis, trading psychology, etc.). In other words, squawk can help, but I need the other features even more to perform proper due diligence.

      As far as trades being skewed by the news, there are no specific buy or sell alerts, so Benzinga Pro users and other market participants can react in any number of ways. They’re just providing objective news on things like earnings announcements, mergers and acquisitions, analyst ratings, new highs and lows, unusual options activity, etc. But there are no specific buy and sell alerts like you would get following a sketchy alert service with thousands of blind followers. You as the trader/investor need to process the news/information and decide for yourself how to structure and manage your own trades – or decide not to take any trade at all.

      There are certain situations where seemingly “good” news won’t have the immediate impact on a stock’s price that you think. For example, companies often report better than expected earnings, but the price doesn’t go up – it actually goes down. This could be a type of situation where an immediate scalp trade based on good news won’t work. But waiting a bit, buying the dip, and holding on for a longer term swing or position trade might. The main point I’m trying to make is that “good” or “bad” news doesn’t always tell the entire story. There’s also elements of key price levels, timing, sizing, how other market participants are reacting, and more. Overall, there are many different ways people can receive and react to the same piece of news – and there’s not just one right and wrong answer.

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