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What is The Most Innovative Stock Trading Platform

StocksToTrade Software Review – Created By Traders, For Traders:

The StocksToTrade (STT) platform was created for better and more efficient trading, especially for active day and swing traders. In a nutshell, StocksToTrade is an advanced real-time scanning/screening tool, but it’s really so much more than just that. STT offers features that no other software is currently providing, such as paper trading, brokerage integration, filterable news, a proprietary algorithm that finds momentum stocks, and pre-built scans vetted by one of the most successful penny stock traders – Timothy Sykes.

In essence, the StocksToTrade platform allows you to perform your due diligence and research, as well as execute and monitor trades, all in one place. It’s basically Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, Twitter, The Wall Street Journal, Seeking Alpha, Finviz, your brokerage account (ETrade, Interactive Brokers, etc.), and any other research & analysis platform you use to trade stocks consolidated into one user-friendly portal. On a daily basis, the tools provided allow every trader to focus solely on the best Stocks to Trade.

Features & Capabilities of StocksToTrade – Designed With Trading Efficiency in Mind:

  • Build a Watch List Fast
  • On-Chart News & Event Alerts
  • Simple Setup: Left Sidebar & Main Display
  •  Fully Customizable Scanners
  •  Paper Trading Capabilities
  •  Top % Gainers in Real Time
  • Level 2 Quotes (Market Depth)
  •  Unlimited Watch Lists
  •  SEC Filings
  •  Filterable Twitter Feed
  •  Key Statistics
  •  Company Profiles
  •  Easy-To-Use Widget-Based Structure
  •  Pre-Built Scans By Tim Sykes
  •  Technical & Fundamental Criteria
  •  Focus on the Hottest Stocks
  •  One-Stop-Shop For All Needs
  •  Create Detailed Trade Plans

The Top 3 StocksToTrade Features Available Within the Platform:

There’s no shortage of innovative features being rolled out by the StocksToTrade development team on a routine basis, so the platform will only continue to swiftly evolve and improve as time goes on. If users have a request that will make the software better for the entire StocksToTrade community, then they make those features come to life as fast as possible. In an ever-changing market environment, the STT team knows how to adapt better than anybody else. Let’s check out some of the best trading features available below:


1) Predictive Algorithm For Momentum Stocks: A proprietary algorithm called Oracle provides traders with a short list of about 5-10 high-potential stocks to trade at any point throughout the day based on volume, changes in price, and key support and resistance levels. As those key levels are tested and/or broken, traders can have their eyes focused closely on impending breakouts and flushes, and ultimately profit from those opportunities. It’s a dynamic tool, meaning the data updates in real-time. Overall, Oracle helps traders quickly build watch lists, generate trade plans, and pinpoint entries & exits on both long and short trade ideas.

2) Filterable News & Twitter Feeds: News is extremely important for traders since certain events (earnings, mergers, offerings, etc.) can be catalysts for future price movements. Staying on top of news can keep you in-the-know, and also help you decide whether or not to enter/exit positions. News can be filtered in a number of ways based on specific tickers, watch lists, time periods, etc. In addition to that, STT offers a live Twitter feed for researching the hottest $Cashtags. As you probably could have guessed by now, these results can be filtered as well based on desired price, volume, % change, etc. Another great feature is that if you have a handful of traders you specifically follow and trust on Twitter, you can set up a filter just for viewing their activity.


3) Paper Trading & Brokerage IntegrationPaper trading capabilities allow beginners to develop their talents and learn risk-free, while also being able to simulate live trading. It’s great for veteran traders who are attempting to implement new strategies as well. STT provides you with a $30,000 paper account by default, but that value can be modified to reflect your personal situation. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is choose a value that closely matches what your real portfolio will be when you’re ready to take that step. The best part of all is that the paper trading feature has laid the groundwork for full brokerage integration, which will allow for real orders to be executed within the STT platform. Brokerage integration is set to launch in Spring 2017.

StocksToTradePro With Lead Trainer, Tim Bohen:

StocksToTradePro (STTP) is a supplemental training service headed up by a veteran trader with over a decade worth of experience in the markets  – Tim Bohen. STTP offers continuous education on various trading strategies in general, as well as configurations & usage specific to the STT platform.

Tim offers a live stream of his trading screen twice daily to his Pro members (at the open and close). He also posts watch lists, hosts Q&A sessions, and shares strategy-related webinars on a regular basis. These sessions cover various trading topics and strategies, as well as how to leverage the first-class features available within the STT platform (Oracle, paper trading, broker integration, developing  screeners, creating custom alerts, filtering news, etc.)

StocksToTrade vs. – StocksToTrade is Faster and More Comprehensive:

Finviz is a phenomenal tool in its own right, but the features of StocksToTrade are simply too robust for Finviz to compete. Most notably, Finviz doesn’t include scans, quotes, news, etc. on Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) stocks – StocksToTrade does. That’s a huge plus for active penny stock and momentum traders, many of which trade stocks outside of the major exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX). Link to Finviz Review: [What is Finviz? Finviz = Financial Visualizations]

Your typical Finviz stock quote is also delayed 15-20 minutes – unless you’re a Finviz Elite subscriber, in which case quotes will have a refresh rate of just a few seconds. StocksToTrade runs completely in real-time – everything is live, updating constantly. The only edge that Finviz has over StocksToTrade, in my opinion, is that they offer a couple free membership options with limited capabilities. StocksToTrade, on the other hand, requires a paid subscription. The closest StocksToTrade gets to being free is a $1 (7-Day) Trial.

Conclusion – It’s Almost an Unfair Advantage in Trading Efficiency:

The StocksToTrade platform is simply unmatched. It blows every other trading platform out of the water in terms of capability and efficiency. The features provided by STT all in one location render your basket of old trading tools obsolete. There’s no longer a need to jump from tab to tab, or screen to screen, scanning for attractive chart patterns, searching for news, following live stock quotes, monitoring market depth (level 2), scouring social media for hot stocks, etc. – its all provided “under one roof”.

Exclusive Offer: [Get Started With StocksToTrade Now For Just $1.00 (7-Day Trial)]

Stocks To Trade Review

|Abandon Your Old Trading Tools and Applications For One All-Inclusive Software|

The entire platform is great for beginner and experienced traders alike, allowing them to simplify their process and save time by building watch lists rapidly, receiving on-chart alerts for important events and news, creating custom scans that fit their personal trading styles, and much more. Once broker integration is available in Spring 2017 (allowing traders to buy & sell securities directly through the STT platform), I don’t know what more a trader could ask for. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about the StocksToTrade developers, it’s that if traders are requesting additional features and capabilties, they’ll make it happen ASAP.

Bottom Line: StocksToTrade allows you to filter out all of the noise in the markets. There are over 15,000 stocks available to trade each day on US exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTCBB, and PINK SHEETS) – STT helps you filter that extensive list down to a manageable one consisting of just 5-10 of the highest potential tickers each and every day. Focus on the stocks that matter!

Please Leave Any Questions or Comments Relating to the StocksToTrade Platform Below. Is There a Better Trading Platform Out There?

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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  • Daniel Gonzales says:

    Hello Matt,

    I appreciate your thorough review of the StocksToTrade platform and your recommendation. I would consider myself a beginner, so having a platform that could help me with researching the best stocks would be incredibly helpful. Evidence-based design is important in my current line of work, so the more research I could get on a stock the better. 

    I am very impressed with your knowledge of the subject and being able to compare it with other tools. I’m sure there are more complex functions that are needed for the veteran traders. A user-friendly experience sounds ideal as I’m sure the learning curve is steep for a beginner even with paper stocks. Being up to date on the latest information would also be key for me, since I don’t have a ton of experience in this area. 

    I am interested in getting expert mentoring if I do decide to jump into this type of trading. I don’t think a few dollars is too much to ask to get started learning the ropes. I just wonder how much the mentoring plan would be. The video was very helpful in finding out more about the platform and what kind of experience we can get with it. I was wondering how you heard about the platform? 

    Thank you for sharing and I look forward to your future reviews. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Daniel – I appreciate the kind words. StocksToTrade is a great trading platform primarily because it consolidates all useful tools into one platform. It’s geared toward fast-paced day and swing traders, but can certainly provide value to longer-term traders and investors as well. Even veteran stock traders love it for the simplicity, efficiency, and speed. Complexity isn’t necessarily a good thing when it comes to trading, even though many beginners think so. I don’t remember exactly how I came across STT, but it had to be from following Tim Sykes and his trading programs (so probably Twitter, promotional email, etc.).

      I haven’t personally tried STT Pro with Tim Bohen, but here are a few Top Mentorship Programs I have experience with. These services typically cost somewhere in the $2,500-5,000 per year range. Seems expensive, I know, but the educational tools and expert insights are invaluable (video lessons, real-time portfolio streams, live trading sessions, Q&A’s, webinars, conferences, etc.). As a member, you have direct access to professional traders making six or seven figures each year in the markets. For traders who are fully committed to their own success, programs like Millionaire Roadmap, Nucleus, and Traders Council can offer incredible value.

  • Vanna Denham says:

    Hello Matt,

    Thank you for such great content. My brother and I have done a limited amount of day trading in the past. We have our eyes on a few stocks that we believe will do great in the immediate coming years.  So we have been looking around for a trading platform such as StocksToTrade to have our hands-on experience. Tim’s training appears to be a great feature for those looking for fast-paced trading strategies and we will most likely take advantage of it. Thank you again. Happy Holidays!

    V. Pearl

  • Kabirat says:

    StocksToTrade platform is definitely worth trying. It provides news and details of major events to know which stocks to potentially trade and when it might be a good time to trade them. It has made trading easy, simple and accessible for beginners and pros. The 7-day trial encourages one to decide whether to stay with them or quit after assessing their services. 

  • Paul says:

    I was always interested in trading but when people talk about the risky and volatile market I was afraid. Once I joined a broker for the trading platform and created an account but yet to buy any shares.

    I really like the paper trading and many experts recommends the same for beginners to do the paper trading first. So that we gain more confidence and knowledge and we can decide upon our paper trade results whether we can step into it or not.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Paul – the paper trading functionality that StocksToTrade has to offer is certainly valuable for newer traders and probably under-utilized. It’s a great way for beginners to get a feel for the markets as a whole, the specific stocks they’re looking to trade, and how they can perform trading them without any real money on the line. It pretty much reduces risk entirely, all it takes is your time and attention. Most new traders skip this step in the learning process, fail to gain valuable experiences with limited risk, and ultimately lose a lot of real money as a result. There are opportunities available in every type of market environment (bullish/bearish, volatile/steady) – it all depends on your particular strategies.

  • Hugo says:

    Thanks for the information on I like the features you point out, specifically, I like the way the features and capabilities are displayed in tabular form. It makes it easy to follow, and to build your own strategy.  I will see how best to take advantage of the tools with videos from Tim Bohen. Thanks again.

  • Brandon says:

    I’ve always wanted to try stock trading but could never find good enough platform and training program. However, this one seems to be different from the rest.

    I always thought that people who create these platforms “claim” to have some big bad secret to making a killing but Stockstotrade clearly looks different and gives us an advantage from the rest.

    Most trading systems want much more money than this initially asks for so I’m glad I can try it out and see what I’m getting myself into for just $1! That is amazing, thanks a lot.

    One question though, what will the monthly price be after the trial ends? Cheers.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Brandon – the StocksToTrade platform costs $179.95/month or $1,899.50/yr (about a 12% savings for yearly as opposed to monthly). And the 1 week trial is now $7. As more capabilities and features get added to it, the price rises. The most substantial update they’ve made to the platform thus far was the addition of Broker Integration. While on the expensive side, the value a platform like this delivers can be well worth it depending on what kind of trader you are. Active traders love this unique, all-inclusive platform in order to be most efficient with their charting, research, execution, etc.

  • Emmanuel Buysse says:

    I’ve heard about this platform before. I used to trade stocks and binary options, but after a while I quit it. The reason why was simple: in that time it was too dangerous to do it, with the crisis and these things. However, after reading this post, I have the feeling I want to do it again. And StocksToTrade seems to be very easy to use. I will try it and let you know how it goes. 

  • Mikael says:

    Hi Matt,

    StocksToTrade sounds like a good charting platform. How is it for beginners? Is it possible to use it and easy to get started with if you have no or very little experience, or do you have any other suggestions for platforms that are better for beginners?


    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Mike – I’d say StocksToTrade is certainly beginner-friendly. Not only does it offer tons of charting/scanning options, but it also offers a real-time paper trading platform as well. The ability to test strategies and your own execution of those strategies in a live setting is critical to success as a trader. Overall, the platform is fairly intuitive, but there are also quite a few tutorials on YouTube on how to use the platform as well. The only thing about STT is that it’s on the expensive side as far as charting software goes, but I do think it’s one of the best. If it had broker integration available (which I believe they’re still working on) then it would certainly be worth the cost, in my opinion. Sites like Finviz & StockCharts can also be used for charting/screening (and they offer free versions), but you have to consider the importance of real-time data, paper trading platform, and other features when deciding which one(s) to choose.

  • james says:

    Hi Matt

    I’ve done some day trading in the past and it’s great to see that there are new platforms evolving all the time. Looking at some of the screenshots and watching the videos it highlighted to me that this user interface is far superior to ones I’ve used in the past. I’ll definitely have to look into this platform more.


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