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What is in Thomas Kralow’s Complete Program – University Grade Trading Education:

Thomas Kralow’s trading program is 16 chapters long with over 200 video lessons, 140 tests, and 80 interactive assignments. Unlike most lousy and short trading courses available online, this program is designed to take students roughly 4-5 months to complete.

What is in Thomas Kralow's Complete Trading Program

To get a solid idea of what’s covered inside Thomas Kralow’s trading program, here’s a breakdown of all 16 chapters included:

1. Effective Start

This introductory chapter covers the realities of short-term trading and setting realistic expectations for your development.

  • Discover the most common beginner mistakes/pitfalls
  • Understand what it takes to be among the small percentage of successful traders
  • Learn the proper approach for getting the most out of your learning experience

2. Trading Psychology

Chapter 2 is about acknowledging your psychological barriers and learning how to overcome them for durable market success.

Thomas Kralow Trading Program - Trading Psychology

  • Explore the 3 psychological stages that every trader goes through
  • Recognize times when you should not be trading due to mental constraints
  • Analyze your beliefs about money and any past experiences that might hinder your ability to trade properly

3. Basic Technical Aspects of Trading

Chapter 3 covers the simplest components of technical analysis such as buy vs. sell, candlestick charts, time frames, trends, etc.

  • Learn about waves, channels, flags, and important price levels
  • Identify basic structures and discern the general market mood
  • Pinpoint minor and major trends based on various time frames

4. Intro to Indicator Trading

Chapter 4 will introduce you to a couple trading indicators that Thomas Kralow uses and how to properly utilize them.

  • Learn how to appropriately deal with false signals created by indicators
  • Understand the difference between concepts like convergence and divergence
  • Develop a basic understanding of indicators and their accompanying strengths/weaknesses

5. Important Indicator Trading Rules

Chapter 5 emphasizes the importance of trading in a structured and systematic way, but not solely relying on indicators.

  • Learn how to calculate average true range (ATR) and how to apply it on a daily basis
  • Understanding critical market times, economic news, and how to avoid dangerous market situations
  • Explore 11 different indicator trading rules that Thomas has created over the years to protect his account

6. Indicator Trading Systems

Chapter 6 provides custom indicator settings that Thomas Kralow uses depending on the time frame (15sec, 1min, 5min, etc.)

Thomas Kralow Trading Program - Indicator Systems

  • Grasp the starting point of what to look for in order to make smart entries and exits
  • Discover the unique way in which Thomas Kralow uses MACD and Stochastic to understand shifts in momentum
  • Demo trade live markets using indicators in order to train, but understand the drawbacks of pure indicator trading

7. Intro to Key Level Trading

Chapter 7 highlights the value of key market levels and understanding their impact on short-term market climbs and drops.

  • Build the necessary framework for being able to explain any market movement
  • Learn 3 trading styles using key market levels – true break, false break, and bounce
  • Discover 9 types of key market levels, how to pinpoint them, and which ones are the weakest/strongest

8. Advanced Aspects of Key Level Trading

Chapter 8 allows you to improve your key level trading skills and offers a precautionary list of rules for safe application.

  • Recognize long tails on candlestick charts and what they mean
  • Learn how to spot “limit players” (large institutional traders) at key market levels
  • Understand how the foreign exchange market (Forex/FX) differs from any other market

9. Risk & Money Management

Chapter 9 focuses on proper asset allocation and how to correctly calculate risk and profit target on a per trade basis.

  • Develop a reward to risk ratio of at least 3 to 1
  • Learn valuable rules for keeping losses small and controlling risk
  • How to handle sizing down/up based on market conditions and performance

10. Key Level Trading System

Chapter 10 digs even further into key level trading systems with numerous trade examples from real financial markets.

Thomas Kralow Trading Program - Key Level System

  • Master all 5 models of trading at key market levels
  • Discover the importance of market impulse and backlash
  • Develop a “preflight checklist” for properly entering positions

11. Thomas Kralow Personal Trading Strategy

Chapter 11 unveils the details of Thomas Kralow’s personal trading strategy with a substantial number of his actual trades.

  • Uncover the power of depth of market analysis
  • See how earlier chapters have built up to this culmination of critical concepts and skills
  • Combine the building blocks of indicators, key levels, and other technical components into an overall profitable strategy

12. Personal Algorithm and Statistics

Chapter 12 focuses on the creation of your own personal trading algorithm and how to keep proper trading statistics.

  • Understand that there is no single “correct” way to trade the markets
  • Develop your own unique approach based on personal preferences, cognitive strengths, and personality traits
  • Learn how to track clean and powerful trading statistics in order to accurately judge the effectiveness of your system

13. Choosing an Approach

Chapter 13 is an extension of developing your personal trading algorithm and choosing an approach that is right for you.

  • Discover an unpopular market that Thomas Kralow actually likes to trade
  • Choose to pursue scalp trading, day trading, swing trading, position trading, long-term trading, etc. (just one, multiple, or all)
  • Take your location, availability, and preferences into account for deciding what markets, products, and time frames to trade

14. Recap

Chapter 14 is a comprehensive summary of everything covered throughout the program thus far plus additional recommendations.

Thomas Kralow Trading Program - Recap

  • Receive a list of recommended books for further development
  • Confirm your total absorption of the learning material and acquisition of robust trading skills
  • Get motivated as you prepare to take on the financial markets and become a consistently profitable trader

15. Stock Trading Strategy

Chapter 15 offers a deeper look at the elements of active stock trading as opposed to indices, futures, forex, etc.

  • Understand the differences between various markets and products/instruments
  • Tweak your personal trading algorithm to include active stock trading (if you choose to)
  • Learn how to use stock screeners and perform fundamental research for choosing stocks to trade

16. Long-Term Investing Strategy

Chapter 16 shifts away from active trading to focus on long-term investing and wealth building with stocks, crypto, and venture capital.

  • Avoid getting scammed within the crypto space
  • Perform macro market analysis and analyze various investment ideas
  • Understand fundamental analysis and market sentiment on a deep level

How is Thomas Kralow’s Trading Program Different From Other Trading Courses:

In my personal experience, Thomas Kralow’s trading program is drastically different from most other trading courses I’ve been through.

What is in Thomas Kralow's Complete Trading Program

I know I’ve said this before, but I hesitate to even call it a “course” because that terminology just doesn’t do it justice. Instead, I like to refer to it as a full-blown learning program because of how comprehensive and beneficial it is for dedicated students.

Below I’ll discuss 3 major characteristics of Thomas Kralow’s trading program that differentiate it from most (if not all) others:

1. It Covers a Wide Range of Critical Trading Topics – Not Just Technical Analysis

The typical trading course you come across online isn’t anywhere close to being comprehensive. It usually just covers the basics like candlestick charts, trends, and channels. But for individuals who are serious about success, this barely scratches the surface.

Thomas Kralow University Grade Trading Education Course Chapters

For absolute beginners, a trading course that covers basic technical analysis is fine in order to get acquainted with terminology and concepts. But understanding terminology and concepts doesn’t automatically translate to profitability in real markets.

This is why Thomas Kralow’s program is so valuable. He certainly covers technical analysis, but that’s only one chapter. He also covers proper expectation-setting, trading psychology, indicators, key levels, risk & money management, statistics, and more.

2. There Are Quizzes, Homework Assignments, and Even a Final Exam For Deep Learning

Another way that Thomas Kralow’s trading program stands out is with interactive tasks and tests. In fact, almost every lesson has a quiz, homework assignment, or both to go along with it. This structure helps turn conceptual knowledge into practical skills.

What is Training For Trading - Best Day Trader Training

Shockingly, most other trading educators completely miss the mark on this. Instead of actually arming their students with the skills for self-sufficiency (which leads to success), they set them up for dependency on hot stock picks, for example (which leads to failure).

Thomas Kralow’s trading program isn’t just some haphazard collection of old webinars that he threw together just so he could sell a course (which is what many other self-proclaimed gurus do). It’s a well-structured curriculum focused on skill-building.

3. It Builds Toward the Creation and Implementation of Your Own Personal Trading Algorithm

In my personal opinion, this is where Thomas Kralow’s trading program substantially differentiates itself. But this step of creating and implementing your own personal trading strategy wouldn’t be possible without the robust training that precedes it.

Thomas Kralow Biography - Who is Thomas Kralow

Sadly, most other trading courses, programs, and services just create armies of copy-cat followers. These individuals simply join chat rooms and alert services in attempts to mirror the exact trades of so-called gurus. But this route is completely ineffective.

The fact that the ultimate goal for every Thomas Kralow student is to create their own personal trading algorithm based on individual strengths and preferences makes it the real deal. Markets, time frames, and products traded can vary from student to student.

Wrap Up – Is Thomas Kralow’s Trading Program a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

There will always be naysayers calling Thomas Kralow a scammer for one reason or another, but the reality is that most other trading programs aren’t nearly as comprehensive and well-structured. It truly offers a real path to trading success.

There are no false promises of fast and easy riches like the rest of the industry endlessly promotes just to sell short, lousy courses. Instead, Thomas Kralow is completely authentic when it comes to expectation-setting and the realities involved with trading.

|Discover 3 Great Ways to Start Learning From Thomas Kralow For Free|

Best Futures Trading Course With Expert-Level Mentorship

|Find Answers to the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Thomas Kralow|

He offers a full-blown learning program that takes the average student roughly four to five months to complete. Typically, this type of time commitment involved with learning and training isn’t what most people want to pursue because it’s a difficult path.

But Thomas Kralow’s authenticity about the realities of trading attracts individuals who have the right idea about what it takes to achieve long-term success. This filters out the lazy, uncommitted individuals who tend to chase get-rich-quick schemes.

Overall, this program is entirely different than what most fake gurus offer. It’s the long, rigorous, and real path to trading success.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • AL. S. says:

    This is a very good course for anyone that is considering getting into the market. I did a lot of self-teaching and did not have any traditional training. Luckily I was able to get the hang of it. I wish I had known about this course a couple of years ago, I think it would have made the process a whole lot less painful. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Al – I appreciate your comments!

      Many people try to take the self-teaching route when it comes to learning how to trade in order to save money. But I think what a lot of people who try to do this don’t realize is that it oftentimes ends up being a longer and more expensive route – especially in terms of time. There’s plenty of information out there about trading and investing, but it’s hard to know exactly what to believe. So sifting through mountains of free information and trying to figure out what’s true is a time-consuming process. And information alone is only the first step – that information then needs to be practically applied in an effective manner. And without a strong mentor, this process can be extremely difficult.

      This is why I think high-quality learning programs like Thomas Kralow’s are so important. It’s not a get-rich-quick program by any stretch, but it can certainly help cut the learning curve in order for individuals to ultimately save both time and money. Trading isn’t for everyone, but those who choose to pursue it should be focused on proper education, skill-building/training, and becoming self-sufficient.

  • Dan says:

    I have wanted to get more involved in trading for a while now but there are so many scams out there its hard to know where to properly learn the ropes and I like that this is a full Learning path rather than a quick fix. Will be looking into Thomas Krawlow’s Complete Trading Program further. Thanks

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Dan – I definitely understand the vast amount of lousy trading courses, programs, and services out there. I’ve experienced far too many of them firsthand – many of which are downright scams.

      But Thomas Kralow’s program is different from all others I’ve come across to date. At first, I honestly thought he’d be just another fake guru trying to send out trade alerts and get people to join his chat room. But it’s not that at all. It’s a full-blown learning program that’s designed to take students four to five months to complete. It’s not a program that produces automatic success – you still have to put the work in. But it offers a well-structured, comprehensive curriculum for individuals who are serious about active trading. You just don’t find Thomas Kralow’s level of honesty and transparency very often in an industry like this loaded with shiny objects and get-rich-quick programs.

      Here’s a link to all Thomas Kralow articles covering FAQs, pricing, and more if you’re looking for resources to look into his program further.

  • Lionel says:

    I enjoyed your comprehensive overview of Thomas Kralow’s trading program. I also appreciate the fact that you mentioned that it is not a scam as well as the fact that it provides a genuine path to trading success. From your description, it’s definitely different from other trading programs I’ve personally come across. As someone who is constantly on the lookout for ways to profit in the market, I believe I should give the program a try to see how effective it is.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Lionel – thanks for the kind words and keep me posted on your progress if you do decide to join.

      Keep in mind that the Complete program is designed to take four to five months to finish, so giving it a try requires a substantial time commitment. In my opinion, that time commitment is well worth it in the end, but everyone needs to make that decision for themselves. He also offers a Basic course (which only covers 2 chapters) for those who are unsure if active trading is right for them. I also created a post covering 3 free ways to start learning from Thomas Kralow for individuals who want to get a better feel for his teaching style and methodology before committing to his full program. Hope this helps. Take care!

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