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What is Benzinga Options Mentorship and Who is Nicolas Chahine?

Benzinga Options Mentorship is an educational stock and options trading service run by Nicolas Chahine.

Nic Chahine has been with Benzinga for over 10 years, full-time trading for over 20 years, and is known as an options trading expert within the Benzinga community. He’s a regular blogger/contributor on Benzinga, as well as InvestorPlace and Entrepreneur.

What is Benzinga Options Mentorship With Nicolas Chahine

Beginners are often reluctant to pursue an options trading education due to the perceived complexity. But the most common feedback from students is that he teaches options strategies in simple, easy-to-understand terms – which is no easy feat.

Here’s a List of What’s Included Within the Benzinga Options Mentorship Program:

  • Daily Market Overviews, Updates, Discussions, and Trade Plans
  • 5+ High Probability Stock/Option Trade Ideas Per Month
  • Access to Options Inner Circle Chat Room (Live 8 Hours Per Day)
  • Weekend Chart Review/Strategy Sessions Covering Hundreds of Tickers
  • Benzinga Pro Essential With the Options Activity Signal Add-On (a $1,700+ Value)

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Nic believes that his diverse personal background and decades of market experience provide him with a unique edge. His background includes an engineering degree, MBA, corporate finance career, CFO/COO of an internet venture, and more.

Overall Thoughts: Is Benzinga Options Mentorship Legit – Is Nicolas Chahine a Scam?

Considering the dozens of other trading mentors I’ve had experiences with and courses/programs/services I’ve been through, I wouldn’t put Nicolas Chahine and the Benzinga Options Mentorship program in the top spot. But it’s certainly not a scam.

For individuals interested in trading stocks/options and leveraging a powerful platform like Benzinga Pro – I definitely do think the Benzinga Options Mentorship program is valuable – especially at the right price (check for best available discounts).

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The current retail price on a Benzinga Options Mentorship subscription is $347 per month (which works out to $4,164 over the course of a year) or $3,372 per year (a 19% discount if paid upfront). This, in my opinion, is a little too steep of a cost for what it is.

But if you can lock in a 25-50% discounted price on it, that’s where it gets a lot more intriguing. 50% off the yearly mentorship subscription, for example, is $1,686 – which is less than the cost of Benzinga Pro Essential with the options activity add-on ($1,740).

And since the Benzinga Options Mentorship includes a Benzinga Pro Essential subscription as part of it – you’d essentially have access to everything else the mentorship program has to offer 100% free (chat room, trade ideas, Q&A sessions, etc.).

I wouldn’t crown it the king of all trading mentorship programs, but I do see extreme value in it around a $2,000 price point.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • LineCowley says:

    It is as you say that many beginners regard options trading as too complicated and therefore do not explore the possibility of training enough. Getting training and mentoring with Nicolas Chahine and the Benzinga Options Mentorship program could be a very good start. 

    The cost, even with the 50% discount, is certainly far above my budget, and it could be the case with many beginners.  You mention that this is not the star course for Options trading,  so can you recommend a better course for beginners? Thank you.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I think the default for most new traders is stocks because everyone’s heard of the “stock market”, but there are so many other markets/instruments to trade: options, futures, cryptocurrencies, etc. And these days, since so many big players are in the options markets, I think all traders should be aware of options flows (dealer hedging, gamma squeezes, etc.) because it can have a drastic impact on both individual stock prices and markets as a whole. Those who don’t understand these dynamics as a “simple stock trader” are at a major disadvantage, in my opinion. My top 2 recommendations for education/training in regard price action and order flow for stocks and options would be The Trading Masterclass at 2ndskies and The Benzinga Options School – both run by Chris Capre (a former institutional trader).

  • Lorenz Valdez says:

    Hey Matt!

    I’ve been trading options / forex and crypto since the pandemic and I’ve actually heard of the Benzinga Options Mentorship program.

    I had a few of my friends actually purchase the course, but never asked how it was.

    But for $347 per month, I think you could find better alternatives out there online. Thanks for sharing.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Lorenz – I do think $347 per month for the education/mentorship itself is high for this particular program, but you have to keep in mind that it includes a Benzinga Pro Essential subscription with the options activity signal add-on (which by itself costs over $200 per month). So if Benzinga Pro is a tool that you think seriously fits into your trading style/process and helps boost your edge, that’s when I think the Benzinga Options Mentorship is seriously worth considering (at the right price). I’ve seen times when it’s available at a 50% discount – and at that price point, it can actually cost less than the typical Benzinga Pro Essential subscription by itself.

      As an alternative to the Benzinga Options Mentorship (especially if unable to get for a discount), I would personally opt for Benzinga Options School with Chris Capre. I have a lot of experience with Chris Capre through 2ndSkies Trading – and I know that he’s extremely knowledgeable in regard to stocks, options, price action, and order flow. He used to offer an Options Bootcamp course through 2ndSkies, but I believe that’s been removed at this point now that he teaches options through Benzinga Options School. Nevertheless, he still offers two of my favorite training courses through 2ndSkies: The Trading Masterclass and Advanced Traders Mindset Course.

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