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What Are the Best Swing Trading Newsletters?

What Criteria Make For a Quality Trading Newsletter?

When traders are searching for a quality swing trading newsletter to help them implement an active trading approach on Wall Street, it’s common for them to simply seek “Hot Picks” or “Picks of the Month”. Unfortunately, if that’s all a service has to offer, it’s most likely a scam. In all reality, it’s really not providing any value because trading is all about timing. A “Hot Pick” may drop 50% in a week and then quadruple over the next few months. Or it may quadruple over the next week and then drop sharply over the next few months. The difference between an exceptional profit and a devastating loss is timing.

Newsletter subscribers shouldn’t be seeking “Hot Picks”, they should be seeking education. Learning a proven system inside and out. Being able to research the market, scan for your own setups, and ultimately enter and exit positions on your own merit. The end goal shouldn’t be to blindly copy alerts just because a strategy works for someone else. “Hot Picks” can only get you so far without proper money management: portfolio allocation, stop losses, profit targets, risk tolerance, etc. Above all else, the main objective should be education, knowledge, practice, discipline, and ultimately, self-sufficiency. You’re responsible for your own success on Wall Street, so take control and start profiting.

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