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Stock Trading Review – Inspiring Podcasts For Newer Traders

By June 5, 2016July 24th, 20162 Comments

Trading Story with Brandon ClayWhat is All About? chronicles the host, Brandon Clay’s, journey to becoming a successful, full-time trader. Clay is obsessed with the markets, but hasn’t found the “key to success” quite yet. Through interviews with many different traders who are implementing various techniques in the markets, he hopes not only to enlighten and inspire himself, but other traders seeking to “get over the hump” as well.

By hearing the stories and taking the advice of real-life, successful traders, Clay believes his podcasts will act as a major catalyst in the future success of newer traders.
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Explore Real Life Struggles and Triumphs in the Markets:

The name of the site itself says it all – the focus is on each trader’s personal story. And let’s be realistic, not every aspect of a trader’s journey is going to be “sunshine and rainbows”. The encouraging triumphs in the markets are supplemented with struggles as well. Sometimes those unfortunate circumstances or big losses can be the turning point in a trader’s career, teaching them to be more disciplined and systematic in their approach.

Talking to Traders Who Have Already Realized the Dream:

There are a handful of advantages that come along with speaking to traders who have “been there before”. You get their backstory to understand where they came from, learn how they trade and where they developed their strategy, and most importantly, how they’ve ultimately become successful. In the end, every trader is looking for their ticket to trading success → a consistently profitable system.

  • Why Have Some Traders Made it While Others Haven’t?
  • Can You Trade a Few Hours Per Week For a Full-Time Income?
  • How Important is a Mentor in the Learning Process?
  • Should I Specialize in One Style or Be a Jack of All Trades?
  • Can Trading Work For Regular, Everyday People?
  • What Kind of Flexibility Can Trading Provide in My Life? is dedicated to answering these questions for you and eventually realizing your dream of a profitable trading-lifestyle, one interview at a time. Overall, the world of trading can be overwhelming, but Brandon Clay at Trading Story makes  it fun and easy to understand. As he navigates the world of trading through the experiences of successful traders, you may even find a strategy that lines up with your personality, preferences, and availability. with Brandon Clay

Are You Interested in Hearing the Stories of Real-Life, Successful Traders? Brandon Clay Hosts Multiple Podcasts Each Week With Experienced Trading Professionals at

Written by Matt Thomas

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  • Kevin Pola says:

    I dabbled in the markets for many years and quickly learned it is not a game for the uneducated. Like every other business a high percentage of traders fail. A lot of this is due to lack of knowledge, attitude and just too lazy to learn. Having a podcast where you can listen to experienced traders on a regular basis is a great way to understand what the markets are doing. Great Post thanks for sharing. Cheers Kev

    • Matt Thomas says:

      That’s exactly right, Kevin. I couldn’t agree with you more. Hearing from real-life traders and understanding what it takes to become consistently profitable is invaluable information. I personally learned a lot hearing the various perspectives of traders all over the market map: Forex, stocks, options, etc. Even the host, Brandon Clay, used his TradingStory podcast to jumpstart his own successful journey in full-time trading. He’s currently on a hiatus from podcasts to pursue that journey, but will potentially be back to continue his interviews and chronicle his own experiences at a later date. Trade green!

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