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What is Trade Ideas? Is it For Both Beginner and Advanced Traders?

Trade Ideas launched back in 2003 as a simple stock scanner and alerts platform, but has grown into one of the most robust stock trading platforms over the course of the past two decades. With five years running on the Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing privately held companies, there’s no doubt that traders are faithfully using the Trade Ideas technology to successfully navigate the market.

What sets Trade Ideas apart from the competition is how well it harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. Through its AI engine named Holly (explained more below), the platform provides specific strategies to help guide you into trades with high statistical odds. Unlike any human, Holly is able to constantly scan through thousands of stocks and ETFs both inside and outside of market hours, running millions of backtests and simulations. This constant flow of analysis and adaptation provides an exceptional tactical edge.

In essence, Trade Ideas expertly combines the power of humans and machines. You as the trader can customize the criteria, filters, and settings so that the platform feeds you the exact types of opportunities that you want to see. After all, your statistical edge in the market is determined by information, and computers are far better at scanning and evaluating that data than you are. So if you’re done trading randomly and actually want to execute a strategy with the odds in your favor, Trade Ideas can be the answer.

Top 5 Features of the Trade Ideas Premium Platform:

The easiest way to understand how the Trade Ideas platform works is through channels. These channels are preset layouts based on specific categories like penny stocks, blockchain/crypto, earnings, or short squeezes – all of which can be customized to fit your individual needs. You can also build your own layouts from scratch with custom strategies, scanners, and alerts.

Trade Ideas Review:Testimonial

This is as close to an all-in-one trading platform as I’ve ever seen. Instead of having to hop back-and-forth from all sorts of charting services, scanning softwares, newsfeeds, simulators, chat rooms, and other trading tools, Trade Ideas offers a form of all of them under one roof. You can potentially ditch multiple other subscriptions for just this one powerful platform.

But the biggest strength is in the scans, alerts, and filters, which can provide an ideal flow of potential opportunities for absolutely any type of trader. Overall, the Trade Ideas platform can be personalized to efficiently execute your own individual trading style.

1. HOLLY (Artificial Intelligence Algorithms)

A popular question from those unfamiliar with Trade Ideas is “what/who is Holly?”. The simple answer is that Holly is an artificial intelligence engine that scans the market for trade opportunities with high statistical odds. Holly was first introduced a few years back, but there are now three distinct versions of her – Holly Grail, Holly 2.0, and Holly Neo.

It would take way too long to describe the exact parameters that each version of Holly uses to produce trade ideas, but the general concept to understand is that the algorithms are analyzing the market for you in real time. In essence, Holly works like a research analyst to evaluate technical/fundamental data, social media, and more – but 1,000X faster than any human ever could.

2. ODDSMAKER  (Backtesting Strategies)

If you choose to build, test, or optimize one or multiple trading strategies, this is where the OddsMaker comes into play. The different versions of Holly are backtested strategies created by the Trade Ideas team that have proven themselves over long periods of time. But some individuals might still want to build and optimize their own strategies – either in place of or in addition to Holly.

Trade Ideas AI Holly and OddsMaker

Advanced traders take data and backtesting seriously, but most newbies have a tendency for random and impulsive trading. These random and impulsive actions usually stem from an obsessive focus on results (profits) instead of the process (statistical edge plus execution). The amazing part about the OddsMaker, in my opinion, is how it can help beginners start thinking in probabilities.

3. SIMULATION MODE (Paper Trading)

One of the biggest mistakes new traders make is diving straight into the market completely unprepared, yet hoping for a huge payday. But this reckless approach never works. Some individuals try to say that paper trading is a waste of time, but I don’t subscribe to that belief at all. In order to get used to the nuances of the platform, all new users should at least start in simulation mode.

Take it from me and thousands of other traders before you – it might feel like you’re missing out on opportunities by not immediately going live, but all you’re missing out on is blowing up your account. This is what I call learning the hard way. Even though I feel like a broken record saying the same thing over-and-over again, I think the repetition is important to get the message across.

4. BROKERAGE PLUS (Integrated/Automated Trading)

While it’s certainly possible to use the Trade Ideas software independently and then hop over to your brokerage platform when it comes time to execute trades, it’s far from the most efficient option. With Brokerage Plus, you can integrate your brokerage account directly to the Trade Ideas software. This integration eliminates the need to bounce back-and-forth from one platform to another.

TI University Beginners 201 – Novice Trade Ideas Systems
TI University Intermediate 301 – Refining Trade Ideas
TI University Advanced 401 – Advanced Trade Ideas

It’s also possible to fully automate strategies through Brokerage Plus. You simply choose the strategies you want to go live, predetermine your position sizing (based on number of shares or dollar value), and set your risk parameters (stop loss and profit targets) – and the AI executes on its own. Brokerage Plus currently works with Interactive Brokers, Etrade, and TD Ameritrade.

5. GREAT SUPPORT & RESOURCES (Ebooks, Webinars, etc.)

One thing I recognized right from the start when using Trade Ideas was the incredible amount of support they provide. And not just for paying subscribers, but non-subscribers as well. They offer various ebooks, courses, podcasts, tutorials, a free trading room, webinars virtually every day, and daily live support sessions on YouTube. This is all in addition to standard phone, email, and chat support.

One of the most popular resources is the Free Trade of the Week. This is a hand-picked stock from the Trade Ideas team sent out at the beginning of each week – usually Monday or Tuesday. The email provides the ticker, candlestick chart, trigger price, suggested risk management, and potential profit targets. As a warning, these aren’t automatic buys and certainly not meant to be blindly followed.

Trade Ideas Subscription Options and Pricing:

The Trade Ideas offerings are very simple – they have Standard and Premium plans with Monthly or Annual Billing. The main differences between Standard and Premium are that Premium includes Holly, OddsMaker, and Brokerage Plus.

The Standard plan costs $118 per month or $1,068 per year – this breaks down to roughly $3 or $4 per day. The Premium plan costs $228 per month or $2,268 per year – which breaks down to roughly $6 or $8 per day.

Trade Ideas Features and Pricing

If you subscribe to the Trade of the Week or attend one of the weekly webinars, that’s where you’ll be offered the steepest discounts. But for the cost of a couple Starbucks coffees each day, you can have the most powerful, AI-driven trading tool at your disposal.

Trade Ideas also offers a weekly newsletter called Strength Alerts for $17 per month. This includes five potential trade ideas  delivered straight to your inbox every Monday. But this doesn’t include any direct access to the Trade Ideas software.

Trade Ideas Platform Pros and Cons:

As with any program, platform, or service, there are always certain advantages and disadvantages – Trade Ideas is no different.

The main advantage of Trade Ideas is that it allows you to harness the incredible power of artificial intelligence and utilize it to effectively operate within the market environment – from simple scans and alerts all the way up to fully automated trading. And this can all be done without any programming knowledge required. An underrated aspect of the platform is that data processing takes place on Trade Ideas servers, so it won’t impact your computer’s performance like other clunky software will.

  • Harness the Incredible Power of Man Plus Machine
  • Customize Top Lists, Alerts, Layouts, and Overall Experience
  • No Coding/Programming Knowledge Required
  • Paper Trading Available With Any Subscription Level
  • Top-Notch Support (Helpful and Easy to Contact)
  • Full Refunds Offered Within 5 Days of Purchase
  • Offers Quarterly Test Drives (2-Week Trial For ~$10)
  • Platform Can Seem Overwhelming Until You Get Used to It
  • Only Covers United States and Canadian Markets
  • Holly, Oddsmaker, and Automated Trading Not Available With Standard Subscription (Only With Premium)

The biggest disadvantage of Trade Ideas is the sheer volume of information it can provide. For someone without the proper focus, the platform can seem busy and overwhelming. The good news, however, is that with a sufficient level of self-control, you can avoid the noise and customize it to fit your individual needs. Your main goal should be to effectively and efficiently pair the power of artificial intelligence with your own trading style – not get distracted by every single opportunity presenting itself in the market.

All in all, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Trade Ideas can be a dynamic tool for traders of all experience levels.

How Does Trade Ideas Compare to Other Trading Software Like StocksToTrade?


There’s one other platform that I’ve used in the past to closely compare Trade Ideas to – StocksToTrade. These two platforms are extremely similar in functionality and price. For example, they both have algorithms that generate potential trade opportunities – Holly and Oracle, respectively. Overall, Trade Ideas and StocksToTrade provide outstanding advantages in trading efficiency.

Trade Ideas vs. StocksToTrade

But I do have one that I personally prefer, and at the moment that would be Trade Ideas. StocksToTrade definitely has a cleaner look and beginner-friendly feel to it, but Trade Ideas is far more powerful in terms of customization. I enjoyed trading with StocksToTrade, but it seemed prone to glitches and I wasn’t a huge fan of how the custom screener worked. Even though Trade Ideas has a slightly less pleasing aesthetic and a bit more of a learning curve, the functionality is far more robust.

In the end, it comes down to personal preference. But in my opinion, the capabilities of Trade Ideas are unmatched. My personal take is that StocksToTrade looks better, but Trade Ideas performs better – and performance over looks is an easy choice for me. If you’re stuck deciding between the two, I recommend checking out the trial periods for each – StocksToTrade currently offers a 2-week trial for $7 and Trade Ideas offers a 2-week trial for $10 (At TI, this is only offered once every 3 months during the Test Drive period).

Best Advice For Beginners Using the Trade Ideas Platform:

For those just getting started in trading, I think Trade Ideas can be an amazing platform. It offers a ton of free resources, robust functionality, and amazing support. Unique tools like Holly and OddsMaker work in real-time to analyze the market and help you find opportunities with the greatest odds of success. The artificial intelligence goes even further to provide chart-based risk assessments.

Here Are 5 Steps That Every Beginner at Trade Ideas Can Benefit From:

  1. Take a Dedicated Mindset Course. My #1 Recommendation is The Advanced Trader’s Mindset Course at 2ndSkies.
  2. Start in Simulation/Paper Trading Mode to Get Used to the Platform and Confirm the Effectiveness of Your Strategies.
  3. Take Advantage of the Free Resources Offered By Trade Ideas (Ebooks, Tutorials, Trading Room, Trade of the Week, etc.)
  4. Utilize the Free Resources Offered Here as Well (Courses, Blogs, Simulators, Tests, Trading Encyclopedias, etc.)
  5. Subscribe to the Free Trade of the Week and Stay Informed on Quarterly Test Drives For the Largest Discount.

With all of the incredible tools and functionalities provided by Trade Ideas, the technical aspect of trading is thoroughly covered. But there is still the psychological component to consider. Without acquiring the proper mindset, every strategy, system, plan, or set of rules is vulnerable to self-sabotage. Because of this, all beginners should ideally start with a dedicated trading psychology course.

Trade Ideas can certainly help you develop and refine your statistical edge, but it’s on you to develop and refine your mental edge. If we were to boil down trading success into two main components, it would be 1) defining a statistical edge, and then 2) executing on that edge with consistency and discipline. As long as you bring the mental edge, Trade Ideas has you covered with the statistical one.

Conclusion – Is Trade Ideas Worth the Cost or is it a Scam?

In my opinion, Trade Ideas is not a scam and entirely worth the cost. It can seem a little expensive for absolute beginners, but for intermediate and advanced traders looking to level up their tools and capabilities, I don’t know of a custom scanning and alerts tool better than Trade Ideas. But that’s just a couple of the simplest TI features offered – the artificial intelligence, paper trading, backtesting, and other functionalities can all potentially be scaled-up to fully automated, real money trading if you choose.

|Sign Up to Get Notified About the Next Trade Ideas Test Drive – 2 Weeks Premium Access For $10|

Is Trade Ideas a Scam - Trade Ideas Review

|Top Trade Ideas Complaints and Scam Accusations – Read This Personal Warning Before Subscribing|

At this point in time, Trade Ideas is my top-rated market intelligence software. The functionality is robust and offers endless opportunities for customization – and the development team only continues to update and improve it over time. There are numerous preset channels, layouts, scanner settings, and more. But you can customize from what’s already provided or start completely from scratch. It can certainly seem a little overwhelming to figure out in the beginning, but completely worth it after a week or two.

Overall, I’m not at all surprised by the significant growth of the Trade Ideas user base in recent years. I can see exactly why it has attracted so many traders and has kept them around for extended periods of time. The biggest advantage of the platform, in my opinion, is the ability to pin down custom strategies based on your own lifestyle, risk tolerance, and preferences. It offers all the bells and whistles for your own unique trading style to shine. Strategy creation, optimization, and execution have never been easier.

If you’re tired of trading without a statistical edge, then stop gambling and let Trade Ideas help you define and refine a successful strategy. Please leave any thoughts, questions, or personal experiences about Trade Ideas within the comments section below.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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  • Reka Vass says:

    This is a very informative and detailed review on stock trading with the Trade ideas platform. I like how you honestly told in the comments that beginners shouldn’t really try it as I was going to as well and I’m a beginner too. Your reply pretty much answers all my questions, and overall this is a really good article for people to make an informative decision on whether to not to use it.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I appreciate the kind words, Reka. Trade Ideas is a robust platform that certainly has the power to increase your edge in the market, but it doesn’t replace foundational technical, analytical, and mental skills. Far too many beginners make the mistake of thinking that some fancy trading tool is what will make them extraordinary profits, but then get disappointed when they lose a whole bunch of money due to improper knowledge, lack of risk and money management, and the list goes on-and-on. In almost all cases, new traders would be better off starting with legitimate training such as 2ndSkies or Thomas Kralow. I understand that tools and platforms like Trade Ideas are exciting, but they need to be stacked on top of strong trading skills first – otherwise it’s just a flashy tool in the hands of a losing trader.

  • Cogito says:

    I’ve already been trading for a little while now, but constantly looking for the best online platforms and tools to do it on. I think Trade Ideas will save me a lot of time. I’ve tried a few other scanning softwares, and to be fair I wasn’t fully satisfied with the results. But looking on your review, Trade ideas seems to be worth checking out. It has great possibilities for personal customization and the price is not so high for a professional-level platform. Looking forward to testing it out in practise.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Cogito – thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep the Quarterly Test Drive in mind for checking it out. Every few months Trade Ideas offers a 2 week trial period for under $10. It’s a great opportunity to fully experience the features it has to offer at a discounted price. Take care!

  • Fatoumata says:

    Thanks for providing this honest review on Trade Ideas. I have never traded before, and I don’t have that much knowledge about the topic in general. When I was looking for work online the thought did come to my mind. It can be something I might do. If you have suggestion on any trading training for beginners please do share. 

    Now, I am very impress with the AI Holly. That’s quite amazing how much hard work that can be done within minutes by an algorithm. This definitely seems worth using. I need to learn more about trading and then I might consider.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      As a complete beginner to trading, I honestly wouldn’t recommend a platform like Trade Ideas quite yet. While there are certainly features of the platform in place to aid beginners, I think there are better options for building an initial foundation. Once that initial foundation is established, then a robust platform like Trade Ideas is worth considering. But without even a basic foundation, it would simply be too confusing/overwhelming.

      The best place to start would be with the Top 10 Trading FAQs and Free Resources For Beginners. If you’re looking for a more structured approach with premium courses and mentorship – my #1 training recommendation is 2ndSkies Trading. The reason I like 2ndSkies Trading so much is because they’re not like most other trading services out there. They have a unique approach where they actually care about their members – helping them build the proper tactical and mental foundations for long-term trading success.

      There are countless trading services out there that are nothing but hype and fancy marketing – failing to offer anything of actual substance to subscribers. But 2ndSkies Trading is different in my opinion. I hope this information helps!

  • Robin says:

    Thanks for providing clear explanations of the disadvantages and advantages that are important for beginners. The recommendations specifically tailored toward new users like me who might not know where they should start or what pitfalls lay before them once inside Trade Ideas is powerful information. Thankfully I’m armed now thanks largely to all the helpful information you provided.

  • Ann says:

    I like the fact that they offer information on Canadian exchanges. It’s good to know their software and supportive trainings are really worth the price and that the only major negative con is that it can feel overwhelming with too much information and capabilities at the start. I usually don’t feel overwhelmed with information, but let’s see how it goes with this one. I greatly appreciate the review.

  • Parameter says:

    Trade Ideas is a game changer for both starters and experienced traders. From the multiple training resources on the platform and YouTube to the high and robust technology employed, it is obvious that if you are looking for a trading platform that is up to date and ready to drive your trading operations forward, Trade Ideas is definitely worth considering. To top it off is their length of time in the market – nearly 20 years. A tested and trusted platform. 

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