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Best Quotes From Limitless By Jim Kwik – Upgrade Your Brain & Unlock Your Exceptional Life:

Top 15 Quotes From Limitless By Jim Kwik

  1. One of my core beliefs is that human potential is one of the only infinite resources we have in the world. Most everything else is finite, but the human mind is the ultimate superpower – there is no limit to our creativity, imagination, determination, or ability to think, reason, or learn. Yet this resource is also among the least tapped. All of us can be the heroes of our own story, dipping into the well of our potential every single day and never having that well run dry. But so few of us approach our lives this way.

  2. Too often, we outsource our brains to our smart devices, and our smart devices are making us, well, a little bit stupid. Our brains are the ultimate adaptation machines, capable of seemingly endless levels of evolution. And yet we often forget to give it the exercise it needs. Just as there is a physical price to always relying on the technology of the elevator instead of taking the stairs, so is there a price for lazy mental muscles. Use it or lose it.

  3. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge just how extraordinary your brain is. It generates up to 70,000 thoughts per day. It races with the speed of the fastest race car. Like your fingerprints, it is uniquely yours – there aren’t two brains in the universe exactly the same. It processes dramatically faster than any existing computer, and it has virtually infinite storage capacity. Even when damaged, it is capable of producing genius, and even if you only have half a brain, you can still be a fully functioning human being.

  4. We used to think that we reached our neurological peak in late adolescence, after which our brains never changed – other than to deteriorate. We now know that this is far from the truth. Our brains have the capacity for neuroplasticity, which means that it can be changed and shaped by our actions and by our environments. Your brain is always changing and molding itself to your surroundings and to the demands you place on it.

  5. Plasticity means that you can mold and shape your brain to suit your desires. That something like your memory is trainable – when you know how to help your brain receive, encode, process, and consolidate information. It means that with a few simple changes to something like your environment, your food, or your exercise, you can dramatically change the way your brain functions.

  6. Plasticity means that your learning, and indeed your life, is not fixed. You can be, do, have, and share anything when you optimize and rewire your brain. There are no limitations when you align and apply the right mindset, motivation, and methods.

  7. Being aware of how you’re holding yourself back with your self-talk and spending some time to get to the source of these beliefs is extremely liberating, because once you’re aware, you can begin to realize that these aren’t facts about you, but rather opinions. And there’s a very good chance that those opinions are wrong.

  8. Few of us consciously think about our restrictions or the restrictions we believe others have. But it leaks out in places that deeply affect our happiness – in our work, in our home life, and with our children. If we believe that it’s not possible to improve, then in reality it won’t be possible to improve. It’s extremely difficult to accomplish something when you don’t believe it can be done in the first place.

  9. Making a mistake doesn’t mean anything about you as a person. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that you’re inherently worthless, but you make mistakes; mistakes don’t make you. Place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones to rise to the next level. It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we deal with them that defines us.

  10. Knowledge is not power. It only has the potential to be power. You can read this book and learn everything in it, but if you don’t take it and apply the knowledge, it will be useless. All the books, podcasts, seminars, online programs, and inspiring social media posts in the world won’t work until you put your knowledge into action.

  11. The fastest learners on the planet are children, and that’s partly because they don’t care what others think of them. They have no shame around failing. They will fall 300 times and get up 300 times in the course of learning to walk, and don’t feel embarrassed; they just know they want to walk. As we get older, we have a harder time staying this open. We might take a singing lesson, or maybe a coding class, and if we hit a flat note or make a mistake as we learn, we shrink or stop.

  12. When you consciously decide to identify with the habit or goal you want to create or achieve, or consciously un-identify with a habit you no longer want, you will experience enormous power…The highest drive we have is to act consistently with how we perceive ourselves – it is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Use it to your benefit.

  13. Finding your passion is about giving yourself novelty and putting yourself in a new environment to see what lights you up. It’s difficult to do that if you feel limited or if you’re self-conscious about looking bad, so let that go and enjoy the experience. Those initial moments of discomfort just might lead you to an entirely new passion and purpose in life.

  14. Dreams are an expression of the work your subconscious is doing while you’re sleeping, and there’s gold to be mined from them. Many geniuses throughout history have regularly accessed and often gleaned their best ideas and made their greatest discoveries from their dreams. Mary Shelley came up with the idea for Frankenstein in her dreams. A dream was the source of Paul McCartney’s ‘Yesterday’, and Einstein’s theory of relativity.

  15. We allow our minds to jump from thought to thought, often using technology to help us practice distraction until we’re experts at it – and we should be, because we often get a dozen or more hours of practice a day. Just imagine what it would be like if we practiced concentration for even a fraction of that time.

Knowledge Does Not Equal Power. Knowledge Combined With Action Equals Power:

There are so many people who think that their talents are limited, or worse, completely fixed. They believe deep down in their core that they can’t grow or expand their current skill levels in reading, writing, memory, concentration, public speaking, singing, dancing, sports, you name it. Their self-talk is full of inhibiting thoughts like “I’m not…” or “I can’t…”. But the reality is that we can become whoever we want ourselves to be with enough practice and effort. Although we don’t often realize it, our brain has the ability to grow much like a muscle can. But it can also atrophy with nonuse. So if we want our brains to evolve and be the highly effective source of power that it has the potential to be, then we need to focus on learning the most valuable skill there is – learning how to learn.

trading paradigm update your neural pathways

There’s no doubt that a simple thought that might be fairly benign at first can become a vicious, widespread mind-virus if we allow it to be. Jim Kwik, for example, suffered a severe head injury as a child and became known as the “boy with the broken brain”. After hearing this comment from other people, he began replaying it in his mind over-and-over again, and it drastically limited his growth during his younger years. Eventually, however, he overcame his circumstances because he was tired of accepting his identity as “the boy with the broken brain”. Now, he’s a leading expert on brain optimization. There are so many people out there who defeat themselves with an improper mindset, and it ends up holding them back from achieving their goals for years, or worse, their entire lives. The good news, which Jim Kwik has personally proven in his own life, is that our brains have an incredible ability to adapt and grow through new learnings and experiences. It’s entirely within our control to upgrade if we choose to.

How many of your perceived constraints are nothing more than lies? What false beliefs are keeping you from achieving your goals?

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Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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  • Geoff says:

    These quotes from Limitless are fabulously inspirational.

    The quotes themselves are really motivational, but then when we learn the background of Jim Kwik, it makes them even more powerful 

    I love that knowledge isn’t really power until you put it into action.

    How many of us have made mistakes and allowed it to control us and decide our future.  I really must take that one on board.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful quotes.

  • Lily says:

    I enjoyed these quotes and found them relevant to my life and how I think. I’m no spring chicken and have recently turned to running an internet business as I felt it might help the creeping memory loss. It’s been an exciting journey of discovery and fun and I’m sure the frustrating times have pushed my brain to learn better. I have much more clarity and feel connected to the world again.

    How clever of Jim Kwik to fight back against the peer pressure and be all he could be against the odds. Amazing!

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