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Thomas Kralow’s Current Net Worth Publicly Revealed on YouTube:

Most so-called trading gurus out there on the internet aren’t really great traders – they just act like they are because they want to sell you something. You might think the fancy cars, mansions, yachts, and jewelry displayed in advertisements and promotions are supported by their trading results. But usually those luxurious lifestyles are being supported by the sale of courses and programs.

Thomas Kralow's Net Worth and Trading Track Record

Trading has the potential to be extremely profitable, don’t get me wrong, but the amount of fake gurus running around on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms these days has hit an excessive level. These people try to act like they’re expert traders and investors in an attempt to sell you some lousy information product. In essence, they’re just marketers – not traders.

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So when it comes to finding legitimate trading mentors, you have to dig deeper than the cherry-picked winning trades someone chooses to show on social media. You need to find someone with an exceptional level of transparency – like Thomas Kralow – who is completely open and honest about every aspect of his personal trading operations and trading education business.

I’ve been using and reviewing trading courses, programs, and services for a long time now, and Thomas Kralow’s level of transparency is something I’ve never seen before. Typically, the owners of trading education businesses are shifty and secretive – refusing to reveal their trading and business results. It makes you wonder what exactly they’re trying to withhold from you – and why.

This is a great sign that Thomas Kralow has nothing to hide, unlike the expanding number of charlatans online telling you lies.

Thomas Kralow’s Estimated Net Worth as of July 9, 2021 is Over $7,500,000:

Just a few days ago, Thomas Kralow shared the details of his current net worth on his YouTube channel. According to him, this is just the first of many revealing videos that will track his net worth from several million to his end goal of a billion dollars.

In order to calculate net worth, you need two pieces of information – assets and liabilities. Within the video, Thomas Kralow shares the current fair market value of his assets and liabilities. The main assets include real estate, cars, watches, cash, cryptocurrency, and his trading education business, and the only liability worth mentioning is his rent cost of $60,000 per year.


Real Estate: $685,000
Cars: $117,000
Watches: $210,000
Cash: $2,656,105
Trading Education Business: $3,500,000
Cryptocurrency Portfolio: $476,000

Rent: $60,000/year
No Debt

In addition to his assets, he also breaks down some of his core income sources. The largest one used to be profits from active trading, but since transitioning out of active trading to long-term investing and wealth building, his main income now comes from his trading education business – roughly $125,000 per month. He also makes about $4,000 per month on both real estate and YouTube combined.

Thomas Kralow readily admits that his net worth could easily be at 8-figures by now if it weren’t for some bad real estate investments and lavish spending in his younger years. But he likes to enjoy his money on luxury cars, nice watches, high-quality food, and exotic trips with his family and friends. In any case, his income far exceeds his expenses.

In the coming months and years, I’m curious to see his progression from a several million dollar net worth toward the goal of a billion.

Thomas Kralow’s Futures Trading Track Record From 2018 and 2019:

Before launching his trading education business, Thomas Kralow’s main source of income was derived from active trading and other investments. Here’s a summary of his futures trading results from the two years prior to launching the education business in 2020.

2018 Thomas Kralow Futures Trading Results in Interactive Brokers Account:

Starting Balance: 373,266.32 Euros
Total Profits: 610,861.09 Euros
Withdrawals: 8,500 Euros (Jan) & 250,000 Euros (Dec)

Before diving into Thomas Kralow’s month-to-month performance in 2018, I think there’s a couple things worth mentioning. First is the size of his portfolio. His account is well-funded, which allows him to capture $50,000+ in profits per month on average. The second is that there are losing months along the way. Four out of the twelve months were losses. This sort of thing is what makes trading so psychologically difficult. Fluctuations like this are completely normal, yet most people can’t handle them – and ultimately fail.



























610,861.09 Euros or 724,255.23 Dollars
(Converted to Dollars Using 1.19 Conversion Rate)

2019 Thomas Kralow Futures Trading Results in Interactive Brokers Account:

Starting Balance: 725,627.41 Euros
Total Profits: 867,275.96 Euros
Withdrawals: 475,000 Euros (June) & 575,000 Euros (Dec)

Before jumping into Thomas Kralow’s 2019 futures trading results, again I think there are a couple things worth mentioning. The first is that his starting balance was nearly double that of 2018, which allowed him to capture over $300,000 more in total profits despite taking June and December off. The second is that he only had one losing month throughout the entire year.



























867,275.96 Euros or 1,028,268.40 Dollars
(Converted to Dollars Using 1.19 Conversion Rate)

The Takeaway – Thomas Kralow is Not Like Most Other Online Trading Gurus:

The trading educational space can be extremely manipulative. Most self-proclaimed “gurus” are just selling dreams. They lie about their own trading performance in order to sell a product or service. Sadly, they don’t actually make money trading. They fake it in order to steal your trust – and then try to sell you some ineffective course based on their own fabricated expertise.

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These fraudulent individuals don’t want to share a comprehensive view of their results because then everybody would know that little to none of their income is actually derived from trading, and the vast majority comes from course sales. These are the people that give the trading educational space such a bad reputation. The good news, however, is that there are some legitimate mentors out there.

What I like about Thomas Kralow is that his program focuses entirely on the education of his students and the ability to eventually become self-sufficient. Most people try to judge the quality of a trading service entirely on the track record of the owner, but their results can easily be distorted with chat rooms and alerts. Thomas Kralow, on the other hand, doesn’t offer chat rooms or alerts, and thus, no opportunity for distortion. The education and skill-development of his students is all that matters.

Overall, you probably won’t find a trading mentor who is as open and honest about their sources of income as Thomas Kralow. In a space full of shady and secretive characters, there’s a certain level of comfort in his level of genuine communication.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • sampath says:


  • janis says:

    Hello! We have been following Thomas Kralow since day one, his 1 euro capital companies in Latvia, the penthouse flats he rents for cheap in Riga, his failures and wins.. we have a huge list of good, bad, and ugly..

    To believe what we say. For example, try out this strategy.. because he deletes all comments that don’t work in his favour. Try to write something like this: Thomas Why are your trading reports under Thomas Kralow if your real surname is Krilovs? That comment will be removed immediately. There are some very funny and ugly tricks too. In his showroom, he keeps designer clothes bags, er, empty bags. You know why? Because he used to make videos and photos with those bags over and over again when he started out. Smart ha. 

    Basically, he is a very good hustler and maybe a bit of a trader. All his success is based on Google AdWords ad execution, done by one LV company.

    If I were you, I would skip the trading courses, wait for a market dip, and invest that “trading course” money straight into 3–4 index funds like S&P, Nasdaq, Ger30, FTSE, etc. and check back after 15 years. Trading is hard. The quickest way to test it is to download the app. It’s free, no ads and no signups. You will quickly notice that staying profitable in the long term is almost impossible. That’s why 80% lose. There are no shortcuts, especially not with the 1000 USD trading course. 

    But it’s fun to watch him. Good luck with trades. May the pips fly in your pockets. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Janis – thank you for sharing your thoughts on Thomas Kralow. Please share more about the good, bad, and ugly you mention. I think it’s important for anyone considering one of his programs to have a comprehensive viewpoint of him and what he has to offer. And do you have any firsthand experience with his University Grade Trading Education course? Or any other program/service he has to offer (Best Investing Tips, Executive Margin, etc.)?

      Much of what I write about here is in regard to his University Grade Trading Education program – and I actually think it’s quite good in comparison to many other trading courses out there. I was highly skeptical of the course before going through it based on most trading gurus generally being untrustworthy, but I was pleasantly surprised by what he had to offer. I don’t necessarily love all the flashy advertising that he has (featuring fancy cars, boats, watches, etc.), but the UGTE program itself is solid. It’s not an automatic ticket to trading success – it still requires quite a bit of hard work and dedication from each student who decides to pursue it. But it focuses on many of the right things. Not only is it rather comprehensive – covering topics like proper expectations, mindset/psychology, risk/money management, tracking data/statistics, technical analysis/key levels, indicators, and more. But it also offers homework assignments, quizzes/tests, and rounds of demo trading for deeper learning, practice, and skill-building. The end goal is the development/refinement of your own “personal trading algorithm” as he calls it.

      There may be question marks about his real name, track record, and marketing/advertising practices – but his UGTE program teaches the real path to trading success, in my opinion. It’s not the “perfect” trading course and won’t deliver automatic success just by rushing through it. But I haven’t seen many other trading programs out there designed to take at least four to five months to complete. This level of work and time commitment isn’t appealing to most people, but it’s much more of a realistic learning curve than what’s typically “promised”. I respect everyone’s personal opinion about Thomas Kralow and his trading program – I know not everyone sees it the same way as me. But when I ask those who clearly dislike it for recommendations on what’s better or other trading programs/services they find valuable – I don’t often receive much of an answer (although I’m genuinely searching for the best possible courses, programs, services, and resources available for traders).

      I think a lot of the hate comes down to people just hating “course sellers” for their marketing/advertising and just assuming what they have to offer is low-quality or a scam without ever experiencing it for themselves (which to be fair, a lot of courses are short and lousy – so I completely understand where these feelings are coming from). Or it comes down to improper expectations in regard to trading in general. We’re talking about a skill-based, peak-performance endeavor – much like that of a musician, surgeon, or athlete. Yet people expect immediate results just by breezing through a basic course on technical analysis. But that’s just not how it works. Tom Brady didn’t become one of the best NFL Quarterbacks of all time by watching a handful of YouTube videos on how to throw a football. He trained, practiced, developed skills, and built up experience over the course of years to get where he is today. It’s no different for trading. People want fast, easy answers to making millions in the markets. But only a small percentage of people are willing to put in the time/work/sacrifices required to actually achieve that result.

  • Ann says:

    Sharing a glimpse into Thomas Kralow’s trading track record is encouraging. Thank you. I feel skeptical about joining platforms because so many claim things they are not capable of delivering. And I see this is not the case with Mr. Kralow. It’s also nice to get to watch YouTube videos of him. By doing so we get to experience his personality.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Ann – I definitely think Thomas Kralow’s YouTube videos are a great way to understand his personality and experience his honesty firsthand. Before I went through his Complete Trading Program, I started by going though all of his YouTube videos – and this is where I realized that he was different from most other online trading gurus. He sets proper expectations, actually cares about trading psychology, and doesn’t sugarcoat the realities of trading. I’ve never seen him make a statement about how easy or fast trading success is, which tells you a lot about his integrity. In a space full of chat rooms, alert services, and individuals looking for shortcuts – this is the most real trading course I’ve come across in a long time.

  • Bushra says:

    Hi Matt, As all know that trading is a serious business and it has never been easy. I started learning trading last year. I did trading courses but they were all a waste of time and money.

    Thomas Kralow is a great mentor and a real trader. He explains everything easy to comprehend and very enjoyable to watch . He has a practical approach to trading and the markets in general.

    In my opinion, Thomas Kralow’s program is fantastic. You will not only acquire technical knowledge but the whole program stimulates you to expand your vision and you learn the analysis of fundamental financial events.

    Thomas Kralow is completely honest and transparent about everything but It takes perseverance, dedication and practice to make consistent profits in trading. It’s clear that there are no shortcuts in trading.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Great comments – I completely agree.

      It’s unfortunate, but most trading courses you can find online are short and lousy. That’s because they tend to focus on small bits of information/knowledge (chart patterns, setups, indicators, etc.), but they don’t focus on legitimate training (developing actual skills through repetition and feedback).

      The fact of the matter is that you can find information on just about any topic you want on YouTube, but having that information doesn’t automatically equate to skills. Concepts need to be practically applied in order to gain a real understanding of them. Knowing what a candlestick and trend are, for example, is important – don’t get me wrong – but that information alone doesn’t make you a consistently profitable trader.

      What it takes to be successful in the markets is a combination of indicators, key levels, risk management, trading psychology, trading statistics, and more – which allows you to develop and refine your own personal trading algorithm based on schedule, personality, and preferences. This is why I think Thomas Kralow’s program is far superior to most, if not all, trading courses currently available online. Because it’s about student development, training, and mentorship – not dependency on some self-proclaimed guru for watch lists, hot picks, and alerts.

      • Alvin Lai says:

        absolutely agreed with your point, i feel that Sir Thomas Kralow’s courses are more systematic, real and the concept is utmost important, constantly practise and learning is a key.

        • Matt Thomas says:

          Hi Alvin – I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on Thomas Kralow’s program. If you don’t mind sharing – which version of the course did you go through (Basic, Shortened, Complete, Standard, Assisted, Assisted+, etc.)?

          I do think his UGTE course itself is solid due to how comprehensive it is and the focus on proper expectations, trading psychology, risk/money management, tracking trade data, technical & fundamental analysis, him recommending rounds of demo trading before scaling up to real money, etc. But I can’t say that I’m a big fan of some of the “flash” he displays on social media and in some of his advertisements/promotions. In my opinion, it gives the wrong impression of what it takes to achieve consistent, long-lasting trading success. There’s a little bit too much entertainment going on there than actual education/training (at least for my liking). But with that being said, I do think his program is far better than many others out there. It’s not perfect, but it does lay a nice foundation for beginners in many critical aspects of trading.

          One of the biggest issues I’ve been finding, however, is that some students who go through it aren’t getting much out of the sections where he shares his own personal trading strategies (the key levels and indicators he uses to trade false breaks and true breaks). Maybe it’s because this section doesn’t go into enough detail on how exactly Thomas trades particular setups (and all the nuances involved). Or maybe it’s because not everyone is taking the time to go through rounds of demo trading, track their own results, and analyze the data to effectively create and refine their own approach. But it’s my personal opinion that auction market theory (with the associated volume profile and market profile tools often used to organize and interpret market information) is the best way to view markets. It’s just the framework that makes the most sense to me – and I think this type of in-depth market understanding and analysis might be what a lot of people are missing.

  • Lio says:

    I like Thomas Kralow; He appears to be a true guru who is open and honest. After reading this post, I am motivated to try out his program as soon as possible to see if I can thrive as well as he does, even if it may take me some time and effort. This man is making a real success in the markets. His teaching inspires me to be as honest and transparent as possible. Thank you very much.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Lio – I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

      His honesty and transparency within the trading education industry is second to none. There’s so much deception and lying just to sell lousy courses, so-called foolproof systems, and ineffective alert services that it’s sad to even talk about. Fake gurus tend to showcase lifestyle and try to make trading out to be easy, but what they put on display is typically far from the truth – it’s just for show. The reality is that trading is extremely hard and Thomas Kralow isn’t afraid to say it. This openness about trading, and also aspects of his personal life, are what I respect most about him.

  • Kelly says:

    I love how transparent Thomas Kralow is. It makes him a lot more likeable and trustworthy. It is certainly comforting to see that there are some honest people out there after all, and it is not just people trying to trick you into a bad trading product/service. I love hearing about genuine coaches/mentors, it restores my faith in humanity.

  • Maghieh says:

    This is honestly impressive. Unlike most fake gurus who are only interested in lying and misleading in order to sell their courses, I’m glad Thomas Kralows is not like them. Though I really don’t know too much about him yet other than his YouTube channel. I’d like to read and learn more about his trading style. I am also an active trader but still working my 9-5 since I am yet to be profitable. Thanks for this though

    • Matt Thomas says:

      His trading style is more long-term/passive now and almost entirely crypto last time he mentioned it in one of his recent YouTube videos. But back when he was actively day trading every single day (prior to 2020), his focus was mainly on futures. He covers his personal trading strategies in chapter 11 of his program. He has said that some days he traded up to 12 hours per day depending on his schedule and market conditions.

  • Jason says:

    I have been wanting to learn about trading for a while now, so as to grow financially and to have a better life. I did my fair share of research to learn about it, but most of the online courses don’t seem so legit, as you have mentioned here. Something doesn’t add up and most of them seem fake. On the other hand, Thomas Kralow’s honesty and transparency look quite convincing and genuine here. So, I’m thinking of trying out his program pretty soon. Wish me good luck!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Jason. It seems like you haven’t been tricked by any fake trading gurus with chat rooms, newsletters, or alert services yet – which is great to hear! I’m not saying all of these services are completely bad, but the way subscribers tend to use them is ineffective. The typical path for beginners is to try to take “shortcuts” with these types of things in an attempt to blindly copy the trades of a so-called expert. But I already went down that road at the beginning of my own trading journey, and I can tell you that it only made my journey longer, harder, and more expensive.

      So I honestly commend you for considering Thomas Kralow’s full-blown learning program right off the bat. Concentrating on legitimate training is something that the vast majority of individuals avoid. His program isn’t a “magic pill” that will provide you with some sort of “foolproof setup”, but rather a comprehensive 4-month long training program for building core trading skills for self-sufficiency. I know it seems like the harder and longer path at the start, but it’s actually the fastest path to durable trading success. Take care!

  • kenny says:

    Over the years futures trading has become every lad’s dream to earn a hefty living. Many people just dive in with the bandwagon and make serious losses while others that have done their homework profit and gain massively. I basically won’t say I am a pro at trading but am always looking for new trading ideas and programs. Thanks for this program though it looks legit want to add it to my basket.

  • Dave Hayes says:

    I only vaguely knew of the guys name when I came across this website, so I was intrigued to know more.

    First of all, you have to admire the guy for actually taking to YouTube to do this, most would run for the hills, especially those in the trading education sector, so full credit to him for this.

    It is even more interesting to see how he has accumulated his wealth, through real estate & trading and while it is commendable, should be noted that this carries a high degree of risk, but that is shown in the rewards section really, by the fact that he has no debt at all.

    So if he has been following the Rich Dad Poor Dad Theory, then it has served him well, because although he is shown as having liablilites of rent, in theory that is on paper because he is earning far more through his assets, which when liquidated, if that is a route he wanted to go down, would be considerable.

    Its probably best summed up by the conclusion that he is no ordinary trader. So it would be worth investing in his education programme, if there was a snippet that you would end up with a fraction of what he has.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Dave – I appreciate your comments!

      Yes, I completely agree that most traders and trading educators wouldn’t do what Thomas Kralow has done in openly sharing the specific details of his net worth. And I know the reason why – because if other traders shared these details on themselves, their students and everyone else would see how much more money they make from selling their (usually) lousy courses, programs, and services in relation to their trading profits – and it would hurt their reputation (and ultimately their income) by doing so. There’s no doubt that the industry is full of fake gurus that have limited trading success, but have found a way to build their wealth by selling courses (through false claims, questionable marketing practices, etc.). In essence, they’re mostly salesmen/marketers instead of real traders/educators.

      The main knock against Thomas Kralow and his trading program is that he’s basically transitioned out of active trading. I totally understand the argument of: how could he teach something he no longer does? But I don’t personally think it matters that much. Far too many prospective traders get caught up in praising gurus and trying to blindly follow them in and out of trades, but it never works out for them. As a legitimate trader, your ultimate trading success isn’t reliant upon praising or blindly copying Thomas Kralow – it’s about building the skills necessary to be self-sufficient. And this is exactly what his program focuses on – building the core technical and mental skills for trading success – based on any instrument, time frame, or market you choose. The program sets you up with the skills for adaptation and success in any market environment (equities, forex, cryptocurrencies, etc.).

      If you’re dependent upon alerts or signals from some guru, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. And if you think the track records of these individuals are legitimate and something you’ll also be able to achieve, then you’re delusional. Their results are completely distorted based on hundreds or thousands of followers blindly following them into trades. It would be hard to lose with that sort of buying pressure behind every trade entry. But since these alert/signal service providers are still actively trading, does that make them more of an authority as a trading coach or mentor? I would say it doesn’t. What matters is how they’re helping their students build core skills and achieve self-sufficient consistent profits – and most of them simply aren’t doing that. The comprehensive curriculum with interactive tasks, homework, and tests inside Thomas Kralow’s trading program helps students actually learn and build skills, unlike most other ineffective courses being offered by fake gurus.

      I also think it’s important to mention that Thomas Kralow has been completely transparent about transitioning out of active trading from the start. In fact, one of the main reasons that he created the university grade trading education program was so that he could replace his active trading income – and he’s been open about his intentions the entire time. He admits that several years of active trading for a living was solitary and stressful, and as great as it was financially, he wanted to transition into more social and creative projects. So I think Thomas Kralow is a prime example that you don’t have to be a current active trader to offer a legitimately helpful trading program or be an effective trading coach. What it takes is actually being able to teach people the core skills of being a trader (not faking trading success, running alert/signal services, or selling nonsense courses).

      Overall, it’s really hard to distinguish the legitimate trading gurus from the fake ones. But there’s no doubt that Thomas Kralow’s transparency is second to none. It’s really a nice thing to see within this space. I wish more trading educators were as open and honest as him.

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