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Thomas Kralow Trading Reviews – Is His Trading Program Worth it?

Most Thomas Kralow reviews are positive. But of course, there will always be some level of haters – no matter how small.

As someone who has been through his Complete Program, as well as dozens of other trading courses throughout the past handful of years, I can say with certainty that his course is far more honest and comprehensive than many others I’ve personally experienced.

Thomas Kralow Trading Reviews - Is Thomas Kralow Worth it

It’s not that Thomas Kralow’s program provides some magical information that no other trading course does. But it’s the transparency about the realities of trading that set him apart. And the fact that he doesn’t just teach some bogus one-dimensional approach.

For example, there are plenty of so-called trading gurus that would be happy to sell you their foolproof indicator systems. But these guarantees of fast and easy profits are just straight-up lies. It’s complete nonsense – but unfortunately, people buy into it.

Thomas Kralow, on the other hand, teaches various critical trading concepts and how to properly combine them into one robust overall approach. It’s not just indicators or key market levels or statistics by themselves – it’s all of them, plus more, put together.

Overall, it’s a program that teaches the authentic path to trading success through proper education, skill-development, and ultimately self-sufficiency. Luckily, it’s not your typical chat room, newsletter, or alert service that’s ineffective for nearly all subscribers.

But if you’re thinking any day trading course will make you an immediate, automatic success – think again. Trading is serious business.

My Personal Thomas Kralow Review – Plus More Than 150 Testimonials From Real Students:

Prior to going through Thomas Kralow’s trading program – University Grade Trading Education – I spent weeks researching him online and watching every YouTube video he had. Then I spent several months actively working my way through his program.

I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical of Thomas Kralow right from the start. I honestly thought he would be yet another fake guru out there pumping his own positions through a chat room and alerts. But that didn’t turn out to be the case at all.

Thomas Kralow Review - What is Thomas Kralow Trading

I quickly realized how different his approach was in comparison to the other gurus in the industry – and it was refreshing. He wasn’t bragging about his own trading results or attempting to sell dreams. His messages were rooted in complete transparency instead.

This isn’t specifically related to the content provided within his trading program, but the fact that Thomas Kralow openly shared the details of his net worth says a lot about him as a mentor. Especially in an industry that tends to be secretive and shady.

So it’s not just the students who pay him that benefit from his transparency. He’s literally willing to share his personal struggles, financial situation, and much more for everybody to see on YouTube. It’s hard to emphasize how rare this sort of thing is.

In a space full of get-rich-quick promises, Thomas Kralow is out there teaching the real path – and I immensely respect that.

SCAM ALERT!!! #1 Thomas Kralow Complaint – He Rarely Day Trades Anymore:

For those who call Thomas Kralow a scam, it’s usually for one of two main reasons. The first is simply that he sells a trading course. The argument goes that if he’s such a great trader, then why even bother selling a course? Why not just trade if he’s so good at it?

And the second reason naysayers call him a scam is because he rarely day trades any more. So how can he be selling a course that focuses on day trading when he no longer does it himself? To be honest, these questions are completely fair – and I had the same ones.

Is Thomas Kralow a Scam or Legit? My Perspective as a Student

But after going through his program myself, these concerns subsided. I know I’ve already talked about Thomas Kralow’s honesty, but this is another area where he’s been 100% transparent about his intentions – unlike most other trading gurus.

The top reason he created his trading program in the first place was with the idea of transitioning out of active trading. He did it to replace his trading income – and he’s not secretive about it. He also did it in order to pursue more creative and social ventures.

For example, when you ask almost any trading guru why they sell a course, program, or service – the generic response is that they’re doing it to help people. But that plain, scripted answer isn’t what Thomas Kralow gives. He shares the actual truth.

The truth is that he did pretty well for himself as an individual trader for seven years, but he wanted to pursue new endeavors – like longer term investments and wealth building, as well as creating a hedge fund. These pursuits don’t automatically make him a scam.

Bottom Line – Is Thomas Kralow’s University Grade Trading Education a Scam or Legit?

In my personal opinion – as someone who has been through Thomas Kralow’s program and many others – I don’t think it’s a scam at all. In fact, it’s one of the least deceptive trading courses/programs that I’ve ever been through. There are no false promises.

In the past, I’ve been through plenty of services that essentially prey on psychological deficiencies. If you’re human, then you probably want to get rich quick. It’s just the law of least effort – we tend to go down the seemingly more profitable, easier path.

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But the key word there is “seemingly”. It’s the fancy marketing and ridiculous promises that sell the dreams. That’s why masses of people flock into chat rooms and alerts services – only to realize that trading isn’t nearly as easy as they originally thought.

The honorable thing about Thomas Kralow, on the other hand, is that he goes against the typical pattern of gurus in the industry. Instead of spewing the same old get-rich-quick promises, he takes the straightforward and honest approach with his students.

The best way to see this is right on his website where he routinely makes statements such as “the brutal realities of the financial markets”, “no one simple pattern or structure”, “trading is a marathon and not a sprint”, and “trading is not easy”.

Overall, Thomas Kralow offers a solid learning program for individuals who are serious about taking the time and making the effort to properly learn and build skills. For beginners it might seem like the long path, but it’s the only one that actually works.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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  • Paul says:

    Unlike all these other sites and gurus that claim they make users rich overnight and in the end it turns out to be a waste of time and sometimes money, Thomas Kralow takes students on a step by step guide which is easier and creates trust and ultimately results. Indeed trading has never been easy and no one should try to convince you that it is, it takes time and a lot of patience and dedication.

  • Lily says:

    I haven’t actually done the Thomas Kralow Trading course but it was good to read your first-hand personal account of doing his course. I’ve looked at many such courses and have always been put off by the slick sales talk and the bogus happy hype leading you to believe that it is all so easy. So it was refreshing to see you saying that he is very transparent about the challenges involved in trading.

    I was interested to read about his transition into other financial areas and how by passing on his knowledge for day trading it will allow him to pursue other interests. That seems fair.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I completely agree, Lily.

      Most trading gurus tend to be much better marketers than traders. The sales talk and hype often far exceeds the trading talent. But what I like most about Thomas Kralow is his transparency about the realities of trading. He doesn’t set his students up with unrealistic expectations of fast, easy riches. Instead, he’s honest about the brutal realities of trading for a living. Even just by going to his website, you can see exactly what I mean. While other trading gurus are quick to show off their own individual (and completely distorted) results, Thomas Kralow, on the other hand, is quick to say that trading is not easy, simple, or for individuals desperate to make money fast. That’s why I respect his trading program so much.

      His personal transition out of full-time day trading and into longer-term investing and wealth-building (along with other more social and creative projects like launching a hedge fund) has also allowed him to expand his program to cover the entire spectrum of trading/investing from short to long-term. This complete coverage of wealth building through financial markets is something that most other programs don’t offer. I know there will always be individuals out there calling him a scam, but in my opinion his program is the most real and honest available in the industry right now.

  • Ashley says:

    This is so refreshing.  

    Literally, the first thing I think when I hear a trading guru say they are selling their $10,000 down new training program for some altruistic, “I live to help other people” reason, is how much of a joker that person sounds like.  That is just not a real reason for a person to give up crazy income (they claim to have made daily) to show others how to make a crazy income too.  

    SO, it’s pretty awesome that Thomas Kralow is honest about the fact that he decided to pull away from day trading and focus on this program as a revenue stream instead. You’re right, makes him much more trustworthy. Also, I don’t think I have seen another trading program that actually tells potential buyers that day trading is a full-time job that takes time to earn income. That is great that he openly warns the path is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  

    This review and the details included prove Thomas Kralow actually has some integrity, which made me want to check out his program even further. Integrity is so uncommon in the trading and investing world. Thanks for the referral. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Ashley – I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts!

      Thomas Kralow has been completely honest about his reasons for creating a trading course from day one. The main reason being that he wanted to replace his trading income with more social and creative projects (like his trading education program, trade ideas service, the hedge fund he has in the works, and more). The reality is that trading can easily become an extremely lonesome endeavor – staring at screens for many hours per day and following strict, self-imposed risk management rules. For individuals who enjoy socializing, the trading lifestyle can be difficult.

      And as great as day trading has been for Thomas Kralow financially, he admits that it was stressful and psychologically difficult. Without a strong mindset, trading can take its toll over the course of many years. There’s no wonder that his course focuses heavily on trading psychology. Trading isn’t like a typical job where you can expect to make the same amount of money every week, month, and year. Great traders reach a level where they have a certain level of consistency, but nothing is ever guaranteed on a short-term basis. There can be days, weeks, or even months when you work extremely hard and long hours – yet still lose money. So relying solely on trading income in order to make a living provides an incredibly high level of stress that not many people understand.

      Overall, Thomas Kralow is the most open and honest trading guru that I’ve come across to date. Most gurus won’t openly admit the brutal realities of trading because it would make it harder for them to sell their courses. Instead, they use false promises and questionable sales tactics just to get you to subscribe. But Thomas Kralow isn’t like that at all. His transparency is second to none. He’s shared details about his personal life and businesses that nobody else would ever do – because he has nothing to hide. Before I knew anything about him, I thought he would be just another fake guru. But the honesty in his YouTube videos started making me think differently. And then once I actually went through his Complete Program, I knew he was legit.

      I hope Thomas Kralow continues teaching valuable trading concepts and skill-building with the same level of honesty and transparency as time goes on – and that the rest of the trading gurus in the industry follow his lead.

  • Bernard Breytenbach says:

    I would also skeptical if I hear a person promotes something he or she does not do at all. It is like a chef makes food, but refuses to eat it. People tend to follow and listen to honest open people. To read about Thomas Kralow’s intentions made me feel good though, because like you said he is moving away from trading to teaching. It makes sense and sounds very trust worthy. I am considering to start trading and am considering to try this program. But will it suit for me who knows nothing about trading?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Bernard – I appreciate your comments and questions!

      The fact that Thomas Kralow is mostly transitioning out of day trading as a personal lifestyle choice certainly seems suspect at first glance – especially when he’s trying to sell an active trading program. But I think the individuals who latch onto this particular point as indisputable evidence that his program is a scam are either competitors or too used to how most other services within the trading space operate.

      In my opinion, Thomas Kralow has solid reasons for transitioning out of day trading, so I think most naysayers are overreacting to it. It’s not that he’s completely out of the trading loop. He still has to stay updated with what’s happening in the markets in order to coach his Assisted+ students – and he also holds longer-term trades/investments. So I wouldn’t say he doesn’t do it at all. He just doesn’t have the time or desire to actively day trade that much anymore. Instead, he chooses to focus on coaching his students and pursuing other endeavors like launching a hedge fund. As much as the haters might think his transition out of day trading makes his program worse, it’s actually made it better. Within the past month, he added about 50 new lessons to his Complete Program on long-term investing and wealth-building. As a result, his program now covers everything from short-term trading to long-term portfolio management.

      Just to touch on what I meant when I said that people are “too used to how most services within the trading space operate” – I meant that almost all trading services are structured in the same sort of way. The main focus is usually on one specific guru with a personal chat room that subscribers have access to – and they also send out trade alerts. This particular setup, however, tends to promote dependency and blind mirroring, which is extremely dangerous. In addition to the chat rooms and alerts, there are usually a handful of video lessons and/or recorded webinars as well. So a chat room, alerts, and a few video lessons are the typical makeup of a trading service. But Thomas Kralow’s program is much different than that. There’s no chat rooms or alerts to promote dependency. It’s a fully comprehensive learning program with 200+ video lessons, 140+ tests, and 80+ homework assignments for a well-rounded education and opportunity to build legitimate trading skills. It’s all about self-sufficiency.

      As you can see, the structure and content provided within Thomas Kralow’s program is far different from the rest of the industry. And in my opinion, I don’t think it matters that he’s transitioning out of day trading into other ventures. Because the program isn’t all about him – it’s about the students. Every other trading service likes to make a big deal out of the results of the head guru, but the reality is that the guru’s trading results are distorted by thousands of subscribers blindly following them in and out of trades. And the subscribers rarely, if ever, experience long-term success. Without a massive following, would these guru’s actually be profitable traders? It’s hard to say. But there’s no doubt that they have an unfair advantage. And this is one of the major reasons why I think people should be pursuing legitimate training programs instead of chat rooms and alert services.

      Overall, Thomas Kralow’s trading program is my top training recommendation for new and intermediate traders. It starts with the basics and works its way to developing a complete trading system that involves indicators, key levels, depth of market analysis, trading psychology, risk & money management, statistics, and more. It’s longer than almost all other trading courses, but it provides the genuine path to trading success.

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