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Is Thomas Kralow a Scam or Legit – See What Hundreds of His Students Are Saying:

My own personal experiences with Thomas Kralow’s trading program have been immensely positive. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t individuals out there who feel differently. I’ve seen a small handful of negative reviews referring to Thomas Kralow as a scam.

Whether or not these negative reviews are real or not – I have no idea. But they tend to attack the same couple points over and over again: that the information within his program can be found for free online and that he no longer day trades on a regular basis.

Thomas Kralow Reviews - Is Thomas Kralow Legit

I’ve written multiple posts to explain how I feel about these particular criticisms, but I think they’re worth mentioning yet again. I’ve dedicated a section at the end of this post toward discussing these common complaints. I’ll also list a few helpful links here:

  1. Thomas Kralow – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  2. Is Thomas Kralow a Scam? My Perspective as a Student
  3. Why Students Pay Up to $20K For Thomas Kralow’s Program

But the main reason I created this post is to showcase what the majority of active Thomas Kralow students think about the program. Not just me – I’m only one person. But hundreds of other individuals who have purchased and worked through the program.

I think this provides much more of a comprehensive overview of what Thomas Kralow’s University Grade Trading Education is all about from numerous perspectives. For those currently considering it or some other trading course, I don’t want there to be any confusion.

Thomas Kralow Reviews and Testimonials – Direct Quotes and Feedback From His Students:

Thomas Kralow’s trading program recently launched last year, and since it’s designed as a four to five month learning program with additional stages of demo trading after that – many students who joined from the beginning are just now transitioning to real money.

To most people, six to twelve months worth of education and training might sound ridiculous. Typically because of the nonsense that spreads around online about foolproof indicators and systems – masses of people get tricked into thinking trading is easy.

But the reality of what it takes to become a consistently profitable trader is far different from what fake gurus tend to share on social media. Joining pump-and-dump chat rooms and guru alert services won’t do much good. Durable success requires self-sufficiency.

This honest and transparent approach to trading is why I respect Thomas Kralow so much. If you look at 99% of trading courses out there, they try to make trading out to be extremely easy – and they do this so that you’re more likely to purchase their product.

Thomas Kralow Reviews and Testimonials From Real Students

But Thomas Kralow actually has integrity that the rest of the trading education industry is lacking. He’s not afraid to discuss the realities of trading. Nor is he afraid to offer a five month long training program for students, which is absolutely unheard of.

While other trading courses are short, lousy, and ineffective; Thomas Kralow’s program actually provides students with a fighting chance. The video embedded above is a Zoom call that Thomas Kralow recently had with one hundred of his current students.

The following snippets were taken from full Thomas Kralow student reviews on TrustPilot:

“Fantastic program”.
“A real life changer”.
“Highly recommended”.
“Practical approach to trading”.
“The program is genuine”.
“Extremely comprehensive course”
“It is worth every dollar”.
“Simply the best in the world”.
“Skeptical at first, but there is a lot of high quality content”.

2 Common Complaints From Naysayers About Thomas Kralow and His Trading Program:

As mentioned earlier, I’ve written a few posts covering my thoughts on these common complaints. But I think these points are worth repeating for individuals trying to establish a full understanding of Thomas Kralow’s trading program – both the good and bad.

The truth is that Thomas Kralow’s program is far different from the typical trading course available online. While some people see this divergence from the norm as a negative, I personally see it as a positive. There’s a lot wrong with “standard” trading services.

#1 The Information Within His Program Can Be Found For Free Online

To a large degree, the information that Thomas Kralow provides within his program can theoretically be found for free online. But you can say the same thing for just about any course on any topic. Information is easy to find, but that’s not what produces great traders.

Basic foundational knowledge is a great start and is a prerequisite for potential growth, but substantial growth will never happen without practical application and solid feedback (from the markets and an experienced teacher) – repeated over and over again.

Thomas Kralow Biography - Who is Thomas Kralow

I think those who make this complaint fail to understand that trading success isn’t about some magical piece of information, like foolproof indicators and systems (that don’t actually exist). It’s about the development of legitimate technical and mental trading skills.

For example, there’s plenty of YouTube videos and tutorials about how to properly throw, catch, and hit a baseball. But simply “knowing” how to do these things doesn’t make you a great player. The only way to build skills is through repetitive practice.

This same concept applies directly to trading, yet people think information is all that matters. Do you think someone with zero baseball experience would be able to watch a few tutorials and then be able to perform in a major league game? Definitely not.

The overall value of Thomas Kralow’s program isn’t just in the information alone, but also the tests, interactive tasks, homework assignments, and personal support that goes along with it. It’s not solely about acquiring information; it’s about acquiring skills.

#2 Thomas Kralow No Longer Day Trades on a Regular Basis

The fact that Thomas Kralow has mostly transitioned out of day trading is another thing that haters like to latch onto in order to prove that he’s a scam. But I personally think that it makes his training program even stronger in a few very important ways.

One great aspect of him no longer day trading is that it stops students from thinking they can blindly mirror every trade he makes. This is one of the biggest reasons why other trading services are so ineffective – because most subscribers want spoon-fed trades.

What is a Trading Guru - What is a Trading Teacher - What is a Trading Mentor

But this reliance on guru alerts, paired with ignorance in regard to risk and money management, trading psychology, and many other critical aspects of consistently profitable trading, is incredibly dangerous – both emotionally and financially.

Since Thomas Kralow doesn’t provide a chat room or trade alerts (which so many wannabe traders are unfortunately used to), and barely day trades himself, it makes the focus of his program entirely on the personal development of each individual student.

Thomas Kralow’s transition out of day trading and into long-term investing and wealth building has also allowed him to expand upon his learning program. Just last month, he added over 30 new lessons to the end of his program covering these additional topics.

Keep in mind that he’s essentially following the natural progression of a trader. Day trading can potentially generate much higher returns, but also requires a substantial time commitment. Long-term investing has freed up time for him to teach and build businesses.

Final Thoughts on Thomas Kralow’s University Grade Trading Education:

If you’ve checked out my own personal Thomas Kralow review, or the reviews and testimonials from hundreds of other students, you’ll see that the vast majority of them are positive. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a handful of unhappy students mixed in.

No product or service will ever have 100% positive reviews – that’s just an unrealistic expectation. But I think that having over 95% positive reviews from over two hundred students says a lot about the quality of Thomas Kralow’s trading program and mentorship.

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One single positive or negative review alone doesn’t say much. But when there are fifty positive reviews to every one negative review – that’s saying something. It’s clear that his approach to teaching and training students is working quite well.

And what I think is most important is that student testimonials aren’t just about one cherry-picked trade that made them a lot of money (which is often what testimonials for chat rooms and alert services look that). The testimonials are process-related.

The reality is that one single trade means nothing. And blindly following trade alerts is a dangerous practice. Thomas Kralow’s program, on the other hand, teaches all critical facets of trading that can be utilized to create one cohesive, self-sufficient whole.

Please share your thoughts, experiences, or questions about Thomas Kralow and his University Grade Trading Education below.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Champ says:

    Looks like a good legitimate program, the people calling it a scam probably didn’t have the patience to give it chance. Its great that he goes on Zoom to talk with his students, and he wouldn’t be getting positive reviews if his program isn’t good.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I think you’re right that most naysayers are quick to call Thomas Kralow’s program a scam because they lack the patience to actually follow the training process. Some people think trading courses are going to provide them with some magical pattern or setup that will make them millionaire traders in a matter of days/weeks. But this sort of thing just doesn’t exist. Some fake gurus market their courses, programs, and services in this way in order to attract subscribers – but it’s just not the reality. It’s questionable advertising just to entice people.

      In my opinion, Thomas Kralow’s course is the most authentic I’ve come across in years. It doesn’t make any false promises or profit proclamations. Instead, it focuses on legitimate training for each student in a number of areas – trading mindset/psychology, risk/money management, trading statistics, technology & fundamental analysis, and more. The truth is that becoming a consistently profitable trader is about more than just information – it’s about acquiring legitimate skills. There’s a major difference between theory and application. I’ve written about this in other articles, but the ugly truth about Thomas Kralow is that he teaches the real path to trading success – the one that requires hard work and persistence. It’s not some get-rich-program that sounds nice, but doesn’t actually work.

      In the end, if you want to become a successful trader, you have to put the work in. You can’t cheat the process.

  • Stratos K says:

    Day trading is a very different beast from long term investing and some time ago I did try to dig into it but I saw that it was not for me. Having good training certainly help but as you said there will always be those unsatisfied for whatever reason. In order to be a successful trader you need to follow a good mentor that really know what he is doing, unfortunately I have seen many fakes out there just trying to get your money. I never had heard of Thomas Kralow before but he seems a legit one.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Stratos – I appreciate your comment. Day trading is certainly different from long-term investing. A lot of people use the terms “trading” and “investing” synonymously, but the approach that a short-term day trader and long-term investor take are drastically different. There’s certainly some overlap when it comes to technical/fundamental analysis, but day traders are far more concerned about technical factors and investors are far more concerned about fundamental factors.

      When it comes to training for day trading, most people avoid it. They typically choose to learn from free resources like YouTube and then dive into markets unprepared. But what most people don’t understand is that information/knowledge is only the start – you still have to turn that information into skills through repetition/experience. Beginners tend to have this idea that they’ll find some “holy grail” indicator or “foolproof” system, but these things just don’t exist. The effectiveness of certain indicators and systems changes depending on the situation. Markets evolve and strategies change, but skills never die. So it’s the mental and analytical skills that traders should be focusing on in order to adapt to any situation. Most people just want to be given some pattern that “works” or even worse – specific picks/alerts. But this is exactly where they go wrong. Proper training and mentorship is required for building self-sufficiency and ultimately experiencing durable market success.

  • LC says:

    Joining a program for free or getting information for free, is good only to a certain point. And then you start realizing that you get what you pay for, and if you pay nothing, you cannot expect much. 

    So if some people complain that they can get the information that Thomas Kralow provides for free, I think they will be surprised and disappointed, that the “free” information doesn’t provide them with the same value, that Thomas Kralow will give them. 

    I think Thomas Kralow provides fantastic training and the “haters” are jealous. Unfortunately we will always have people that slay the successful.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      I completely agree, LC. To a certain degree, free information is fine – especially in the beginning stages when you’re just learning terminology and trying to understand various trading concepts. But once it comes down to actual training and mentorship, you won’t find much of that for free anywhere. Properly internalizing and implementing concepts/skills is what separates profitable traders from losing traders. I think there’s a giant misconception amongst new traders that success is about finding some magical piece of information or foolproof system, but these things don’t exist. Information alone – from any trading course, program, or service – isn’t going to make you a good trader. You still have to take that information and turn it into legitimate skills – this is where the hard work is.

      This is why Thomas Kralow’s program is so beneficial to new traders, in my opinion, because it doesn’t try to trick you into thinking that simple setups/patterns equal automatic success. What produces success is having the right mental framework, the right market framework, properly implementing risk/money management principles, effectively tracking and analyzing your own trade data, and so much more. There’s no one “simple” answer. Whatever instruments you choose to trade (stocks, options, futures, forex, crypto, etc.), each one behaves a bit differently – and on top of that, markets are constantly changing/evolving. So patterns that work one week, month, or year might not work all that well the next. This is why having the skills to analyze, adapt, and refine your own approach is so critical to success – and why relying on some guru for an easy fix is so dangerous. In the end, those who take the training phase seriously are the ones most equipped for success.

  • Paolo says:

    It’s good to be part of a good crowd. And seeing what Thomas Kralow’s students say is exciting. I see that they have been learning. And some even have results under their belt that they can show. I like that we can have access to their testimonials before joining the platform. It makes a big difference for me. Thank you!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Paolo – it really is awesome to see individuals putting the time and effort into a legitimate training program like Thomas Kralow’s. The vast majority of people opt for alert services, chat rooms, and other things like that hoping to be spoon-fed hot picks (so that they don’t really have to put much effort into becoming better traders). But these services are largely ineffective for subscribers. What actually works is internalizing information through lessons, homework assignments, and tests, building skills and experience through demo trading, and then developing and refining your own personal trading algorithm based on individual availability, preferences, and trading statistics. I’m happy to see the months of hard work and perseverance from these students paying off. The training phase definitely isn’t easy, but required to ultimately become a self-sufficient and consistently profitable trader.

  • Daniel Tshiyole says:

    I’ve always thought that trading was a fluke because there is a high possibility that you will lose money, especially in the beginning. I am not a guy who likes to lose money so I stay far away from it. I do have a few friends that are into trading so I will definitely recommend this article to them. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Daniel – I think there are a lot of misconceptions about trading success. It’s true that the vast majority of individuals who try day trading fail, but it’s because the vast majority of individuals who try day trading don’t properly train and prepare. What tends to happen is that most beginners dive right into the markets with real money full of excitement and start trading impulsively/irrationally. But this isn’t good trading – it’s just gambling disguised as trading. It’s very easy to use trading as an outlet for gambling instead of treating it like a serious endeavor – one in which you have a statistical edge that you execute on with discipline and consistency.

      The best way to look at it is like jumping into an NFL game with limited to no previous football experience. This is what people are doing when they decide to blindly start trading. They might read a couple books, watch a few YouTube videos, and maybe even go through a course – but that’s not enough to be prepared for live markets. Information/knowledge needs to converted into legitimate skills for it to have any practical value. You can’t just read some books, watch some videos, and take some courses on football and expect to be ready to play in an NFL game. That’s not how it works. It takes practice, repetition, and feedback to steadily develop skills over time. This is what high-quality training/mentorship programs and trading simulators should be used for. Unfortunately, most people just want the rewards without the hard work required to get there, so the failure rate is no surprise to me. Active trading isn’t for everyone, but it’s important that people go in with the proper expectations of what it takes to succeed long term.

  • Charles says:

    This is a really nice analysis on what students are thinking about Thomas Kralow’s program. The Zoom call with Thomas Kralow and 100 of his students shows how many students feel about the program. I also read your other article on why people are paying up to $20K for his course and mentorship. This is a high cost but I can see how the potential outcomes for serious students could make it worthwhile.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Charles – thanks for the comment!

      I definitely think it’s important for potential Thomas Kralow students to understand exactly what his trading program is all about – not just from me, but a large number of his students as well. Individual reviews and testimonials don’t mean too much, but when about 95% of students are having a great experience with it – that’s saying something. Especially for a program that costs anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 (depending on the level of personal assistance you desire). I think far too many individuals assume trading is just about knowledge/information, but that’s only the start. What creates consistently profitable traders is the development of technical and mental skills through high-quality mentorship and training. Take care!

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