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Thomas Kralow Trading Academy vs. Kralow Trade Ideas – What’s the Difference?

Thomas Kralow is a multi-millionaire trader and investor with about a decade of experience in financial markets. Within this relatively short span of time, he has placed in excess of 20,000 total trades and has made over $9,000,000 in net profits.

After about seven years of active day trading success, Thomas Kralow decided to create a learning program to share his methods and expertise. His main goal was to replace his day trading income with projects that were more creative and social.

Thomas Kralow Trading Academy vs. Kralow Trade Ideas

As a result, he put together a comprehensive trading curriculum and created his course – University Grade Trading Education. Within just a handful of months, his course started gaining quite a bit of traction and essentially replaced his day trading income.

With his trading education program completed, he moved on to the creation of a hedge fund. And considering the in-depth market research and analysis involved in doing this, he figured he could easily pass this information along to paying clients.

This research and analysis provided by Thomas Kralow and his team is essentially Kralow Trade Ideas. So Thomas Kralow Trading Academy and Kralow Trade Ideas are somewhat related, but still separate ventures. One is training and one is merely information.

Below we’ll discuss each offering in more detail, including who each one is best for and the main differences between the two.

What is Thomas Kralow’s Trading Program – University Grade Trading Education?

As mentioned briefly before, Thomas Kralow’s trading program is called University Grade Trading EducationHaving personally been through dozens of trading courses in the past, this is a learning program that I actually recommend for new traders.

Almost every other trading course out there simply packages together a small collection of videos and webinars covering just one or two basic setups and calls it a course. But Thomas Kralow’s program is much more than just that.

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For starters, there are over 200 total video lessons – many of which have homework assignments and tests to go along with them in order to truly internalize the concepts being taught – because there’s a major difference between passive and active learning.

In addition the assignments and tests, Thomas Kralow also makes it clear that you should be demo trading in a simulated account in order to internalize concepts even more. It’s a course that covers the right way to approach markets through skill-building.

Depending on the package you purchase, it’s possible to have a personal assistant available to answer your questions, grade homework, and provide feedback – and even receive one-on-one mentorship from Thomas Kralow himself with the Assisted Plus package.

Overall, the program is about learning and training in a structured and safe way. You demo trade as you go, track your statistics, learn from your mistakes, receive expert feedback, and only transition to real money trading after you’ve achieved consistency.

What is Kralow Trade Ideas and How Does it Differ From the Trading Academy Course/Program?

Kralow Trade Ideas is much more long-term focused. As opposed to teaching active day trading – which is mainly what the Thomas Kralow Trading Academy is all about – this service is concentrated on delivering medium to long-term investing ideas.

We’re talking about the macro-level research and deep fundamental analysis that hedge funds need to perform in order to put together long-term portfolios and build wealth for their clients. It’s a long-term, fundamental view as opposed to short-term, technical.

TIMEFRAME Mainly Short-Term Trading Mainly Long-Term Investing
ANALYSIS Mainly Technical Mainly Fundamental
PRODUCTS Mainly Futures and Stocks Mainly Stocks and Crypto
FOCUS Comprehensive Training For Day Traders Deep Research For Long-Term Investors

The major difference to understand is that Thomas Kralow Trading Academy offers training and mentorship designed for active day traders, while Kralow Trade Ideas is simply providing research on a handful of potential investment ideas each month.

But in both trading and investing, no amount of research or analysis can guarantee positive incomes. So don’t expect miracles from either of these two services without implementing proper risk/money management and trading psychology, among other things.

Too many people get into trading/investing under get-rich-quick pretenses – and that mentality ultimately leads to their own failure. The fact of the matter is that durable trading and/or investing success requires much more than magical indicators and hot picks.

So Which Kralow Program Should You Choose – Trading Academy, Trade Ideas, or Both?

For those with limited to no experience trading or investing, I think the best place to start would be with Kralow Trading Academy. Even though the main focus is on day trading, there are chapters covering long-term investing and wealth-building as well.

For those with a good amount of experience actively trading at a consistently profitable level, then the Kralow Trading Academy probably wouldn’t be of much use. But Kralow Trade Ideas could be utilized to help create some long-term investment plans.

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The most important point I want to get across to anybody considering the Kralow Trading Academy is that it takes months of hard work to learn, train, and achieve consistent profitability. This isn’t a short, lousy course. It’s a full-blown learning program.

And for those considering Kralow Trade Ideas, the research and analysis you receive doesn’t replace your own technical and mental trading skills. Without proper risk/money management and trading psychology, for example, no trade ideas will help you.

In the end, I think most people should initially start with the Kralow Trading Academy in order to build a proper foundation, and then potentially supplement that foundation with Kralow Trade Ideas if they’re looking for long-term investment opportunities.

If you have any thoughts or experiences with any of Thomas Kralow’s offerings, please share them in the comments below.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

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  • Johnny says:

    Kralow Trade Ideas are much better than Trading Academy! Its not easy to understand the difference, but you explained in a way that it is much easier and saved me a lot of time in investigating through the websites of each and other places. Thanks for that and all of the other information you provide on this site.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Johnny – I appreciate the kind words.

      I personally think Thomas Kralow Trading Academy is the best option (at least initially) for most people because it lays the foundation for trading success, covering topics like risk management, trading statistics, key levels, indicators, mindset/psychology, and more. But Kralow Trade Ideas certainly has some value for longer-term traders/investors who already understand the importance of these components. The main thing to be aware of is that trade ideas aren’t the only factor involved in overall trading success – specific entries/exits, stops/profit targets, money/risk management, and position sizing can all make a major difference in individual results. So don’t expect that receiving trade ideas will be an automatic ticket to riches – there are no guarantees and you should still do your own due diligence before making any trades/investments. Take care!

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