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Is Thomas Kralow a Scam or Legit – My Perspective as a Student (Part 2)

A little over a year ago now, I published an article entitled Is Thomas Kralow a Scam? My Perspective as a Student – in which I discussed the top 3 complaints from naysayers and top 3 compliments from supporters in regard to his trading education program.

Thomas Kralow Scam - Is Thomas Kralow a Scam (Part 2)?

Since then, the article and YouTube video associated with it has received a lot of attention (tens of thousands of views). But at this point in time, I have quite a few new thoughts/opinions to share in regard to Kralow University as a whole.

In the past when I’ve discussed Thomas Kralow, it has been almost entirely in relation to his University Grade Trading Education program. But his UGTE program is only a fraction of what he has to offer under the “Kralow University” umbrella.

As both a trader/investor and businessman/entrepreneur, Thomas Kralow has turned his experience and expertise in all of these categories into multi-million dollar income streams – and that’s really the basis of what Kralow University is all about.

Active intraday trading offers a ton of opportunity (if approached correctly!), but it’s not everybody’s passion. The good news, however, is that there are a ton of other great ways to make money and build wealth online – either in addition to or instead of trading.

What Thomas Kralow offers through his university are some of the best opportunities for generating substantial online income.

Kralow University Review – What is Kralow University and is it a Scam or Legit?

Kralow University was created to teach what regular universities simply do not – real-life trading, investing, and sales skills.

Kralow University Review - Is Kralow University a Scam or Legit

Here Are Some of the Main Courses/Programs/Services Provided Through Kralow University:

University Grade Trading Education (

After actively trading for seven years and capturing over $9 million in profits, Thomas Kralow created his University Grade Trading Education program as a way to transition into more creative and social endeavors (like building online businesses).

University Grade Trading Education By Thomas Kralow

This transition away from “trading for a living” is a top complaint amongst naysayers, but I understand why he did it. He was certainly earning a substantial income from trading (averaging over $1M per year), but it can be a lonely and stressful endeavor.

He’s still actively involved with markets (mainly with crypto now instead of index futures like he used to). But regardless of his personal involvement with intraday trading recently, I think his program provides an extremely strong starting point for beginners.

Best Investing Tips (BestInvesting.Tips)

Best Investing Tips is another service that Thomas Kralow and his team created to serve more passive traders/investors. The UGTE program centers around active trading (i.e. day trading), but this – on the other hand – is focused on portfolio building.

Best Investing Tips By Thomas Kralow - What is Best Investing Tips?

There is no “training” going on with this service (like there is with University Grade Trading Education). It’s all about receiving well-researched investment ideas (about 5-20 per month) in stocks and cryptocurrencies. It’s a done-for-you service.

I personally believe people should opt for the University Grade Trading Education program in order to build a high level of skill/self-sufficiency instead of relying on somebody else’s tips/ideas. But there’s a time and place for this type of service as well.

Executive Margin (

Executive Margin isn’t directly related to trading or investing at all. It’s about learning how to take your own unique set of knowledge/skill/experience (in any area you’re passionate about) and turning it into a high-quality digital product/service.

Executive Margin By Thomas Kralow - What is Executive Margin?

The blueprint he shares for making millions with online courses/programs is essentially what he’s done with his University Grade Trading Education program, Best Investing Tips service, and even the Executive Margin training itself.

What he’s done with all of these offerings is turn his personal expertise (whether it be in relation to trading, investing, or entrepreneurship) into high profit margin digital products/services – like online courses and training programs

Kralow Affiliates (

Kralow Affiliates is yet another income opportunity that Thomas Kralow provides for individuals to earn commissions in return for referrals. This means that you can earn money by promoting his programs (like UGTE, Best Investing Tips, Executive Margin, etc.).

Kralow Affiliates - What is Kralow Affiliates?

I’ve seen a handful of people call Thomas Kralow a scam because he has an affiliate program, but I think this is pure nonsense. There’s nothing wrong with affiliate/referral programs by themselves and nearly 80% of brands have them (like Amazon, for example).

But some individuals do take their promotions to an unethical level – essentially just promoting things because they’re earning commissions from it. So if you decide to go down this route, please be honest/ethical with your recommendations.

Final Thoughts on Thomas Kralow University and Whether His Programs are Scams or Legit?

When I first went through and reviewed Thomas Kralow’s trading program (University Grade Trading Education), none of these other programs even existed yet. There was no Kralow University to even discuss – there was only one trading course.

But now – only a year or two later – Thomas Kralow and his team have launched multiple programs/services (which aren’t all directly related to trading/investing). And believe it or not, Thomas Kralow has many more income streams in addition to these.

|3 Ways to Get Started Learning From Thomas Kralow For Free|

Thomas Kralow Review - What is Thomas Kralow Trading Academy - University Grade Trading Education

|Check For the Best Possible Discounts on All Kralow University Products/Services|

Do I wish his entire focus was on trading/investing for selfish reasons? Yes – because my goal with this site is to pinpoint the best possible trading education/training/mentorship programs. But despite the split-focus, his trading program is still top-notch.

For advanced/specialized training and mentorship, I would highly recommend Tradacc with Aaron Korbs and/or Trade With Profile with Josh Schuler. But for a high-quality, beginner-level learning program, it doesn’t get much better than UGTE.

I was extremely skeptical of Thomas Kralow at first – and some of his marketing/advertising tends to be a little too flashy for my liking. But when you boil things down to the products/services themselves, there’s extreme value in what he has to offer.

Overall, Thomas Kralow has his hands in a lot of different pots, but his transparency is second to none in the industry.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Shalisha Alston says:

    Thanks for your in-depth review of Thomas Kralow through a number of helpful articles. I find it interesting the difference between classic university education in relation to what Thomas Kralow has to offer through his Kralow University.  But $20,000 is a lot of money.  I don’t know that beginners looking to learn how to trade online could afford this. But, then again, it seems pretty thorough. Who wants to keep chasing after gurus who promise you the moon and don’t deliver? I’m going to trust your judgment and your review. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Shalisha – thanks for sharing your thoughts on Thomas Kralow.

      Just to clarify, there are a number of courses/programs/services that fall under the Kralow University umbrella. Only one of those programs is his trader training program (University Grade Trading Education), which I think is an outstanding resource for new traders who want a comprehensive experience of what it means to be a self-sufficient trader – covering topics like trading mindset/psychology, risk/money management, key level identification, strengths/weaknesses of indicators, his own personal trading strategy (for stocks and futures), and even a chapter on long-term portfolio building. And there are a lot of interactive assignments and quizzes/tests along the way to support the learning/skill-building process. So I think it’s a fairly well-rounded program (especially in comparison to all the basic/lousy/nonsense courses out there). There are 3 main versions of the program – all based on the same core curriculum – but with varying levels of support/assistance: Standard, Assisted, and Assisted+. The Standard version is roughly $1,000 and the Assisted version is roughly $2,500 – and these are by far the two most popular versions amongst students. But when you mention $20K, I think you’re referring to the Assisted+ version – which includes private mentorship from Thomas Kralow himself as you work through the course (which takes 5 months to complete), plus 2 additional months of mentorship as you transition from demo to real money trading. So it’s 7 months of direct mentorship and personalized feedback from Thomas Kralow. Obviously, this isn’t a very popular option compared to the Standard and Assisted versions due to the upfront cost, but can be well worth it for individuals who are serious about becoming consistently profitable in the most expedited way possible.

      If I were in the position of starting my trading journey right now (knowing what I know now) and had $20K at my disposal, I would immediately put it toward the best possible education, training, and mentorship. I would buy Thomas Kralow’s Assisted program (~$2,500), Josh Schuler’s Profile Trading Development Pathway (~$1,250), Aaron Korbs Profile Method (~3,000), and Merritt Black’s NADRO training (~$3,000). All of these together add up to under $10K – and I would never need to purchase any other trading course/program ever again because they would prepare me with the competence/skill/edge required to be consistently profitable within a year or so. I know a figure like $10K or $20K sounds like a lot – and if somebody told me when I first started out to spend this amount on education/training I would’ve thought they were crazy. But guess what I did instead? I ended up spending nearly $30,000 and five years of time following lousy alert/signal services and chat rooms and consistently losing money in the markets. The financial cost was one thing, but the opportunity cost was even worse. I wasted so much time that I could’ve been using to build legitimate skills and experiences that would benefit me immensely in the future. If I put just a portion of that $30K into legitimate training instead, I could’ve recouped it within 12-18 months (instead of 6-7 years). I try my best to lead people down the right path because active trading can truly be an incredible source of income, but most people aren’t willing to put the requisite resources into the learning/training process – so it’s no surprise to me why the failure rate is so high. It’s roughly 90% because the vast majority of individuals who pursue it are dabblers/hobbyists/gamblers – they’re not serious about taking the real path to becoming skilled, self-sufficient traders. The opportunity is most definitely available, but most (including myself at the beginning) weren’t/aren’t willing to approach it the right way.

  • Ana says:

    I can’t give a real answer to this question, because I just found this site and I’m hearing about Thomas Kralow for the first time. I am a doctor by profession and I felt the school system, later the university, on my skin. I gained real knowledge only after graduating from university when I faced patients face to face. So I can understand that what is taught at Kralow University is much more useful than what is taught by the professors at the faculties in that field, and by professors who have no real experience in what they are teaching. I watched a little YouTube video and I was very intrigued by the story of Thomas Kralow. Today I celebrate one year since I started my own online business (like what he teaches with Executive Margin and Kralow Affiliates). In the past year, I learned a lot about it and how to recognize real people from those who are not in this business. In this case, I saved this article in order to come back later and complete my knowledge related to sales, affiliate marketing, etc.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Ana – I really appreciate you sharing your personal thoughts and experiences with classic university education in relation to what Thomas Kralow has to offer through his Kralow University.

      I completely agree that school systems are often lacking and don’t prepare students for real life. Information/knowledge that comes from a book can be great – don’t get me wrong. But real education only happens through experience/immersion. I’ve seen a lot of hopeful traders dive into the markets and go through a bunch of basic/lousy courses – and they can recite the definitions of all kinds of trading terms and technical concepts – but they can’t actually trade profitably because they haven’t turned that book knowledge into legitimate skill. This is why I think the structure of Thomas Kralow’s course is so important. The curriculum is solid along with the accompanying tests, quizzes, and interactive tasks – but if students want to get the absolute most out of the program, then they have to go through rounds of demo trading (hundreds of trades) while closely tracking their trade data & statistics, and continuously be improving/refining their approach over time. This is really what trading is. There is no holy-grail, set-it-and-forget-it, massively profitable system. It’s all about practical application and continuous adaptation over time.

  • LineCowley says:

    I have come across Thomas Kralow and his teaching before, and know that he offers very high quality training. But I always thought that it was just really for learning to do trading and investing. So it is great to see that Kralow University offers online business and affiliate marketing training as well through Executive Margin and Kralow Affiliates. 

    Does one need to be a student of Kralow University to become an affiliate? I will be exploring the free ways one can learn from Thomas Kralow more to see how it can help me in other ways than trading and investing. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Great question – I don’t believe you have to be a student of Kralow University to become an affiliate. But just keep in mind what I mentioned within the Kralow Affiliates section above in terms of being ethical. How can you honestly recommend a particular course/program/service without any firsthand experience with it? When people do this sort of blind promotion just to earn commissions for themselves, that’s the kind of behavior that makes affiliate marketing seem “scammy”. But not all affiliates operate this way. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with affiliate/referral programs in and of themselves, but it’s the way some individuals go about promoting certain products/services (with limited to no experience with them) that makes them sketchy. Affiliate marketing has its perks – like not having to create your own product/service or deal with customer service. But pushing products/services on people just to earn commissions is wrong, in my opinion. If you’re making any sort of recommendation, it should be backed by deep research and personal experience.

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