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Is Thomas Kralow a Scam or Legit? See What His Students Think in the Comments Section:

Thomas Kralow’s trading program – University Grade Trading Education – is fairly new to the scene. After seven years of active trading (20,000+ trades) and over nine million dollars in total profits, Kralow decided to launch his trading program in 2020.

Thomas Kralow Reviews and Testimonials From Real Students

It’s safe to say that when I first heard of Thomas Kralow, I was extremely skeptical – as I am with pretty much any trading course, program, or service. The sad reality is that most of them are lousy and ineffective for members, created by fake gurus who don’t really know how to trade – and yet they’re making money teaching it to others. This is the dangerous state of trading education.

But before I go on too long of a rant about how the wild world of trading gurus, teachers, coaches, and mentors is full of salesmen and marketers instead of legitimate traders, I want to say that Thomas Kralow’s trading program shocked me. What I initially thought would be just another trading chat room and alert service turned out to be anything but. The focus is entirely on student education.

From personal experience using dozens of trading services over the years, I can tell you that most will claim to be about education and self-sufficiency on the surface. But then their advertising suggests the opposite – dependency on them for “hot picks” and no studying required. Even if you choose to study, their disorganized and confusing video lessons don’t exactly scream “education”.

My Personal Take on Thomas Kralow’s Trading Program – Both the Good and the Bad:

Before I share the reasons why I like Thomas Kralow’s trading program, I think it’s important to discuss some of the negatives.

The first thing, which isn’t directly related to the quality of the program, is that some of his YouTube videos and advertisements display luxury cars, boats, watches, etc. I’ll admit that this is par for the course in the industry, and the way he displays his material wealth is actually quite mild in comparison to others, but I still don’t like this sort of effort to draw people in based on “lifestyle”.

Thomas Kralow Reviews and Testimonials - University Grade Trading Education

The second thing is that his Assisted Plus program is the most expensive mentorship program that I’ve ever seen at a cost of roughly $15-20K. This includes a direct line of communication and one-on-one personal mentorship from Thomas Kralow himself throughout the entire program – including follow-up support at the end as you transition into live, real money trading.

With that being said, I think his Standard program (100% independent learning) is completely fair, if not underpriced, at a cost of under $1K. And his Assisted program (most popular) is reasonable at around $2.5K. So even though the Assisted Plus program is pricey, there are still two solid options for beginners who want the educational advantages of such a strong curriculum.

Overall, even though there a couple aspects that I don’t like, I think Thomas Kralow’s complete transparency and the positive impact his program has on the majority of students far outweigh the negatives. I’ve never seen any other trading educator openly share the specific details of their income and net worth. Nor have I seen such a complete, well-structured trading program.

The focus on proper expectations and mindset, and the acquisition of legitimate trading skills is what every trading program should be focused on. Not the exciting things (like signals and alerts) that are ineffective. But actual skills for long-term success.

Now is Your Chance as a Thomas Kralow Student to Share Your Personal Thoughts and Experiences:

Now that I’ve shared my own thoughts on Thomas Kralow’s trading program, I want to open up the floor to any of his students. Please feel free to share whatever you want about your experiences – the good, bad, and everything in-between.

**Please Share Your Thomas Kralow Review/Testimonial in the Comments Section Below**

Thomas Kralow Review - What is Thomas Kralow Trading

Much of this site is just me expressing my own opinions, but I think it’s best to hear from a number of others as well. If you liked the program, explain why. If you hated the program, explain why. This is critical information that will help countless individuals decide if Thomas Kralow’s trading program is right or wrong for them. Be as honest and detailed as possible.

Here are some questions to prompt your thoughts:

  • How Did You Come Across Thomas Kralow and His Trading Program (Internet Search, Social Media, etc.)?
  • Did You Have Any Doubts or Concerns Before Joining? Did Those Doubts or Concerns Subside After Joining?
  • Have You Gone Through Any Other Trading Courses, Programs, or Services in the Past? How Does This Compare?
  • What Are Your Thoughts on Thomas Kralow’s Transparency, Teaching Ability, and Overall Quality of His Program?
  • Do You Have Any Complaints or Can You Think of Any Ways That Thomas Kralow Can Improve His Program?
  • What Kind of Trader Are You (Day/Swing Trader, Stocks, Forex, etc.) and Did the Program Help You Improve?
  • Were You Able to Go Through the Program While Having a Full-Time Job? How Much Time Did You Devote to it?
  • Are You Happy With the Education and Your Own Skill Development? Or Would You Have Preferred Alerts Instead?
  • Are You Experiencing More Trading Success After Going Through the Program or Did it Not Help You at All?
  • Would You Recommend Thomas Kralow’s University Grade Trading Education to Your Friends and Family?

Whether you went through the Standard, Assisted, or Assisted Plus program – I look forward to hearing from all of you. Potential students deserve to hear the truth from actual individuals who have already gone through Thomas Kralow’s program.