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Who is Thomas Kralow and What is His Trading Education Program?

Thomas Kralow is a trader/investor/entrepreneur with over 7 years of market experience, 20K trades, and $9M in profits. That averages out to over 2.5K trades and $1.25M in profits per year. You can review two years of his active trading performance here.

Thomas Kralow Review - What is Thomas Kralow Trading

As a result of his individual trading success, he decided to create his own trading educational program with the goal of teaching new traders the ins-and-outs of becoming consistently successful. Thomas Kralow is not self-taught – he had a mentor of his own. So he understands exactly what it takes to make money in the markets and how difficult his journey would’ve been without proper guidance.

In fact, Thomas Kralow probably wouldn’t be where he is today without the help of his mentor. He was on track to go to school to become a lawyer before his mentor talked him into giving trading a shot. Now he has several years of massive trading profits under his belt, a successful trading education business, and he’s currently working on building a multi-million dollar hedge fund.

Within this exhaustive Thomas Kralow review, I primarily dig into his fast-growing trading education program and the claim that it offers a “university grade trading education”. I put in countless hours of research to see if it was legitimately worth the hype or a downright scam. My main goal was to find out if Thomas Kralow is a legitimate trading educator or just another fake guru.

In the sections of the review below, you’ll find all of my thoughts about Thomas Kralow and his trading program laid out in detail.

Thomas Kralow Reviews and Testimonials – It’s Hard to Find Many Negative Ones:

Before you rush to judgment about Thomas Kralow and his trading program based on my own personal experiences and opinions, I think it’s important to see the reviews and testimonials from a much larger group of students on TrustPilot.

Thomas Kralow TrustPilot Reviews and Testimonials

Prior to even looking at his trading program, this is the first place I checked for student reviews. It’s safe to say that I was immediately skeptical. At the time I looked, there were only one or two negative reviews – but the rest were five stars. I’ve used and reviewed dozens of trading programs, platforms, and services over the past ten years and it’s rare to see such a consensus.

It honestly made me think that it was too good to be true. And I sat there reading through every single testimonial – one-by-one. By the end, I wasn’t any less skeptical because you have to be vigilant in the trading education world. The vast majority of courses are short and lousy – so I didn’t want to get my hopes up – but I was becoming more curious about checking out his program for myself.

Thomas Kralow Reviews and Testimonials

Thomas Kralow Trading Program Reviews and Testimonials

Thomas Kralow Trading Reviews and Testimonials

Regardless of my initial doubts, I kept pushing forward – researching Thomas Kralow on social media and working my way through his Complete Program. Throughout my research, the common themes from the TrustPilot reviews kept popping into my head: “offers the full toolbox”, “the total package”, and “the most comprehensive online trading course”. Would this actually turn out to be true?

I was suspicious, but hopeful that the hype about Thomas Kralow was real. Fully comprehensive training programs are what I dream about finding. A to Z courses that can successfully take committed traders from zero knowledge to consistent profitability.

What Exactly is in Thomas Kralow’s Trading Program – Full Curriculum and Cost:

Thomas Kralow offers two main versions of his trading program – Complete or Shortened. The Complete version includes all 16 fundamental chapters listed below plus the final exam. The Shortened version is identical except for just one chapter covering the basics removed. So the only difference is that it’s slightly cheaper and skips over coverage of basic trading terminology.

Thomas Kralow Review - Complete Trading Program

Thomas Kralow Review - Shortened Trading Program

  1. Effective Start
  2. Trading Psychology
  3. Basic Technical Aspects of Trading
  4. Introduction to Indicator Trading
  5. Important Indicator Trading Rules
  6. Indicator Trading Systems
  7. Introduction to Key Level Trading
  8. Advanced Aspects of Key Level Trading
  9. Risk and Money Management
  10. Key Level Trading Systems
  11. Thomas Kralow Personal Trading Strategy
  12. Personal Algorithm and Statistics
  13. Choosing an Approach
  14. Recap
  15. Stock Trading Strategy
  16. Long-Term Investing Strategy

From there, you have three different options depending on the level of personal assistance you desire – Standard, Assisted, or Assisted Plus. Standard is 100% independent learning, Assisted is 60% independent learning with 40% assisted learning, and Assisted Plus is 90% assisted learning with 10% independent learning (including 1-on-1 support from Thomas Kralow). The cost of each option increases depending on the level of assistance you choose. Overall, the most popular option amongst students is the mid-level Assisted program.





$395/Month (For 4 Months), or
$1,280 (One-Time Payment)
Check For Discount Codes
$875/Month (For 4 Months), or
$2,980 (One-Time Payment)
Check For Discount Codes
$6,125/Month (For 4 Months), or
$19,980 (One-Time Payment)
Check For Discount Codes


$370/Month (For 4 Months), or
$1,180 (One-Time Payment)
Check For Discount Codes
$825/Month (For 4 Months), or
$2,780 (One-Time Payment)
Check For Discount Codes
$5,845/Month (For 4 Months), or
$18,880 (One-Time Payment)
Check For Discount Codes


Roughly 4-5 Month Program
15/16 Fundamental Chapters
190+ Video Lessons
75+ Homework Assignments
Exclusive Community Access
Comprehensive Final Exam
Diploma and Gift For Graduation
Same as Standard, Plus:

Individual Homework Checking
Personal Assistant Throughout Program
Private Real Money Trading Support After Graduation

Same as Assisted, Plus:

Direct Line of Communication, Personal One-on-One Support, and Private Mentorship Sessions With Thomas Kralow Himself

This actually came as a shock to me. I would’ve thought the Standard option to be most popular due to cost, but those who have gone through the Assisted version highly recommend it. In many instances, students start with the independent option and then quickly upgrade to Assisted once they realize the value. Assisted includes a personal coach to answer any questions you have, help overcome hurdles, check homework, and support with your real money trading upon completion of the program.

It’s a rough estimate depending on how much time and effort you put into it, but going through the program typically takes around 4-5 months. This is assuming that you work on it about 5 hours per week. You can go faster if you’d like, but keep in mind that going too fast can take away from your retention of the information. It’s not a race. The information, real-life examples, quizzes, and final exam are there to help you build the core skills necessary for legitimate trading success. Don’t cheat yourself by rushing through it.

The structure of the course is designed in a way that moves from simple to complex topics, building up to a point where you have the knowledge and skills of a high-level trader. This is one of the best curriculums I’ve seen out of an online trading program.

Thomas Kralow Trading Program – Pros and Cons:

There are numerous advantages to joining Thomas Kralow’s trading program. The most important one is that it offers a comprehensive curriculum. It’s far more than just a dry and boring course about technical analysis. Instead, it covers the full spectrum of knowledge and skills required to become a successful trader. The interactive tasks and quizzes along the way also support deeper learning.

Thomas Kralow Review - Who is Thomas Kralow and What is Thomas Kralow Trading Academy

I always say this, but it’s one thing to understand trading conceptually and an entirely different thing to put it into practice. Reading books and watching video lessons on various trading topics can only take you so far. But it’s the practical application of those topics that leads to the development of skills and mastery. In my opinion, Thomas Kralow does a great job of facilitating the practical application of core concepts in a completely safe environment (learning modules, interactive tasks, and demo trading).

Another unique advantage of the Standard program is that there is a full money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. Believe it or not, the vast majority of trading programs and services I’ve come across don’t offer any refunds at all. So this definitely shows the trust and confidence that Thomas Kralow has in his own course/program.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum Covering All Critical Topics
  • Huge Emphasis on Trading Psychology and Mindset
  • Interactive Tasks, Homework, and Exams For Deeper Learning
  • Thomas Kralow is Honest About the Realities of Trading
  • Exclusive Facebook Community For Ongoing Support
  • Recommends Completing Program Before Real Money Trading
  • Full Money Back Guarantee Within 30 Days of Purchase
  • Cost of Assisted Plus Package is Out of Reach For Most
  • Some YouTube Videos Display Luxury Cars, Watches, etc.
  • Mails a Diploma With GPA to Your Address After Graduation

With all of the advantages out of the way, there are a few disadvantages that I think are worth mentioning. The first is that the Assisted Plus package is quite expensive for beginners. Unless you’re well-funded and entirely committed to your trading success, the cost is out of reach for the bulk of newcomers. But this isn’t to say that the potential value doesn’t justify the cost. You’re paying for private one-on-one access to Thomas Kralow himself and his direct mentorship can be extremely beneficial.

The other two downsides are kind of peripheral concerning some YouTube videos and the diploma given for graduation. What I don’t like about some of Thomas Kralow’s YouTube videos are the display of fancy cars, penthouses, watches, and other luxury items. I might be in the minority on not liking this, but it naturally raises some red flags. On the other hand, this kind of content does seem to motivate his followers and Thomas Kralow isn’t faking it – it’s his real lifestyle. It’s just not something that attracts me.

Lastly, the diploma sent out for making it through the program is something that I don’t 100% agree with. It might seem like an irrelevant detail to complain about, but I think it can have a negative psychological impact on students. The problem is that society has conditioned us to think in terms of achievement and status, but the market doesn’t care about any of that. For example, you might be able to get a job based on having a certain degree. The financial markets, however, don’t care about certificates or prestige.

Is Thomas Kralow a Scammer or Legitimate Trading Educator?

Right off the bat, I have to give credit to Thomas Kralow for setting up traders who go through his program with the right expectations and mindset. He doesn’t make any false promises about how easy and profitable trading is, like so many other traders on social media these days do. He’s completely open and honest about how long and rigorous the path is to consistent profitability.

It’s definitely sad to see, but the actual truth often gets hidden within the world of self-proclaimed trading gurus and mentors. Most of these so-called trading gurus aren’t really concerned about your financial and emotional well-being. All they care about is views, clicks, and making money off you in one way or another. This would be fine if they offered real value, but in most cases they don’t.

In fact, following recommendations from these fake gurus or random individuals on social media can be extraordinarily dangerous. When it comes to good trading courses and mentorship, I hear people say all the time that “I don’t need to pay for a course. I can find everything I need to know on YouTube”. But in reality, how much is this self-education process really costing you?

Don’t get me wrong – I do think YouTube can be an outstanding resource. But for trading and investing education, how do you filter the good from the bad? It might seem like you’re saving yourself money by taking advantage of free resources, but how much time are you wasting sifting through mountains of useless information? And how much money are you losing from taking lousy advice?

That money would be much better spent on shortening your learning curve with a trustworthy trading mentor like Thomas Kralow.

Why is Thomas Kralow Selling a Trading Education Program – Why Not Just Trade?

Thomas Kralow Trading

For trading mentors, this is by far the most commonly asked question: “If you’re such a great trader, why not just trade? Why are you also selling a course, program or service?”. This is definitely a valid question, and usually these trading educators just lie and say something about how they want to help people. But how many people are their crummy courses and programs really helping?

What I respect most about Thomas Kralow is that he’s genuinely honest about all the reasons why he decided to create and sell a trading program. The first reason is that active trading was a solitary and stressful undertaking that kept him at his trading station for around 12 hours per day. Since he’s a very social and creative person, he wanted more interaction and projects. At this point in time, he barely day trades at all. He’s transitioned mainly to long-term investments, teaching, and various other projects.

The second reason is that he did it to replace his active trading income – and he’s not afraid to say it. Even though he’s busy within his program helping Assisted Plus students, he wanted to create a more passive income for himself. In addition to that, he also wants to build his own hedge fund and take part in more philanthropic ventures – like donating 15-20% of his earnings to orphanages in Latvia (where he grew up). To top it off, his program actually seems to be effective for his students – not garbage like most others.

If you check out his YouTube channel or other social media, you’ll find that he’s an open book when it comes to almost any topic – even with information on how much his trading education business makes and the full details of his personal net worth.

How is Thomas Kralow Different From Other Trading Gurus, Mentors, and Educators:

What makes Thomas Kralow different from most other trading educators is that he offers a legitimate learning program. He’s not just some self-proclaimed guru that decided to create a newsletter or chat room just to pump his own alerts. He actually took the time to design a reliable curriculum that genuinely helps people build the technical and mental skills required for durable success.

Thomas Kralow Basics For Beginners Course

Unfortunately, most trading gurus on social media and the internet in general don’t really have your best interests at heart. You might think they’re trying to help you by delivering some hot stock picks and making promises that you can start making thousands of dollars immediately, but it’s just a shady ploy to get your money. These programs are more about marketing than actual trading.

Within the past ten years, I’ve learned exactly how many of these trading programs operate, as well as how the masses react to them. On the whole, it’s quite upsetting to see. I have nothing against marketing in general, but there are far too many false promises being made within this industry. In an arena without certainties (only probabilities), people are entering with the absolute wrong expectations and overall mindset thanks to ignorant or malicious gurus. They’re setting people up for failure right from the start.

This is yet another area where Thomas Kralow stands out. He makes no false promises and speaks truthfully about the realities of trading. While this approach drives a lot of people away, it attracts the right type of individuals to his program – the ones who are dedicated to properly learning the craft and achieving long-term success. But the masses are far more attracted to the “easy” way, which is why there are innumerable trading programs offering garbage and very few offering legitimate education.

The sad reality is that people don’t like things that sound difficult. They want a million dollars tomorrow without effort. This truth of human nature is what leads people into stock alert services and other get-rich-quick programs – even though they’re not effective.

Top 10 Lessons Learned From Thomas Kralow’s YouTube Channel and Trading Programs:

If you learn nothing else from this review, make sure you take these lessons with you as you progress on your trading journey. Most people have the wrong ideas about what it takes to achieve consistent trading success – and all the fake gurus out there certainly don’t make the situation any better. To ultimately succeed as an active trader, you have to find strong mentorship and support.

  1. Trading is a Marathon, Not a Sprint. Get-Rich-Quick Programs Only Make Your Journey Harder, Longer, and More Expensive.
  2. Trading is Not as Easy as Most Fake Gurus Make it Out to Be. Learning Core Concepts and Skills is a Rigorous Process.
  3. Many Trading Educators Focus Entirely on Technical Analysis, But That’s Only a Fraction of What’s Required For Success.
  4. Be Careful With Free Trading Advice Found on the Internet. It Can be Dangerous Listening to Ignorant or Malicious Individuals.
  5. Proper Education is Required to Become Successful. Shortcuts Don’t Work, So Find Help From a Legitimate Mentor.
  6. Don’t Skip the Practice Phase. Far too Many Beginners Jump Straight Into Real Money Trading When They Shouldn’t.
  7. Transition to Real Money Trading Only After You’ve Demonstrated Consistent Success in Demo Trading. Start Small.
  8. Don’t Ignore the Psychological Aspect of Trading. Your Overall Mindset Can Be the Difference Between Success and Failure.
  9. Pure Indicator Trading Sounds Great, But is Ineffective and Dangerous. There’s Far More to Trading Than Magical Indicators.
  10. Chat Rooms and Alert Services Do Not Work For Most Subscribers. The Owners Are the Only Ones Who Make Money.

As stated earlier, these lessons/realities tend to scare people away. Instead of feeling motivated to learn the actual skills required to become great traders, they opt for get-rich-quick programs anyway – or simply quit. This is why legitimate trading education is so hard to find because the vast majority of people don’t want it. They want the “fast” and “easy” way that doesn’t actually work. As a result, there are numerous so-called trading gurus happy to provide false promises and lousy courses.

Your ultimate trading success truly comes down to expectations and overall mindset before even placing a real money trade.

Conclusion – Does Thomas Kralow Offer a Full Blown University Grade Trading Education?

When I first came across Thomas Kralow and his trading program, I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical. I thought he would be just another fake guru offering low-quality video lessons, alerts, and a chat room. But he offers none of these things. His entire focus is on proper expectation-setting and education. This is something that you simply don’t see very often within the realm of trading education. I can see why people would describe it as a full blown university grade trading education program.

I know some will complain about the fact that Thomas Kralow is transitioning out of active day trading as a personal lifestyle choice: “how can he be a day trading mentor if he’s not actively trading anymore himself?”. But he has a solid seven-year track record of trading success prior to even launching his learning program, and now his entire focus goes toward helping his students.

|Discover 3 Ways to Get Started Learning From Thomas Kralow For Free|

Thomas Kralow Review - What is Thomas Kralow Trading Academy - University Grade Trading Education

|Check Out Thomas Kralow University For Complete List of Programs and Discounts|

It might seem better to follow a mentor that is currently trading actively, but you have to be careful with that thought. Many trading educators online weren’t even successful traders before starting a service. And the only reason they’re successful now is because they have hundreds or thousands of uneducated, oblivious subscribers blindly following them into trades. This is the harsh reality of how stock alert services and chat rooms operate. Instead, I recommend finding a mentor who actually cares about you.

Overall, Thomas Kralow doesn’t just teach one small aspect of trading, like a simple indicator or setup, and then try to pass that off as a trading course. That’s the type of nonsense you can easily find on YouTube, but won’t actually help you. Alternatively, he offers a complete, well-structured learning program that combines multiple facets of trading into one comprehensive education. It’s a logical roadmap from a seemingly authentic mentor. It’s not easy – you have to work hard, complete tasks, analyze your errors, and continuously update your personal trading algorithm, but the end result is the acquisition of valuable trading skills to last a lifetime.

Many people try to save money by bypassing proper education and then end up losing ten times more in the market trusting bad information, following hot stock alerts, or otherwise trading improperly. Don’t be a trader who has to learn the hard way.

Please share your individual thoughts and experiences with Thomas Kralow or similar trading mentors in the comments below.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Thomas Kralow Review

Thomas Kralow’s trading program is one of the most realistic and comprehensive trading programs I’ve come across to date. I highly recommend it for beginners who are serious about not only learning critical trading concepts, but building proper trading skills as well. Theoretical knowledge (reading books and watching videos on trading concepts) is not the same as functional skills (actually applying those concepts effectively in live markets). Thomas Kralow’s program, if approached correctly, does a solid job of helping students bridge this gap.

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  • Farah Rehman says:

    I have never heard of this trading guru and always want to learn more about these trading programs and make a decision of the best ones to go for. I appreciate that you put many hours to figure out if this program is legit and have saved us much time doing this – You’re amazing! Its great that there are more pros than cons with it and its incredible that its packed with intense training and education while providing a money back guarantee.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Farah – I appreciate the comments.

      Surprisingly, most courses in the industry don’t offer refunds. So it’s definitely reassuring to know that the Standard version of his course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It shows how confident he is in the quality of his program.

      Overall – as you already stated – the most important aspect of the program is education and training. Far too many prospective traders go on fruitless searches for magical pieces of information. They want to find that one thing that will make them consistently profitable – trade alerts, foolproof systems, etc. But trading success isn’t about just one particular thing – it’s about training and integrating a bunch of trading concepts (trading psychology, risk & money management, key levels, indicators, statistics, and more) into your own personal trading algorithm.

      This is the real path to trading success based on training and self-sufficiency; not the ineffective, copy-cat path that so many chat rooms, newsletters, and alert services tend to encourage.

  • Steve says:

    I’ve never seen a trading course review that covered all the bases like this. In my opinion, yes it’s very important to have a mentor when it comes to trading. Understanding trading psychology helps to some extent. Anything that involves gaining or losing money has a way of throwing our emotions all over the place and interferes with our reasoning. At least this guru has a history of money-making to back up his reputation.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Steve – I personally like that Thomas Kralow had seven years of day trading success BEFORE creating a course. Many naysayers will call him a scam because he hasn’t done much day trading over the past year or two (because he’s busy coaching Assisted+ students along with other pursuits) – and people don’t understand how his course can be any good without him actively trading every day. But I actually believe that this makes his program far better than the others out there. Because at the end of the day, it shouldn’t be about every little move that Thomas Kralow makes in his own trading account – it should be about each student’s individual growth.

      Too many people get caught up in chat rooms, newsletters, and alert services – and become far too obsessed with the gurus running them. And it creates this environment where the only thing that seems to matter is the results of the guru. But this is the opposite of how it should be. These chat rooms and alert services provide the gurus running them with an unfair advantage – every move they make has a mass following of support behind it. Each buy and sell has hundreds or thousands of blind followers copying the move. So when it comes to their track records, most of them are completely distorted. Since Thomas Kralow doesn’t offer a chat room or trade alerts, he’s not profiting off any distortion like this. His focus is solely on education, skill-building, and ultimately providing his students with the necessary tools for self-sufficiency.

      It’s not a program where students become dependent on copying his every move (which is how many other trading services are designed) – because that sort of reliance simply doesn’t lead to durable trading success. It’s a program that teaches various trading concepts like trading psychology, risk & money management, indicators, key levels, depth of market, statistics, and more – and builds toward the creation of each student’s own personal trading algorithm. It’s a comprehensive approach that teaches the real, genuine path to trading success, and I’m honestly shocked that nobody else has taken this approach to creating a trading course before. He’s more honest and transparent than any other trading coach, guru, or educator I’ve ever come across.

  • Kokontala says:

    I am very happy to have read about trading coach Thomas Kralow, who I did not know before. It’s great that he has several years of massive trading profits under his belt, a successful trading education business, and he’s currently working on building a multi-million dollar hedge fund.

  • Beth Wiens says:

    I have recently been looking into day trading, but I didn’t know there was someone out there who actually did a good job of teaching the skills for it. I appreciate that you wrote out all of Thomas Kralow’s reasons for switching from trading to educating. It is frustrating to never really know why these people are creating courses. You definitely do wonder why they would go for something that seems to be lower-income than just continuing to excel at their job! I also really appreciate your look at the Trust Pilot reviews. It’s good to see that Kralow is so well-reviewed! I’ll be looking further into Thomas Kralow’s trading program.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Beth – I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

      What I’ve found over the years is that you have to (at least initially) be skeptical of anybody trying to sell trading education. Because when you think about it, why would anybody create and sell a trading course if they already have a reliable source of income from actually trading? Why not keep your “secret systems” and “explosive profits” to yourself (and personally capitalize on them) instead of sharing them with a bunch of other people? But the truth is that many of these hucksters making ridiculous claims and false promises aren’t actually good traders at all. They simply prey on your psychological weaknesses (aka your desire to get rich quick) just so they can sell you something. It’s honestly sad to see, but the industry is saturated with salesmen masquerading as good traders – and the “trading lifestyle” they showcase in advertisements is really just being funded by sales of their lousy and ineffective courses.

      So when I first came across Thomas Kralow, I honestly thought he was just another fake guru within the space. But as I dug deeper and started going through his program myself, it was clear that his messaging and teaching style were different than most other so-called trading educators out there on the internet. For example, in a space where trading gurus try to make you think trading is simple and will make you immediately rich, he tells you right off the bat that his program is “intense”, “not easy”, and a “4-month long marathon”. But on top of his proper expectation-setting, his program isn’t just a bunch of information randomly packed into a series of videos. It’s a well-structured program with interactive tasks, homework, quizzes, and tests for deeper learning and skill-building. With one of the Assisted plans, you also receive a personal assistant for homework checking and coaching along the way. So this isn’t your average course that only takes a few hours to get through, covers a couple simple patterns, and offers absolutely no real training or support. It’s an in-depth trading curriculum from start to finish.

      As with anything (especially within this space), there will always be haters. So I’m not surprised when a small number of individuals have complaints or claim that Thomas Kralow is a scam. But in my experience, what he offers in his trading program is far better than 99% of other trading courses currently available online. Overall, it really comes down to his proper expectation-setting, focus on trading psychology, and legitimate training on various trading skills. There are only a small subset of trading educators/mentors/gurus who are completely transparent with their students about the realities of trading and how it requires a number of skills – and Thomas Kralow is one of those educators in my mind. His level of honesty and openness about himself and trading is rare.

  • Abel says:

    When I first saw the videos with the flashy cars and stuff like that I was a bit concerned because I know that’s an ingredient present in most scams. But it turns out that after the video intros he jumps right into proper expectations and has good advice. Might actually be a good program. Thank for your review. What I like the most is that people seem to be getting good results with him based on student reviews.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Abel – I completely agree with you about how scams typically try to sell you on the “lifestyle” – with flashy cars, boats, watches, etc. Sadly, this is what con artists use to attract people into their schemes. It’s a distraction from the actual process required to become a successful trader by focusing solely on the potential result. It’s unfortunate how the numerous bad apples give the trading education industry such a bad reputation – and the deceptive marketing and unethical practices of these fraudsters make it hard for the legitimate educators to compete.

      I have to say that this is one of the main reasons why I was skeptical of Thomas Kralow at first. Those flashy intros to his YouTube videos aren’t my personal favorite, but I do understand why he does it. If he focused solely on the technical aspects of trading and didn’t “spice things up” with cars and boats, then he probably wouldn’t capture anybody’s attention. But it’s a major relief that the actual “meat” of his videos focus on proper expectation-setting, trading psychology, and building legitimate skills. He doesn’t make any ridiculous claims or false promises – like so many other self-proclaimed trading gurus do. Once he has your attention, he’s as honest and transparent of a trading educator as I’ve ever seen.

      And when it comes down to actually going through his trading program, I have to say that I was impressed. Some people will argue about how you can find everything he teaches online for free, but you can say that about pretty much any course, class, or program. It’s not only about the information provided, but the way that it’s organized and structured – building on each other from one chapter to the next. It’s a fully thought out curriculum – not just some basic, lousy course. On top of that, it also offers interactive tasks, homework, and exams for turning knowledge into practical skills. It’s not a magic pill – you have to put in the work as a student in order to succeed – but it’s the closest I’ve seen to a university grade trading education online. I’m not at all surprised by the consistent 4 and 5-star reviews and testimonials from the vast majority of his students.

  • Christine says:

    Reviews on TrustPilot are trustworthy, so those reviews are definitely a good reference. I want to learn more about trading because I want to invest some money and earn passive income from it, and Thomas Kralow’s course looks like it delivers results, but the problem is that it is very expensive, and only people who already have high incomes can afford this, which makes it unfair to people with low incomes who could really use some help in trading. With the high dollar exchange, it makes it even more expensive for people who live in other countries. If the price wasn’t so high, I would totally sign up. I think it’s worth the investment, but this investment is a little too much for me. 

    What I like about Thomas is that he seems genuine and honest, and he doesn’t sell those lies that other “gurus” sell online about “helping others” while taking their hard-earned cash from them. I always value honesty. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Christine – thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      A few quick things I want to point out just for clarification is that there’s a difference between active trading and passive investing. You mentioned “investing some money and earning a passive income from it”, but that’s not exactly what Thomas Kralow’s program is about. There’s certainly some overlap between active trading and passive investing, but the focus of his University Grade Trading Education program is on active trading (day trading, swing trading, etc.) – and building the skills to potentially do it for a living. There’s a major time commitment involved with this – not only with training, but also monitoring the markets while live trading. Some forms of trading, like swing trading or position trading, are more flexible than day trading, but these aren’t really “passive” approaches.

      In about seven years of active trading, Thomas Kralow made about $9 million for himself, but he was spending 10-12 hours per day watching markets. So while it can be financially rewarding if approached correctly, it can also be a stressful and lonely endeavor. One of the main reasons he created his trading program was so that he could transition out of active trading into more social and creative projects. So at this point in time, he’s more focused on long-term investments and wealth building, but his trading program only covers the more active forms of trading – at least at this point in time. Compared to other lousy and ineffective trading courses available at there, I actually think his Standard and Assisted programs are cost-friendly, but his Assisted Plus program is definitely steep. I would love to hear feedback from a student who went through that version of the program to see exactly what they thought about it and the results they’ve been able to achieve.

      Overall, I’ve been through the content of dozens of trading courses, programs, and services – and not a single one has been as well-structured and powerful as University Grade Trading Education. Most other “courses” – if you can even call them that – are just a jumble of random video lessons and webinars covering basic concepts that don’t really help. Thomas Kralow’s program, however, offers a full-blown curriculum with interactive tasks and tests for deeper learning. This helps students bridge the gap between conceptual understanding and practical application – which are two entirely different things. In reality, trading concepts really aren’t all that difficult to understand – it’s the practical application of those concepts that matter. And what really makes Thomas Kralow as a person so unique in the trading education space is his complete honesty and openness. I’ve never seen a trading guru/coach/mentor publicly share the exact details of his net worth. This level of transparency is truly a breath of fresh air in an industry full of liars and frauds.

  • Dr. Mau says:

    It is very clear to me that Thomas Kralow’s trading program is legit and can help transform newbies into professional-level traders. I think people have to change their mindsets and know that there are strong, comprehensive training programs like this one out there – even if the trading education space in general mostly provides lousy, ineffective courses. I really enjoy watching many of Thomas’s videos on Youtube as well.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! In my opinion, Thomas Kralow definitely offers one of the best trading programs currently available online for beginner and intermediate traders. It’s a well-structured curriculum that allows students to properly build skills through both conceptual learning and practical application – which eventually leads to self-sufficiency. So it’s nothing like the ineffective chat rooms and alert services that only exist based on false promises and selling dreams. Most other courses out there on the internet are just a disorganized mess of videos without any clear purpose – usually repeating the same basic information on candlestick patterns, which simply doesn’t help build skills or ultimately lead to long-lasting success.

  • Andy says:

    I have no doubt Thomas Kralow is the real deal. I watched the whole of video which I think was the second video of his 10-day challenge on common mistakes traders make. I agree with you that the price of this course looks reasonable and about right. I think if I had one question about this course is whether it is only really suitable, or most suitable for day trading, or can the course material also be applied to trading in the intermediate term as well? I am quite sure I do not have the temperament for day trading, I prefer to hold positions for weeks or months even. Thanks, Andy

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Andy – great question. Thomas Kralow’s program covers concepts that can be applied to both active trading and passive investing (trading psychology, indicators, key market levels, risk management, fundamental analysis, and more). But overall, the program is geared toward individuals trying to learn how to actively trade (like day traders and swing traders, for example) as opposed to passively invest.

      It seems like what you’re describing as holding positions for weeks or months at a time would put you into the swing trading category – which is still a more active approach in comparison to something like buy-and-hold investing. I personally used to swing trade a lot more (typical hold times of a few days to a few weeks) before I started day trading – and I wish I came across a trading program like this before diving into either of these things. Instead, I fell for the bogus claims of alert services and fake gurus. Durable trading success, however, is generated by building core technical and mental skills.

  • Viljoen says:

    This is the first time I hear about Thomas Kralow. His program seems legit when you look at his curriculum. It covers most aspects of trading that include psychology, money management, and the actual plan itself. The only issue is that his course is very expensive. I do not think that most people can afford $295 per month.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Viljoen – I appreciate the comments!

      I don’t personally think Thomas Kralow’s Standard program is all that expensive, especially in comparison to most other lousy trading courses out there charging much more and offering less. The Standard program (100% independent learning) is $295 per month, but only for 4 months – which adds up to $1,180. A one-time payment option is also available for even less – $980. If this is a cost that individuals don’t want to take on for a legitimate trading education, then they probably shouldn’t be getting into trading to begin with. I see situations like this pop up constantly for new traders trying to cut corners on the learning and practice phases, but then they proceed to lose thousands more in the market from being uneducated/unprepared. They essentially refuse to pay several hundred dollars for proper training upfront, but seemingly have no problem losing several thousand dollars trading randomly and impulsively – it doesn’t make much sense to me. It’s unfortunate, but most people take a shortsighted view on their approach to learning the craft of trading.

      The Assisted program is a little bit more expensive and can be a little pricey for some people, but it’s an option offered to those looking for additional support. And the Assisted+ program is definitely steep for the vast majority of individuals – there’s no doubt about it. But it’s priced that way because you’re receiving a direct line of communication and personal one-on-one mentorship from Thomas Kralow himself. It’s also something that is only meant to attract an exclusive group of extremely dedicated traders. I’ve seen many other mentorship-style programs offered in the past from other trading coaches, and they usually start off great until the coaches become bombarded with too many students. But the reality is that Thomas Kralow is only one person, so he can only offer strong one-on-one personal support to so many people at once. So at a certain point if a mentorship program like Assisted+ gets too big, the value being offered to each individual student starts to diminish. With the high price point, he can avoid a drastic decline in quality of support being offered. It’s important to note that every single option (Standard, Assisted, and Assisted+) all offer the exact same curriculum, but the cost changes based on the desired level of personal assistance.

  • Nicholas Commander says:

    I actually have been interested in learning to trade as I have heard that it can be very profitable. I do not have much experience with trading and I really appreciate how thoroughly you explained the program that is educating beginners and experienced traders. I feel like I definitely should consider looking a little bit further into this program because of your endorsement and your explanation of how the program works.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Nicholas – trading can potentially be profitable, but it usually doesn’t end up profitable for most people because they jump in without the proper expectations, mindset, skills, and tools. Understand that achieving consistent profitability in the market isn’t as easy as most fake gurus online make it seem. It’s truly upsetting to see, but social media is full of hype, false promises, and straight up lies about what it takes to succeed in this space. Since everybody has a platform these days to say pretty much whatever they want online on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok, it’s full of nonsense (scams, get-rich-quick promises, etc.). It’s mostly people who aren’t really successful traders themselves, but trying to sell you something (like a course, chat room, new cryptocurrency, etc.). Unfortunately, the legitimate educators, mentors, and coaches get buried in all of that because what they share is deemed “dry” and “boring” compared to the “fun” and “exciting” lifestyles portrayed by fake gurus.

      What I like about Thomas Kralow is that he sets his students up with the proper expectations and mindset right from the start, and then follows that up with a comprehensive curriculum on technical trading skills. If the idea of actually having to work hard and develop core mental and technical trading skills scares people away – so be it. With this approach, he attracts a smaller group of highly dedicated individuals to his programs, instead of misleading people with unrealistic expectations and questionable marketing practices. I think the biggest criticism against him is that he doesn’t actively trade that much himself anymore. But you have to understand that most other so-called trading gurus out there never experienced consistent success before launching their services, and one of the only reasons they have consistent success now is because their trade alerts/signals are broadcasted out to hundreds or thousands of subscribers who blindly follow them. Thomas Kralow, however, actually focuses on the educational aspect – not on distorting his own trading profits at the expense of his students.

      Overall, it’s important to me that people get into trading with the proper expectations. When I endorse a specific trading course, program, service, or tool, I want to make it clear that it still takes hard work in order to see desirable long-term results. Merely purchasing a learning program like this won’t guarantee success – it’s just the start. You get out of it what you put into it, similar to a gym membership. Most people aren’t willing to go down the path of actually learning the craft – they just want to be spoon-fed hot picks, tips, and alerts – but developing core skills and mindset is the only path to durable trading success.

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