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Who is Thomas Kralow and What is His Trading Education Program?

Thomas Kralow is a trader/investor/entrepreneur with over 7 years of market experience, 20K trades, and $9M in profits. That averages out to over 2.5K trades and $1.25M in profits per year. You can review two years of his active trading performance here.

Thomas Kralow Review - What is Thomas Kralow Trading

As a result of his individual trading success, he decided to create his own trading educational program with the goal of teaching new traders the ins-and-outs of becoming consistently successful. Thomas Kralow is not self-taught – he had a mentor of his own. So he understands exactly what it takes to make money in the markets and how difficult his journey would’ve been without proper guidance.

In fact, Thomas Kralow probably wouldn’t be where he is today without the help of his mentor. He was on track to go to school to become a lawyer before his mentor talked him into giving trading a shot. Now he has several years of massive trading profits under his belt, a successful trading education business, and he’s currently working on building a multi-million dollar hedge fund.

Within this exhaustive Thomas Kralow review, I primarily dig into his fast-growing trading education program and the claim that it offers a “university grade trading education”. I put in countless hours of research to see if it was legitimately worth the hype or a downright scam. My main goal was to find out if Thomas Kralow is a legitimate trading educator or just another fake guru.

In the sections of the review below, you’ll find all of my thoughts about Thomas Kralow and his trading program laid out in detail.

Thomas Kralow Reviews and Testimonials – It’s Hard to Find Many Negative Ones:

Before you rush to judgment about Thomas Kralow and his trading program based on my own personal experiences and opinions, I think it’s important to see the reviews and testimonials from a much larger group of students on TrustPilot.

Thomas Kralow TrustPilot Reviews and Testimonials

Prior to even looking at his trading program, this is the first place I checked for student reviews. It’s safe to say that I was immediately skeptical. At the time I looked, there were only one or two negative reviews – but the rest were five stars. I’ve used and reviewed dozens of trading programs, platforms, and services over the past ten years and it’s rare to see such a consensus.

It honestly made me think that it was too good to be true. And I sat there reading through every single testimonial – one-by-one. By the end, I wasn’t any less skeptical because you have to be vigilant in the trading education world. The vast majority of courses are short and lousy – so I didn’t want to get my hopes up – but I was becoming more curious about checking out his program for myself.

Thomas Kralow Reviews and Testimonials

Thomas Kralow Trading Program Reviews and Testimonials

Thomas Kralow Trading Reviews and Testimonials

Regardless of my initial doubts, I kept pushing forward – researching Thomas Kralow on social media and working my way through his Complete Program. Throughout my research, the common themes from the TrustPilot reviews kept popping into my head: “offers the full toolbox”, “the total package”, and “the most comprehensive online trading course”. Would this actually turn out to be true?

I was suspicious, but hopeful that the hype about Thomas Kralow was real. Fully comprehensive training programs are what I dream about finding. A to Z courses that can successfully take committed traders from zero knowledge to consistent profitability.

What Exactly is in Thomas Kralow’s Trading Program – Full Curriculum and Cost:

Thomas Kralow offers two main versions of his trading program – Complete or Shortened. The Complete version includes all 16 fundamental chapters listed below plus the final exam. The Shortened version is identical except for just one chapter covering the basics removed. So the only difference is that it’s slightly cheaper and skips over coverage of basic trading terminology.

Thomas Kralow Review - Complete Trading Program

Thomas Kralow Review - Shortened Trading Program

  1. Effective Start
  2. Trading Psychology
  3. Basic Technical Aspects of Trading
  4. Introduction to Indicator Trading
  5. Important Indicator Trading Rules
  6. Indicator Trading Systems
  7. Introduction to Key Level Trading
  8. Advanced Aspects of Key Level Trading
  9. Risk and Money Management
  10. Key Level Trading Systems
  11. Thomas Kralow Personal Trading Strategy
  12. Personal Algorithm and Statistics
  13. Choosing an Approach
  14. Recap
  15. Stock Trading Strategy
  16. Long-Term Investing Strategy

From there, you have three different options depending on the level of personal assistance you desire – Standard, Assisted, or Assisted Plus. Standard is 100% independent learning, Assisted is 60% independent learning with 40% assisted learning, and Assisted Plus is 90% assisted learning with 10% independent learning (including 1-on-1 support from Thomas Kralow). The cost of each option increases depending on the level of assistance you choose. Overall, the most popular option amongst students is the mid-level Assisted program.





$395/Month (For 4 Months), or
$1,280 (One-Time Payment)
Check For Discount Codes
$875/Month (For 4 Months), or
$2,980 (One-Time Payment)
Check For Discount Codes
$6,125/Month (For 4 Months), or
$19,980 (One-Time Payment)
Check For Discount Codes


$370/Month (For 4 Months), or
$1,180 (One-Time Payment)
Check For Discount Codes
$825/Month (For 4 Months), or
$2,780 (One-Time Payment)
Check For Discount Codes
$5,845/Month (For 4 Months), or
$18,880 (One-Time Payment)
Check For Discount Codes


Roughly 4-5 Month Program
15/16 Fundamental Chapters
190+ Video Lessons
75+ Homework Assignments
Exclusive Community Access
Comprehensive Final Exam
Diploma and Gift For Graduation
Same as Standard, Plus:

Individual Homework Checking
Personal Assistant Throughout Program
Private Real Money Trading Support After Graduation

Same as Assisted, Plus:

Direct Line of Communication, Personal One-on-One Support, and Private Mentorship Sessions With Thomas Kralow Himself

This actually came as a shock to me. I would’ve thought the Standard option to be most popular due to cost, but those who have gone through the Assisted version highly recommend it. In many instances, students start with the independent option and then quickly upgrade to Assisted once they realize the value. Assisted includes a personal coach to answer any questions you have, help overcome hurdles, check homework, and support with your real money trading upon completion of the program.

It’s a rough estimate depending on how much time and effort you put into it, but going through the program typically takes around 4-5 months. This is assuming that you work on it about 5 hours per week. You can go faster if you’d like, but keep in mind that going too fast can take away from your retention of the information. It’s not a race. The information, real-life examples, quizzes, and final exam are there to help you build the core skills necessary for legitimate trading success. Don’t cheat yourself by rushing through it.

The structure of the course is designed in a way that moves from simple to complex topics, building up to a point where you have the knowledge and skills of a high-level trader. This is one of the best curriculums I’ve seen out of an online trading program.

Thomas Kralow Trading Program – Pros and Cons:

There are numerous advantages to joining Thomas Kralow’s trading program. The most important one is that it offers a comprehensive curriculum. It’s far more than just a dry and boring course about technical analysis. Instead, it covers the full spectrum of knowledge and skills required to become a successful trader. The interactive tasks and quizzes along the way also support deeper learning.

Thomas Kralow Review - Who is Thomas Kralow and What is Thomas Kralow Trading Academy

I always say this, but it’s one thing to understand trading conceptually and an entirely different thing to put it into practice. Reading books and watching video lessons on various trading topics can only take you so far. But it’s the practical application of those topics that leads to the development of skills and mastery. In my opinion, Thomas Kralow does a great job of facilitating the practical application of core concepts in a completely safe environment (learning modules, interactive tasks, and demo trading).

Another unique advantage of the Standard program is that there is a full money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. Believe it or not, the vast majority of trading programs and services I’ve come across don’t offer any refunds at all. So this definitely shows the trust and confidence that Thomas Kralow has in his own course/program.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum Covering All Critical Topics
  • Huge Emphasis on Trading Psychology and Mindset
  • Interactive Tasks, Homework, and Exams For Deeper Learning
  • Thomas Kralow is Honest About the Realities of Trading
  • Exclusive Facebook Community For Ongoing Support
  • Recommends Completing Program Before Real Money Trading
  • Full Money Back Guarantee Within 30 Days of Purchase
  • Cost of Assisted Plus Package is Out of Reach For Most
  • Some YouTube Videos Display Luxury Cars, Watches, etc.
  • Mails a Diploma With GPA to Your Address After Graduation

With all of the advantages out of the way, there are a few disadvantages that I think are worth mentioning. The first is that the Assisted Plus package is quite expensive for beginners. Unless you’re well-funded and entirely committed to your trading success, the cost is out of reach for the bulk of newcomers. But this isn’t to say that the potential value doesn’t justify the cost. You’re paying for private one-on-one access to Thomas Kralow himself and his direct mentorship can be extremely beneficial.

The other two downsides are kind of peripheral concerning some YouTube videos and the diploma given for graduation. What I don’t like about some of Thomas Kralow’s YouTube videos are the display of fancy cars, penthouses, watches, and other luxury items. I might be in the minority on not liking this, but it naturally raises some red flags. On the other hand, this kind of content does seem to motivate his followers and Thomas Kralow isn’t faking it – it’s his real lifestyle. It’s just not something that attracts me.

Lastly, the diploma sent out for making it through the program is something that I don’t 100% agree with. It might seem like an irrelevant detail to complain about, but I think it can have a negative psychological impact on students. The problem is that society has conditioned us to think in terms of achievement and status, but the market doesn’t care about any of that. For example, you might be able to get a job based on having a certain degree. The financial markets, however, don’t care about certificates or prestige.

Is Thomas Kralow a Scammer or Legitimate Trading Educator?

Right off the bat, I have to give credit to Thomas Kralow for setting up traders who go through his program with the right expectations and mindset. He doesn’t make any false promises about how easy and profitable trading is, like so many other traders on social media these days do. He’s completely open and honest about how long and rigorous the path is to consistent profitability.

It’s definitely sad to see, but the actual truth often gets hidden within the world of self-proclaimed trading gurus and mentors. Most of these so-called trading gurus aren’t really concerned about your financial and emotional well-being. All they care about is views, clicks, and making money off you in one way or another. This would be fine if they offered real value, but in most cases they don’t.

In fact, following recommendations from these fake gurus or random individuals on social media can be extraordinarily dangerous. When it comes to good trading courses and mentorship, I hear people say all the time that “I don’t need to pay for a course. I can find everything I need to know on YouTube”. But in reality, how much is this self-education process really costing you?

Don’t get me wrong – I do think YouTube can be an outstanding resource. But for trading and investing education, how do you filter the good from the bad? It might seem like you’re saving yourself money by taking advantage of free resources, but how much time are you wasting sifting through mountains of useless information? And how much money are you losing from taking lousy advice?

That money would be much better spent on shortening your learning curve with a trustworthy trading mentor like Thomas Kralow.

Why is Thomas Kralow Selling a Trading Education Program – Why Not Just Trade?

Thomas Kralow Trading

For trading mentors, this is by far the most commonly asked question: “If you’re such a great trader, why not just trade? Why are you also selling a course, program or service?”. This is definitely a valid question, and usually these trading educators just lie and say something about how they want to help people. But how many people are their crummy courses and programs really helping?

What I respect most about Thomas Kralow is that he’s genuinely honest about all the reasons why he decided to create and sell a trading program. The first reason is that active trading was a solitary and stressful undertaking that kept him at his trading station for around 12 hours per day. Since he’s a very social and creative person, he wanted more interaction and projects. At this point in time, he barely day trades at all. He’s transitioned mainly to long-term investments, teaching, and various other projects.

The second reason is that he did it to replace his active trading income – and he’s not afraid to say it. Even though he’s busy within his program helping Assisted Plus students, he wanted to create a more passive income for himself. In addition to that, he also wants to build his own hedge fund and take part in more philanthropic ventures – like donating 15-20% of his earnings to orphanages in Latvia (where he grew up). To top it off, his program actually seems to be effective for his students – not garbage like most others.

If you check out his YouTube channel or other social media, you’ll find that he’s an open book when it comes to almost any topic – even with information on how much his trading education business makes and the full details of his personal net worth.

How is Thomas Kralow Different From Other Trading Gurus, Mentors, and Educators:

What makes Thomas Kralow different from most other trading educators is that he offers a legitimate learning program. He’s not just some self-proclaimed guru that decided to create a newsletter or chat room just to pump his own alerts. He actually took the time to design a reliable curriculum that genuinely helps people build the technical and mental skills required for durable success.

Thomas Kralow Basics For Beginners Course

Unfortunately, most trading gurus on social media and the internet in general don’t really have your best interests at heart. You might think they’re trying to help you by delivering some hot stock picks and making promises that you can start making thousands of dollars immediately, but it’s just a shady ploy to get your money. These programs are more about marketing than actual trading.

Within the past ten years, I’ve learned exactly how many of these trading programs operate, as well as how the masses react to them. On the whole, it’s quite upsetting to see. I have nothing against marketing in general, but there are far too many false promises being made within this industry. In an arena without certainties (only probabilities), people are entering with the absolute wrong expectations and overall mindset thanks to ignorant or malicious gurus. They’re setting people up for failure right from the start.

This is yet another area where Thomas Kralow stands out. He makes no false promises and speaks truthfully about the realities of trading. While this approach drives a lot of people away, it attracts the right type of individuals to his program – the ones who are dedicated to properly learning the craft and achieving long-term success. But the masses are far more attracted to the “easy” way, which is why there are innumerable trading programs offering garbage and very few offering legitimate education.

The sad reality is that people don’t like things that sound difficult. They want a million dollars tomorrow without effort. This truth of human nature is what leads people into stock alert services and other get-rich-quick programs – even though they’re not effective.

Top 10 Lessons Learned From Thomas Kralow’s YouTube Channel and Trading Programs:

If you learn nothing else from this review, make sure you take these lessons with you as you progress on your trading journey. Most people have the wrong ideas about what it takes to achieve consistent trading success – and all the fake gurus out there certainly don’t make the situation any better. To ultimately succeed as an active trader, you have to find strong mentorship and support.

  1. Trading is a Marathon, Not a Sprint. Get-Rich-Quick Programs Only Make Your Journey Harder, Longer, and More Expensive.
  2. Trading is Not as Easy as Most Fake Gurus Make it Out to Be. Learning Core Concepts and Skills is a Rigorous Process.
  3. Many Trading Educators Focus Entirely on Technical Analysis, But That’s Only a Fraction of What’s Required For Success.
  4. Be Careful With Free Trading Advice Found on the Internet. It Can be Dangerous Listening to Ignorant or Malicious Individuals.
  5. Proper Education is Required to Become Successful. Shortcuts Don’t Work, So Find Help From a Legitimate Mentor.
  6. Don’t Skip the Practice Phase. Far too Many Beginners Jump Straight Into Real Money Trading When They Shouldn’t.
  7. Transition to Real Money Trading Only After You’ve Demonstrated Consistent Success in Demo Trading. Start Small.
  8. Don’t Ignore the Psychological Aspect of Trading. Your Overall Mindset Can Be the Difference Between Success and Failure.
  9. Pure Indicator Trading Sounds Great, But is Ineffective and Dangerous. There’s Far More to Trading Than Magical Indicators.
  10. Chat Rooms and Alert Services Do Not Work For Most Subscribers. The Owners Are the Only Ones Who Make Money.

As stated earlier, these lessons/realities tend to scare people away. Instead of feeling motivated to learn the actual skills required to become great traders, they opt for get-rich-quick programs anyway – or simply quit. This is why legitimate trading education is so hard to find because the vast majority of people don’t want it. They want the “fast” and “easy” way that doesn’t actually work. As a result, there are numerous so-called trading gurus happy to provide false promises and lousy courses.

Your ultimate trading success truly comes down to expectations and overall mindset before even placing a real money trade.

Conclusion – Does Thomas Kralow Offer a Full Blown University Grade Trading Education?

When I first came across Thomas Kralow and his trading program, I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical. I thought he would be just another fake guru offering low-quality video lessons, alerts, and a chat room. But he offers none of these things. His entire focus is on proper expectation-setting and education. This is something that you simply don’t see very often within the realm of trading education. I can see why people would describe it as a full blown university grade trading education program.

I know some will complain about the fact that Thomas Kralow is transitioning out of active day trading as a personal lifestyle choice: “how can he be a day trading mentor if he’s not actively trading anymore himself?”. But he has a solid seven-year track record of trading success prior to even launching his learning program, and now his entire focus goes toward helping his students.

|Discover 3 Ways to Get Started Learning From Thomas Kralow For Free|

Thomas Kralow Review - What is Thomas Kralow Trading Academy - University Grade Trading Education

|Check Out Thomas Kralow University For Complete List of Programs and Discounts|

It might seem better to follow a mentor that is currently trading actively, but you have to be careful with that thought. Many trading educators online weren’t even successful traders before starting a service. And the only reason they’re successful now is because they have hundreds or thousands of uneducated, oblivious subscribers blindly following them into trades. This is the harsh reality of how stock alert services and chat rooms operate. Instead, I recommend finding a mentor who actually cares about you.

Overall, Thomas Kralow doesn’t just teach one small aspect of trading, like a simple indicator or setup, and then try to pass that off as a trading course. That’s the type of nonsense you can easily find on YouTube, but won’t actually help you. Alternatively, he offers a complete, well-structured learning program that combines multiple facets of trading into one comprehensive education. It’s a logical roadmap from a seemingly authentic mentor. It’s not easy – you have to work hard, complete tasks, analyze your errors, and continuously update your personal trading algorithm, but the end result is the acquisition of valuable trading skills to last a lifetime.

Many people try to save money by bypassing proper education and then end up losing ten times more in the market trusting bad information, following hot stock alerts, or otherwise trading improperly. Don’t be a trader who has to learn the hard way.

Please share your individual thoughts and experiences with Thomas Kralow or similar trading mentors in the comments below.

Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Thomas Kralow Review

Thomas Kralow’s trading program is one of the most realistic and comprehensive trading programs I’ve come across to date. I highly recommend it for beginners who are serious about not only learning critical trading concepts, but building proper trading skills as well. Theoretical knowledge (reading books and watching videos on trading concepts) is not the same as functional skills (actually applying those concepts effectively in live markets). Thomas Kralow’s program, if approached correctly, does a solid job of helping students bridge this gap.

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  • Abbas says:

    Thank you for this very extensive report on the Thomas Kralow Trading Program.  Like you Trustpilot is my first port of call for reviews. A 4.9 rating with 88 reviews is pretty decent and the members don’t lie. I like the idea of having a full curriculum beyond just the technical analysis and also that there are tasks and quizzes along the way. Will look deeper into this.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Abbas – I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

      Thomas Kralow now has over 250 student reviews on TrustPilot with a 4.8/5 star average rating – so it’s fairly clear that he’s doing something right. The curriculum is one of the best I’ve experienced for what I consider a “beginner learning program”. I say this because it covers a lot of different topics – not just technical analysis, but proper expectations, risk/money management, trading psychology, key levels & indicators, and more. But it also covers different asset classes and holding periods as well. Much of the course centers around active intraday trading with examples from futures markets. But the program also contains large sections on stock trading specifically, as well as longer-term portfolio building. So it’s fairly comprehensive in that regard – and I like that it exposes students to a few different markets and approaches that can be taken (day trading, swing trading, position trading, investing, etc.). And the tasks, quizzes, and suggested demo trading along the way are essential for active learning, retention, and legitimate skill-building. This is what becoming a real trader is all about. It’s not about some “magical” indicator or “foolproof” system; it’s about building the habits and skills for long-term, sustainable success. There is no fixed mathematical formula that will work for all eternity. It requires continuous improvement and adaptation. Trading is a skill-based, peak performance activity.

  • sugiya says:

    Interesting. I have never heard about Thomas Kralow before. But, what he’s doing is unique. Because, I’ve heard that many traders now provide a copy-trade system, so other people can follow and gain profit. I wonder why he’s not doing it? If he meant it as a way to teach people how to trade, then this guy probably knows what he’s doing. Not everyone can create a comprehensive syllabus like that. I think I’ll search for more information about this person by watching his videos on YouTube. Anyway, thank you for sharing this helpful information. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Sugiya – I appreciate your comments and questions.

      There are certainly many so-called trading gurus that sell alert services, signal services, chat room subscriptions, and copy-trade systems (which generally speaking I’m not a fan of). But I think Thomas Kralow doesn’t offer this sort of thing within his University Grade Trading Education program because he knows that they don’t really help people all that much. Any sort of copy-cat approach breeds dependency instead of self-sufficiency – which is a recipe for disaster when operating in financial markets. He does offer a Telegram channel (which I’ve yet to check out) as well as a long-term investing ideas service called Best Investment Tips – but these are separate from his trading program.

      If you’re relying on anyone else to spoon-feed you trade ideas along with specific entries, exits, and risk-parameters (especially on a short-term basis), then you might as well just toss your money in a fire. I’ve personally experienced the negative side of alert services and seen many others lose thousands of dollars blindly following copy-trade systems. As enticing as it sounds to “simply follow a proven trader and make millions” – it just doesn’t work. You have to develop your own strategy/system/methodology for yourself based on your own schedule, risk tolerance, cognitive strengths, and overall preferences. Trying to copy somebody else’s trades expecting to mirror their amazing results would be like trying to mirror Picasso as he paints – your work isn’t going to come out anywhere near the quality of his unless you’ve studied and practiced his techniques. Same goes for trading – you have to build skills and carve out your own niche for long-term, self-sufficient success. And I think Thomas Kralow’s program offers the resources and tools for traders to do that if they choose to through video lessons, homework assignments, quizzes/tests, demo trading, and more.

  • Eric Seil says:

    I’ve had an interest in trading for some time; however, I do understand the risks and it’s not for everyone. I had never heard of Thomas Kralow prior to reading this review. There were some great points brought up in this review. Some of the info may sound too good to be true, so so feel skeptical at the same time.

    Although trading is not really passive income, I see it as another excellent opportunity to make money in the short-term. Evaluating this program myself, it’s not something I want to invest in myself right at this moment. I’m not sure I want to takes those types of risks. But I do like you pointing out this trading program in general. It’s good to know which programs are legit or not. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Eric – I really appreciate your comment.

      You’re 100% right that active trading isn’t for everyone – and it’s a much more difficult endeavor than most people initially realize. Thomas Kralow’s course isn’t some get-rich-quick program or passive income opportunity. Instead, it’s a program that teaches the proper approach to trading which includes technical/fundamental analysis, trading mindset/psychology, risk/money management, demo trading, journaling, labeling and tracking trades, and more – all in an effort to help you build skills, gain experience, and develop your own “personal trading algorithm” as Thomas calls it. This doesn’t mean that it has to be a computerized, algorithmic system – it’s just your own structured approach with specific rules and strategies suited to the markets, instruments, and timeframes you want to trade, in addition to your schedule, risk tolerance, and overall preferences.

      There are at least a handful of people out there on forums and other platforms that I’ve seen call Thomas Kralow a scam for various reasons – and I do agree that some of his advertisements and YouTube videos can tend to be a bit flashy – but looking at his trading program by itself I think it’s far from a scam. I’m not sure that many of his haters/naysayers even have personal experience with his course – they’re simply judging it from an outsider’s perspective. But in my opinion, it’s a comprehensive course that sets proper expectations (it’s literally designed to take the average student four to five months to complete) – and if approached correctly can be extremely beneficial. But it’s certainly not some “magic bullet” that will produce immediate, guaranteed success just by watching the video lessons. It still takes hard work and perseverance to eventually become a consistently profitable trader (doing the homework/quizzes/tests, performing rounds of demo trading to develop and refine your approach, consistently working on mindset/psychology, and more). Overall, I don’t think most people truly understand the difference between information and skills when it comes to trading, nor do they respect the personal effort on their part that has to go into it regardless of the education and mentorship provided. Nobody can bestow trading skills and experience upon you – you have to acquire them yourself.

      But I hope my reviews and additional articles related to Thomas Kralow give potential students an accurate depiction of what his teaching style is and what his trading program is all about. I don’t want anyone going into his program – or any other one for that matter – with the wrong ideas of what to expect. Simply purchasing a course or program (just like a gym membership) isn’t going to automatically produce success. You still have to put the work in. Take care!

  • Angel says:

    I had never heard of Thomas Kralow nor of his University Grade Trading Education platform before. Day trading seems like an interesting concept, but I feel like such a newbie not knowing if it is wise to invest in such an idea in the 1st place. Is there an easy way to trade or is it similar to how the Stock Market runs? In which case, it is Supply over Demand? Quality over Quantity of Service provided?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Angel – good questions. I’ll try to answer them as best I can.

      To touch on your point about not knowing if it’s wise to invest in a day trading program in the first place – understand that the vast majority of active traders fail (meaning they lose money). There are a ton of self-proclaimed trading gurus out there with advertisements/marketing messages that try to make day trading seem easy, but it’s actually extremely difficult. It’s not something where you simply learn a strategy or system and then automatically become a millionaire. It takes legitimate hard work and perseverance to even find a system that fits your personality/preferences, tag and track trades in order to refine your approach over time, and mentally adapt to the market environment. There are so many subtleties and nuances that can make huge differences in performance.

      To answer your question about if there’s an “easy” way to trade – it’s certainly easy to get involved in markets. Pretty much anybody can open up a brokerage account and start placing trades with just a few button clicks – all without any experience/qualifications necessary. I think the limited barriers to entry make trading seem easier than it is. But in most cases, it actually takes months and years of training to reach an adequate level of competency and consistency. In all seriousness, it requires as much work as many other challenging professions (like becoming a doctor, lawyer, pilot, etc.), but most people don’t treat it this way. They mainly want to get rich overnight – they want the rewards but not the work.

      So with all that being said, I don’t think anyone should join Thomas Kralow’s trading program unless they’re truly committed to putting in the work. It’s not some “golden ticket” to trading success by merely purchasing the program. It still requires months of effort not only watching the video lessons, but doing the homework assignments, taking the quizzes/tests, and performing rounds of demo trading and refinements as you go. The reason why I like this particular program so much is not because it promises the fastest path to riches, but because it offers the real path to trading success. It’s a comprehensive program that sets proper expectations and deeply understands the importance of trading mindset/psychology.

      I recommend checking out these 3 ways to learn from Thomas Kralow for free to better help you decide if his program might be a good fit.

  • only1hugh says:

    There is certainly an increasing number of people searching for ways to make passive income. The constant bugbear is having a training program that provides reliability, safety, quality and support. Trading certainly is an area where there are a lot of ‘shiny objects’ as you have come across however Thomas Kralow’s courses and support (standard, assisted and assisted plus) all appear to provide pathways for persons at different levels of involvement. I quite like the fact that TK has a deep track record, strong reviews and provides certification. Yes the price is a little up there but sometimes value for money is. Thanks for a solid review of this program, it was very illuminating.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      I do want to quickly point out, however, that active trading (day trading, swing trading, etc.) are not forms of passive income – at least not in my opinion.

      Most people are attracted to the idea of making fast, easy profits in the market – but that’s just not how it typically works. Sure, it’s possible to place a random trade and make hundreds or thousands of dollars within seconds or minutes out of sheer luck – but that’s just gambling. And for serious traders who actually have the skills, edge, and mindset to be consistently profitable, there’s much more that goes into it than just clicking a few buttons during market hours. There’s daily preparation that goes into it (exercise and meditation to get in the right mental space, looking at charts, running screeners/scanners, creating watch lists and plans, etc.), as well as daily review (journaling and inputting trade data into spreadsheets for tracking, looking for ways to increase edge/refine their approach based on statistics/analytics, etc.).

      I think all of this work is important to point about because most people go into trading with improper expectations. They expect immediate success and massive profits without putting in any time and effort into training and gaining experience. Most beginners just want to blindly follow a guru through a chat room, newsletter, or alerts – but this sort of thing is largely ineffective. In my experience, being dependent on anyone else just doesn’t work – every consistently profitable trader has acquired a high level of self-sufficiency. Overall, the opportunity for massive trading profits is there – don’t get me wrong – and most online trading gurus are extremely eager to point this out in order to sell their courses/programs/services, but what they fail to mention most of the time is the hours of work required to get there.

  • bethebest#128 says:

    Are there any other trading programs that are better than Thomas Kralow? Would you recommend the Standard Program for beginners? What about those who are intermediate or expert? Do you think a healthy amount of skepticism is the key to success? What is your advice on bear and bull markets and people who become pigs, if you know what I mean? What’s your advice concerning how to avoid overindulgence? How can you determine whether almost unanimous five-star ratings are authentic or bought to boost the list of competitive advantages? Speaking of which, did your findings prompt you to create routes to an amplified successor of efficacy?

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Those are all great questions and I appreciate you asking them – I’ll try my best to answer them as clear and concise as possible.

      There probably are some trading programs out there that are better than Thomas Kralow’s University Grade Trading Education, but not that I’ve personally experienced yet. The reality is that there are thousands of trading courses/programs/services out there – and I’m only one person – so I can only go through a handful of them each year (especially considering how thoroughly I go through each one and will only recommend the best ones after several months of personal use). But out of the dozens I’ve gone through over the years, Thomas Kralow’s program is by far my favorite. For beginners, I think the Assisted+ Program would be the best if money was no object because of the one-on-one support, guidance, and mentorship it provides. But obviously every individual needs to make the choice of Standard, Assisted, or Assisted+ for themselves. I personally went through the Standard version, and the cost is reasonable (around $1,000), but you don’t get the benefit of anyone grading your homework or providing any sort of personalized feedback as you go. This is why most beginners opt for the Assisted program because you receive a nice level of support at an affordable price (about $2,500). Intermediate traders who understand basic terminology and concepts would most likely be OK with the Shortened program. And expert traders probably don’t need this program at all. The course is mainly geared toward beginner and intermediate traders.

      When it comes to trading courses, programs, and services being offered online, I definitely think a healthy amount of skepticism is required. The harsh truth is that many of the self-proclaimed trading gurus out there selling services aren’t really great traders at all – and most of their income is being generated from their services. They display fancy lifestyles in marketing/advertising as if they’re great traders, but they can only afford that lifestyle because of service sales. This isn’t always the case – and I hate to put every trading guru in the same “scam” category (because there are actually some really great trading educators and mentors out there) – but a large chunk of sketchy characters give the entire industry a bad reputation. So even though I have a lot of experience using and reviewing services in this space, I’m skeptical of all of them until I have the opportunity to experience what they have to offer for myself.

      With online reviews, it’s really hard to tell the difference between what’s real and fake, which is why I can’t really draw any conclusions until having firsthand experience with the service myself. This is why it’s nice when certain services offer free trials – so that every potential user can experience it for themselves before pulling the trigger on paid subscriptions, but not every service offers one. It’s just not always feasible for these service providers to do so. So if a program or service doesn’t provide a free trial, I’m a big advocate of finding ways to start learning from them for free – like webinars, YouTube videos, ebooks, podcasts, or following their social media accounts. By doing this, you can at least gain a better understanding of what these gurus and services have to offer – but try not to get sucked into any sort of get-rich-quick hype. My main goal is simply to share my experiences with these services and additional resources so that potential users can make well-informed decisions and have proper expectations going in. You won’t find any get-rich-quick promises here – only my true thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

  • Daniel Tshiyole says:

    I have always wanted to trade but I do not know how to and I am afraid of losing money. I want to know, does this course actually help. Will I be able to be an amazing trader after undertaking this course? If so, I will then join because I am looking for ways to make money. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Daniel – I appreciate your comments and questions.

      There’s no guarantee that Thomas Kralow’s course will make any student an amazing trader because a lot of your success depends on the time and hard work you’re willing to put into it. But what I can say is that his course is structured exceptionally well in comparison to all other trading courses I’ve personally been through (which is probably 20+ at this point). There are video lessons available covering critical topics such as trading psychology, risk management, and even Thomas Kralow’s personal trading strategy, among many other things – but the real value comes in the form of homework assignments, tests, interactive tasks, and demo trading in order to internalize information and skills as you go. This is what it takes to become a great trader, in my opinion. So the resources are available within the program, but each and every student has to take advantage of them if they want to ultimately be successful.

      There’s no one piece of magical information or holy grail system that will automatically make you money in the markets forever. That’s why I like Thomas Kralow’s well-rounded approach that includes trading psychology, key levels, indicators, risk management, trading statistics, and building your own personal trading algorithm (as he calls it). The point is that your own trading strategy needs to be both personalized to you based on your own individual availability and preferences, and also based on data (tracking your trades by time of day, market, type of setup, etc.). In the end, this approach allows students to build self-sufficiency instead of dependency. Trading isn’t a get-rich-quick strategy like so many fake gurus online try to make it seem. Thomas Kralow, on the other hand, teaches the approach of legitimate training – which takes hard work but is actually effective.

      I hope this helps answer your question. I would highly suggest checking out all of my articles related to Thomas Kralow for more information. All of my thoughts (both pros and cons) and even reviews and testimonials from hundreds of other Thomas Kralow students are included within these articles.

  • Millie says:

    I admit I’m a total noob when it comes to trading. For someone wanting to give serious consideration towards anything to do with trading financial markets, becoming properly educated is definitely vital. When the great stock market crash occurred in 1929, the big blame fell on the lack of a better understanding of what was involved. Assumptions are always costly mistakes, one which still gets repeated today. Your coverage on this training program goes into great depth, which I hope people do take the time to read because it holds valuable information that’s needed in regard to the proper approach to entering the trading sphere.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Millie – I really appreciate your comments.

      One of the major points I try to get across within all of my articles and reviews is that trading is much harder than people expect. Sure, it’s extremely easy to get involved with the markets – there are barely any barriers to entry. But actually becoming a consistently profitable trader is an entirely different story. It takes proper education, practice, and training be in the 10% of traders that aren’t losing money.

      So many people just want the thrills and glory involved with being right on trades and making a bunch of money fast, but this short-term gratification usually comes at the expense of their own long-term development. I wish this wasn’t the case, but it usually takes several months and possibly even years for some people to finally stop getting sucked into meme stocks, pump and dumps, alert services, and all kinds of other nonsense, and actually focus on what matters – proper training and skill development.

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