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Breakdown of the 3 Main Versions of Thomas Kralow’s Trading Course:

As it stands right now, there are 3 main versions of Thomas Kralow’s trading course – Basic, Shortened, and Complete.

I’ll be sharing my detailed thoughts on each one of these course options below. But it’s important to realize that they’re all based on the same core curriculum. Complete includes all 16 chapters, Shortened is 15 chapters, and Basic is only 2 chapters.

Thomas Kralow Course Details - Basic, Shortened, and Complete

In addition to these three main versions (Basic, Shortened, and Complete), you also have choices in regard to the level of personal assistance you desire throughout the course. These levels of assistance are broken down into Standard, Assisted, and Assisted+.

Standard is essentially just the course itself – 100% independent learning. Assisted comes with a personal assistant to grade your homework and provide personalized feedback along the way. Assisted+ includes private mentorship from Thomas Kralow himself.

All of these options allow for a wide range of price points – from about $100 for the Standard Basic course to nearly $20,000 for the Assisted+ Complete program. The offerings structure might seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s really not all that complicated.

The most popular choice amongst students is either the Standard or Assisted Complete program (which are roughly $1,000 or $3,000).

Understand Exactly What’s Inside Thomas Kralow’s Basic, Shortened, and Complete Courses:

This section will share what’s included within each version of the course and an understanding of who each one was created for.


The Basic course only covers two chapters of the entire curriculumEffective Start and Basic Technical Aspects of Trading.

Within these two chapters, there are 20 total lessons, 19 quizzes, and 7 homework assignments – which are designed to take about 21 days to complete. Keep in mind that you don’t lose access to the material after 21 days – that number is just a guideline.

Thomas Kralow Basics For Beginners Course

A handful of people have asked me if the Basic course is enough for complete beginners to learn how to trade – and my answer to that question is absolutely not. Understanding basic technical aspects is far from enough in becoming consistently profitable.

What this course is meant to be is a simple introduction to active trading – setting proper expectations, understanding the realities of trading and common beginner mistakes, learning about charts, candlesticks, timeframes, channels, flags, etc.

It’s vital information for complete beginners – don’t get me wrong, but it’s not even close to comprehensive. The Basic course is simply a cost-friendly introduction for beginners who are on the fence about whether or not active trading is right for them.

Standard Basic Course Price: $123


The Shortened course is the same as the Complete course – just with one chapter missing (Basic Technical Aspects of Trading).

Within the fifteen chapters of the Shortened course, there are 190 lessons, over 130 quizzes, and 76 homework assignments – designed to take four to five months to complete. Again, you never lose access to the course material – five months is just a guideline.

Thomas Kralow Reviews - Shortened Trading Program

The main reason this version of the course exists, in my opinion, is because plenty of people have learned the basic technical aspects of trading. This type of thing can easily be found for free on YouTube, for example. But it’s not enough to make them great traders.

What they need is much more than an understanding of support & resistance, trends, and channels. They also need to build legitimate skills in areas such as trading mindset/psychology, risk/money management, and trade tracking/analysis – just to name a few.

So the Shortened course is for individuals who already understand the basic technical aspects of trading, but are still missing a handful of other critical pieces. The Shortened course is also a slightly cheaper option in comparison to the Complete course.

Standard Shortened Course Price: $1,180


The Complete course is the entire 16-chapter curriculum with 202 lessons, over 145 quizzes, and 82 homework assignments.

When people talk about Thomas Kralow’s trading course, this is typically what they’re referring to. What’s included within the Basic course is only a tiny fraction of what the Complete course has to offer. Basic is nothing in comparison to Complete.

Thomas Kralow Reviews - Complete Trading Program

This is designed for individuals who have decided that they want to pursue trading at a serious level, possibly even full-time, and fully understand the time, hard work, dedication, and persistence that goes into becoming an elite-level trader.

They’re not in a rush to make money fast and acknowledge that this isn’t a get-rich-quick program. They’re committed to the proper process of learning, building skills, demo trading, and ultimately becoming consistently profitable, self-sufficient traders.

In my personal opinion, this sort of course (which is long and includes a number of quizzes/tests and interactive assignments) is the authentic path to durable trading success. There are no false promises here – just proper education and training.

Standard Complete Course Price: $1,280

Thomas Kralow’s Course is More Than Just a Course – It’s a Complete Learning Program:

I often refer to Thomas Kralow’s course as a full-blown learning program as opposed to just a course because it’s very different from the average online trading course. Most are short, lousy, and completely ineffective for those who go through them.

Thomas Kralow’s program, on the other hand, is designed to take five months to complete. You just don’t see this sort of thing out of the rest of the industry – which wants you to (wrongfully) think that their 1-day course is enough to make you a great trader.

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Thomas Kralow Review - What is Thomas Kralow Trading

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Thomas Kralow’s course isn’t just about feeding you a bunch of information in the form of video lessons either (which is the extent of most so-called trading education). It also includes homework assignments and tests in order to truly internalize that information.

In addition to this, Thomas Kralow highly suggests multiple rounds of demo trading as you go – and this realistic immersion into live markets is incredibly important for turning information/knowledge shared within lessons into actual experience and skills.

These benefits alone through the Standard version of the program are great. But the personalized feedback and mentorship you can receive through Assisted or Assisted+ can take your training to an even higher level. There’s no other trading program quite like it.

These are the main reasons why Thomas Kralow’s trading program is one of my top recommended learning programs for beginners.

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Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Kinley says:

    Its great to see such a program. I enjoyed going through Thomas website and webinar. By the way I too have interest in joining the course but I think the course fee is too high comparing to the last course program I did. I think Kralow is a great teacher and you make great points about the strength of the program. But the thing is that what if I cannot pay due to high fee. I think it’s better for him to lower his fees so that he can attract many people as he can. But I m not saying that the course is not valuable but instead I m saying if he could reduce cost lil bit. So that my dreams are achieved. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Kinley – thanks for your comment/feedback.

      I don’t have any control over the prices that Thomas Kralow sets on his trading programs. So all I can offer is the exclusive discount code that I’ve been able to negotiate from him – which can help save at least a couple hundred bucks or so on the Standard Shortened/Complete programs. But if that’s not enough, feel free to reach out to him directly through the chat feature or contact page on his website. There’s always a chance he might be willing to create a customized deal for you. But keep in mind that he does have expenses to pay, so he can’t necessarily offer his program for free. He has staff who he has to pay (like the assistants who grade your homework, answer questions, provide feedback, and help you transition to real money trading upon completion of the course – as part of the Assisted/Assisted+ programs). There’s also something to be said about all of his students having skin in the game. He wants to build a community of serious, committed traders. In most cases, people don’t take cheap or free programs seriously (unfortunately). But when they invest a meaningful amount into something, they’re much more likely to take it seriously, put the hard work in, and continue to persist when times get tough. I definitely understand that $1,000+ is no small chunk of change, but the reality is that there are going to be costs (usually much more than $1,000) involved in the journey of becoming a successful trader.

      Hope that helps – take care!

  • Rob Keller says:

    I never knew courses like Thomas Kralow’s existed. It is interesting to know that during the course there is demo trading, my guess is so you can practice before putting your actual cash at risk before you know what you are doing. I have seen some YouTube videos of what it takes to be a trader and how to do it. But they all seem to leave more questions than answers. Thomas Kralow’s trading courses look to be the real deal. 

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Rob – most YouTube videos that “teach” people how to trade are either much too basic or try to spoon-feed people with so-called foolproof setups, patterns, strategies, or systems. The problem with the videos that are much too basic is that information isn’t the same as skills. Simply understanding terminology and concepts is a decent start, but studying that alone doesn’t provide you with the skill-set to be a great trader. And the problem with being spoon-fed a specific setup, pattern, strategy, or system is that market conditions are constantly changing (from volatile to nonvolatile, trending to consolidating, bull market to bear market, etc.) so every single setup goes in and out of favor as the market evolves. There are setups that might’ve worked really well a few months or a year ago that don’t work so well (or at all) today.

      So, in my opinion, if people want consistent and sustainable trading success – they need to build the proper habits and skills in order to effectively adapt within the market environment. These habits and skills that allow you to stay balanced, follow your rules, understand the context behind your setups, and analyze your entire process for continuous improvement is the only “holy grail” that exists. Rounds of demo trading (as is taught through Thomas Kralow’s program) provide the repetition, practice, and training necessary to build these skills, as well as an approach that fits your own individual personality, cognitive strengths, risk tolerance, and overall preferences. Being a copy-cat/blind follower of somebody else’s trades (which so many people take part in through alert services, chat rooms, etc.) only puts you at a disadvantage in the markets. Lacking the skills to think for yourself and make your own decisions is extremely dangerous within the market environment.

  • Jannette says:

    I was very interested in taking one of the courses but the price got me and I have to wait right now. Going to save the money and take the course as I really would like to learn more about trading. I will have to start from the beginning basic course and 21 days to complete is reasonable enough. Am going to see if can get friends and family to join as well. 

  • Ann says:

    I want to find the best trading course. And I am glad you’re sharing your own experience with us concerning this course.

    I am just starting in this world of trading and I have decided to get serious about training. I have been reading, studying, and testing on my own (self-taught), and I have realized that I am not at the point I had planned when I started.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Ann – I completely understand where you’re coming from. When you’re just getting started in the trading world, it’s hard to even know what questions to ask. And sadly, there’s a lot of misleading information out there. Becoming an elite, consistently-profitable trader isn’t as easy as most fake gurus try to make it seem. Not every trading coach/mentor/guru operates in an unethical manner, but there are plenty of short and lousy trading courses/programs/services out there that only attract people through fancy marketing and false promises. I wish this wasn’t the case, but it’s true. Pair that with the fact that most people don’t actually want to pursue things that sound hard – and we have a trading education landscape full of lifestyle marketing and get-rich-quick programs (that don’t actually help traders build skills and experience).

      I started off trying to learn how to trade in much the same way – by watching YouTube videos and trying to leverage all kinds of other free resources. But like I said – I didn’t even really know what questions to ask at the time, so it was hard to even know where to begin. So what ended up happening is I searched things on Google like “how to make money trading” – and unfortunately – I ended up going down the rabbit holes of alert services, newsletters, and chat rooms – all with gurus that would brag about their own results and preach blind mirroring by followers. Naturally, I ended up losing quite a bit of money being involved with these sorts of services – mainly in trading losses due to lack of skills and a copy-cat mentality, but also the subscription fees. It wasn’t until several years later where things finally turned around for me when I came across legitimate mentors focused on risk management, trading psychology, tracking trade data, gaining risk-free experience through simulators, and building genuine skills.

      I don’t necessarily regret anything because those early years taught me some valuable lessons, but I could’ve drastically shortened my learning curve and overall path to becoming a consistently profitable trader if only I focused on my own approach and skill-development first. Thomas Kralow’s program is one that I wish existed when I first started out because it’s not filled with any get-rich-quick promises – he sets proper expectations of the hard work and perseverance required. It’s also a 5-month long, comprehensive program covering all critical facets of durable trading success. I’m not sure that I would’ve been smart enough to join his program and avoid all the other nonsense out there had it been around back then, but with the advantage of hindsight – something more focused on building legitimate skills and experience is what I should’ve pursued right from the start.

  • Angel says:

    This program appears to be pricey, up to $20,000? That sounds like a private college tuition rate.

    Are there any alternatives to this price at all?

    Perhaps something lower and more cost effective if one is on a budget per se?


    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Angel – the $20,000 price is for the Complete Assisted+ Package, which includes private, one-on-one training and mentorship from Thomas Kralow himself. He essentially assists you through the course, helps you develop your personal trading algorithm, and provides support as you transition from demo to real money. I completely understand how this sort of thing can seem expensive, but I personally lost more than $20,000 when I first started from alert service, chat room, and newsletter fees – plus the money I lost in the markets by diving in completely untrained/unprepared. Not only was this approach a waste of money, but I lost years of time as well. So I look back and wish I opted for a program like Thomas Kralow’s right from the start in order to educate, train, and develop skills and experience the right way (unfortunately, Thomas Kralow’s program didn’t exist at the time).

      With all that being said, I’m not recommending that everyone should go spending $20,000 on trading courses/programs – absolutely not. There are no “magical” trading courses out there that contain the “holy grail”. Most people get so caught up trying to find “foolproof” setups, strategies, and systems that they miss what’s really important – skills and experience. The effectiveness of any particular strategy or system will change based on market conditions, but skills never die. So technical, mental, and analytical skills are what I believe traders should be obsessively focused on – especially in the beginning learning stages. Information/knowledge isn’t enough (you can find all kinds of information for free on Google and YouTube), but what actually matters is being able to turn that information into legitimate skills through practical application, testing, and refinement. This is how a program like Thomas Kralow’s University Grade Trading Education – with homework assignments, interactive tasks, quizzes/tests, demo trading, and expert feedback can help people bridge the gap from information to skills.

      The $20,000 Assisted+ program isn’t the only option. There are a handful of pricing options that are more cost-friendly, but the personal access to Thomas Kralow for one-on-one mentorship will be reduced. The Standard versions of his program (100% independent learning), for example, are in the $1,000 range. And the Assisted versions of his program are in the $2,500 to $3,000 range. The Basic course is much cheaper (about $100), but it’s really just for complete beginners who are still trying to decide if active trading is something they actually want to pursue – it’s not much more than an introduction to day trading. The Shortened and Complete versions are far better and comprehensive. At the end of the day, there are plenty of options at various price points to choose from, but it’s entirely up to you to decide which one of Thomas Kralow’s programs is right for you – or if it’s even right for you at all. I hope this helps – take care!

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