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Thomas Kralow Scam Allegations From the Perspective of a Real Student:

When it comes to Thomas Kralow – or any other trading guru for that matter – there will always be scam allegations. But whether these scam allegations are warranted or not is usually quite difficult to figure out. It’s hard to know what to believe online.

For bad reviews, all it takes is one naysayer, hater, or competitor to create a bunch of fake profiles and start writing nonsense on message boards for false information to start spreading like wildfire. I’ve seen this happen plenty of times in the past.

The Ugly Truth About Thomas Kralow - Scam Alert

And for good reviews, fake gurus will go to great lengths to block out any disparaging comments about themselves and their courses, programs, or services. In some cases, they’ve even used their money and power to sue such commenters for defamation.

As a result, it’s clear that the truth can be quite easily distorted – which is unfortunate for the average consumer. It seems like the only real way to confirm the authenticity of a particular course, program, or service of any kind is to actually try it out for yourself.

But, of course, this usually comes with a cost. In the case of Thomas Kralow’s trading program, it’s not necessarily cheap to pay at least $1,000 just to check if the program is legitimate. There are a few ways to get a feel for what he offers, but no official free trial offers.

Luckily, I’ve been through his entire Complete Program myself. So I have firsthand thoughts, feelings, and experiences to share.

Top 2 Thomas Kralow Complaints and Exactly How I Feel About Them:

For individuals considering Thomas Kralow’s trading program, I think it’s critically important to understand exactly what you might be getting into – and one of the best ways to do that is to to discuss a couple of the top complaints I’ve heard about him and his course.

#1 Thomas Kralow Sells a Program on Day Trading But No Longer Day Trades

The critics love to point out the fact that Thomas Kralow has pretty much completely transitioned out of day trading into long-term investing, wealth-building, and other more creative and social endeavors (like trading education, starting a hedge fund, and more).

But the ironic part about this being a “negative” is that I actually think it has made his program better. Not only does it prevent students from becoming blind followers/copy-cat traders, but the new lessons on investing are making his students more well-rounded.

The reality is that Thomas Kralow’s trading program is far different from the typical guru services you tend to see online. People are so used to ridiculous profit claims that they can’t understand how a trading program can be beneficial without chat rooms and alerts.

What they don’t realize is that the majority of self-proclaimed trading gurus out there can only boast about their own explosive profits because they have thousands of subscribers blindly following them into trades. Thankfully, Thomas Kralow doesn’t operate like this.

Overall, Thomas Kralow’s program isn’t about his own trading profits – it’s about yours. It’s focused on your own individual training and development as a trader – learning core concepts and building critical skills along the way. The end goal is self-sufficiency.

#2 Every Piece of Information in Thomas Kralow’s Program You Can Find For Free Online

This is another complaint that I’ve heard several times in relation to Thomas Kralow’s trading program – which is complete nonsense by the way because his own use of indicators is unique, just to name one example of something you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

But even if it were true that you could find all the information for free online – consistent trading success just isn’t that simple. It takes far more than a basic understanding of concepts to be successful at a skill-based, peak-performance endeavor – which trading is.

Trading is a Skill - Knowledge Will Only Get You So Far

This would be like saying that you could become an NFL quarterback by reading articles and watching tutorials on how to throw and read defensive coverages. These things are easily available online – so why aren’t there far more elite NFL quarterbacks?

The answer closely relates to why there aren’t more elite traders – because information and theory are not the same as practical application and live action. The point is that it’s far from information alone that matters – it’s the development of skills and experience.

In this regard, Thomas Kralow’s trading program immensely supports skill-building. Students have to put the work in, but the resources are certainly there for it – numerous tests, homework assignments, demo trading, direct mentorship, and more.

Thomas Kralow Trading Reviews – From Me and Hundreds of Other Students:

If you don’t want to take my word for it, you can find hundreds of Thomas Kralow reviews on TrustPilot – both good and bad.

My personal opinion is that Thomas Kralow’s trading program is one of the best currently available online. But that doesn’t mean every single student will become a multi-millionaire trader. That’s just not realistic at all. No program can do that.

Comprehensive Thomas Kralow Trading Review

The ugly truth about Thomas Kralow is that he teaches the real path to trading success – and it’s not quick or easy like most people hope. It takes several months (at a minimum) of education, skill-building, and demo trading to be ready for real money trading.

This isn’t what most trading gurus choose to openly share because they’d have a hard time selling their lousy and ineffective get-rich-quick services if they did. Fake gurus pump countless hopeful traders with false promises – and unrealistic expectations as a result.

But Thomas Kralow is different from most trading gurus. He’s completely transparent about the realities of trading and sets proper expectations with his students right from the start. So if you’re looking for a get-rich-quick program, this isn’t it.

Conclusion – Is Thomas Kralow a Complete Scam or Completely Worth it?

It’s usually individuals who don’t even have firsthand experience with Thomas Kralow’s program that call it a scam. They just blindly hate him because he’s selling a course. Or maybe they’re his competitors trying to bring him down. Who knows the exact reasons.

But those who have actually purchased it – and still call it a scam – are the individuals who I’m most concerned about. Because it’s extremely hard for me to believe that anyone who takes his learning program seriously would have any major issues with it.

|Discover 3 Great Ways to Start Learning From Thomas Kralow For Free|

Free Futures Trading Education - Top 5 Educational Resources

|Check Out the Details of Thomas Kralow’s Personal Net Worth and Trading Track Record|

Most of the hate I see concerns Thomas Kralow’s personal trading strategy and the fact that he’s essentially transitioned out of day trading. But to me, all this proves is that these individuals are far too caught up in blindly following gurus instead of training.

The reality is that Thomas Kralow’s program is better structured and far more comprehensive than most other trading courses I’ve come across. But that doesn’t mean it’s some magical potion – that you can just purchase it and automatically expect success.

No. It still requires hard work and persistence on the part of each and every student. Information is easy to find – that’s not what separates those who succeed from those who fail. It’s the ones who use that information to train and build skills that succeed.

With over 200 lessons, 140 tests, and 80 homework assignments, it’s the most complete trading program out there. So for someone to call it a scam – to me – just seems like they weren’t interested in doing the work. They just wanted to be spoon-fed profits.

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Written by Matt Thomas (@MattThomasTP)

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Matt Thomas

Founder of, Creator of the Trading Success Framework Course & Trading Paradigm Skool Community, and Intraday Futures Trader Using Auction Market Theory & Profiling (Volume & Market Profile).


  • Aly says:

    I appreciate the level of detail that you have provided about Thomas Kralow and helped me to determine whether or not to consider this trading guru to be a scam. Interesting take on the program and you have made some solid points about how you came to your conclusion. I do find it odd that someone who sells a course on something isn’t still actively involved in it, but also, people can get bored of doing a thing and simply want to move on… it doesn’t make their knowledge any less valid. Thanks for the info!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Aly – I think it’s important for people to understand that it’s not strange for active day traders to slowly transition into longer-term trading/investing as they achieve a certain level of success. At the beginning, most people simply don’t have the money to make a living through long-term investing. In most cases, you need at least $500,000 to $1,000,000 for that sort of passive approach to be realistic and meaningful (assuming about a 10% yearly return). So when you don’t have that kind of starting capital to work with, the short-term approach becomes much more appealing for the opportunity to make larger percentage returns. But once active traders (like Thomas Kralow) are able to generate some income over the course of several years (about $9,000,000 over 7 years in his case) and start building some wealth, the more passive long-term investing approach becomes a realistic, meaningful, and dare I say “easier” option. Instead of staring at his computer screen for 12 hours each day and monitoring his positions tick-by-tick, he wanted to be free to pursue more social and creative endeavors instead (like teaching, building a hedge fund, etc.). Don’t get me wrong – he still makes some day trades from time to time – and he’s also actively involved in markets through mentoring his Assisted+ students – but he’s not deep in the trenches making thousands of day trades per year like he used to be. I personally don’t think it takes away from his learning program much – if at all.

  • Ann says:

    I was about to join the program, but then I read a couple of comments on Reddit that I could find the information for free online. And also that Thomas Kralow’s training was a scam. So I decided to dig deeper. I am glad I researched more because I not only discovered it is not a scam. I also made up my mind to join. Thank you for your help!

    • Matt Thomas says:

      No problem, Ann! Happy to help.

      I think some people are very quick to call any trading course, program, or service a scam without even going through it – which is understandable to a degree. I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical of Thomas Kralow before digging into every single one of his YouTube videos and Complete Trading Program – because there’s no doubt that the trading education industry in general is full of low-quality offerings. But I was pleasantly surprised by Thomas Kralow’s desire to set proper expectations and his honesty about the realities of trading. He never brags about his own profits or tries to sell pie-in-the-sky fantasies to people. Instead, he teaches the proper path to durable trading success.

      His entire approach goes against the grain of an industry that tends to promote get-rich-quick programs. In all serious, what other trading course or program have you seen out there that’s designed to take the average student four to five months to complete? Probably none because every other trading guru out there wants you to believe that you can start making money within a couple days or weeks in order to make their course more desirable – but it’s nonsense. Of course it’s possible to make money as a complete beginner out of sheer luck/chance, but eventually that luck will run out. There’s a big difference between making money on some trades and being a consistently profitable trader. The first absolutely anybody can do, but the second requires legitimate skills and experience. This is a major reason why I respect what Thomas Kralow has to offer – because nobody else in the industry is willing to tell students and potential students right from the start that becoming a consistently profitable trader is hard work and will take several months at a minimum to accomplish.

      I’ve checked out some of the comments about Thomas Kralow on Reddit and other forums in the past, and what you mentioned about being able to find the information for free online is a popular criticism amongst the small handful of naysayers. But you can say this about just about any course/topic – not just those related to trading. If we’re calling Thomas Kralow a scam just because some of the trading information he shares in his course can be found for free online, then every educational institution that exists would fall into the same category. But what these naysayers don’t understand is that information is only a fraction of what it takes to become elite at something. I can sit here at my computer and read about piano keys and watch tutorials on finger placement, but that won’t make me a great pianist. Only thousands of hours of practical application/training along with professional coaching can drastically improve my skills – and most of that would depend on me putting in the time and effort.

      Overall, what you’re getting with Thomas Kralow’s program is far more than just some information being thrown at you. There are also homework assignments and tests to help you internalize the concepts – paired with demo trading for live market experience. If information alone was all that was necessary for learning, then every school would hand out the textbooks and send students on their way. But the reality is that simply giving people information isn’t the best way to learn. That’s why assignments and projects exist – to help understand and internalize concepts. There’s a giant misconception that trading success is about finding some foolproof indicator or holy grail system – which makes people think that there’s some magical piece of information that they might be missing, but these things simply don’t exist. What it actually comes down to is the proper application of various trading concepts, including risk management, trading psychology, trading statistics, and being able to utilize feedback to effectively adapt to the markets.

  • Bernard Breytenbach says:

    It is so true today that many people like to wrongfully judge people and their personal pursuits. There are competitors who talk trash and also some individuals who do not want to do the hard work to achieve riches. And those are always the complainers. The Thomas Kralow program sounds legit especially with the amount of training it offers you. Many people forget that these things do not make a person rich over night. It takes time and dedication to achieve something. The ones that are purchasing the learning program and complaining are mostly users that gave up probably and was hoping for some immediate success. Everybody must remember, it takes time to achieve something big and hard work. I might even consider trying Thomas Kralow education program and learn a few more trading skills.

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Hi Bernard – you’re 100% correct. I definitely understand when people are skeptical of various trading and investing programs because the reality is that many of them are lousy or downright scams. But with Thomas Kralow’s program in particular – having been through it myself – I don’t see how anyone else who has actually been through it properly (meaning not just watching the videos, but doing the homework assignments, taking the tests, demo trading, tracking statistics, and everything else as instructed) can actually have any serious issues with it. This is the real approach to trading success – proper education, skill-building, creating a personal strategy, tracking data, and refining over time. It’s far from the bogus approaches that so many other so-called trading gurus promote – foolproof systems, explosive alerts, and whatever other nonsense. Overall, trading is a marathon, not a sprint – and Thomas Kralow’s course is honest and upfront about this fact. This can’t be said for most other trading gurus out there, which is why I respect him and his learning program so much.

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