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Matt Thomas Watch List

Review of Recent Trades in My Portfolio and Stocks on My Watch List

By July 24, 2017March 23rd, 2023No Comments

Update on a Handful of Tickers – CYTX, ITEK, WTW, etc.:

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CYTX (Cytori Therapeutics Inc):  Dropped over 50% today on Poor Trial Results. This is exactly why I don’t hold through such events on biotech trades and Took Profits a few weeks ago. Having an idea of when exactly these data sets are being released is the beauty of a Biotech Catalyst Swing Trading strategy, allowing me to attempt to capture a potential run-up prior to the catalyst, yet avoid the data release itself. Sure, the results could’ve very well been positive with the stock trading up 50-100%+ today, but betting on that would’ve just been a gamble. I want to take positions where the risk is controlled and potential upside is high.

ITEK (Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corp): Similar situation to CYTX (mentioned above) happened a couple weeks ago. As discussed in My 7/10 Watch List, shares of ITEK dropped over 50% on bad trial news. I’ve been very clear about never wanting to hold through a biotech catalyst event and only looking to capture a potential run-up into the event, exiting before it ever takes place. That’s how I aim to leverage the volatility of biotechs, but also control the risk at the same time. This could have just as easily skyrocketed 50-100% on good news, but that’s not a chance I’m willing to take. I captured a solid 10% profit and moved on from it.

WTW (Weight Watchers International Inc): The chart for this stock continues to perform. Although this wasn’t something I took a position in (at least not yet), I can’t help but admire the uptrend. It’s barely stopped to breathe since March when it was trading around $15 and now it’s quickly approaching $40 just four months later – over a 150% return. Year-to-Date, the stock is up nearly 250%. I wish I took a position when I added it to my 7/10 Watch List and it was trading around $34, but I’m afraid to chase it at this point. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Weight Watchers Stock Chart

Current Holdings: ROX, LQMT, and FRED are all in continuation patterns (trading in a tight range). I like ROX over $1.75, LQMT over $.25, and FRED over $6.25 for potential adds. I also added a small position in TZA again, looking to build my position as the IWM tops. Most of my thoughts are covered in Last Week’s Watch List.

2 New Stocks to Watch – PIRS and AEZS:

PIRS (Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc): Couldn’t find an upcoming catalyst in the BioPharmCatalyst Database, but I still like how this one is setting up technically. Strong uptrend since May with clear trend lines to reference for potential entries/exits. I would like it on a slight pullback toward the bottom trend line around $5.50 for a move back up toward $6, assuming the biotech sector (IBB) continues to show strength. Insider ownership is 30% which shows that members of the company have a strong personal stake in how it performs and institutional ownership is 45% which shows outside interest from fund managers.

PIRS Stock Chart

AEZS (Aeterna Zentaris Inc): Potential Fibonacci Retracement play after a huge move last week. Share price shot up nearly 200% on 7/19 due to a positive FDA ruling on their drug, Macrilen. A few trading days later now, shares are starting to pull back a bit. I’m looking for a hammer candle or doji on the daily chart for a potential entry – that would designate an area of support for a move back up to the recent highs in the $3 range. Lots of volume and volatility in this one after the news.

AEZS Stock Chart


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